Crimestoppers forms a union with faith base communities

Newell Normand
Friday, February 23rd

Darlene Cusanza, Joe Lopinto, and Michael Harrison join us to talk Crimestoppers faith-based initiative. 


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This hour we're going to be talking. About some programs that have been put forth by crime stoppers in cooperation with. The new laws police department the Jefferson Parish sheriff's office and new laws emergency medical services and also a new crime stoppers app that they've. Launch and I'm often said. Information is power and communication is kitty. And those two go hand in hand if we're going to be in a position to best down. The threats and risks that we have to our places of worship. Or our places of education and joining me on on line now is too early to sands executive director of crime stoppers. And sheriff Joseph Pinto from Jefferson Parish and chief Harrison will be joining us shortly welcome to the show folks. No yeah. Sharply Pinto you there are okay thank you. So I just want to. I understand it Joseph announced yesterday that Shelby doing some training this weekend on free active shooters programs for places of low worship and if you all could judge tell us about that in in why you decided to do this. Mean now Billups start against the we will work on this for our clergy program it actually happened the town have a conversation with you know PD at the time. In they are. Independently working on eight active shooter program because some of the clergy members had requested this. And what we've seen in that major compared we'll talk about it and demeaning terms they don't the schools that we do for our clergy members to our project good samaritan. All that people were concerned to me that the concern dimension that we as a group as a whole. Tom can kind of look for some of the the clues that may be leads up to these types scenario certainly look at what happened to and one of the action to scenarios. And how we can best respond is the important thing is you had earlier is. More winner. Suspicious of something that we didn't see something that doesn't look good on it ought to be ordinary. We want to make sure that we're communicating to law enforcement people communicating to crime stoppers are certainly in the church to hear pastor. To make sure that everybody's working together and then of course a lot of detergent are looking at how should they secure. There worship services and if some of that conversation is leading to should we have armed on individuals and security. Within the church's. Sheriff's look into your comments. With this problem for years so. This is not something that's school in church shootings happened over the years with that there are just all that Kyrgyzstan. Did you prepare shares opposite continue to do training and churches and school shooters. I'll behavior. Identify the more importantly if there's an event. Well we're in the view of the people in the church should do you know whether they should wrong patient fight and they should not be in many circumstantial. You don't know what the facts are gonna happen when someone comes predicament. The government back. You know those things will change to give them those options. We have we have a drop. Out there about allowing. Guns in churches. The people that. Have permission of the passes that concealed handgun permit chief financial and that in the culture take up the opportunity you know whether comparable. But the them think we need to force. Should it kind of torture is the only that they worker. And we trouble with those organizations. Stricken. And chief Harrison just join us chief your thoughts. Angel is good and I'll. Call right after the conclusion from a little pact who networked with Japan. Want an open would doing it in. Directly related crime going that are going to be joined forces to put on a training oral Lee who work to do with the ship just. Educate people and places of worship because I think many time they'll complications on that happening in Clinton worked what should do. You know Iran Iraq Friday. What what should you do how that the and and how to deal with the act that. And I think we need to be looking for the signs that show themselves that oftentimes when we look back. People wouldn't go who knows pumping from about him but no one ever. And so the most common thing is you domestic and countless com the pick out there and Oregon combine or at school at a church. And we want people to know the notebook or. How to report in the that complications. With great leaders about how can we share that information that would probably. The body is probably people keep everybody. In places. And we understand Arlene it's students in nine Louisiana parishes can now download the crime stoppers gee you know safe school app whereby they can. Report. Information that they may have about students that are attempting or threatening to do something at school. Before that violence or criminal act activity escalates in and then remain anonymous and providing that information. On the treadmill we have that we needed to do that to the good Monday in the state schools is. For particulate students because of the type of questions the ways but it didn't look the whole deal delayed communicate to the kids. It's much more in their level we'll split the community at. On that the launch of the adults but with the fiscal happening this certainly with the school shootings a lot of schools are very concerned about giving these students and not the way to respond. In the crime stoppers in this particular app. It is certainly being done to him on the process. And just. Who over the last 2448 hours which it received multiple multiple tips for different parishes. Some of those that would discussed in Jefferson Parish yesterday the picture flippant. But people aren't getting information they're sending it started listening at you can do the idea if as you can do certainly snap Chad. All types of imaging that kids there affording this information to their concerns and talk that's all we. Giving them an opportunity to be in power is given an opportunity to be part of the solution and we're proud of the kids because they're using it. Absolutely cheapened sheriff you know we we spent a lot of time talking about making school campuses are hard target moving from a soft target it's not going to be one act it's going to be. A collection of a number of things would you agree that this is a step in the right direction and obviously moving in towards that direction. That that certainly a step in the right direction everything that we can do. Our regardless of how small explore it a step in the right direction to make. Not just the students safe but the fact or PC and the parents and support. Although schools it is important and so. Everything that we can do well when it comes to providing. School resource officer Tony note on is creating environments that make it all to compare out of the country. That keeps the kids in the back to date and the parents. Prosecutor in the in the is that but it is there I think it. Sure it. Well our biggest problem that we can last few days in the last few months socially. You we want people Leo it does give mr. Portland that are crimes stop poster number one whether it's on the short while historically. But when used posting the snap at a post things changed program board to FaceBook. They have a life of their own that may. Lead on follow another year. You may have a person upon the post a year later as a way to solve that there are a lot of post a year previously had but that is in our share. And it's so there are investigated Don persons are gradually over the age today. Shall we want people who know that there are outlets to report these it's we wanted to know about but there are proper outlets and air improper. So before you start sharing it try to validated as quickly as possible where the 911 of the sheriff's offices directly. Before there's an urban myth that's created. I. So guys let me ask del this question that I have been called. And all my years of law enforcement I am still. Mystified. And amazed. By how many copycats we have out there and the aftermath of the park and shooting. Have we just completely lost our minds some of these school campus. Well I'm docket spoke with the problem but I had you know that they'll. We get 50000 public schools students because cooler. With 50000 both schools students who went home safely yesterday. In retail. For about that acted appropriately answered yes. You know two album sat there reporting of their classmate who's on the right future school shooter and take a picture. You know but probably those two lost their mind that alone you know what to tell you that we've lost control of the schools this. What and I lost control and it just got kids have lost their motto don't understand the sensitivities of this issue. And and I don't think they do it's it is about try to be popular try to fit in the thick and this what did you. I mean there are more aware things. Today we have. You know like about it is news thirty years ago was only. Sent. Via. Newspapers well we would have heard about school shooting in fort for a thirty years ago there you have lots satellite feed about their ability this year on social media such yesterday. No it wouldn't have known about it no doubt that it no doubt that removed from a snail's pace to dispute a light chief your thought. I think the models its outlook has confirmed to them but it is dominant in the unintended consequences. And they had no idea now on they'd be really make themselves and they made the rest of the community. Wendy do these copycat poll can be pulled these products. How we got the moves so many resources whose approval that is proved that prank. Ended rule book resources away from where there really needed away from her. Away from people they love. And then just about that it was true and I think it is. If they agreed it was the problem but they actually make it on straight. That's cool and in other places by doing an unintended consequence. I'm just not going in is going to be illegal in all things I think it's more important that the kids could be of value. The proper use of the technology to be able you know when we're currently in the front door in the wrong. Volatile that we can reward is to do right. And then prevent these these copycat thing from happening. Yeah there's no doubt that a number of educators around the country as a result of this dialogue in the aftermath of heartland are now saying. That there is the necessity. For more education. And and more counseling and and more dealing with the kids themselves outside of the traditional. Education. Of the courses. Just about. And life skills. So that they're not making these mistakes because the speed is as sharp look Pinto pointed out earlier this information flying across the social networks. I don't think they even think of the road they do the trickle down effect ramifications of how far reaching. That little apparatus that they have an Iranian. While they have they got no idea and he never think about before reaching consequences that unintended consequences. And Howell on they actually. Make the environment but some of the decisions statement. I think one of the things that come out of this and certainly being in the schools that recently talking to students. Omnia they are concerned and I'm glad that they are sharing but I also think we were seeing the results. All of these behaviors between the sheriff goes on TV and explained the legality of what can happen. When you posted this information. That's the lesson that need to be told because that thing people don't realize how serious it is and around is that hopefully they're gonna hear that listen and learn. Sheriff look at Tony final thoughts. I mean I do like to reiterate and we we've spent the last two days chase around. Or scoring all the wrong expending resources that they'll need to be expands. Well we have police officers on campuses everyone schools and jobs and Porsche. You know all they completely say we've done things that make them say single point of entry doesn't he try to make that happen by. We don't need the false rumors to continue squared. Put days and days when does nothing but time. So she's. Yet we just wanted to make sure that storm we reinforce that mark going to be greatly places of worship. And that we're inviting all to anybody shall with providing security keeping Ohio. The people like this week but they were going to be in partnership with the school. But that we can continue training with schools and they did it make sure that they're safe. And that the Europeans they know what to do and how endurance of the predictability and if we can. And we want to make world connected with it that. And schools to provide that level. And last but not least Ali Kazan. In tomorrow with and one thing that we're really painful force that you can have an opportunity to network the clergy members that's in the Turkey we have law enforcement. And nobody had come that hard conversations of the topics that we meaning you mean here discussed in the regular active shooter. In particular were going to be talk about the trauma after was psychologically in tactically physically. With the Yunnan and airy subjected to various I'm thrilled that we are able to be part of this and I invite everyone who's interested in the tech Turkey as the please. Call when the that you're going to be there. And come out Greta I think Stevenson canning him. Well on behalf of the listening audience I've for one want to thank each and every one of Yelp of beef for being forward leaning. I think you you got to grab this and run with that in and education is accused in a more information you can put out there I think the better off everybody will be. So thank each and everyone ill we thank Al for taking time out of your busy day today thanks again and.