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The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Wednesday, June 21st
The guest host today is Justin Kennedy of the Parkway Bakery and his guests are Adrian Simpson of New Orleans Icecream, Jared Ralls of La Bocca, Chris Montero of The Napoleon House and Tory McPail of Commandor's Palace

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Rye. Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and got those children. Of all ages. This is the food ship. And I'm your host Jay W Kennedy a real name's Justin William Kennedy from parkway bakery. But this is my radio name KW as a good float him. And sit and for Tom today. On this rainy. Wednesday afternoon. And I'm filled with a room with some beautiful cats we have a good time. It's speaker rain. It's a song that comes tomorrow whenever icy rain. My father of the boy he's an old country boy from Mississippi. I don't I don't know who's so so listeners as it has nothing to do what's going on which. But call and let me know who this. Because the song went like this at least divorce. Well the bridge washed out and can't whale Emma baby is only this. An array of Tim Raines and think about it. And if you're based on the other side you can't swim you follow you know no swim if you races. As. If you race into walls closed coat. So Margarita right swim. And Heidi. That's why we. We're through with some great people I got a bunch of friends a model introduced recruited him. And yards give me a whole lot Rodin table. Right tomorrow after my name and mr. Chris Montero Napoleon house right down flat. In a French court he'd Chris you do cooler and as I don't I'm doing good man I'm doing real good he called me corn. This story. Let's Villanova. And Jewish right. I got another great Fella mr. Torre. MacPhail and these no more introduction of the great commander's palace. Torii take that human. Next to him rubbing elbows. Is a made man. And last but not least the man with the plan. Mystic Adrian cents and owner and dual with ice cream company. Are you doing and I'm good but it lacks the good. It may do that Ninth Ward access content every night last week a cut look at that. Well. We got a lot to talk about. That opportunity and and I think you guys were common in order rainy days like this. It's it's not as waters on days like this. So what I wanna talk about today is almost which you. I'm a start which you. Okay. Ice ample. You you you brought him in on me and on cell Margaret shop. And I just wanted to you know give it give the viewers or that the viewers and listeners who in Saudi company and what you do and how I got that po boy place. Well you order as I scream we've been on if he's how we do we borrowed all the good ideas from all these shifts. I went into restaurants. I don't I could cassettes. Still little ideas and deconstruct it and reconstructed into an ice cream. Texas' white chocolate by putting him calling curtains and and honest folks. And I was doing quite well within an hour and over 45 states. Actually were in four countries as well so that's pretty cool. So spread in the way of New Orleans and the flavors of New Orleans so just outside of the ice cream we decided to do a Adam I don't novelty. And we got to come with a good one. And so we went through eight and about nine million cookies. Until we farm the one that we wanted to and then we stuff them through them with creole cream cheese ice cream. Over an Olympian I scream and then we hand it to mint chocolate. I'm not what weeks and then the next that is what we call them. It was either going to be a muffled laughter which is of Canada. Long name for it on a sandwich for Iran and novels Iraq. Old the only of the way even though it's not shaped like a pro boy what's new warnings that much of Pope was so cool hopefully. And immediately the first people that we wanted to send it to Louisiana just in the Neil fine establishment that parkway so we came down and we offer your first is some onion and you didn't and it seems to be selling quite well yeah actually helping me out we don't have to work as much making dessert maker you know just where. Get one out so that's contrived romantic chefs will world going to be today today we vote. Two ON EA pots and you brought here put some form a ridiculous at this world it's like. Klondike bar on steroids it's all natural hand dipped right yeah homer Maldonado actually put that pretty much right. We say old actually it's not like I don't know I don't know yet but talking about this stuff you've probably got. But nine million calories. Oh boy it's not talk to the kind of teach old guy it's it's a treat for you and they he finished he get them in Ramses I was. Thanks Mexico I stole my actual local places and abilities through a spectrum up at the house that the best. Midnight refrigerator. I don't fit over that part. Go downstairs IT Morton. I might eat more than we sell but we're vibe and a half. They have found and the money at them cat and that but we will so we on the part of that as well the cowboys have the habit takes them guys. We recently started day Adam with a buddy of mine who owns a company called New Orleans coffee company makers of cool group. We saw today and I knew we invent a new novel tickled a cafe involved. Which again we vote for me to try which is cold brew coffee shall that's all natural. And then I scream in the middle holes into premium ultra premium ice cream in the middle and we put in six flavors. And it's basically a coffee shop on coffee house on this yet sociable these things at play in. Eight dollars threat strategy you know grab one of these in the morning in the heat's New Orleans you know one of these and it's got a cup of coffee in that CKE caffeine hit screen mode and moon. Well it's a couple of out slightly injured in great company focused like a signs of life. You know up man. And I met in theory yet enough and I was I was and yet that these great guys and you arrive. They're trying to catch up took home. It's a completely out of the hotel and he's it'll ice cream company that's. What is it I'm an object or. And jail while looking guys you know. And while looking guy. And is that you ice Grissom and an entry. At least you're in good company that these guys here. And cooler right Europe. Nice of BA and if this week I'm gonna stick with the picture on the on the anything if he improves it. It is them so he would try to figure out like a mad side. I also is on his all. What you think story. Cope with coffee. And for us and we get through counting down to count Coptic Anderson piano and Rene Padilla was from the holidays. What is. Who do elect a pound gallantly and earnings street yeah and then we fuel over employees on this we couldn't caffeine glee and delicious yes good ideas come up with some kind of increasingly important to let this. Beyond the cap in its technical yeah Brit. A lot of. Chef series knows or he keeps his serious you know along highways and Leo and our doctors and this is in danger and violence. Tonight's a new vehicle with it in the coffee in sizes of us that we're caffeine culture for sure it's industry. That what you just heard you RD. The swat shamefully so mr. cruise my hero and he's the man behind the hale at Napoleon house. The new end I'm Alison pull out of theaters it's an old house. A 104 years now the last two with a rampant and group or for that 102 years of him about it. It's amazing. That's so awesome that Ralph grabbed it and every you know. He he he stands behind its product and everything he grabs he does best ways to grab or institution like that. And have you behind it you know it's it's just amazing and up. Maybe Christian dear friends and up into the point house a couple of times and he. He gave me toward a place in those places. Absolutely. Amazing. I mean there's so much more than he would you walking man I so be it. It's it's it's it's just my body. No you know we're really proud to be here to honor and owns icon. It's it's it's. He tremendously popular with locals and tourists alike so you know not bogged down with it tourist trap kind of labeled because so many locals just. Love the place in as I did for many many years or chemistry for over fifteen years. Torre's new place oboe what when I had bachus I knew everybody there but. Early you know the extent of this that history and a and a in the building you know 20000 square feet of commercial space in most people we know about five about it. So there's plenty of interest thing. History there and a lot more opportunity for us to expand it. And the most important thing is you know we don't want change whatever by loves about the Napoleon house we've got a little tweaks here and there and hopefully bring back some of the artisan aspects to the original. Recipes but none of them have really been. Change other than to kind of go back to its roots. But upstairs in the banquet facilities where we've really touched it and kind of expanded and put our touch on the brand in touch if you will. So you'll look at the best of both worlds we're doing what everyone loves and keeping that intact and hopefully doing it and doing them. You know doing them right. For the all the years they established but I think for locals haven't been upstairs and seen amazing banquet facility we're just doing. Tremendous. So the question yet why isn't it called an opponent is this some built if an opponent to stay in can more or less. More or less than it's an interesting history but. You know originally it's actually called the Jerod house because it was built by Nicholas to rod it was the first mayor of norms and that's why it's an historic landmark. A lot of locals don't know that history but the you know the real significant history is very important and very profound. So it was in tackled to the history of the law and so on he was a big player in the 18100 in the city. But yeah the romantic story that it may have sort of kind of been a refuge for Napoleon if that would have all come together. Is a little loosely based on fact. But it was so I just always elder exactly it was so it embraced by the locals at the time. That 200 years later we're still calling it what they did then which was the Napoleon house even though it is technically that Tehran and technically Tora. And I love all the classical music player and placed it about Napoleon house. I got out. My father Thomas had a champagne taste with Coco pocket or you know press and that's quest it was so great about the Napoleon house. It's because it has set. That old world class field. It shouldn't go there is good good meal when a good date have a couple glasses of wine or a few more added does it. Doesn't it doesn't hurt here. Yeah I use I use a word all the time when I'm showing this and that the private dining room and the bar itself is that. If one were really describe it's authentic you know it's really the kind of food that we don't locals eat. So the food there when those answers from this awful lot of senate by the way out get a call them off a lot of by the way of its outstanding. Ice cream sandwich. But up from the my awful lot of us to our version of the jambalaya and gumbo is as good as you know is is and red beans and rice those kinds additions that we all the locals all. Embracing that we actually eat we do to do a very high level you know we do with the way it's supposed to be done. And so we're proud to serve that both the visitors and to locals. But that the thing about it is it's it's a real authentic new orleans' French Quarter courtyard we don't try to change you know put on Ayers. You know it is what it is and it's and people have embraced that for that for decades and decades for the better part of a hundred years which wanna keep. A lot else and the and you know can't in the food. The Phillies off the hook your Kate's interviews by yelling no for the drink cans got cash write them off. Mop a lot and is a lot of places that. Started it started. There's a lot of places that do on that point few places all right and pole and a house. I know you're nuts and I don't know what joint. But no poet house doesn't ride right in front of me. What you tell me move out about this month for a guy so doing it right I mean the Al -- like that we do it all the right processor but it was known chefs. You know the best does something just like an artist or musician ownership freeway counts I don't like it. Dabble in. It's what you like but we do a version of them awful lot of it goes back many many decades. And we kind of worn in the first restaurants we know for doing an awful lot of rights that we host and a in des in an old Beckham and kind of toaster. And it kind of Chris the outside melt the cheese and of course some of the other of vendors that central groceries on the other. Venues that are known for them off flies to a more of of a deli style cold awful lot of hey whichever you prefer you know much honestly which one's better or worse. We don't get many complaints when people the way we serve it you know because I think it really. And delay in this couple and in houses is a fast way. And you know so a couple of people we first took over the branding group via an overly concerned gonna ruin a bigger change all the always well. For instance the bread you know we get a I didn't spend a lot of time researching the old recipes and fortunate to have the old recipes that are handwritten have been in the house for many many years. And they were had they have abandoned some of that and I've gone back to the origins we make the Brad ourselves to the original recipes so. In a weight lifting right now. As all. The change that toasted an hour goes you know the best market do its days off a lot of holes where you can you can. So what I wrote people what you think about a lot of and and and make it and he hit six hours later you know I'll allowable. It's delicious man. We'll look. What can. Get back to show a little bit right now our. Combat. I talked to the master and commander where my favorite movies master command us you know. The master and commander commander's palace. Mr. toward McVeigh. He's he's a genius behind the scenes he's in dear friend of mine and it's a lot talk about so. Wouldn't come back pretty soon.