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Deuce joins Bobby & Deke for more reports from today's Saints practice in Los Angeles.

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And a team consists of the case you can embody a bad and the great one Deuce McAllister deuce is out on the West Coast covering the saints. First joint practice today with the Los Angeles charges an apprentice and redstone it's like to charges so did some good things -- also borne out some of the good things that the saints did as well if they were practice again tomorrow would to be in their shoulder pads and a helmets not full gear in this some sort of a walk through on Saturday in game time is Sunday October sort of 3 o'clock 7 PM tip off to the point that the to midnight here. Templates now is a wall to wall sage radio here on saint radio WW. Hill and KG came in on the saints a theme of continuing to play teams with the defense is that particularly our guys on the gauge. It's interesting because it goes up this week very good to would open commons one more established. Are when you think about three compare a ball because joy both is coming off of a good year his first year to date in county although he's been a year and legal a couple of years. Mess it was his first Goodyear and the more established one in Houston is a watts. Same thing in San Diego most is beyond compare bush to clowning coming off a good year the most ever sworn obviously is Ingram so very compatible gear and a both in both of them good challenge for both tackles. And be generous to see like do says how they shape up and no affair this week in and what they go through this past week in the phenom. And how they say next week too as well against clowning and walked. He had opinion if you continue. In those that I go closeout deceiving as the season with the ravens and the pre season and they've always won the battle in the trenches will be offered to the minutes of lines that you look at your depth. So on all sides can be of a big challenge. And a lot of you know practices and Indian and pre season games are big and again on tape. And evaluate. You know one Oleg competition whose veteran. The gnawed actually look at an opponent opponents we guard coming up. The big -- really control a lot of times of proximity. To where you holy training camp who you'd be playing as far as with the travel. And like you know we expected played Houston Texans every year which I think a good thing. Because dead number one defense last year. And just play in the ravens. That there was a style team in the trenches and now wanna decks does this the one thing. Then I've been so well so what does appointed. And the guy at IM MIK of this the you know. Last year was the first time. That we didn't have from the tide in position 800 yard receiver I think until dues this. Got a 2010. That. You know we always had an 800 yard receivers the last time we didn't shoot city. As far as the tide in position in Toledo last year 631. Yards. He had fifty receptions. Retailers thousand dollar stake in. I don't know there's cleaner would build upon that. And never never be like Jimmy Graham numbers but you'd think you'd be habitually Watson solid thing in the active CME Greece. From fifth the 7580. Catches. And indigo from the sixteen and 31 yards to 831. And its that a three times now do you have six or seven. But I don't know Degan and do silly to Communist. I haven't seen enough of leaner in his progression and I think because his salary cut and cap number. He's not going anywhere but. Having emit low disappointing when you look at overall though routier's minicamp and training camp and Kobe cleaners performers so far. Yeah what I'll I'll I'll I'll probably have to agree which bear Bobby I mean there's going to be opportunities and you know for him to have a bigger role in this offense and you know at times we've seen him be pretty have pretty good practices but you know it hadn't been consistent enough. Every since they hit that he took from bond bill. You know he's been in and out of a lineup as far as practice this concern. You know he wasn't there today so. It's something that that definitely concerned you have mean because we know that that's another. Weapon for drew you know it is it's been somewhat. Crawford having a really good idea to pass catching tight end right there. I think I think wanting that we didn't mention earlier also. That is gonna help this. Team as a Max Unger Max Unger went through individual drills today and he he did pass is physical. As well also. Look for him to be back I know at one point you know even coach Payton was missile would you run and we hit a speculated that you know it'll be late October. Were a Arianna don't rock I say get SA big basically ms. first the short three. Games in maybe the mag for the fourth and ended doozy his message look at and we said no basically though he's gonna play in the pre season. Yeah and so. He didn't he didn't get involved in any of the 101 pass rush or anything like that he knows basically taken some snaps from. From senator and in doing some different things like that many went off on Obama's out of the field and work. With a trainer but you know within the next week we look for him. And you look at the privacy is being you to do is what you did you look when the prize give the Texans and ultimately get period play against him right now and an end play in the game really you know they wanna probably working amien you know so let's see let's see how he does what a couple rips wanna want some different things in. Then be able to say okay let's move remote but the look Revis was the that the regular senator. And the and they had a key element today in its inner. And sixty degree and in my Cameron tall. Was the other two dozen is that the gives him and so from from southern miss you know. The one that I didn't see was Jack Allen so there may be. A booted they're gonna have to make but you know those those were your 44 senators it was Conger Kellerman today. Lou Revis and Cameron talk. Now there's a nose hard to watch everything and to me was in just and you look at tobacco have been. The one reason why I've been on John fully intend they can out of Washington State. He's both a two year experienced guy. You know when you look at it compared to the kids the mom I'm from North Carolina Landon turner led arc that that. Then did you notice anything from them today as I know at times bulletins been again the rotation. With the twos and he began rested toward the once sometimes at Garber what are you what did you take them on those two. Considering. Landon turner. Never limit of the expectations to win you know they want voted did drafted and he's a free gimme the team last year asked yes the so so you think that's still a dogfight depending on. What they do as far as providing them who would be the guide it would keep. Yeah I definitely think so I do remember one play that turner turner. Either got tripped or you know lead he did have his balance wary of the defense alignment. Was able to pressure the quarterback but you know outs out of that likes it I didn't I didn't really focused today. On the one awards publisher had it now knowing that they you know tomorrow they may not do one on ones in different things with the office to La. But you know there was nothing that really stood out to make me notes about out of that one play would turn. Now was deuce. Now that daylight Windiz precious teams you know obviously we see how they they conduct brags against one another. But again is that the that we're charged with a leg trying to block each other bar or they're just trying imposition of how to be handled that special teams drill. It's and special teams they basically went you know what it was loud but it wouldn't allow appeared so to speak go go go block the honor. You know they were gay right looks they look guys you know watchable. And look you know and you know it's been pretty much the same daughters at one time it was Coleman at one time it was neat you know you've had all pretty much all of the defense the DP skill. As far as gunners they were they were trying to the pin a ballclub. You know Thomas Moore city he was on the returners they didn't struggle catching them the ball as far as the plot was concerned and those two returns were Tommy Lee. And Alvin Camara audio they called all the parts clean. It was body covered experts say is the saints winning covered but the was it was all you know once those guys got about 1010 tips. Yards down field. When you talk about the field goals. Let's let's do it I mean he's weaker he was always on the far in. So you'd they had the skinny skinny. Goal pols like you have an arena football. But you couldn't really detail whether or not he loot they they were going in new. Outs out of the reaction I know he hit one from 53 just because the coaches started Clapton but he didn't pan out. Ref free under a goal like the chargers had on their sat where they had a rare three. On the field goals saying whether they were good and let's you know for the most part he was he was he he was strong audience today. Now deuce look at a mid to low and obviously fighting our roster spot he had a sack and a half. A tree Hendrickson. You know look at all the competition on the back in. Well you come on that adds to command in the great. Both both but those both those guys had outstanding. Days today. Both of them I would look at both of them would say and in its load even had a tackle for losses will no road. All right much smaller with the great one Deuce McAllister Tebow would deuce on social media he's on putting a 26 here at WW. And welcome back to sports talk he is engaging canyon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia reduces commenting on a couple of saints play as it did. Well in practice today and deuce now tomorrow it would change up some they won't have there. Hands on below their waste it would have on sort of heads there tomorrow what what. Can now people look forward to what what can be accomplished deuce at tomorrow's practice. And it may be dead they didn't do today but they will and mortars and things that now that they are not in full gear they won't be able to do tomorrow. Alarming news they weren't tackling anyway today I mean so we'll you'll still get an absolute total. And worked on you know you're different. Run fits a mean you'll still be able to do seven on seven and things of that nature. At it'll just be at the pricked period you know. One thing like OK so you go blitz period instead of you you may have the option of cuddly guy you'll wanna cut a guy in any practice but. You know you definitely won't won't won't do it without having any lower pay its own. And that's via either team so I mean technically they can go out and do everything possible it'll just be it'll be voted up as far as the contact is concerned. Now dues when you look at the back your quarterback competition. Potted like Chase Daniel Ryan NASA road Gary grace and how did they look overall. We'll take chase Trace at the one interception where he was trying to fit that ball deep ball at about the same route. To Brandon Coleman and you are like this and I don't know if you Coleman while the same page with KEE almost live in so to speak in Coleman kind of pulls up. And it's easy interception for the safety. For the chargers I mean outside of that out and looked OK you know if he would commonly a couple times. You know did some things as far as the blue game was concerned when you talk about. Matt Smith and and and grace and I was kind of obscure from from vision from neo. I noted they worked two minute here right at the in. And enabled completed some passes but you know to see them. Compete you know and 707. I did have the best vision for that. Now do so. Tomorrow they'll have that one practice and and whether they have a full Guerin not now always say that's like skilled position pride is kind of like will you do witness. Like you know it's jays in many Kenya the social that you are you expecting when you look at end seven on seven. And disc really did skill positions and how they compete. That's exactly. Right you know the linemen will be in there. As far as team is concerned but I mean the skilled its gas. That that'll be a practice for those gas. I'm much more common W almost saying it would do is and in India radio prepare for practice at two morrow with tomorrow. Practice reports from a and a west coasts out of LA as the saints' practice again tomorrow joint practice with the charges. Coming able hit bottom of the hour news with Don aims in much smaller 2601870. You can text us an 87870. Up next eight CBS of the you want the latest on the black can go you with the latest news weather and sports it's a real simple. Take their words bullets and text it to 87870. Do the same with the weather. And news and you come directly to your mobile device. As soon as news breaks soon as we get news recycling and we'll send it straight back out to you text the word sports that soared news. Text the word whether it's 878726. So ornate and you can take this out. And Doug takes the body here on the screen at age seventy eights and that's coming up tonight after a sports talk it is double cover its Kristy Dickens said number that. They would talk about today's practice with the saints and the charges Christa we'll break it down blow by blow play by play get to with the players and coaches say it then that's a little LSU football tonight and they would take a look at where the tigers are you talked about their first opponent BYU which BYU by beyond lost. One of their linebackers today in unspecified Airese just left the team for personal reasons but he had eighty stops. Priest interceptions and eight tackles for loss last year but BYU losing pottery that top defended the top linebacker and then just. Against a personal reason. Well yeah you know person arena is that he decided to go on the mission you know a lot of and they could have made him realize you can't you know they've never gone that mission and what they're Mormon faith I mean I'm just speculating again would that bit. You say when next ran out. Used in yamana big it is not gonna have the BO to produce those kind of numbers so. That has to work obviously for Ella she's benefit. And when you have a guy like that considering his contribution in tackles and and haven't three pixel line bag positions so. Good news for the tigers. Because they still a big they would just around the corner that being BYU bring me on to play Portland State. And I have to try and name clinic Saturday and had not having Devale. Ability. That individual now was deuce we talked about foreign with a break. About how price of restructured tomorrow. A couple of questions. When you look at Ed the skill position in the competition that is going. Down right now look at first off. From the wire receiving. Cora. That group. When you look two part question he looked well they keep fives are will they keep sakes. And the reason why I mean. I think Michael Thomas Willie's a need. Ted Ginn junior Randy Coleman then you look at the competition. And and you would commonly lose who would he did in the pre season game and he's talking about the price yet today what did. Like Corey Fuller RJ glass meant what did they do because you look at Fuller. He had great practices in OTA's and mini cam in the first week in camp. But he's flash now and then it as their hiding Corey Fuller Jay lamm how did they do today. Lemon was not a participant so OK oh all right and he has like a good thing him about. Not nodded off upload it will when it was 707010. Law and but he didn't make enough plays in team you know and so you can't disappear when when his team time and you know Coleman Coleman had a couple catches in team. And Tommy Lee probably. Out of those three probably had the most K it is you know whether it was team 707101. Now this when you look at the did leave it to bags and a Malone the safety net and yeah I had before you even from. Sold to get back to the question of how mean receivers yeah yeah yeah the number area. Yet still. I don't see how they can Khatami. At this point. Adults see how well they can cut him. Wit not only the game that he it's pre season game and he but how consistent he is being. In practice and me in the right up about it Vatican play all three positions as far as the receivers by. Is concerned you know you would have some some some some concern if he's here. Primary X or Z you know if it was a run and play. But as far as the receivers concern. It is light years apart I mean so. I feel like that he is he is squarely on that roster and so do serious concern. So that being said let's say you keep five receivers. Then I'm Corey Fuller. The reason why I'm saying and housing Jay Leberman fanned. Considering. When he was held last year has been especially team's contribution and you look at the last goal you look at Michael watery. You know and ending Neiman Chris banjo. There's a lot of competition there are threats to us a jig Lebanese to be out there but. So luck could you feel though QB Tom Lee Lewis and Corey Fuller add that to get that numbered. Think I can't if they don't have injuries mean you got to look at it now you've got you've got two starters that are going to be probably willow well. One Armstead will be helped club a subtle you know the one that they'll have to Kyrie. On the active rosters Delmon bro I mean so. Another cornerback will probably make this team you know based off what they wanna do. An aunt and Depp last because Delmon is is it is on the shelf and you know you can't put him on pull out now. You he he will be well so you won't put him on short term out are. It took to bring him back I mean because that's eight weeks he'll be well before that. So you know when it rosters are shaken out like that you know then Vincent good players and navigate. They gonna fall by the wayside and so I just dolce and expose and Tommy Lee. To being one of those players. Now what do as we look at the secondary you combine. And you know to say teasing corners though what is that number eleven or twelve when you look at saint teasing and in our corners who is why. I'm I'm kind of combining them because like kin of apparel. A leakage due to slot receiver obviously would that ability but. Looking right now though the strictly at the corners. My dark cars on the Milan. He had a chance to make a play inside before he left the go to Los Angeles. And I went through his hands did chairs interception in income marrying them catching a touchdown. But how appointing them for him where he's at all the amoled. And then also we did go to veterans sterling Moore do you think. Because. Maybe your trust factor it is a veteran. That is clearly a more roots experience that surely won't have an advantage over the by the Harris are currently in the you know he's he's only won it has some a true game experience outside of what it. We're not PGA game and a half of them yeah I mean are Crowley. Yeah outside of the rookies that played last year he's the only one it has over Alexis used the number eight. You know he's the only one it has all the eight games under his belt so I'm in it it it it would be a gamble to not at least have war veteran roster as far as the corner. It's concern and you know it may be a situation where they look he's regulated. Only play and I am more someone gets banged up or he's plants best names but I. You know what you get out witted man. In some crucial moment if they feel like the young guys are in the you can always gave to put him Meehan. Now and yet even even that now you know. Both young guys and getting a lot more reps than he does he would only give an inning and saw a but to caddies kind of approved and in those guys need it more sold to do he does right now. Now deuce the Dave we've had him on the team and he produce that way these safeties in Cairo killing a Carl Von bell mortgage who lives in Raphael bush. I'm coming over from the lines with a guy like Eric Harris he Advani had imported gaming coverage. Against the browns would you look he's another one that's at tackling machine on on special teams. What do you think his chances of Eric Eric Harris and being league and that team. It's gonna it's going to be numbers game and then back in them in the right it's going to be you know whether they like Angela enough to have him and that fourth safety. Or feared hitters is that forcing him name because you've got bullies days though fifth safety because a bug with Carol bell Williams and bush who dived for. So we'll look at the fifth safety and so yes the outfit that that that the fifth safety. You know sold that house at five and six as our safeties our answer. Because when you when you talk specialty. You've got you that he talked about last go you talked about. You know Michael my body with another player right in Canada own is based in part. It also makes the point the guy that can contribute and help on special teams to beat. Ace at least later for yield yielded so the numbers are going to be are gonna get tight and no you're gonna start Republicans okay. Give me one player on defense that you think that you meet the mulls. In bed main actress every week but you know he's contributed that we don't want looms that that's what's gonna aren't happy. That is Deuce McAllister Tebow would do lose all earned a Twitter at B McCallister. 26 news nobody knew would tell Jim why the saints' second backing go practice with the charges. No problem thank you guys despise sports talk continues into 8 o'clock tonight right here on WW them. And welcome back to sports so he is occasion can embody a bad time big Bellamy it. Operated jaguar opinion poll online at WW that tell what area do you want to see most improvement of preceding game number two got a few selections for their. Whole line defense to back through a special teams are. Just better overall lay on the defense this side of the football case Joseph vote online at WW real dot com. What they we don't have takeaways in there. You know he's again and that would be other things they really ask you I'd say other just don't know who to turn Alabama he had only minus two hallowed be your own goodness don't hit two weeks from now Garrett to play Houston and we've minus four. On the season yes because you just say I'll lead doesn't count as pre season no we are creatures of habits in the men to men and edited in transform from the precinct in a regular season when all's said and then we ended. Minus category so piano you know get a sag now only get a sack maybe. Force the ball popping up in the error. Sacks driven you to score. Are anything that we need some a lot of fire on that a fan base and not. The same goal. I still think we have 500 team and that's I said earlier I think we I think we are very similar. To the charges. I think look at the common vision they have an AFC west and in doesn't NFC south bed. The charges will be in the bottom and a pack. Notice a great whatever direct it is you Google backing that we won both teams are gonna say yes this really good they are very clever I'm right there on the record sixteenth. Bobby earlier before we will thought was getting the last segment on would do through talking about a blow to LSU's first opponent meanwhile you have BYU placed next Saturday at home in the Villa was stadium. In Provo you tell against our Portland State division one double late but they have laws star linebacker. Francis Benoit now Bob BYU insiders ones we've talked to and I'm also reading this feature here from J. D. Drew we just publicist about a Allen go eat with the Salt Lake Tribune he's been on where those before in previewing a BYU. In these this time of the coastal tournament. All the years and all the sports. Bobby outlook bella would stadium is whether it was supposed to scrimmage this morning we're proud to the scrimmage. Coach Pataki announced that star linebacker in many fear is one of the top top players on the team. Is missing the entire 2017. Season. For personal reasons Francis Benoit had eighty tackles last year two sacks. And those seven tackles for loss and three interceptions. By audible what's interesting here is that he would take his redshirt year. And he's leniency for personal reasons but what's interesting is that you continue to practice and participate with the team. All throughout this season. But he is not going. To play pro ball this year as far as. Gala brilliant relative that is very confusing to you every practice fusion you know there's always say well he's leaving the team well if you are still as I play maybe he has family issues we saw BYU played in the regional round of the tournament here a few years ago in the insane instrument. One of their players did not play at that time because it was an honor code violation. Supposedly something new at BYU students. They agree to but on a cold if you break on a colleague Kelly Miller DYUK have premarital saying right well according to what some was saying according to the BYU. Released this Damon says that this has not and do. Is this there are no on a cold relations he is so he did not on a violate or just doesn't anything to do. What article he said according to coach Pataki he will be would detain and you'll be practicing. But that's all they say but he will not playing this season he's gonna Richard dish out that is odd I've done I'm not heard that user with a double play assist. How rich or leave for personal reasons they're meeting all together they may continue to go to school but won't participate and be with the team. But he's gonna continue to do everything with a team with the exception of count towards inability he would use issues are richer yet to come back as a junior next you. The end BYU is that totally different schools and universities. Yeah alarm oh yea blaze to about his serious football is is not Bob doll. Well I and you look at the Mormon faith the talk about that honor code you know obviously. Very conservative. You know. Not having premarital sex and you know thank Susan abuse and I think they got us on a girl I'd caffeine is a very. The event I am in the event. And I retain and say I'm a code. They mean like one at. It's minions is before Bobby because of covered athletics with a female sports all male sports. Where it has been sales emitted by I went to a party I drank and in that that's Donna go well Bubba Bolivia today how am every school then I pervert I was like fashion and gear. Dad. A Catholic boy that was played him for BYU. And is suitable champion Brian and that being Jimmy man. So like OK can drink caffeine that you smoke pot in the dorm bride and hello Dawson don't do it all in one away from campus. Into the season well I don't know the webcam a solid deal on Iran today. McMahon that is older you know the only hit a lot of. I'm Bob Greene you think back on history and you think about you know how how that at New Orleans at Tulane stadium the superdome. This city has played a role in in all of sports professional sports high school but in the Super Bowl and they did just little small GM Jim thanks did you know Jim. Maggie Mae and want to sue both and both of them were in new wallets. Which is Chicago bands in a decade later in the Green Bay Packers Dallas that Kenya and and his opponent both times the New England Patriots weather trivia. Again they're interested in and the patriots first race of both. When Norman ending right earthquake was only get ready go to Tom an hour to break Bob if we start out to know what is our record if we -- divide into pacers knew anything he's out there right now sound at two weeks to it we coming here on a Tuesday news studio in his team which should know they'll had to be Minnesota in New England this CD's home real far no well what we all feel unrelenting gains we don't know if all you good let's hope that happens. Sports talk continues until 8 o'clock tonight here on WW up.