Croatia heads to the World Cup final

Bobby & Kristian chat with Drago's owner Tommy Cvitanovich about Croatia punching their ticket to their first ever World Cup final.

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Paid out simplify welcome into the Wednesday addition of sports talk here on WW LA MF and and dot com the cajun cannon Bobby of Iraq and repels here. Crushing Derek you within more Menard at master control on a sports lesson you heard their Croatia punching their ticket to the World Cup final. Big deal. Preparing answers that I am that's not an idea of a Smart ass here. We need big egos allotted croatians in the New Orleans metropolitan area you have a new drug rules. You know try a broad said yeah you know Tommy. The end of the tunnel that or what do you think they're pro. Croatia. So yeah so they had an analyst candidates. Yet know what there's an oyster industry hold dale and all that there's a lot of croatians. So and I you know I love to. Because they're beating yeah. Ever since. You know 1755. When Kate is became friends refugees I'm anti British so. Of course so frantic Croatia so there's a lot of Louisiana connection there but you know it's impressive. Croatia is about like. Born a half million people. That's a business on a study of five but you know it could use to be you know partying and their relatively new country just right reported what keepers sentry. You know when Yugoslavia broke up right that's our crew grace she came to being. So you look at Serbia also was a World Cup team. So can you imagine I can have two real stars that you put Serbia Croatia together. Let's say in the seventies or eighties they have that kind of talent you look in the NBA. Stokes a Yugoslavia but you look at Croatian and Serbian players that play at highest level. Among the best Europeans. Right there and Adriatic Sea. Most of us in the world also. Vibe that is. That hurts pretty significant accomplishment for them yes because England thought in keynote and fox obviously fox wanted. French and English teacher for the market of all of the many years that they've been a war. Going back the history when their countries form you know a thousand years. You know talking embodiment 1066. The Norman invasion of mainland also it. So that would be more interest in more intriguing. And obviously. Who speaks English and American and a lot of announces loving it a little biased towards England in their silly warning Croatia. To pull a bit of said but the two best teams Timmy were France and Belgium. And it would have been the favorite no matter who won on England Croatia but. That would be another major of says it if Croatia would be different. I bet we every start Arlen minister how how many minutes we talk about soccer on sports talk now it is a pretty cool accomplishment or just a fifth World Cup ever since becoming a nation. Here they are in a World Cup final critical IR. W a blue runner opinion poll on line for you at W Telecom which came policy schedule excites you the most falcons at home cowboys on the road Steelers. Other well but the Eagles later on the season cash or vote online at W Telecom calls a 50 well 26018 semi tech's 8787. You know it's intriguing right now is them. As miles away on vacation Sean Payton loser bit he didn't play in Eagles. Steve the irony to Wear their home jerseys. Yet does so in other words it that much of being you know the Eagles take pride in wearing that is it Kelly green out in the call it. But that they gonna have their home jerseys in the superdome. And then well it was shown that we do that maybe the color rush like all light type thing. So but yet you know it's amazing when the golf course you know you have a fun and the beds that come about in about Dallas pretty innocent between Sean Kane includes Peterson. But that games intrigue and you know why. Because we get the Eagles and I'll backyard. Queer eye Philip down angle I had that. That'll be an upset if we beat Villanova Timmy I don't know how the season's been in full. But to have Philadelphia to come to New Orleans. We gonna do anything itself come as he's know the and it eight. That to be one of the towers and in a C obviously invincible champions and the Randall you want to be able well you wanna be the vans being the best we would have a home schedule could mean thousands obviously. He got the Steelers coming down Eagles you get the rams and if it at that you your Forte it's already tough schedule we're fortunate to have two of those three. Our 33 of those four I should say oh at all. But it gave you wanna go to you wanna take insignificant other are you friends and be a part of that it's not like the home schedule. Then instead of you know is is set of Pittsburgh we have. Buffalo wherever you might think that that's an an also ran and not intriguing. The mystique of the Steelers the Eagles with a world champs look at the rams. There are becoming kind of like with the saints who would be accomplished last year now we've still got to go to Minnesota. You know saints Angela and like in the like it's coming. Or via this is with the schedule yet they did a great job NFL does a great job within that schedule. Washington Monday night when Brees breaks Manning's passing yardage record on text 17459. Has another one but if he just that that's gonna happen and that wasn't by accident to schedule the Redskins on Monday night national game to bring directed. And that would be that drew drew obviously get off to a hot start edges. Basically drove it 300 yards a game which he's been average and in the saints uniform. Frank Wilson coming up. At five Tony. USC Texas San Antonio football coach talking about Marcus Davenport as well. Also ranked the most exciting and least exciting. Gains on the saints and Ellis is scheduled to sports talk here on WLA announcement aka. Welcome back to sports talk Croatia punching their ticket to the World Cup finals Nate uptown what's going on eight you're on WWL. Yeah I like. Exotic racial lines you know bet though that that at least in connection I have a lot goalie in brand and I realized. The croatians are the ones abroad DO. The votes. You know as you brought it. You donate if there's an F five EU Craig if I'm wrong but I know the whole bill area there there's a lot of croatians. That respect do about it. Bennett Garrett about it cruelly. It you know it does crazy Nate and they even have an NFL player. That's Croatian from New Orleans. I don't wanna someone can correct we are bring about a pronounce his name out of one of butchered a wanna say with Louisiana College. There was actually. Starting off. With the Tennessee Titans now Soweto are might be in the cold side big was the colds maybe last year how much any game regard. It was gosh I don't know and one of which are named Bridget and Virginia Vick. Sounds close and yeah. Yeah well like he was starting off in the NFL. Boy editing and Croatia is a big people. You know when you look at it and just look at Yugoslavia is a country you look at all these NBA players. Yugoslavia where these server and declaration. That that that they are some big human beings and and it excelled in sports and a high level. Yeah yeah yeah it's not about which but you know which game honestly yes you're right yeah. Don't want ended that worry me because we've ever played damn well under the greens they administrate it is the ravens. Yeah yeah never beaten them at Canada and I'd I rode to and Alan how Leno on the Baltimore radio station and now they've thought I was just like blowing smoke like the whole like all hope we can just hang with the ravens and said no I said. And it has been cased appointment we have outstanding offensive line of the gets away with things better. But look at past gains in the Sean Payton and Drew Brees. We've got now but Kate on the line of scrimmage silly team they haven't eaten yet sharp pain all our art our drew reasoned that if letting them be that be October 21 try to have to divide at Baltimore so hopefully. Where four and one five and old. At that time so you don't talk about a trap game Christian. But it's mean is that really gains in NFL they can be a trap game there there always is disease you're dealing with human nature. But boy that thing about this stretch right after divide. At Baltimore who shall agreement drew Reese have not beaten at Minnesota then you get the rams at home. To rough stretch while and and and I have an almost Christa when you look at like tossup. By a guy like. 5050 chance. I'm looking at those gains in those matches would become about nothing to think came when but I would not be surprised that they wouldn't. Jerry engine Tilly sit tight thinks of the phone call will rank one through 28. Sixteenth saint games twelve LSU games combined those 120 which games excite you the most. Look at L a shoot if you go from from worst to first. For 28 to one that order. It's gotta be it strikes me rice's one and eleven lecture 111 and it's that is the home finale frail issue that's really not a whole lot of excitement around so that they'll like. You get those tickets away if you tickets and Tiger Stadium and you you with the frenzy and relatives and it's like a pre season game are so here you wanna go to LSU game airman gave motorized thing right. Right I mean that's. I'm looking at it and yet up to save rice. Oh on the list did you have to put. Southeast Louisiana and Louisiana Tech ahead of rice in the because in suggest a connection exactly. Yet he put them at its only seven point six. It gets inching as if you go back in and look at this put out twice a human to southeastern. The debt and rivalries never really stood on the football field between southeastern and bays well all right baseball when you do this to schools to baseball guy and after each other few times so that's where output. Southeastern ahead of Lott second terms of that rivalry that's. Well I was Hammond the proximity haven't yet rouge Louisiana Tech obviously. A bigger program. Louisiana Tech. There wanted to rose. Teams that they wanna be in the power five and not quite there and but that they're capable of of upsetting. You know a power five team look we come on guys. Boston's benefits negev bosses cut that to be a big part of the things is yours for you to twenty finalists could Jerry engines Tilley what's going on Jerry you're on WWL. I just wanted to make a comment about the Croatian football player. And if you look back in history and a bell. Typically if you can't call a lot of them but back in that it wouldn't tire war so there. To Croatian war. And out one night. You would be nice is they oh victory in the war still name. Award. Luke because of the greatest straightaway to occur in industries. Talk about a yes we've talked about a you know undrafted free agents here he went to Ohio State game he's a hall of Famer. They have them as a hall of Famer kickers slash tackle. So yeah I had to be pretty big Jerry is that no that's you follow Obama that's a household name hot but I did not know it was Croatian. Yeah I would grow and he was nicknamed the total. And it's another foot on me. Who was Croatian. Ancestry he muttered out his name is Nick Saban. I know that and Nick Saban yeah. And none of that. Absolutely Jim and no loose the Croatian. That's good vote like that gee who's there know that. The country just look in the ABA to. You know I don't know if they ever seen that thirty for thirty on ESPN it was unbelievable it's talking about. When Yugoslavia split revenue went to war with bloody diva. And and Pekovic who's a Croatian invited you know it was a serve and they were like best friends played and as a team Yugoslavia. In all of aside and Serbia is it's that the bosnians. The croatians the ages masculine and every one. And you know it crazy about that Jerry when you think about it. Pay backs. The B word because what happened. In World War II. They're croatians had opera and and there were flashes. And they were Catholic Indian associate more with Italy. So all of a sudden be able Hitler's side. Andy slaughtered deserves this largest loss that we don't want you know they look that we are better than Islamic people. And so that's happened it's all of aside fifty years later. The serves got the power to go to okay payback to you know what you meant when you kill my grandparents at all. And that's with Serbia in in 1990s went back. In a lot of Americans are that it guarantees and school I don't know but when you look at the difference. In because you know the serves more orthodox. You know Russian orthodox Greek orthodox church in well history of sports talk but no but it just goes to show about. Now when you combine. Those people they've got some bad passes and that they are when you booked about barbarian head to head combat. No you couldn't. And a countries are in whatever you Cochran and who you're trying to conquer you win against one another you're gonna get on nobody soldiers. Now what did. And by the press are people goes off on these these historical. Facts and tidbits Jerry. Which saints game on the schedule excites you the most out pins. At home cowboys Steelers Redskins or other. Well it's you know opinion what are you you know sort of about the variety. You know because I'm. Boy Jerry you think about it is going to be what you've ordered a game doubly interested because people that the change this schedule. Yes I still today Thursday night Thanksgiving Day at home so I guess you know you've you have lunch would you Pamela and I'll let. And you start early tailgating and Thursday night football on east and Turkey are rather at a tailgate that's not yet he's still be good down here in Louisiana still and he was the scrambling. So when you really bring to Turkey meat at a tailgate Emma but 3 o'clock in afternoon it tour you know take you needed to. He he loved that annoying ME Kagan needed to I know gonna have Tommy's tenets on after the news at the Croatia punch their ticket to the World Cup finals beating. England the sports on here on W him well enough and aka. That's yesterday's 78 Seve while it's another history lesson from Bobby can't wait until. Thursday for my next one wow he may need his own history show gay is pretty much a history geek if you well specially comes a war in combat. Wall Alitalia has it that as in football like. The closest thing get. The battle war when killing each other analyst at bear some but those gladiators aren't you fighting hand to hand combat on. There's a thing you're not dying Nona. But you still competing. Thomas is so tentative joining us now from drop goes time and you're excited about leader Croatian roots Croatia. Punch their ticket to the war until all cup finals. How bout that that is to do that who took a bait and we're oh the so real and it's actually a little more. Our family because that you know my dad was an app that soccer fans. Never played professionally it was a level oh. Wait goalie and Tuesday it would have been 96 where there La. I think my weapon heaven there's no point to people who took the people you know make decide who's gonna win that game up and haven't BP took care. Isn't rubio and the wind today or Sunday. And does Tommy Boy talk about the festive atmosphere and is there any particular place in New Orleans that the Croatian communities hanging out you know how. In the cools the hours probably don't deserve plays like that art is that I drive ozawa. I'm gonna. It's a problem but it. The other on Saturday when that you when we played Russia you know we read in the cool and it's really tech crowd lit. Everybody in there with four. Croatia is these beautiful against Russia. You know that today spreading going over there it was going to be Serbia part of an against that Croatia right we. We decided to have a little watch party here we ought to people. In the rupture we had a great time today a lot of Croatian people object to urged croatians comes. Everybody watching it down. And plaque in Paris where the Croatian either way more prominent I'm sure all the ball our people in people's homes. They had partied down there as well in the city. I think our group is your main Tuesday. Now Tommy. And while looking at history Croatia in France. There is some recent history that the only semifinal appearance back in 1998. They had lost one. Went France was hosting in France in them winning that World Cup that your so. You know it's kind of almost us against the world acog Croatia how they handle adversity. It's ugly about the Arad so that right now whether France or Belgium until they were going to be favored. Barbara this could be a major upset and I know a lot of people with a casual maggots they want what did you branded dog in Croatia mark. Oh they do put you know put it in the way we do with the ranking. You know at the end the only tournament Croatia with what people rankings was ranked number one in the world war the World Cup start. Before they would be for the tournament the World Cup tournament started that when you in the nation. So and I think that I'm not mistaken plant was somewhere in that second five. I'm not which. Yes there yet and I think there were because there were so young you know they're my team like England I think they were deadly top ten but yet right goes to show him. We got the twentieth ranked team you know going to the championship game not strong and it felt. You know that that Google that they're excited there it's fun and I'm I'm telling it the party. I can't wait to go to Croatia and now and just you know watch the. No hang out Adriatic Sea yeah on. I really like you know we're qualification later that ought to the oh well hopefully that that party built on on. Thomas is ten and this drop goes here on sports talk and your big saints fan too so which say it's our our blue runner of people online at W like on which came. On the same schedule excites you the most out guns at home cowboys Steelers other perhaps the Eagles a wash our business. I like Dallas. I just. You know and I have to redeem. Yeah I remember there's a night game a bunch a year ago when we were in the stadium and we just totally dominated them and not I'm really excited about that bullet on the beetle on the ballot in. Not kind of feel like we go to New York Giants the law so that we taught me that there. One but I think I got to go to guy got. So Tommy do you still present value go on the road for a few games couple games do you still do that these still travel like at New York or maybe add Dallas are way. Yes I plan on going to. New York this year and we're trying to do the Matty. And you never know and that we. Will be on. Tommy appreciate the visit and and congratulations to the croatians. We got one more one more game you know I've got a great friend does not allow that most glory they agree. And I knew he'd been big apartment they have and October you appeared today Whipple on both the Croatian today. And not come Sunday morning we're gonna have breakfast then it's going to be you know game on so I. You put anything easy on us like maybe. Two dozen Chara oysters are investigating this is Cindy some. I think we might we might act to it may be that some sort of a microphone and with the job global on what you know one at the break the other book or go. The outcome and I promise you. Tommy thanks I appreciate it. Yeah level all right 'cause I areas Thomas Stenavich. Of drugs as a sports talk here on WLA announcement dot com. 28 gays in the saints and LSU sixteen for the saints twelve for the LSU tigers. Or ranking them from. Least significant Carla the most since our least instinct to the most interest in right now on 25 in. You know I know that. The Cleveland Browns aren't a silly the most attractive franchise considered their record but what they makes this match of the week two I think intriguing Bobby is bigger mayfield you're likely to see him. Under senate the number one draft pick overall. I don't thing with him he'll Lisa I think Tyrod Taylor. Is to be the quarterback in the beginning and see with the dew and now they don't win. My when I mean the first month and ten okay. Being oddly it is one Adobe premiere for a lot of them now I don't know what's gonna happen in preceded bigamy if you might be about Tyrod Taylor but I don't think he's going to be a mile. Tyrod Taylor. And there's not enough NFL quarterbacks but you know what he did take the Buffalo Bills for the twelfth but he was also a bogus the things memory again but look at the other games in his steadiness. And they he brings that stability. At that position. So. Tyrod Taylor I don't know Chris in a bigamy if you will beat them out that early give him a chance. To land and the EU member of the playoff game against Jacksonville. Nine opposite doing things like nine to three right but he was hanging in. There's so. I still think we get a face you know it's only thing that makes history though his. If if that will rounds on the does it bigger mayfield is is the quarterback yes he has because. I mean think about this to start to see you compared to how the schedule is gonna unfold. Did Tampa Bay. We are going right pit factory in Tyrod Taylor. You know states says there was so what do loans due to an all employees should be to know ES LA yet they still do a mile Tyrod Taylor will be the start of a he's a backup. Ultimately that that's where his at his careers when he's not a happy living your man started in the NFL does not 32 Cornell expanded at one point it was and I think it. He he really looked that based on the skill set as a back up. He's kind of like the Ryan Fitzpatrick asked Gorzelanny yeah and then you start for is for a handful of games but I guarantee the long term on our roster we don't have as good a quarterback back in their Drew Brees is Tyrod Taylor Ryan Fitzpatrick out of that. So I mean you know the only game how you pay people high development Symbian just in bed. No wasted be to an ongoing at a Atlanta come September 20 that are the next game on the list 24 saints and Buccaneers the opener September 9 you're not gonna have Jane is Winston so that that kind of takes the shine off this opener for the saints that's why it was the Edison is C. We'll with the deal with Vegas has the line. Because. To me would definitely change. Now on top of this is legislation but to me would change. Face in Ryan Fitzpatrick. And pursue genius with a ball point or point in the path I think it makes them that that kind of difference right right in the saints in at home and seized by I'm sure favored and I was. Yes the price thereby via. By at least 3.5. And average today. 5000. Yen six point James what's not being an you can EC were to get at the six marked an artist looking and up right now I'm sure. The next yeah obviously it back to back the Buccaneers in the the one later in the season on December 9 at noon Miette. James was will be back and how likely for the alum but then bay Buccaneers could be about that point way out of the playoff picture in on new coach have an interim coach by the well and Tampa Bay is still from a national perspective of the bottom feeders in the NFC sell them both so while this might be their year. You know every NFL team with a cliche has talent. But I still being based on what. They've accomplished lately that being the saints falcons and Carolina. That kind of based on not on that level so. You know if mutually object to an NFC south. And I think it is to be totally acceptable. He split with the falcons he split with Carolina. And and you suite ten going to be. So then you afford to have had a alas they swept lace up Carolina you know I I know you got to sweep some outages that's realistic if you can do that. And as tough as the NFC south in within the division. Cologne and now 51 yesterday in defeated but to me that he can't be bitch it'd be like four and two. Because I think is that competitive especially if he's out a year in Iraq yes when you play and the falcons toys are you playing Carolina twice and right now situated candidate is and yet he should sweep them. And then but who would have thought last year going to the last season never going to be Carolina three times. That you you know it okay we got to meet a lot of decisively to anything we gotta be don't want to maybe you know split woodham the eagle and you beat him three times so I know that they is that those. Type of big trees and they get worse it could be where you wanna be at the candidacies and maybe beat one or two seed to win 1213 games. That you have to go at least four to about 51 and the vision. Which saints game excites you the most on the schedule that's our blue run our food to people online for a act don't read it real economy catcher go there. Or calls a 50426018. Semi tech's eight semi semi is at the Atlanta Falcons at home. On Thanksgiving Day maybe Dallas the following week got to Pittsburgh Steelers late in the season the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Which he excites you the most final four. 26018 semi tech's 87 eights having this is W well. Well the great outdoors well W bill wants to send you and three friends to Louisiana sportsman show dear darkened fishing expo back at the Mercedes-Benz superdome. July 20 through the toy second is the biggest competition show. In the state and fun for the entire family. Join me gene now an 8 PM Alyssa for the duck call when you hear an I'll give you the number call and he went free tickets and always in a sportsman show dear duck and fishing. Expo from W to grew up. And Doug Chris before we go to phone lines look it was loyal listeners. Gave his older and on their in the point spread. And I would think that's about right what RJ seven and a half seven and a half a big league Jamie's Weston had been 56. But seven and have an over under 52 and a half. I would take done there. To a via. The Bucs defense is improved Seattle offenses. Identity when I don't quarterback since you've disapproved the out they still haven't convincing win. Could just look when you average number one in NFL. But it beat a patriots Packers or saints going over a decade are a dozen years. You averaged 2728. Points you leading delete and so is C the Buccaneers offense. So let's say they they score. So you went there just say 23 team are so I think convincing win. But then it's on yes summit that's wanting to be that timing game. Haywood in Cleveland Ohio what's going on Haywood you're on WO well well. Hey do what you got. The legend now yeah you Louisiana inning Cleveland oh what are just part of who dat nation in Cleveland. Although I. Like. Maybe they would make. Me like yeah like take me at all right if doing doing great. But the topic is what do you look forward to write was you and excites you the most yeah. Okay well it on the and a piece of while round trip for 68 dollar round trip and I'm going to this Internet it gain a little right yeah nobody. I think in them. Yet Abbott who and you and I and I got really strong memories about the saints and and Eagles games here's here's number one for me. The first cesium I ever saw my dad we lose afford knocked my dad bought tickets is a game you played in 1987. And variance in a against Cincinnati in my Boomer Esiason and it was a Three Rivers a group riverfront was removed probably. The stadium so you or lose 24 threes hath came back and want 4424. I was on December 23 1987 remember that vividly for UN and as we knew that would make it to gamma that was because Cincinnati's on the three hour drive yeah is a three hour rot and then and then I'm. Yeah ha glad they are. But what it is a. All of these leaders. You don't like to think. And network would be equally of people. So that means is saying hey who went about it will be an app to be at. Go to Abby maybe only to immediately. From the Indy you all about it there were pretty at peace that pumpkin. You'll they were some money ought hey hey I am a handsome profits OK they would know you can't take a road Tribune on earth is that a take a road trip to New Orleans Buffy did not only once but I'll beat you twice. All hello Ken in refs let it let your body had to look I don't even know who dat nation. As I can't have you. The Ogilvy me Christian on what ABC would you wanna what I wanna whenever Ramallah to vote lead you. And then come on have the requisite wow. They would take the phone golf sports on rolls on next hour frank Wilson will join us at five Tony this sports talk here on W Malloy announcement dot com.