Is crime decllining but still top of mind in NOLA?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Thursday, November 9th

Tommy talks to Rafael Goyeneche, President of the Metropolitan Crime Commission.


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Brass feline AJ joins us right now president of the metropolitan crime commission. Talk about a new survey Tony 2% of Americans say someone in their house sold was the victim of a crime in the past year. And we're asking you'll get you calls if you want a lineup right now in 2601878. Have you or someone you know been the victim of a crime. Do you think crimes didn't better or worse were you live work and play good morning Raphael. How you one thing I wanna get too before we we wrap it up is. The incidents like come to the Harvard not incidents that's not enough enough of those superlative under a tragedy a man shooting mass murder. In done Texas and in Las Vegas of if there actually is treated and viewed as criminals answer have they somehow become more of and of sand or a spectacle. And that can make the criminal aspect of that kind of gets. Caught up in any in all of the spectacle in the event and so forth and so what about crime may Arctic blast people becoming victims of crime men. He is crime becoming less violent even though we have those horrific incidents don't own. Well crime took our lunch usually make up. Some of the smaller. Segments so a crime but they get the most. Attention in the community. That's what our thank god the public's perception of crime in any given community is yeah the crime of violence in. And well aren't so violence and how they are you know presented to the public's so. And the contacts. Are war wounds. Think that you know the public is historically. And true to the we are much partly crime here. And they're very much aware of the prevalence of probably. Violent crime here at their chart. They're pretty much. Yeah its so poor public is so. Pretty sophisticated about Iraq's war indicator. I'll say the community here and how law enforcement. It's. Providing protection and strictly it's problem. Do you have more to worry about say getting your shed broken into your house burglarized or your car stolen. Then you dual violent crime even though if you are the victim of violent crime it seems like. Much like a heart attack in my earlier example then that means yeah it's everything dealing you don't care about burglaries and I'm wonder about the statistics of. Right so. Erica mentioned earlier on. Violent crime is should some of the small watched. Shaping and short oval ball crime in any community the world is no different than there. So there's going to be much more property. Our senses and there are going to be crimes of violence in New Orleans and and and virtually deeply touched. And Raphael we might branch off here you know of the of the tragic shooting at the church in Texas on Saturday. But in terms of definitions of mass shootings are mass killings. I don't think a lot of people realize that we had a man shooting and look at home last Friday. And the events where it. Tens of people are hundreds of 900 who had hundreds but. Intends or people are killed at a time dozens thank you Raphael. Did did they kind of get lost in all of this even though they're the most common to occur. Now I don't I don't think it that they get lost I guarantee of the people. Well North Shore are aware that it was reported in media but you know keep in mind that you know homicides. You know whether single or multiple. You know nationally compose less than 1%. Quality a felony dancers but they're gonna get. Why and share. Albeit tension and a I'm not. Defending your you're ending your actions that reality. That's going to be something that's in the lead in the news the public is one fixated on that and really the murdering. In any community becomes the barometer that that should options are stretched. Out law enforcement used. Well in the reason I brought that up is. It just seems to me if you gonna solve a problem if you if you think there's a problem with people getting shot immune solvent. Well then you can't just look at though Las Vegas is in the Texas is you have to look at what happens every day in this country would that not being anchored. Absolutely absolutely. I mean that's that's law enforcement strategy in every community every day. Trying to figure out what the crime trends are in what they can do. You influenced them to make the public's. And that's the soaring four homicides. Every other category car. So in terms of I guess if you're gonna handle a gun control debate. Really instead of looking at. Just did the big mass incidents you have to. Attacking it and analyze. Those smaller shootings and again I'm not trying to diminish any of this. From the maybe more so than the big mass killings and does not trying to sound and give it. Gun control is a political action. Law enforcement is about enforcing the laws on the book right now so law enforcement. Yeah they may have opinions about the virtues of marriage or gun control. Bought what they're focusing on is the crime in their community. In what they can do to reduce the bench and inched up those tensions and they'll do that. In a variety weighs one of the ways they do is responding the cult reservist and a very timely manner. Etched in challenging in the world the Chrysler and empower each other tactics used by law enforcement. Engaging in. Traffic. Stops where they can identify. Pursuant to those waffle shops they identify. People are fairly large. People order drugs and guns in their car so they tricked some of those people out of the community. Before they advance to a crime of violence. Absolutely backs the primary. Domestic violence in portion is an important tool for law enforcement. In reducing the incidence of violent crime. I know one website does says that nine of ten. The perpetrators of these men shootings that the it dozens of people killed at one point did it is domestic violence read very quickly raffia we're gonna move on a restraining orders in next hour. As on askew does is metropolitan crime commission have any dead any feeling about restraining orders is. Is being a book home young mother of three killed by an ex boyfriend he added that a restraining order had been taken out against him. This is system work as it is board doesn't need to be tweaked his I guess bottom line is a restraining order worth the paper it's printed on. Well. In steering. If he is. You know something that I judge issues. Which is supposed to. A sack and send a message to be the person that is threatening another person and feels threatening. To stay away. But you know you sort it out it's a piece of paper. And some people are not going to be deterred by piece of paper. But you know if those individuals that are. Following the instructions of the court. If law enforcement is notified they go out and pursuant to that order make an arrest which usually going to be. You know a misdemeanor. And as such an act and staying speaker along. Next time they get out in May ticket to a global. Thank you Raphael appreciate your time I really do. Have a good weekend.