Could biometrics help in fight to stop gun violence?

Monday, May 21st
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about how biometric controls might work as part of a plan to reduce gun violence in the US

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I just went back to the break from the get coffee and looked out of the window and there is a very dark massive thunderstorm out toward the airport and Metairie and carry you might be in that right now. If you are in that thunderstorm or any other thunderstorms just a couple of quick reminders. If you turn your windshield wiper song would it be too much trouble to ask you to turn your lights on tune that you could you do that foresaw. And an even if he gets really heavy you're not supposed to turn your hazards flashing lights on. And it's supposed to indicate that your vehicle is disabled and if you feel like you have to put him on because it's so dangerous out there. They just a pull over on the side of the road and don't trust McCain hey did you hear what Pope Francis said. I mean I love to start. I don't agree with everything I really do like the new Pope Paul Francis. Said to a gay man. This is really controversy. He said quote. God made you like this. I believe that but not everybody dust. Because if god made people that way this is not really our discussion I decide it was interesting with the the Pope said. Is gods. Made people that way. Then. People would be more critical of god than the fact that they believe some people choose that lifestyle and they don't wanna be critical of god they wanna believe there are people who wanna believe it's a choice. And while there's no scientific evidence to back up either Peter side yet. There does seem to be mounting evidence that it is not a choice. That you are born that way and maybe one day will both find that information out but this homosexual was having a conversation with a pro Francis at the Vatican. Because he was a whistle blower. In the the clerical sex abuse scandal. In Chile. And last month he met with a pro Francis to to talk about that so you know here's this guy. Who so many people would would put condemn and he was the victim are predatory. Predatory priests. So if you're just tuning and we were talking about how New Orleans officials are Atlanta now making a bid to host Super Bowl 224. I'm gonna be really surprised if they don't leave that meeting. With some kind of fun some kind of initiative that if you want the Super Bowl in 20/20 four you gotta do some major renovations to the don't. And I'm just not really sure what some major renovations need to be dark. I mean a Mercedes-Benz superdome seems to be fine but this is the mentality in my opinion the NFL. It seems like to some degree they use and extortion tactics. To make cities and states. An NFL owners' build new stadiums. I guess as a monument to. To the teams some monument to to delete. And if you get a new stadium march you do major renovations to your stadium you've got a better shot at getting the the Super Bowl even though the Mercedes-Benz superdome is totally adequate. Very very adequate. And it's in the best city to host a Super Bowl so it's going to be interesting to see. Hug that tugged on it turns out our president trump made some remarks at the swearing in ceremony of the new CIA director first time a female has ever led the CIA Gina passport. And here's a part of what the president said. So there's no one. Now. As you know president truckers not always embraced the intelligence community but here's what he said today about the CIA. If you would like to join us with a comment about anything we talked about our numbers 260187. ER text is say 7870. What have you learned over the weekend or heard or read time meter over the weekend or today. About the school shooting in Texas. Could make you think we can do more to stop school she critics. What is guns had bio metrics. Bio metrics used available technology. To make certain kind of like if your phone to make certain that. Any gun can only be fired by the owner of that got. India's with fingerprints. You know there there there's technology was your phone you put your fingerprints on the phone and it opens up the phone for somebody else's finger can't open the phone. So is this sort of viable idea biometrics. Now it's my understanding that guns with biometrics or sold in Europe but are not here either did the technologies available. But this is something that the NRA seems to have been a little bit ambiguous about. And it's not happen. Why wouldn't this be a good idea they certainly isn't gonna stop all crimes but if I buy it got. Nobody can steal my gun and use that gone. And if you think about all the murders that are committed. By guns are stole it. Wouldn't this. Kind of take away that problem. I'm oh god I'm sure. Somebody's gonna find a way to hack into a gone so it's it's not perfect. But this. This thug this punk this deranged person in Santa Fe Texas. He got his dad's guns. Down depending on how we got those guns maybe we hold the dead accountable. Because as a gun owner you're responsible for securing your guns. Period. And I'm for holding parents accountable when they leave a gun out and a kid picks up a gun and kills his or herself or kill serve hurts. Somebody else I mean that is. The parents' faults in my opinion and yet we somehow seem to be reluctant to one of playing Paris. But what about biometrics because if these guns had biometrics and then. The high school student could not take usage stats guards. And what about the idea of school uniforms. This is also come up there's a possible solution for students and you know sneaking on campus with guns. Now. If he had to Wear uniform what would stop this kid from wearing trench coat. He or transco. Any hint. Apparently shot cut. That's my understanding. So if you Wear uniforms and how second to solve the problem if somebody were to try to cut. Now it might be easier to recognize. Somebody who doesn't belong on campus was on campus. If if they have uniforms but I am I'm not a I'm not a fan of uniforms I I I don't know that that solves the problem but yet. Many of you probably think the uniforms would be a good idea if you wanna join us on numbers 2601878. 778. And this is really really sad to me. Our students from the Santa Fe high school ball this is this part is good. I students from the senate for high school went to a mosque to remember fellow student. And I'm sure a lot of timber Christians. And I saw applaud them going to a mosque. But here's what's so sat. There was an exchange student from Pakistan. Who was killed Friday morning is senator Harsco. Tina how dangerous Pakistan is as a nation. Endangered I mean I've never been there by our I read I hear I understand. How dangerous Pakistani and it's. And how dangerous some of those the cities are. So here's and countries so here's this guy who comes from this this country where violence is even more prevalent in here. He comes here as an exchange student. And what happens. To get shot and killed. At school. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. In Teri code 5042601878. Text numbers 87870. Essence fest this year is going to feature ms. Janet Jackson. That will be epic. Here's a Texas says ESCO your funny biometrics is not going to do nothing. A fifteen year old kids. Now can reprogram. That within an hour or two. Tom has becoming a responsible. Parents. Ever crossed anybody's mind. Well you know I agree that that is the number one thing that needs to be done responsible parents. But. There are people who have their guns stolen from their cars. Every responsible gun owners. If they allow that to happen. And so. If there's biometrics. Data and theory nobody else could use the dark. I'm still we're coming right back on WL. It's never been the same since video games so. It is a true I had a long long email on my gonna have a chance to her to read this earlier today but I had a long email. On Mariano faced or are not my matches on my emails for the radio station. It is the subjectivity is. Hypocrite politicians whining about fake violent video games. And is from the listener who assisted their show every afternoon. And says it is ridiculous to blame violent video games and they've heard me talk about it before and this is something that has come up with the shooting of senator Texas and I just I don't believe it again it's a it's a relieved are convenient easy way to say oh that's the problem. And you were all we're all searching for the problem but I I just don't think it's fair to blame. How violent video games by the way I made a mistake by talking about the as a student who have been killed from. Like a sound exchange student it's it was a female student not a male students I do want to correct that here's an update on our party must opinion poll. Do you support biometrics. For all guns sold in America. 75%. Say no and 25% say yes. Here's a Texas says I'm a member of the NRA and I have never heard any thing about them being opposed to biometrics on guns. But be warned that technology is as is not as far as stance at not as far advanced as you think. I have it on my safe. And it doesn't always work. Well that's interesting. I I I think something that would help. But again that there are there are people who will oppose any change. Whatsoever. It's not not nothing. Is gonna make everything 100% sex nothing. But would biometrics help. I'm got a text here that says school uniforms would cut down on bullying. In my opinion. I remember being bullied because of close. But I guess I was in about the seventh or. Eighth grade. And I went to private school and I went to private school with a lot of Cusick had a lot of money. And I don't know how my parents got me in this private school but we didn't have money. And I was make fun of because I couldn't buy expensive clothes like did consent. And yeah I just I learned to deal with it. And we learn to deal with. With being goalie but video blog being bullied is a problem. But so often it seems like that seat to default. Idea is well you know we've got to stop pulling potent that's not even gonna be possible. And when you get older you can run into bullying in the workplace. So you kind of have to learn to deal with it. Early in life because it's never gonna leave. So just learn to deal with it and even though it is relentless because of social media you still got to teach your kids. To deal with a from Slidell Byron your under the WL. How ordered to comment on his. Who shooting. Extracted. You shoot it at its lowest. And there could be. Judged guilty and execute our. And Bart Bart you have. I've won a personal. Engineers many members of the art art that the number of people at BQ. Is that the rise of the bush. I don't know that we change anything. Well we have this thing called the constitution are we gonna have to to follow is to try to follow. Well we have to make it ought to make it big. And what a topic yet who knew if we give them. But aren't there but do you think this guy who did this in Santa Fe do you think that it did any of these people who do you think they really think about the consequences. The government in the conflict that you thought it might. RJ in my. I mean I understand this point of view and and you're not alone there are people share this this point of view with you I just I think it's a little bit simplistic to think that that's going to change the mentality of somebody who is. Determined to commit these kind of acts. I don't think you interceded. Why aren't the way to stop. Well I am but I wanna be realistic about it. I'm Byron I mean that's that's it's one thought public executions. We look if. If I thought that would work I would certainly support. And maybe it would work but some people may be weren't. But the date that the people that commit murder in New Orleans. And around the country. And the people who. Are guilty of these school shootings. Don't you think they understand that there are consequences. Or they just don't even think about the consequences or they think it's not going to be the consequence is simply don't matter. Do you think that like 78 year old man. Who shot. Vaguely that the towing guy. On a Saturday morning. Midmorning Saturday morning he got aggravated when his neighborhood apparently they've had dispute going on for ten years do you think that 78 year old man did not. Realize that there are consequences. What he didn't think about the consequences. He was driven by passion. And I know were all desperate to find solutions and it seems. It seems like it would work because if you saw it if you saw a public hanging up public. Firing squad he saw the public execution. You go why can't I saw that wide differ commit a crime. All the question is would you commit a crime now. No if you if you have the the year in middle ability. To process. Consequences. That I don't think it has to be that severe consequence to stop you from doing what you might do. I judge from Slidell here and every have you well. Yes scooped yeah. Opt out firmly believe people would think about foreign spies and probably execution. If they war seemed won. As long as that never seen wandering back and think about it. I'm hopeful and believe our capital punishment in this kid here. I don't know what these recent wars but he didn't wanna stop. He kept asking him don't shoot outs Iran still. You pilots' strike an event apparently it was his plan to commit suicide but Denny chickened out and did. Well of course he chickened out what you think about suicide. You know people that's been the Serbs and kill people they have a different attitude about life. And people that's no Favre a gun as anybody killed in the pot. But that's to suggest that those who have not been in the military and and have never kills anybody neighbors are gone. They don't understand consequences and and it now they do. Later well. No that's not true to. A lot and so yeah they want to go along with how long have you been in this war. Okay what I was taught from little boy you've got some about it and actually so listen listen you know I mean it was no effect and. I was taught that I that you don't have to be in the military to understand a consequence. But that is an issue a question from peeping note it was a world war. Heavy Evan but here have talked about their experiences. Well I have. My hands. Bjorn and talk about experience says. Well not about shooting people because they don't talk about that I'm look I've got to get Turner's break and try to continue this conversation when we come back if you're Arnold stay with a signed scoot on W if you don't. We'll dedicate this song to the shooter in our senator Texas. Ross that they should've done. Yes some people should be a particular way before they can commit crimes so I'm in this caller from Slidell was talking about how you have to be in the military or have killed somebody with a gun to really understand and I'm gonna disagree with that. And ended the conversation is turned toward public executions would be a deterrent to crime. And I don't know would it be I'm not so sure. The death penalty has not been a deterrent to crime because people who commit these crimes don't think about the consequences. If you have the ability to think about the consequences. Then you wouldn't commit the crime. Some people would that in most cases you wouldn't commit the crime. Then there are those who. Who I guess they're just hit by such passion or rage at the moment that they don't give a damn about the consequences. If you got a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy text 87878. Here's a check that says on the scope we sixty plus age group. Played cowboys and Indians. Tarzan. Is such. Fantasies were part of childhood movies. Today's fantasies are from violent video games as much as I hate to admit my grandchildren occasionally. Play out such. Until we as parents correct them. Kids are suspended from school. For playing out the status six school shootings are perpetrated. By fantasies. Well. I understand the point. But you said the right thing when you said the parents stepping up. And with a pair stepped in and do their job that it doesn't care what the violent video games show. And if violent video games did have this power. To turn people into killers. Then when you consider the millions and millions and millions and millions of people. They played violent video games for decades now. And not elect. Relative to the world that we live in they've been violent for a very very long time this is not a new thing. And they get more violent because. Of the violence that we see in our society I mean there's there's more violence on the news now than there ever watch. So in the context of the times in which we live. There have always been very violent video games. With all those people playing all those violent video games for so many many hours. It it's it's logical to think that there would be more. Killers and ordered it. From Slidell Terry welcome to the show. And scoop and talked about that they may renovated superdome the get a palpable. I wouldn't. I look I wouldn't be surprised because this is how the NFL seems to to act. Bob we all in all and yeah update now and it. And yet it all because I applaud. The desert or order in the war they. The six go straight they need to. The world were. People we can grow the it's are being. A talk about that new poll we can't go up. A quiet country and it's. Been well. Oh. You know I I'm not. Been. A bit ago. To. Larry I think that and I think it's a good point Britney you know nobody's putting pressure I nobody put pressure in the last administration nobody's putting pressure on the city from the outside to do something about the sewage and water board in the drainage problems. But there might be pressure to renovate the don't even though the Mercedes-Benz superdome is more than adequate. Maybe. Much. In. 201. Or both there. It's something about now. And bad and I. Yeah it. Or if you don't do. We could be that of the people. Aren't. You don't now. Hi Terry I'm glad you called on me a lot of people feel that way bright when when tax dollars are spent to generate even more revenue for city and has stayed. Then it's it's justified but doesn't this point out what's really important because nobody's pressuring. This city to do anything well. Of course from the inside we are but nobody's nobody is threatening to pull back business they know what what if what if the the the tourism and New Orleans was threatened if we didn't do something about it sewage water boarding the train system. If we change I guarantee it would change but that's not a threat. So that's why it has not been a priority it was never priority until August 5 of last year. And luck that the rain Friday. Even if the system is perfect. We're still gonna have some flooding. Because. No system that we know off I'm it would cost billions and billions and billions and and it's it's I guess it's considered to be not worse. That amount of money to make a stats efficient when it comes to train H. But if we have a system it should be working properly and there were so many things were wrong with the system. On August the fifth and the system worked pretty well on Friday but there was just so much rain that it it it couldn't keep up. Our if you wanna join us for the comment our numbers 26018. Semi text. 8787. Of that episode assigned Delaware they were you know doing this for order game. And and George were sickened and defraud your machine out across that he's trying to get through traffic. What is somebody what are some kid imitative adding got hit by a car. Which you blame the kid or would you blame. That's episode assigned to. You say. It's really not fair to blame entertainment. If you just look. I've I've told the story before but when my son first got Grand Theft Auto. I taught him what was right. Because there was a moment there where you could. You could speed up the prostitute. And take the money back. And I simply told him that. You don't beat up prostitutes and you don't take the money back. That's just not the proper way to do. If you Arnold stay with a son students will be back on Debbie are you well we talk about all this stuff and I still think assume. How wonderful world resonant. Or is this song totally ironic because of all we have to deal with.