Control Over Boarders, Control Over Their Own Destiny

Newell Normand
Wednesday, July 11th
President Trump isn't the only world leader under attack...Prime minister, Theresa May's government is in turmoil.  Why?  Is Trump's presidency a forecast for the EU?  Daniel Kochis, Policy Analyst in European Affairs in the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation, joins Newell to discuss what's happening in the EU and what's to come.

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Good morning New Orleans there is so much news gone on both here domestically as well as internationally oversees the president is overseas at the present time a lot of different issues would NATO. Obviously his next visit with. Prime minister Mahan and a number of the issues that they have gone on in in England as well and and joining us on the line at this time to talk about that is Daniel coaches choose the policy analyst and European affairs in the Margaret Thatcher center for freedom it Heritage Foundation. Daniel thank you so much for joining us this morning. Up so we look at a lot of these same issues that we have here earning keeping it under the umbrella of this make America great again that that trump has talked about. That seems as though a lot of the same issues or appearing at the UK as it relates to Bre exit in their exit from the EU and it seems to be creating a lot of disruption overseas. That's right I think that you know similar forces or play both the Euro and indeed it states but one of them is migration issues so clearly immigration. It is a big issue the United States that the idea that are borders are protected. That we we can't be true nation state without having actual orders. And you know people more citizens of those or not and that sort of the differences of that detail. This same conversation is going on in Europe's on the continent proper it's it's around the migration crisis to course. It's very expensive and it continues to have ripple effects. And it in the UK that this is an issue that extent pupil. Eastern Europeans who are greeted in large numbers to to the UK and are working. Sort of low levels or mr. usually. And so sort of the the push back on and certain areas of the UK. Are on this migration and and that of course the larger migration from places like the Middle East North Africa. And sort of the terrorism issues there are other courses and there was this huge scandal. In. Recently in the states to the UK last year around. Group boat Pakistani. Immigrants who grooming young girls for firms such trafficking and whatnot took. Did there are a lot of issues on emigration immigration front that are playing there. Similar to the United States and and I would also say the other broader overarching issues this idea and one tribe ministry has really champion. Of sovereignty to the idea that as it read democratic countries that that we should have thought they over our own laws. And it's similar in the United Kingdom that they wanna take back control over the world laws. Their own judiciary as to not have the EU be able to override. Lacks the parliament or that of the High Court. So for the benefit of our listening audience. The UK didn't adopt all of the UEU policies so for example they still have their own British pounds as there. Currency there as opposed to the EU. And there are a number of other provisions that the economy opted out so they they count ahead. More alabaster dies membership as opposed to a full membership like some of the other countries and in Europe. That that's correct so they had to pop that out sin and do what you want of course was on the currency issues that they did have some flexibility. A different arrangement. But what the arrangement facility in the country in Europe regarding. Migration to use the UK. It's still you know the adopted its huge amount of EU. Laws regulations especially. In the trade arena. And so this is costing British businesses quite a bit of money. And and one of the things it doesn't particulars that it really disadvantages small and medium sized businesses to use what you think about. He used the giant bureaucracy with so it is that much like around bureaucracy but that reads the paper regulation. And the companies that are best equipped to handle that of these large multinationals but can hire teams of attorneys. Accountants to actually go through it sort of make sure that they are hitting all of these different regulatory. It's sparked. Or that they need to file one so it's much harder for small companies and media is that companies that actually. And keep up with that sort of your credit Burton. And so I think particular it really it is spiteful indication. And to that appointment I think the UK it was was quite concerned about. An annual the issue I think courts and it states the Supreme Court it is it is. It is the top our border of US law and so I think you have some non. You know legal. Legal scholars on the left to it like this piece sort of the United States record. Look to you know international jurisdictions and international law for. In you know it inferring what the constituent hello you know should be so. You know at the US and for conservatives we really want to be the constitution faithfully apply what that that. It's similar in the UK you had you the European Court justice. And in the court of human rights in these sorts of things they become and and make it decision and that decision would have to sit and be transposed in the UK and it could overrule the decision I'd scored in in the UK so. That was the big concern as well I think go hopefully something that eventually you can be about. Yes so it seems as though the mayor administration is kind of trying to. Keep hold of some of the provisions. The EU and while the at the same time trying to satisfy the majority of the folks who voted in favor. Of exiting the EU it seems to be very much as slippery slope to them. It is the prime ministers is trying to walk pretty fine line if you were called. Treason may want to McCain supporter before she became. Prime minister issues secretary under the Cameron. The prime ministership so. You know she her upper. Her I think instincts of what we've been towards and keep being beaten to the side of closer relationship with the EU. Into that too early which sees she's chose to use the opening. Gambit CPUs that are coming up this plan. What does their opening position going to be and it's it's something. Brick that light to organ that. Yes stage is that certain you structures specifically around trade and agriculture and services in this and they keep and bear. Keep the regulations in the in the is and the UK. And and there are few other areas where where it repeats. In many ways to get the same structures that they currently have now except now you don't have you know the stop paying into the system for instance. Which you don't have that mountain that voted in or is that in a longer voting members of the waiter actually in the worst position. And there which is apologies so I think so many of the more conservative members of her administration. A revolt over the sea. David Davis who's the bricks its secretary you had Boris Johnson resigned. And a few others resign over what they've really sees the trail. The voters in the UK this is what they voted for it so I think that this continues to play out. Just today there was four it would have been put four on the government's plan regarding. You know they're negotiating position and and so this this is an opportunity for I think the more conservative bricks and elements to try to. Up pushed back on the prime minister's plan but that a lot remains up in the air it's very very interest to put situation. What iPhone really interest thing was oh how. The mirror image of a number of the immigration issues that we're having and in debating in this country today the same issues. Asylum being in one big issue. In the EU and obviously Greece and Italy and others because there's a rule they are that. The cut the first country of origin that you that you land on that's where you ultimately go back to if you get refused asylum in any other member EU countries. They seem to be balking at that because of the north and North African. Migration and in England is obviously I UK's bulking you know well balking added as well be as you pointed out from the eastern your oblique. European bloc countries Poland Bulgaria Romania and others. That they get that ends up being their first port of entry and they're not able really moved folks out when when he asylum is were rejected indoor denial. In the UK you you have the issue. Certain you know remove a person the people coming from from Eastern Europe in the UK and so the push back among certain. As sectors of the population. And then you also have this sort of larger migration issues of the idea I think the UK's very keen not to get. Or caught up in sort of the problem on the continent of pursuit seen. Unfortunately in number of terror attacks. In England. Recently over the past few years. And there's days you have you know print that the LA across the channel. England is actually building a border. Around the debate highway trucks use to do it did the shuttle tunnel. He delivered the UK because. Migrants full city. You know try to put refuse on the roadway so that we trucks have to stop and and they can jump on a truck again in the UK. Pollute this businesses you know England is acting as taxpayers actually paying. At deconstruct they all in France. The protects some of the trucks. You know from from basically being you know attacked. On the away into it ended the UK's to try to get there so. Think you'll. You know a lot of British. British people feel that somehow. You know there there are losing their culture of losing their country. They see what happened in places like Germany and Sweden or were crimes is an increase. There's sort of this constant threat paper and France's terrorism. Seems to be it you know fortunate weekly occurrence there. And it's not what they want for their own country and wanna have control over their own borders and and say over who actually get to come there to that was a huge. Part two in my opinion is that that number one part. Why the British people voted to leave here in beauty control over their own borders or control over their own desperately. And his seems to be a reluctance in the EU to actually. Deal with that particular issue and on Google oracle has been under a huge amount of pressure Germany as well. And that no one seems to be able fine. Common ground or some resolution to these challenges. That that's exactly right you. You do surgery but wanted to is that it's extremely typical complex issue do you have people coming across browser or traffickers and that it. You know what do you do with people that you rescue from the middle Mediterranean and and that you have some of these. You know legal rules you know you'd have this other countries like Spain and Italy thing was is Erica and ever but he obviously is coming here first that. Dissident what they do you have the time that they are actually register people would just what the pass through and that's of the actually registered in the first hinted that it. So that it it's a very complex difficult issue. And then the other second the second problem is that. People with and you know could use that Europe have competing interest. Do you have it'll the in Germany and of these countries that it take you know a lot of migrant. Wanting to worst countries like Poland and Hungary in the and you know these sort of easier these countries to take in the mandatory you know to quote. And it you have those countries Mr. Bush back to think all we can create this problem. We don't want what we don't want this. You know this to be exported to to our country they're pushing back saying that shall we do away. So you you have completely competing interest and any unit which in countries that. You know so we went in Germany Italy for instance which agree on sort of this they didn't want it re locate migrants elsewhere. You have differences over which sparked about the you know heading back. Two. The country you were you first claimed asylum so there's there's differences of urban that took. I'm very skeptical that that Europe is going to get a handle on this they've tried to do. They've tried in making steps recently to planned that out today. Certain matters bowl in North Africa as well as the is that Europe. To process. Asylum claims you'll see whether or not that it's set up at a function. But I I think this is going to continue to be huge problem Europe and I think it's. Very varied. You know. Opinions on how to deal that I don't think it's going to expect us. Absolutely Daniel coaches thank you so much for join and as we really appreciate your insight into this matter like. Are they have a great week we'll be right back we wanna hear from you 260187. He. Kind of interest thing same issues there same issues here. Same arguments. Saying challenge trying to find solution we'll be right back after the break this is new rule under every Dario.