Could the Saints have a special season?

Do the Saints have what it takes to make the playoffs?


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The falcons looked like turkeys to tie it at this week. You know the saints are solidly in first Galley is now in the NFC south number RY. They won four games in a row and the rest of the NFC south has been falling apart are and the Carolinas amassed so. All of a sudden the saints are alone on top. I'm not dessert tied for first place there is no discussion about who's in first place the saints are in first place in the NFC south. Who goes saints congratulations then you know after that don't you start. I remember a lot of folks saying I don't know if they don't win another game ya ya I ever indeed yes there were many in that camp. It was all over now you just wonder if they're gonna lose another game. I'm sure they will along the way the man that knows it very difficult league to winning consistently. I and we're seeing that with the ups and downs of other teams to a attack congratulations to the saints that was awesome. The tigers won no Alice you looked him. Garrett is a go to the bye week get ready for number 1 alum I am on EU the pelicans even one of the yeah he's a lakers and off. So yeah yes it was a good day. It was a good weekend for local sports fans is still Monday those so. Cancer free Monday motivation create here and WW LAM seven dot com. Did you but out of bed get to work. That's you know going to later though don't now that we just him. Optional overly a couple of hours FF FF and then on Monday picture. What do you think it now. As we look ahead for the New Orleans Saints. That's the secret got checked what do you think and about the rest of the season now they're in first place in the NFC sent. Well and you rated among many people and ask commemorative book is good prediction no large out of the dough into balls are terrible right sides you know. Because I had the lofty ten and six that Cameron analog a lot of people and they come home to face the Chicago Bears on Sunday I'll like that. And a guy feels pretty good about it then we'll go to vote to check out jagr on one of the time currency reduced keep chipping away. I EU it looks pretty darn good and you know we even with the backup quarterback and all of and it did that green best tough place to play. I don't care through your it's and they pulled off a nice when there. And the bears avenue fresh greens quarterback also. So the David playing good ball. So we'll see. But yet yet feel good about the saints and their chances now it's good to be in first place sure those. And who first place in that bracket on the falcon awful. Some finesse happened Matt Ryan he is not the quarterback to prop them consumable a year ago and lost. In the worst. Come back allowed. In Super Bowl history. He's never gotten and react yeah I don't know if it's psychologically very broke him or if there's something else going on we don't know about that yet Matt Ryan's stinking up the join Atlanta one vs Texas today 787 races say it's gonna go fourteen interior no real and about that bridge yet let him get those and I can bring out my number one foam finger back at. Does it after a week to so many folks gave up now they're jumping back on the lag in. We need to watch this bears game classic track and do it at another presence as I predicted eleven and five. And now I think is a strong possibility of twelve and four. There's not so sure what it says hey I'm still a skeptic that team we beat yesterday. Is not the same team we would have faced two weeks ago does is Dave let's not get ahead of ourselves one game at a time goes saints in us as did. The saints have won four games most recently a Packers demon though Aaron Rodgers ain't done nothing yet to be proud of who day. One person Texas and it's 78 Tony says look Dave I really like what I see with the saints. But we really have a tough schedule ahead of us. Or some division games and some more teams really start to play good ball including Chicago. Does as the saints win yesterday may have been great but at the end of the day there's still an eight Nate team. Why so sure of defeat you say. The answer is simple quote we've always done it that way while not always get the last three seasons were 79 but before then. They were a playoff team and they remember they wanna see overall halt numbers as anybody that knows football knows that it's not who you play but when you play them. So that was a good win as any. Another says the saints Iran stopped at all. Another unstoppable but they're definitely in the driver's seat gives the text messages accommodate 7870. Now lead the saints have won four in a row. And are in first place atop the NFC south. How do you feel about this team's chances do. Not only make it into the postseason but do some special disease do you have that you feel that electricity do you feel the momentum. Do you feel that ball hawking defense it's there to complement the offense. They could make this team that good at. That they have a very bright future. Him. One person this detects minute seventy sentences you happy on a Monday Diane at all with Larry exclamation points. Ballet it now Monday as a necessary evil you gotta have it to get through the work week to get to the next weekend but yeah I mean look the same one. And therefore no in the last four games. And therefore into on the season there in first place in the NFC south the falcons looked like garbage last night. The rest of the NFC south also lost up so says controller around destiny now the defense is playing the way the defense needs to play. To be good enough to get this team not only ended up ops. But. Perhaps even for. And then further I it's possible. The opportunity now exists but this to be a special season. That's what I'm saying I'm not saying it will necessarily be I'm not predicting a championship. But I am saying. That there and that they they control their own destiny now they put themselves in the position. Where all they have to do is take care of their own business and some people texting a sedate 7870 your feel on really good now on prisoners after yesterday's winner went straight to the store. I bought a pitcher. A gallon of water. And sugar and cooler carried out Arafat a a Florida doubt then drink in the Kool Aid again absolutely. Those as a win is a way and ten and six or eleven and five assays will win the division. And then there's these text messages they activity OK let's just it's very subtle very excited but let's just take it one game at a time now. Okay. Was one presence as the bears' only attempted seven passes yesterday and still won and nations. As is can't please everybody we win we beat the Packers without Aaron Rodgers. If we had lost we lost a Packers team we should have bee yesterday that they never Aaron Rodgers I'm just saying and I'm just enjoying the ride who dat. Now says it's nice to see the saints win lots. The only truly good two teams they have played so far. Blown out. We're just lucky that weren't bad division this year and we were just didn't sat in those early games and I add additional feeling had a together on the defense especially Larry does is average at seven and nine at the start of the season and am I convinced my predictions very far off. So I did concede. Some saints fans are very much. Back on the bandwagon. Some never lasted and others are not so sure that it's gonna go the way that. Maybe we're talking right now you're feeling good about it I'm feeling very good and you know you feel about the tigers well novellus here today Gagarin went up but all messed only had a week off dale before they have to face number one Alabama huh. And it it surely use a a Crimson Tide. Since it's yeah everytime I see a highlight. Yeah and on I haven't seen drama play a whole gambit LC Highlander two and it's like Tom god. You know so the undisputed number one team is and yeah yeah this is no doubt about it blocked. They got a date can lose and we couldn't we can get the job done. Just it's it's a tall order there's no doubt about that.