Congressman Steve Scalise joins Scoot

Wednesday, May 23rd
Congressman Steve Scalise joins Scoot to talk about legislation moving through the House. Scoot also ribs the Congressman for being late to call him.

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And one of the things I love about their show is often we disagree congressman Steve Scully stories slime and Demi W a congressman welcome to the show. Congress and I had to at the beginning talk about how you relate calling and I can't believe your priorities that you think voting was more important to staying on time to call me a new kind of tarnished you have to. And you believe it Rea portrait of the national defense authorization act of the bill but that's not a militarily he apologized that I so. Let's. We we've we every now and it you gotta gotta look appointment. He has heard the other thing that I thought was maybe you're still talking Gary Paulsen. There. Don't you know you get the guy out of there but that is curry he didn't a couple of for a long time so when we dribbled it it worked out I'd. I must say I you know I was I was kind of heard I'm thinking OK wait you invite Erik Paulsen to come up dirty your office to do an interview I would have done that but no you just call me. When you get a chance because you're busy voting. You gotta get WW two to fly you up to DC and we'll we'll we'll show you that the best offer from the capital. Lay out there. I don't get OK we'll talk about that and at another time. Odd very quickly go on he you have sent out a press release from your office about the on committee passage of the water resources development act I know this sounds like there. A lot of legal politically charged in the distance deal with flooding so how does this help New Orleans. The bill that really deals with the process for how the corps of engineers works for. All of the different water projects around the country and of course as you mentioned that we. Well we manage water we try to keep water out of our communities and do the court appeal as it's referred to is to build a ruling deals the policy and so. There are some good reforms in this bill. As it's come out of committee were close we care queries is actually. One of the lead authors of the bill on the transportation committee and that there was some reforms to the corps of engineers wanting that's in this field. Really been strong advocate for for longtime Mets you know decades ago the court which airs beak was part of the united states army it's the Army Corps of Engineers. The question I have now swallows why. Is the Corbett junior still branch of the united states army the Department of Defense that doesn't serve the same purpose to serve during World War II they. We went around the world building projects will pilot. It's more community based. Organization in each community in our country where people dual core of engineers the people of all kind of different problems with the quarks. And yet when you try to fix it you're get to go to the entire Department of Defense structure so worth looking at in this bill we actually study. As to whether which even stay as part of the united states army. And I think that would help a lot of water projects we have back home in south Louisiana move a lot quicker it's not part of that they monolithic. Our Department of Defense structure. Congress and what is the biggest mess the biggest problem right now in in in congress. They would be the first thing they should be correct. I think it's getting getting spending under control and especially if you look at some of our biggest. Programs that are important to people all around the country if you look at the Medicare program in the Social Security program. They are programs that are not entitlements these are programs that people paid into their goal is generations in careers and that went bankrupt. And along with those programs they're they're. At the bank up the whole country we need to save those programs from bankruptcy in saint amid a wave where it doesn't have an impact on the people who are. Part of Medicare who were in Social Security. Who rely on those programs we've got to make sure that they work for today's seniors. And they worked for younger kids speak your your thirties or forties or fifties. And you don't even think the programs are going to be around anymore let's make them not only for current seniors but for people who were going to be. Looking it generational way to get on this program so getting spending under control saving those programs like Medicare and Social Security statement from bankruptcy. And do in response whale I think that's something that we really need to confront. Art if you're just joining ever talking to congressman nastiest toll seller from off from DC. I congressman when you talk about that that kind of fun spending. Getting spending under control that kind of problem and in congress that's the same problem we have with the Louisiana legislature what do you say to those people who think that this is just something that is controlled with politics. Not you know if you look at a lot of the states they don't have budget problems. Economies are budget problems and what we've been have been cyclical. What decade does serve on the Appropriations Committee and the Budget Committee when house in the Statehouse we had some really good years were reads surpluses. And we get some really tough years where the economy without a week. You know we have that tool to cut things but you just got to live within your means and make those decisions in Washington our problems are bigger. Be it dollar amounts are bigger you know you get in the trillions of dollars not billions of dollars at the same kind of issues should get a deal what. How do you make government live within its means and and and make the programs deliver that that provinces that were made to people. Well let me know that's the intellectual answer I guess I guess the problem that debt to a lot of people have his say what's gonna make you in the legislature coming on you specifically for what's gonna make peace political bodies actually do when we understand what they should do but what's gonna make him do it. Why do you think haven't about budget amendment that's critical to force in the issue and in about mergers in the and in the fact that they have a constitutional amendment. In our state that requires the legislature about the budget at the end of each fiscal year. It is important because it does goes a priorities in that you're never amount every faintly at the amount of money they. They amity cheered them maybe you'd like to have a lot more money but you'll only have so much and and you got to figure which you played Ortiz keep your house note. You pick your corner you gotta eat. You pay your doctor's bills and in at some point hopefully somebody looked over to the in the movies in the restaurant but you have to live within your means. Government ought to have that same approach and about budget amendment. Does that we actually had a vote a few weeks ago only constitutional amendment. To a United States constitution require bounce federal budget. It didn't pass I'm sorry it didn't have a voted for but at least now there's a record vote you connection don't see which members of congress. Believe in and that trying to disciplined approach or not and you know what's what with the army. It sounds good to me out of Arkansas I have to do I don't like to do it but I have to do is so we want a government secured as well. A congressman the mid term elections are coming up and there's been a lot of talk about the impact of the trump administration and Republicans on Capitol Hill has had on. The image as a Republican Party progressive women. Are really dominated denied democratic primaries last night in and Kentucky and Texas senator Georgia now. I is sound a close to having the first plaque cut female ever nominated to be our governor. Off from a major party and can in the state. What's your feeling about since is on progression of progressive women. You know that this that this is where the media think likes to focus on what they wanna talk about that. We've got a lot of conservative women that are running to and don't talk about that. And so you know we've already got a lot of great female members of congress but so on the Republican side and are doing a great job I mean Marsha Blackburn. Who's a real it was for a mind she's. She's she's strong conservative woman who won the Tennessee primary on the Republican side she's going to be running to the United States senate. As a Republican. In Tennessee I hope she wins but they'll talk about horrible talked about maybe the politically Georgia that. Probably won't even in the race and and in Georgia the governor because she's too liberals but you know let's talk about a conservative woman that are up. The but the fact remains that there has been some movement mean Republicans have lost some some important election since our trump became president. But you know we've we've lost one special election that we want every other special election and so that's where it kind of you know if it is and special elections it would when non government lose one. Did you think that ultimately talk about as the couple lately and Philadelphia and Pennsylvania they'll talk about. The fact that the most expense of recent history of congress happened just a few months ago in Georgia. We're at thirty million dollars was spent. By Democrats to try to elect. A liberal and we spent twenty million which still a lot of money. And we want Nancy we want to see being outspent. You know by about thirty million dollar and the twenty million dollars but they've been reported because Republican want. So you don't think that there's there's there's any danger there's any any any tied she if there's any chance of tides shift whatsoever against the Republican Party. You've got to approach in election this November we're approaching it is meant to policy is due and every patient can be speaker again and she does that mean it's going to be expensive election cycle. And we know we've got some really tough places we got a lot of seats that weeks that Hillary Clinton won. The president get the Republicans. Member of congress one that house seats are there are spending a lot of money to try to flip the seat to Democrat. Took so that it blows to be speaker would outlook that happened we know the race is where we have to go battle. And and we're aware of what's come but if you look at her now you know look at Kentucky one of the one of the states that they haven't turned out. Well election last night you see intensity on the Democrats side which is even more intensity on the Republican side and I think the economies work in our favor the big way. The economy's action on well because of the tax cuts were passed. All the work and get the economy moving again of people were able to chops were actually trying to do welfare bill welfare reform bill this monster. What we can actually get more people were forced up putting workbook part of placed on welfare programs so you know what you got right now people looking for workers. And yet you know millions more people sitting on the welfare rolls. Of people that are able to work they just don't wanna get up and go to war. Well I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. I I I totally agree recessed so I mean it there should be welfare reform and I I hope it's a strict diet. You know I thought we we need to save that money for those who really needed because there are too many able bodied people who don't need to take advantage of it. Yes that's one of the things we need to clean up take to get control overspending is you know. There ought to be a safety net for people a couple of hard times but if you're able to him in the company is looking for workers. Taxpayers shouldn't deeply and they are about money so that somebody can be sitting at home instead of wanna get the job and become a part of the middle class. No it if you want more than about a run. Yeah very well how hard were you feeling are you doing. We play thanks further ask and I know. We got a lot of prayers from people back home and I appreciate ever want government to help me you know I had my last surgery. Tied to kind of put everything back together again about a month ago and went. Really well and so what's good at the surgeries over just focus on recovery yet to physical therapy three days weeks so just trying to get better. Well aren't you you look great congressman you and I don't agree on everything but I I always respect you sir our budget came on the show thanks for being with us. Happen to be debit DC sometime Unscom and as a compliment you you may regret if I'm coming up I'll order out yeah. All right congress is c.s to lease on student were coming right back on WL.