Could the US support protests in Iran?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, January 3rd

Tommy talks to CBS military analyst Mike Lyons about the protests in Iran.


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Mike line Jones is right now CBS military analysts talk about something we may or may not have to worry about it that is. The unrest in Iran and morning major. America back to a good to have you back in and a belated Merry Christmas happy new year taken. Thanks or tell me about the protests in Iran and what it may or may not mean for us of any thing or two months. I was watching. It's spread to dozens of Marines these. I think it is this internal. Power struggle taking place amongst the believers of that country dictatorship it's not in this. Democracy I mean. You've got to look at the last administration making a deal with them giving them cash in is really gonna. Look like appeasement if especially in the next few days and months. But the government. Mozart's string enough of these protesters and hang them from which is like they do. And watching closely at this very complex situation this is a bit today you know established country. That it had been undergoes. Would be potential civil war. Could be disastrous. Late in the history of the country is that ever but I happened before Manger. Well there's been some throws back in the fifties United States helped overthrow of the current leader and star which and then the revolution that took place in 1979. And got some. Where they are today that you talked to people from a they wanna move away from the religious government they want. You know is right into provisions that progressives they. Triggers them in the markets there. The family capitalists they're the intelligence they being go to college they name. Don't want to live on this oppressive regime that's been in place there since. The facility. And and why. For highly informal the government officials would appear to try to be progressive and projecting that outward. It doesn't look like actually the case. You know we talk about separation of church and state in this country but they areas. This church these staying there or not the religion. Then absolutely religion dictates everything. Down to what the people way when they praying when what jobs so what the government can take right now there's video of the government for example going in the people's. Businesses in and destroy things and looking and trying to make it look like that it was the protesters that were doing it. It's just not as society it's on the up and and then they just deal with the people running the country. It's gonna turn out to be different with his wife and actually covered very well I think that's going to be criticism. To this. Especially in Europe where some of the European leaders were rooting for the United States to do this deal so the market would open up they perceived. A run being great market put them but again if this money is going to keep people at the top there's no difference between them in Russia and other. All the Coptic countries that and then running out there. Yet it's always Zaman a major always about the money it always goes a top. Com or by a tweet from the present today such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government you'll see great support. From the United States at the appropriate time what would that support looked like in Mo would be an appropriate time. Well I don't know. Either they need military supporting and to have a civil war there and in the days you know and guns than men in military time assets at this point. And much of what else we can do it can mean more sanction we can put sanctions to pressure. Put them to think that that government won't necessarily implode from the not sure that's going to be good reception didn't didn't do it before. And then once the deal was done and probably that's been given to them that's not been redistributed not gone down to the people it's hard to say there's not much we can do it's it's. Such a complex. Situation. Given the hegemonic influence now other countries as well in the middle east of what went out of that out yeah could have. Very easily. A regional war with multiple countries now involved with us. And even if so if you do impose sanctions that can hurt the people that are in the streets in the. That's exactly right and and the clintons before. Like the ones in North Korea that is that the people run in the country and that person knows down the streets. We could possibly lift the troubled man but I you know there's there's something that that would solve them. Problem I think taking refugees from Iran right now doesn't make. A lot of sense to do that to say whether or not the reason being promoted. Told him the country. This is the time in the government really cracks down on these kind of things on the Adobe. An option as well. The major appreciate your time albeit a good day senator Graham.