A Cool front?

Will we feel the cool front? 


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Right from the pinpoint forecast senator right I'm cute it was theme song it's mr. meteorologist Dave and us bomb happy Friday eve day of yes Friday eve is here yeah and the cold front smells not quite here yet while the front is. But the drier air not quite yet. Now not really them nor source feeling it more than we are down here. But we will see that front slowly workers with the area as a go about the date today and that's gonna allow a step. Com see the more comfortable still to be very warm as we forget it would be but again it's the humidity slowly dropping that. Aaron while I want it and I wanna now my daughter is in grand came Louisiana right now. Outside of Shreveport just send me a screen shot from her phone that does its 57. Degrees. I think it's in the northwest Louisiana. And down here what is the temperature right now we're looking at currently 77. Here in the Perez twenty degrees warmer your. And I in the bottom corner of Louisiana than the top corner who is oh yeah it's a big difference and will always feel that drier air read time we are going home this afternoon. You will let him go home for the day today so would definitely see more comfortable air coming into play here. But at least at the mall for the morning commute pretty muggy here if you're coming from the Norse sort of the cells sure he go from comfortable that will weathered a year. Is that a factor we still haven't this morning the official meteorological. Yes aren't indoors or -- just bomb industry. He had started telling you look at the reporting stations to Slidell doesn't really count. Because the National Weather Service offices kind of in the middle of a swampy area status if they have 90% humidity right now read on me that elsewhere on the North Shore it's not quite as. You not quite is that we're in the sixties and him there about Lewis back over toward McComb Mississippi. I mean so the usual level a little lower little Gloria Baton Rouge at 69 this morning to sew way that that temperatures will be dropping. So we will factor lower on the North Shore lower inventors but still very high factor right here in New Orleans exactly exactly you need to figure out how to spell look. And actually put up a graphic during your who whether release on your social media and tells with the new factors I'll work on the and anonymous ballot that's the problem able forgot since I have so by does that then we get a little less humid here and tomorrow morning we should be feeling much nicer than we are today. We 88 today partly cloudy skies 65 north a late tonight 72 in the South Shore. More comfortable with still very warm Friday and Saturday partly cloudy skies highs the upper eighties and lows sixties or seventies self. The muggy weather returned briefly on Sunday into Monday we'll see a few showers and storms Sunday at 30% chance high of 87. But a stronger corporate comes due Monday. 20% chance for an 88 new with a high. And then on Tuesday in a modern day come up drop there's temperatures down 79 on Tuesday are high on Wednesday for high temperature not. Even eighty on Tuesday and I ran into we're getting kind of close to that now serious and pretty fair. A reasonable Lou and competence of this we are will actually get here and drop temperatures to apply what we don't even had eighty degrees on Jews that's the way it looks right now than normally wish it might only be 81 anyways this time here so maybe it is ninety degrees too hot for us. I went out yeah so good highs are that cool the morning lows will be around the sixty degree mark and or sort 65. Here in the cities aren't some and detonated 78 Genesis feeling good and told some snow will certainly get up there and fan and I while remain jealous down here and that doesn't feel. That great.