Day 2 of Saints Mini-Camp

Wednesday, June 13th
We break down everything that happened on Wednesday. Plus, hear from Steve Korte who talk about what got from practice today.

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What some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south. And what's up delisting wherever you are divvied every old dot com the WWL radio app. And the brand new radio dot com apt get that your App Store if you haven't to connect of this. All day along alive or the podcast version. But we're gonna talk a lot of the saints mini camp here we got Steve court coming up at 840 and a lot of sound from Sean renowned Tamara. Curtis Johnson wide receivers coach in more. But I have to ask Tim zero studio producers start off this I saw you up a sale was because it were night owls to show that we do. But apparently you were watching until about 2 AM yesterday. What was it a raccoon on the side of the building what was going on here. Yeah eyes saint Paul's apparently Iraq two dollars and declined that the building thirty stories tall. And they couldn't rescuing that animal control said that are gonna apple let mother nature take its role. Either balls are indexed to the top and attach it in apparently. It was up there for over twelve hours decline that stayed up and he knows what were the so where was this in saint Paul's Minnesota while. And it just climbed thirty stories that came back down halfway and eventually I'll say it or in the morning and admits it made it to the top and it was dressed. Okay first of ball or active and I have nothing but love for this rack who uses I. Don't want you after me here nothing below for the reckoned with this is what we're worried about all day long is one raccoon. The Twin Cities and Minnesota that is what captivate us as a nation now. But like watching apparently want to stream and climate Biller toward building when he that we. Yes 28 team is so weird. So we're. You know what else is weird. There was something in this more now we're way off the back burner here. Bubble say this Taylor what are your thoughts on short shorts. No right to your part of my generation here most millennia olds I say most because apparently it's not everybody from what I'm seeing. We belong short generation we want to have anything to do short shorts. When I look at these young saints players. Marseille Lattimore Alex and cloning bond bell bunch of others and Tamara not as much and sometimes out there and they're all wearing. These John Stockton esque short shorts I don't know what's going on it confuses the heck out of me. I've talked to many people about this appeal like any therapy I don't know it's going on. But that is an obvious trend here and it's not just with them short shorts are back did you ever think Tim we would reach the day where short shorts are back. Last summer sauce on boards sort sorts as a bright meteors that I would never won by I do know the practice of the shorts the only time. That I was ever in short shorts. Was. I was on varsity bass I was the only time Everly JV basketball was the first half my freshman year. Before I got called up. And it dead they have we have like the old uniforms from the early ninety's. And they were really short shorts and nobody wanted to Wear and we were like a long spandex under them. Very uncomfortable and I was the last time I ever got near short shorts but apparently their back watch out the warning to everybody out there. Yes regular album canary here was an short shorts today although we've seen him in short shorts before. He's probably having the best camp of anybody outside Drew Brees. And I'm not just saying Drew Brees by the way because speech drew no he's having a sensational. Camp. Remember last year we were talking about drilling guys' misses and throws or not but it's drew don't worry and yes we didn't really need to worry he was like no this year. Drew was lighting it up. He's as good as I've ever seen him. In many camp. And also better than it was last year is Alvin command he has been. These standout guy and one reason we haven't talked about it more is because we expects. Big things from him. LA does things like catch the over the shoulder throw yesterday from Sean Payton we go woo an odd bit. We're talking more about Jason Knowles missed throws. We know one guy who still wants talked about Alvin Romero all the time his head coach and probably his biggest advocate. John Payton. Ritter while ex. FBI and jump in jet. And Cabrera still learning some nuances here it's just his second you're one of the areas that he could get a little bit better that is protection. And also some things off the audible but I mean work early nitpicking here that's sort talk about with Tamara because his physically. And early in the offense the way he was utilized last year he's just been sensational mosey and can't. So far been sensational but John Thain also went on and explain yanks still learning a couple of other things inside the office. There's costs. And we. Passing Tamara. A lot of Camaro I should say in marking arms apps and I am still. Wondering I don't Jamaal Charles and today there's reports and bring DeMarco Murray and which I've set really for a month and a half they should actually do. To try to bring a veteran presence. In that running back room with Mark Ingram out. But I'd do one thing that concerns me a little bit as they can't overuse the guy it just concerns meat but Sean Payton is a much smarter football mind then. The myself so he knows as well take America has never been asked to be the work force guy. Anywhere and it's great he's never been asked to be the guy who carries 1520 times a game they're not going to ask him to do that. For four straight weeks with Mark Ingram outs and Camaro was asked today hey. Himself how do you think you're gonna be utilized here. What do we expect from yourself. When marking her about the search for games. No it doesn't feel any pressure and and he sudden and here's a little more Camaro Saudi stock and about his preparations year 2000 different from year one. You know cliche stuff metres out I answered it. Slowed down. You know. It's some athletes. I just don't really like listen to them talk for whatever reason I think they're just fully cliches. And you're really Guinea thing from man to and other kind of nervous and behind a microphone or in front of the camera. Personal like that I really he's just charismatic is the word. That I used for item listen and talk all day here's one more from him talking about how does that play with confidence this season. My well. You. Tell him to marry again about it saints camp today and just this is why this is radio it's such a great medium. I could tell you to listen what. Forget the album Tamara has no string and the long hair and he's kind of goofy right especially good and you'll think that out of the sky is very. I'd detailed he's very analytical he's very Smart but he is let's but he is not the guy you you see when you see him visually. Again radio does a very good service to this. Was an album Comerica. I. Parts. Very into perspective. Very Smart. Love watching this kid for very long time in the NFL hopefully for very long time here in nor once. Quickly becoming one of my favorite players and National Football League it's no joke take quick break here what do you think if you're out of saints' camp to. Today I'd love to hear from him. In it a few words what are you taking away from everything you're hearing and seeing and reading in Buehring about saints camp 50426. So. 1870 that's what this show is about it's for you to sound off let's hear from you saints fans 50426. So 187 you can text me. At 87870. I'm Seth Dunlap this is double coverage just getting started tonight on WW. Oh shut them talking about how. Good Alvin Tamara looks. Here at minicamp and he really does he is at the star that he already is Hillary thinks he's gonna continue develop into. Guess he cork coming up in about fifteen minutes. We talked about this next topic here often on on the show but I don't really think we or other people are talking enough about it. And that's the new kick off rules in the NFL and how that might change that play. For the better. Everybody uses only talk what kick offs it's all about. One as the NFL now lock kickoffs well and as football no longer gonna have that play well that might be coming. Eventually. But right now today with these new rules in the NFL on there was a lot of on the were approved by the owners last month. Display all the sudden I think. Becomes. Extremely. Excited. Just to recap a few of the rule changes there's no running starts try to kick off team anymore Yonhap filing side of the kicker. There is a set up zone of fifteen yards. For the returns and we got have eight guys in that box you have three guys behind a big guys. Must line up in that box. To see all sorts of new strategies with this from both the return team but also from the kick team. If you're the kick team not getting the running starts now -- also not seeing the wedge blocks downfield. And you also see eight guys in that setup box. Again. You can have a multitude options here you can do things like sky kick to the corner. You can do more Squibb kicking may be over that set up zone certainly becomes more viable and what onside kicks I was standing next to. Bobby gave bears remember what Bobby Kennedy was Steve and and Christian and a couple of guys earlier who was of Sean Kelly. John Kelly and Shareef. I Shaq we're talking about its big kick offs as we saw them working on a little bit today. And they were doing some on side kick drills like a seem more of this. Really seal a lot more of surprise onside kicks in the NFL and my answer would be probably yes. Couple reasons for that first. I think kick offs if you're the return team all of the sudden boom you get a lot easier relatively. To what they used to be. I think you're gonna see some big. Spikes. In long kickoffs and kickoff returns for touchdown this year. So it's James cornyn as early and earn their pay on the opposite side that. Not only because the setup zone you have now but also because of hey. Kicking the ball deep becomes a lot more dangerous. I think. You'll see and what John paceman noted this off more surprise on sites throughout the year and it will Lepsis prove they can do that. Pretty darn well we saw that a couple of times today. And I'd just. Very interest in you know how this is gonna work out I think free season there's not a lot of much must watch football and pre season I think this year. Kick offs become in the pre season I'm talking about must watch football you're not gonna have teams give away everything. Of course not gonna go deep in their special teams playbook. But I wanna go to the basics of this and how it changes and you know who else is really excited about this and he's talked about a multiple times. When it asked him after OTA is now we've asked him after mini camp Sean Payton Shawn Payton thinks. That kick offs now become even more of a critical parts. Of NFL football. And there when he says that's. He was responding I think to question red Daniels about sky kicks abouts. Kicking into the corner high kicks or your coverage team can get Downey don't leave. That receiving team a lot of options. But I also think if you're the receiving team here and and you have a standout returner and this is one area where right now the saints. Don't have they don't have that stand out guy. And in fact grow quickly or Shawntae number six Tim. About. Them not having returner in place yet. So the saints don't have that star returner in place. Guys like. Devin Hester comes to mind you and Darren Sproles for. I think don't have that now so changed drew some teams found that electric returner. Were all the significantly more valuable. Chunk yardage on kickoffs. And I think if you've seen teams. With a guy is like maps. I don't think you're seeing in a kneeled down for touch track almost ever deceased not with these rules no way. If you got a guy the consistently bust one open 304050 yards or maybe even for a touchdown. On the kick us you can see them start returning for 89 yards deep I firmly believe that. So let everything that happened this offseason. Free agency draft. New led the helmet to hell it rules injection rules. A bogey in game changes made this is the one. That won't change the gained the most. In the short term this year. And you have just about a much of impact does move when that point after attempts tried backed a fifteen yard line. Gun under report does not sexy having five guys they've signed a line and no running starts with a kick off team it's hard to sell that is sexy. Defense started be short and concise. And the NFL release something and heads say hey who's gonna improve the innocent and improve the play and tell and yet. It is and I'm really really excited to watch it. Don't take a break for CBS news. Or come back though I asked the question where in the world as Michael Thomas. Can't guard Mike can't find Mike indeed he was not at mini camp again today. Now's album to merits day after saints minicamp practice. Welcome back to the show it's double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap Tim simmer behind the glass. It's WWL. So here is there he's been fantastic like I said the two standouts for me and this isn't sexy but I think it's true. Or album to Marion Drew Brees. Mark Ingram has been there he's been pretty good also we scored. A touchdown in bill latter part of practice in their two minute drill the defense was not happy about that. It is also flag. That was. For a couple of flights today and I think the coaching staff scratching their heads about a little bit as the the officials were there. Omnia all of them I think it's a positive but one guy who wasn't there that. Restore wondering about is Michael Thomas. Wasn't there and today the team and Sean Payton says it was an excused absence as it was yesterday. That doesn't tell us much that's just tells us that they know where he is and what he's doing but what it doesn't tell us. Is. If Michael Thomas is hurt. That is the all I don't say is the only plausible explanation is it's not he could be dealing with. Some personal stuff certainly in the were not aware of so it goes back to what I was saying yesterday when I said. Speculation is dangerous and you gotta make sure you separate speculation for an opinion or fact. So this is just speculation here. About Michael Thomas okay this is in fact I don't know any main. But speculating here tonight makes sense that Michael Thomas is doing some kind of injury this is mandatory mini camp here. And he hasn't been there won your most important offensive pieces are certainly over things okay it was Alec but. Nobody knew use gonna be absent and been over there and it's the wide receiving corps is a little bit of a mass right now. Cameron Meredith trade Kwan right. Brandon Coleman. Are all. Have not been fully persuading a practice they've been up to the side. Michael Thomas isn't there that's allowed guys. Like Tom and he Lewis whose dad brilliant fantastic camp so far. You can't make a roster at this point of the season but he can certainly help your case and Tommy Lewis who was on this team last year and shown a couple of times and different spots. He certainly helping his case. You don't have what could be your. Three year top four wide receivers. Participating in practice train hasn't hurt our Drew Brees. So popular guys on the roster so just something to keep an eye on I don't want his begin no fact here in our speculate because it could be. A personal issue it could be something with injury for getting no clarity on this. And it just worries me. More than a little bit we're gonna scale of one to ten my concern Mir is rant about a five and a half six. Because. If there was something that wasn't too critical of the crew heard about it but also these it was manly issues we also heard about it that's the one out but I guess we out. Sure we'll find out season. I just knew we obviously did. Dreaded scenario is okay all of a sudden in a week week and a half we hear Michael Thomas is dealing with a serious injury and all of a sudden he's out for an extended period of time. I wouldn't change. The trajectory of this team significantly this year. So NC on that. As we go to break here I told the officials wrapped their today shot patent a couple of moments with the officials he wasn't too happy about them. Here's him cut baits him. Sean Payton on the fish. Now a shot and kidnapped its day at practice talking about just how deep the defense isn't especially the defensive line. This story up Ira right now WW dot com about the defensive line embracing really big expectations in 28 team. He got some audio and some quotes they're from Tyler Davidson who was an unheralded big part of the interior that defensive line. Last year especially late in the season story and bring in Steve court now former saints offensive linemen and cohost of saints first take. On saints game days steamboat Lomax the program are meant. I'm great I'm a little sunburns free and out there today mark Menard save me a little bit. Curve in that it did so before we get into the nitty gritty of this is top down bird's eye view this what's your. Thoughts on many camp so far. No couple ought to start you know. You've got a lot of guys in there is interpreted book of I would would be talent that the draft class with. Also the creation and and you're trying to to their communal card that. I will stated that for the first time a little while. You could certainly see that it there's a lot of capital lot of different position switches. It's so firm tremendously. Especially. You know here's you don't sit. There's certain positions and time the time they did absolutely decimated injury wise and and that. You know speak last year I mean upwards of one Lester it was estimated and ruptured a great job what those guys in it. And those guys that remains to be the fact that you get there. Cut cornucopia talent at this point at that position should make things easier. Yeah I indeed and you know we didn't talk about this every single year released the last few years since it's become relevant and I think we're also trying to figure it out. And that's these non contact rules and how they've. Can change the game here in the offseason OTA's and mini camp for. The interior linemen offensive lineman. And defense of wine and how is it change how are you coaching up those positions now with no contact and how in the world Steve do you evaluate anybody properly. Well you can. You could do certain things are going. Couldn't really really focused and order which is what we do the same time so boat go. Broke out of hand placement. Bella techniques that the Cuban legal. That would go now all the things. Kind of sought out the window when you begin to quickly your arms so. What you'll reduced people's. You know technique don't know where there at some point. Can be carried it over to where the parent committed in this book that comes. There's just some minor changes yet to break or you can get all worked two orders but. It's there's still a lot of contact you do it's it's a little bit but there's no orders in the car tickets. It's because there's there's not really in the yard of martial arts. Cowardice and they're another kind of bracing because really. No one on one past grow and and it's like real but there's still a lot of cushion important market. It you could say it is anything but it's contact could could not have been percent to but yeah. Yeah I kind of limited contact Debbie yes Bieber better way to discredit ill Marcus down forties learning the three technique you played two. In college for most the time and he's dealing with that. Their hand injury have you seen any thing from hand he still draws not the right word that's just kind of like catch toward government use only as Robby and it's still see the -- learn the immediate from the sideline to advance when act as Steve you can still see that he's he's learning here at the NFL level. Well it Parker. Interpreter at the picnic. This year you know from the standpoint of opinion. Pretty green. When it comes to be and you know and I feel pretty. It doesn't mean he's not going to be certainly can tell. All the tools things it. You look or somebody and it's gonna come here and you know contribute a lot so. Look America could set back there was some was in the she stopped with. Make no mistake you know that you know wasn't like they are people should just interest. A global leader. Could tell it. If a guy can sort of pick this up to where he feels. A lot more comfortable you know each state he's been out there and it's been pretty limited there so. As a big change Steve is that a is that a big steep learning curve the two to three technique. Technique is really just got a book or renters of the the other three technique is your side here we are actually here shares appreciate Nicole. That. So it's really not but he also potential cut scheme or soccer or not. I don't look good in punitive. Standpoint opinion. You know Saturday night technique you know to try and upon you know what's in this community not put him there that. That we got a bucket guys but to pick it it's in the middle there that. Or like getting it done you know rank and just permanently so it really is speaking to be worker. You know the crackle around and in Tyler Davis and you mentioned him earlier. There's a lot of they've got a couple of guys there on your motto their religious. Providing such. Volley depth but the same time that loose or older voters starters. You know and these guys are now coming into the so bookmark or type kind of players like their sport years this really what these guys are really going to be starting at their crimes. And it appears to. The fact now that the linebacker Cold War is what it is our currency has been linebackers. In England time it. And it looks like we have. An airplane full. Physical model aipac. And a lot of it's appeal to port in the back from injury and he's got time. And it client compact treatment of complex but it and then Paducah activity in the Korean company and there's. That's a deep position now to where that was again last year we were. We don't want or Becker in a better position rhetoric revoke sixty you know it's sort of fill that little spot for it's not so. It's nice to have that at this point and you certainly know that there are some attrition in that you know not too much. Steve court here on double coverage and set dumb I'm talking about saints many Campbell Steve what do you make of Michael thomas' mysterious absence here apparently excused absence but. Two straight days snort to be found. Eli. So evocative but I don't particularly in the practice like that but I don't like I don't know. Would see these CNN today look at her that was. Or sort they're Edberg. And nevertheless a distinctive. I can work going on and in every satirical weekly quicker reasons are I don't I wouldn't read too much into it I mean. You know he's still our number one. Is still quote. For sure I guess I border more not to look at that oh what a legacy in the mid. Dreadful scenario I'm worried about his tail a sudden next week they tell us it's serious injury or some with with Thomas in the knowledge that. Well these shut the shock alias on this other stuff so there's. Again who knows but if they're suspecting it like you know cam Buhner. Here can get some. Deliberately degrade the art you know those are excusable thanks at this point that. You know hey that's. It could be under do it is time now. You know and until we did get a drink you appeared or six weeks or or less so I guess six yeah six weeks without yes going to be right back. No there's no offseason anymore Steve I feel like I was just literally talking about the Minnesota again ran after him about yesterday at somewhat of fuels are. You know I agree with where. I'm kind of glad you know numbers. Can't begin to leader argues the what was there where. Is. Justice. And maybe that's just me. But with a lot of people think that same way I think a lot of Big Apple could well be so. Well I love hockey and and is pleased. What a great you know my life but I get it and go to. Washington this year at the capital play and what they are seen pictured in that went out. Percent and a bit yeah and just yet and so the or that good and develop people there really keep your right hand and that. And I tell you what. School social. OK can let out can we finally turned Steve court on Su soccer the World Cup starts you get beyond that. I can you not I may. I active. Encrypted party are saying there. At the same time. Partly aware of or three hours and that. Is 00. And Ali that there can't stand it it was somebody to knock down eclectic they're beamer yet then a a pop up go to the leader completely healed and they seem to be. Yeah that's played this infiltrated the NBA Cuba yeah. Just so poorly in coaches. Over the top it is. You're like ignorant and these are the court. Larry. You know magically you're back on Larry yeah or advocate PSW seated final compilations on the care. I don't come back -- right just on a stretcher on a literal stretcher rector Olympic. Which occurred RT shirt and when it's you know they're very proper where any. He notes that one Garcia Purdue's ABC in the magic spray that the typically used for soccer really like sprayed everywhere allows that their back end. Here's a before they go here's attacks in the final four. Conan a cornucopia of talent tells Steve courts that's the most cerebral I've heard of anybody on sports talk radio and ten years to grant Steve. On your leg and in a minute ago. Look at that well but they're considering. Steve always a pleasure to talk to you'll see out of camp's argument. That Steve court former saints offensive linemen and co host of saints. First take on saints game days every single Sunday morning or. Whatever day of the seats may be planned on. Get a magic rates in Africa that. Astor I can spend hours watching those fake injury videos of the recycle on fake is because they are fake. Steve court just make. The magic spring what actually is that magic spray you know. And New Mexico and from these seconds like that the stuff he put up ruling when you okay like. Cortes the money wasted no comfort in the air and blowing me that fear we have some back issues and we get Buchanan spray sprayed and your saints polo here. Zero LSU rocked the same exposed to much anymore usually up the cubs gear on its summer. Pelicans read his rock in the black sensible Alice take a break and come back. Did you talk about saints templates or sound foreign and RW WL opinion poll tonight as we'll talk about this a little later in the show we can. Start voting on this and the pelicans win the title. If they don't land LeBron James this off season. Can't they won a title if as expected LeBron is not suiting up for the pelicans next season a simple yes or no. Log on and go to WW dot com or you can vote on this radio dot com app will be back in flash it's just a map double coverage. A WW. Showed great stuff from Steve courts a little bit ago. If you miss it final podcaster we'll have that up. Probably sometime in the next hour hey Tim your quick update are pretty suvs stardom VW all now opinion poll. About a Philippines to win a title they don't have LeBron James simple yes or no. Next hour I guess is like should be our number three or talk a lot about LeBron James and it is. For myself there's a media standpoint. Diesel this summer's LeBron is the third one reason or free agency had a chance suitors in the those opt out like real expect. They're fun. News summon these long months of summer no NFL no NBA age Major League Baseball to a lab team down here. No college. Athletics going on. It bridges the gap and it's going to be so much fun to talk about this very speculated earlier this week. My top three choices from the city's LeBron James lands and in no particular order here. Philadelphia. Houston. And LA. And I think every talks about the lakers I do think. That the clippers have a real shot to land LeBron here too not just the lakers do you gotta think LeBron James look commit. One's a ball that entire ball family medicine go I don't want any part of that. Will seek. A shot deadly whose frequent guest on the program he works in writes for the sporting news. He wrote today that his sources are telling him Houston. Not hail likely destination for LeBron James. For variety of reasons. Cap issues. Pawlenty of life and winning issues for LeBron spam blame his words not mine. Real interest and now the dark horses about I don't like there's any chance that he goes to golds they like people talk about I don't think there's. Almost any chance he's back in Cleveland a lot of people do I don't. LeBron James cares too much about legacy too much about ranged. In the chase for championships in the chase of Michael Jordan. In his six which I don't know if he gets there now. As he only has three. In his nine title appearances. So maybe his precepts on his change a little bit here. But a realist when it's not going to be in Cleveland. Night and I happen. Miller place that I think a little bit of a dark horse candidate to land LeBron San Antonia. I throw New Orleans in the dark horse list. But does LeBron really want to bring his family down here I know we wouldn't necessarily have to do that. The way the NBA works he could kinda commutes. Iowa and New Orleans a very very longshot here right now 75% of you saying no. The pelicans cannot win a title if they do not land LeBron James is offseason. Now with you that. I don't know how anybody it's by the warriors but if anybody does it be somebody liked the pelicans with a roster in place. That if they add LeBron would put them over the top take a break for us when we come back we'll talk some LSU football. Christian Fultz and appealing his suspension we'll talk to ross' Dillinger about it and there's new redshirt rules may NCAA interest.