Community Matters - Speech Hearing Month - Parade of Homes

Monica Pierre and her guests discuss several topics including: the month of May recognized as better Speech/Hearing month; discussion of this year's annual metro New Orleans Parade of Homes.

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I'm very welcome here thinking so much for joining us. Monica here coming up. Being. Don't you know only if it's inherent. Maybe it isn't actually know better each hearing mom you talk about identifying early signs experienced. Beach disorders particularly. Children. I think you're looking for a new home design you're thinking about building and clear that he thought renovating or even bring designing the details on this used to raise your home. We built in energy efficient homes in a variety of neighborhoods throughout the metro area. I. Speech and hearing disorders and issues impact millions of Americans in May is national. Better hearing and speech month. We're joined by doctor Elaine Josep. That doesn't isn't ideology is and the owner of high level speech and hearing center. Doctor Joseph thank you so much for being with thank you for having me I have permission to our Elaine and I will take advantage of that. An ideology is not only your profession in your passion. But your passionate because you have a history with an impact the speech talk about that those early years feel what it was like so. Are so what is 34 years old I need that I had a speech issue. And then this because like beefy cousins or your first experience. There are off so your first enemies in the so I'm always believed bat mark has fans and from my Francis because I couldn't pronounce the word a word flex arbiter. Our work says are related ads. I had to wait we column Liz buy it when you temperature out of your mouth when you meet certain sounds it is TA Torres sounds. And with this list. It was just. I guess so we've that the children widgets they would take advantage of it and just kind of pick on me for things like that sounds believe in teased about it. For about eight years. And finally in the seventh grade my mother around because of a caring and compassionate mare's. Linda middle school because I'm for rate for me here as bank went thank you for him. This and her as she put my mom's Tuesday you know what I think that she would be a great candidate for speech at the end. Prior to her actually giving her those resources. I was next speaker I mean they're great. So the school system right now and in the passes away has always had. A large volume of kids who suffer with speech issues. But they weren't able to help every. So you had to have something that was really wrong with you in order for them to be able to pool you drink it I peace been. Me you know here with good grades are pretty active in school in organizations. I just wasn't a major concern that so finally I was able to get these services and it only took three months for me to be cured my. Speech disorder that's an amazing story so what did your family think and I'm sure even though you cousins bullied and teased you. I'm sure your immediate family thought he would let grow out of it you would just be able to be around other kids and pick it up yourself. Yes I think that for my mom I think it was more she understood that there was something going on but she didn't really know. How long it would indoor for it in I don't think she really. I'm thought about. The other side of it which was more of like oh maybe these children we pick on lane or maybe she would have issues where it. So confident things like that. And you know if the moat a lot of parents out there they just don't know they do think they're good kids and underground data or. They don't know that there are resources in that they have access to resources to actually get that treatment that they need for these issues. And you know my fame is very loving. So my cousins every landing bay beyond knew I had this issue my mom knew I had this issue and after some time and we finally address state. Everyone was on board we're trying to help correctly. And before that wonderful. Pivotal moment with the caring nurse talking to your mom what did you think. Was going on with you. You know I I honestly didn't think about it as being something. That. Was word the of me receiving that type of attention that bad it's instant that I. I thought it was just a part of me. And and hell are actually received treatment for I didn't think that it would ever go away. So it was just a great experience for me and when I was able it endure it are really thinking very seriously and through months later. It was gone we do not hear it at all it is it's amazing we're joined by doctor Alain Josep. Doctor Joseph is an cardiologist and owner of high level speech and hearing center may is a national better hearing and speech month. Duct Alina Alina what until we know about speech and hearing. Issues. And also challenges and. Sorters. One of the things I believe a lot of people just don't know or that's finding characteristics of speech or hearing disorders. So I always say for adults adults are able to verbalize whether or not they have been hearing issue I can tell you that TV needs to be turned up a little bit louder. I can't hear you as crowded restaurant. I hear what you're spam but I can understand what you're saying. So when it comes to children. It's a little bit difficult because they can't necessarily verbalize what they're feeling or what they're going through. In fact a lot of science that we use seats for children with speech disorders. Includes frustration in our behavioral. Or like it's acting out things like that. And before with hearing usually OP is something like that child might tap their ears uncle on their ears ally might cry when you attempt to look inside of their careers. Our child that has been begins speaking Friday ages two years old. That's also a sign of something that's going on usually when we see children who haven't started speaking and how. I'm actors who are maybe still haven't started. It's because of the history of chronic ear infections. And so we try to get parents to pay attention to those signs that tapping the pulling the crying so that we can identify them and street. My hot fall is that the question and forgive me it sounds a little un informed. Is it a little bit of both that you have speech and hearing or is it primarily one. It's a little bit of vote. It's a little bit about it and that's one of the wonderful things about our company is that we provide both services in usually end. Hospitals are in clinics you might see this beats or organization or department rather. Would be at one side in the hearing will be completely on evidence bag. Play it. For as we all work together truly together though ideologies office is right next door of his speech language pathologist office. In the parents they love it because they can come and get their kids service. For both. You mentioned my company it's high levels speech and hearing sentry at the CEO. And you also partnering with the boys town on the Louisiana before you get into that partnership. Tell me about the name might choose that particular name. So our so. My my goal for providing these services lives that are kiddo is in our patients who have come and they will function at a higher level than what their function and now. And we want our quality of service to be. Distinguished in the name that we toes. So we just want to make sure that services we provide that to mean the art is something that at high levels far community and this past Thursday you're able to offer to the community some free screenings yet it was an off Sydney meant we were able to provide free speech and hearing screenings agri food great music. We truly had an amazing time. And it was an opportunity for us to really spread the word and get the message out that there are resources out here for a uptown community. What about those who fall into the category of underserved population of children are even low income even those. Who don't know how to even deal with this and they have some to other its other challenges. That they have to give their attention to. So we have great example of that is. One thing is we have a lot of kids that we see within a school system. And accused that we see in the school system. I'm a lot of time that parents don't realize that they actually have serious issues for example I have several kids that we've seen we've seen. Over I wanna say 5000 kids this past past school year. It out of the 5000 we found kids who actually head hearing loss in the parents had no idea they had here costs so we ended up feeding these kids with hearing aids. And I have one example of one of those kids he was doing a really bad in. School really acting out in school and no one new one dying wishes because he did he couldn't he. So the only other thing that he was he voted duke and that a pay attention was through whatever he felt like he needed figure at that time indicated the line. So we were able to fit him with hearing aids is doing grade easily it straight days now and he wants to be a software engineer. So that's just one success story by it iPad and other parents who. Same with came from the same population of folks underserved. And this mother came means is that dockets acting match how has has them. The birdie kooky. Oh yeah this kind of laid bag and I'm asking a question and I think he's just answering them. But that's not I don't think he is on autism spectrum so. I did little game with hand and I acted his hearing has come not I'm not the kid had no hearing in his last year nine with the average. And when I spoke to mom about it she was where she was concerned she you know crime many tears with me. But we were able to give him and hearing that by saying he is going. Extremely well now. So I think the biggest. Issue with our population our community is that people just don't know. And the under served us so don't realize that they have access to the care. We know of that yet the example of the young man who was. Probably genius Anita Lowe and his future show right. What other impacts on learning have you noticed with cute children especially with speech and hearing issues. So a lot of. It's. Just just like ahead mention to you before they come in and would notice that agrees that grades will be really day prior to them actually receiving the services. And then ask that you receive this services and they didn't just like me and they've been in therapy for a long enough time. We start to see that they academics and true. One of the missions of our company is to improve academic performance that bus or better learning and children. And you know it's. It's something that we're also partnering with the schools that we work with and to provide services on site so that we can't. I'm well or that we won't see our bad impact on those kids can learn. So we're really working hard and make those partnerships word game whether it means that we've got ends up in a car and drive when I'm out the door and being. You know whatever we have to do you wanna get out there provide the services that the caves and be there for them so there's nothing that's stopping them from learning. And we should mention that high level speech and hearing center has been ranked among the top eight yen in New Orleans congratulation on. Obama it ain't here yet we're really excited about that ranking and. Which is wanna make sure that we're given their resources out there that are containing neatly. I'd like to hear from you because apparently yours like cooking. Why ideology because you could have gone into any area. Care yeah. Act so when I was in high school I was a filing with interpret and my church. And I was in that ministry and I loved that ministry in I was also a Smart cookie and I always no one interviewed doctor thought I would say things like. And India doctor for the hearing impaired. But that was before I even knew that actually exist I had no idea that it existed in fact. It was in and -- 2007. That the profession actually transitioned from a master's level. Then a doctor or a level of degree so when you talk about things vehement forty years it's true Leo as meant for me to become an ideology is in. I just push for his twisted and and my bachelors I ended up going to suit the land graduated from nickel state remind matches and the University of New Orleans when my master's degree in health care management. And after our head pursue those two degrees when handing. Apply for ideologies schooling. I began the first time I did not do it and I actually was weightless Dave. At office of public health and the leadership a doctor to keys to Davis at that time. And IA I told her doctor Davis back adding it and that I you know can you help me find it's a C span lane a you know if I can find something for you such a great work I appreciate what you've been doing our eyes. If I find them then you've got it. But it was an army to do it because I see about three weeks later after I got wait listed I got a phone call that I had been in fact it. And I ended up transferring. From that program and I got to accept that it's a bit hot tin of the third. Ranked program in the nation Washington university school of medicine. Program an ideology and communication sciences. And I am I would not I would not exchanged I'd experience anything Austin where. Well lane and you are just some beginning to end and as more guests an inspiration. To all or listening to. I can just imagine the little girls and little boy's eyes light up when they see you and that they no luck maybe even hear your story about. Are you really care about them absolutely and I love us. Airing it because I want them to know that I came from a similar backgrounds single parent home. My father he does that you know are faring history that he didn't really spend time in our family. Play I made it I did well and and if I dated speaking to. Wonderful how to people find out more about in which you offer. So they can actually visit our web site which is www. High level hearing Nolan back. Or they can give us a call at 5043452984. And we would be happy to provide them any services that they need. That the leader Joseph thank you for being the best thing. So much ahead. The parade of homes takes place the first two weekends in the month of June it's a program I'll go home builders association of greater New Orleans. We're joined by Lauren Galley had health director of membership and industry relations for us home builders association Lauren thanks for being with those. Good morning thank you so much trapping her own right here is this now a parade of home we are going on over sixty years this is a mainstay and in new war Ireland's paraded always the first two weekends in jeans seeing percent this year their genes second third ninth intent. We have open house's. All across the city. From Gabriel estates in Kenner. All the way over to air V. And Belle chase. New Orleans all over the place so wherever you live there's going to be a home near you thought you determine where the homes are going to be. Our men builder members choose spare and yet their best projects that they wanna showcase. And they bring them to us every year. Mark as the parade of homes designed to attract should attend the so. I'm sure if you're looking for a new homes hit by a few are thinking about building. Even if you're thinking about renovating or even looking for design ideas. The parade of homes is a great resource for you. You'll go. Every builder will have that the Biller themselves we'll be there or representative. And you can talk to I get to another personalities that's the really big. Factor we if you're thinking about filling a home. You know feed it you you want to deathly get along with your elders so hey getting to know them personally is a pretty big deal. That's of great piece of advice for talking about the parade of homes when he eighteen taking place the first two weekends in the month of June. Lauren Galliano joins us lawn as director of membership but industry relations. For home builders association of greater New Orleans a little bit of some of the attractions and things at a Villa in attendance for those attending this year. Absolutely so. That's RI and I mention their showcase homes but that doesn't necessarily mean price point is out of reach for everyone. We've got the million dollar homes. But we also have homes that would be good for millennial senior starter home. Smaller square footage but it the standard. Home comes with a lot of typical upgrades that you wouldn't you wouldn't of seen before a lot of reclaimed materials. Courts counter tops. Hardwood floors that kind of thing. And so that's those are kind of the basics you know like I said these are showcase homes so there is out there is one home and project that's got one exciting feature. We've got a children's parent ice room and one of the house's so this house has an endorse died. A rock climbing wall 'cause some feeder. And a superhero motif of your other leg shell want to leave that home right. I'm not taking my children and I Bob I want letter that was absolutely. To be gonna think. You're looking to build for the first time I get your first home a startup called. Is there a general thing that people looking for is it more technology and Smart homes regardless of the price point we. Are seeing a lot of that that technology. As far as energy efficiency but also home security a lot of times a home security system is the standard cameras are very common now. But also you know something like a nest thermostat. Programmable thermostat. Those are all you know becoming pretty standard and and that's what a lot of people are looking for these days. Any tips on what to those who are attending when they talked to a builder over that they should be asking a what they should be looking for because you did mention. That it is important to communicate and trust. Your builder your contract absolutely absolutely. What I always tell people of this is going to be one of the biggest purchases of your life and it's it's very important to UN and there are a lot of lot of emotions involved so. You know just building that report builder is very important communication is very important. When your first starting out and you know just meeting these the builders. Some very basic questions to ask our. You know make sure your contractor's license you can check that on the state licensing board website you also need to. Verify their insurance builders need general liability and workers' compensation insurance. And ask for references the what do you what do you find ability that you like as you go through the process. You know just just make sure that everything you know you mentioned communication that's huge make sure everything's in writing. Understand that if you make changes the price will change. Any changes should be put in writing just keep good records don't paying cash. That kind of thing. How important is it too because people who don't know what to do especially if we knew that we have a hurricane or storm event. They wanna pay everything else Farai just insure. What is the association's opinion on that absolutely so you know it obviously will me. Go through a major. Disaster. Everyone wants to get back in their homes as soon as possible. And there are some reliable people that will be back in town very quickly after that after any any incidents. But you know. We we've heard a lot of horror stories about. Someone coming up to the house saying they'll fix the roof and people give them you know. The full amount in cash. Please don't do that. You know a bit there there are some upfront costs for any project. But you know maybe pay pay by check or you know make sure they either have a contract with that with the purse and again tech their license. The licensing board is very good about being present right after and incidentally. You also the association of south talked about timeline in addition to the payment schedule to be realistic with some of that as well exactly yes like I said there are going to be up front costs for the builder. In every dollar's gonna have it there's not some magic formula everyone everyone's gonna have their own their own. Draw scale draw schedule. But just nature's communicating clearly in your comfortable with it at the beginning and a lot of times that will be determined by the bank. By the bank OK so these some some tips that the association has put together two to really help. People who go this could be overwhelming and you know you sometimes just wondering elect elect trust that person because he looks so kind and you know he said he could do it in. Absolutely absolutely and it and it's it's like I said it's an emotional process so. Yes that is why we we we try to do. There is a whole page for consumers on our website. HB AG and so dot org. That stands for homebuilders association greater New Orleans so HB AG and though dot org. Lincoln's consumer resources. There's a link there on Britain's top ten tips when hiring contractors there's a link to. The licensing board the secretary of state. All sorts of tips for everyone so how over the years has the association. Homered association gets evolve to meet the growing needs in the changing needs of consumers. Astle yes we we've been around for on the 77 years now. That we are trade association at heart and being such a part of that community though we we try to find different ways to serve. Like you know like giving the tips we after Katrina we learned a lot of lessons. We based on the stories that we've heard now we know how to how to direct people and what to look out for and again the parade of homes of the home of the association of greater New Orleans give us the dates and an of course one more time the web site to even get all the information absolutely. So first two weekends in jeans jeans second third ninth and tenth. 1 o'clock to 5 o'clock in the afternoon. The website is Nolan POH. Dot org. And if you want to know more any they have an idea what some of these homes look like and where they're located there's also a map. With the new parade of homes. Magazine. And the against the dates are June 2 and third and ninth to ten the first two weekends so that all the information you need so you can pick up your own magazine. They're available as supermarket. And newsstands around the metro area we've been joined by Lauren Galley and now director of membership and industry relations. For a home builders association of greater New Orleans Lawrence thanks so much for being with us on the show today thank you so much. On June 4 two days thinking so much for joining us until next time enjoy this someday and.