Community Matters - Medical Missions - Broad Street Mile

Monica Pierre and her guests discuss several topics including: New Orleans Medical Missions Services that provide medical and surgical services to the needy of Central and South America; Keeping Time at Four Corners discuss the Broad Street Mile, a community beautification project which includes tree planting as well as other beautification efforts along Broad Street.

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Good Sunday we'll have to show thank you so much for joining us today I'm your host. Monica Pierre and today we take a moment to honor I did they his Father's Day so happy father's days on the day out there. We also remember our fathers who had half the way you never far from my. Coming up on today's show. There may be appreciated it could be doing. Is what this reform. We can and they were short in the details of the next trip up the New Orleans medical missions service under organizations. Efforts to provide medical and surgical care to the needy in central and South America. Luntz and his amazing what little beautification continue to do Ripken's. In the entire experience and change cars change. We will learn more about beautification efforts along the broad street mile and beat him. A small begin. Group of more than forty volunteers. Of New Orleans medical missions services. Planning to make their trip began to really bring some good and some me medicine and healing. We're joined by doctor Tom Kennedy. And that's to Kennedy is the medical director for new all his medical missions services. As well as Dan mill hands a board member good morning to both of you deploying now bride so we had not again that Kennedy. Yes we are a little bit of a bump in the road here with our problems in Nicaragua so we had to move our mission to Ecuador. But we're getting ready to leave August 11. Will be get to the eighteenth. There were excited about returning to Ecuador how big of a challenge isn't having to for whatever reason go to another country. Is he is big we usually takes us have a good six more like eight months to plan information. And we have all the planning in motion and then. Had the rug pulled out reminding you gotta now switch because each country has different regulations as far as what they require. So then you have to start all over going through all your data and year manifest started to make sure to have what this country needs. And then you'll have to resubmit their through accounting everything in in motion for Nicaragua so it changed at the last minute is a little bit of a vulnerable we're we're getting for a. Absolutely heart's in the right place insulin needed and Dan I mentioned that a group of flow 41 employee volunteers are heading on the trip. And who's going who typically goes we have. Lot of doctors and nurses and technicians. The people that are in the Omar's. Infect a mission started. As a surgical mission. And I am I was talking with a one of the founders Fred Michael yesterday about history. And he was recounting how after that first mission he and another foundered doctored and Jacob were talking about how many people. They've been able to tree. And date they were trying to think of a way to reach more people permission. And that's when they came up with the idea of adding and I clinic. To the surgical. And medical aspects of the mission so. We end up with surgeons and and and these are people who are giving their own time or use in their own vacation time paying their way from almost. And so depending on who's in all available we've had to and his we've had over EG my hands orthopedics. ENT. In general surgery. And ophthalmology. Plus expert. And plastics you know we always have one plastic surgeon doctor black if it goes when this when we can go to a month ago when nick. And then we'll have any number. Vote lay volunteers. That want to work in the eye clinic which is I think really kind of grueling work. Not that standing over an operating table all day isn't but. But on a mission to Ecuador unfortunately we're not going to be able to take we're not going to be amplified. Because all of our eye clinics stuff is still in Nicaragua. We can't really get through it at this point. What will be bringing Tom knows the kind of doctors were bringing services bring it to Ecuador. Actually in Ecuador this time though they are first time ever having a spine surgeons who can have a spot I'd be doing spine surgery. And pediatric orthopedic was at all which he'll also be a first for us. We've done adult orthopedic showed total knee replacements from many nations for years now but just to be a first time treating. The pediatric patients. And would you be more like ball berth abnormalities. And also sports type injuries are injuries for kids. And doing the Scalia assists this volunteer and repair that. So how are you need determine what services are available it depends on who's coming and then you look around that a guy's first in their two things first of all. All we get volunteers who work come. When the physician's signed out then we have to contact the country that we're going to be going to say it. Okay do you have a need for this type of specialty. This is something that you all would want. And if they say no than what types don't like I'm sorry but they really don't need that particular thing what they need is this an immortalized him try to recruit people who do that. Lately we've been having more volunteers and we can take that we have to nauert dance I end up cutting. Volunteer list often a certain stage and I can't take anymore in this. Well there's a big event a gala coming to help with mission possible. We are joined by Daniel I am a member of the board of the New Orleans medical missions services as well as the medical director doctor Tom Kennedy. Tell us about the event that's being planned. You know. I'm not unbiased. One of the better gala fundraising parties that she'll find in the city and we've been do and it. For this will be the seventeenth one. And it'll be active generations at all which is on Andrew Higgins street and and Koreans and it's got all the things you would expect it'll have. Really nice food from several. Through providers. The auctions include. Just and hear anything from Hulu work of art course golf clubs. Or clothing. Or a vacation. Rentals somewhere. You know it's amazing the kind of things that people come out and as a whole group of people. Headed up by Tom's daughter Compton partners and CEO the other road. Chair is Jessica Eshleman she deserves mentioning twos and they've been working for months now just. Getting an altogether reaching out to various. People so there will be. Food fun auction and the buck talent all stars will be performing and they are great bird. It was the date again and he's seventeen and June 3 June 3. I'm very from Phidget. And they are taken party starts at 630 with the old gaelic and office amateurs that's June 23 it does generation's call. What is the money used for because again these trips and an expensive. If each person comes on the trip to class to make a donation and economics. The non raises money to subsidize. Those people because a lot of people come maybe single mother is sore you know miners as you'd really depend a lot of us are they can't just supported takeoff. Without some help all of its other given up not only there a week of vacation. But there there helping ourselves. On so we subsidize that also helps you pay for our overhead for a warehouse through last year purchased our warehouse and onward. We have to pay for shipping call us meaning of life it each mission costs us. In a range of anywhere from seventy to 80000 dollars and so we have to offset some of those costs. Its way to fund raising campaign you've been doing is allowed to switch it thirty or more at. Mission 35 mission and we do about two years now all we have done anywhere from one to three missions a year. And it really depends on how much money we made it gave that's our main fundraiser. And after unity what about support and help from positions and some of these other countries when you'll go is their partnership there. Well there's a partnership from the standpoint that the physicians there. Gather the patience prescreen them how memory for us and our physicians. Work with the physicians down there. A lot in teaching. Teaching them what we're doing how we're doing it. And helping you keep Kris severe patient load because oftentimes. There may be a procedure that could be done and there are there but there's still waiting list of 400 people. And says that he virtually for years and years and years FitzGerald when we come down there we're shortening. That way. Taking care of life people who may never get to care because of the way or make it much more accessible to. Noticed some believe the stories of course without being revealing anyone's name. That you'll remember earned a day you've been a part of that and yes that is the and that's the New Orleans medical missions services were also giant by the medical director doctor Tom Kennedy probably hear from both the view user perspective on me but really. Is memorable I'm sure a lot of this is all great war but sometimes people's lives I just changed. I think every mission we go on as a at least one. Compelling touching story. And you don't get. Inured to it because these people are the reason you're there you know as as as we've said to each other we have touched. So many people that's the point of adding the eye clinic you end up touching let me see what this what the number is something like. 39 and a half thousand eyeglasses. Dispatched. 39000 nearly 40000. And and you know those are people who had free eye examinations. And what you find is you know this the medical circumstances say in Nicaragua is so much different. What we have here that you're dealing with people who may not have even realized. That they needed glasses they just thought that's the way the right booked and someone has got them in there or they'll bring in their kid do. And the one and the most recent mission that back in March a month ago. There was a lady I came into the eye opening where's my camera my main job on the missions is to take pictures and then go to monogram in the social media. Our publication so I come in and there's one of our volunteers from New Orleans. One of our Spanish speaking volunteers. With one of the local ladies and they're both standing there crying. Well what happened well what happened was that lady had come the previous day with her son. And her son had some. Developmental difficulties and no one apparently had been able or willing to help this kid find a pair of glasses. They were just sort of writing them off. Well our volunteer of course look through the stacks these people are evaluated with what we cholera for actor so that we have a prescription for him. Found glasses for the little one of the little ones suddenly could see. I'm now you you can just imagine. What this means that the kid and to the mom in the mommy come back. The next day and brought a note that she'd written to our volunteers trying to express her thanks and by the time I got there they were both. The only errors and just I don't know it's fair when a moment that the Kennedy I mean after. All these years. One on one story that stands out in my mind is the little girl by the name Ingrid. And a greater had. An injury. Burn injury terror hand. And she. Came in it frightened to death. More adult and if I may interject it as her fingers were confused here and a web together earned him. So our plastic surgeon was able to go in there and do corrective surgery for. And seeing the tears in her mother's eyes afterwards. I mean makes everything worthwhile when you see depreciation and knowing that without that help. Yeah I am used to death. Right you don't want to see Ingrid yes I looked at our website she's on the right. I saw you there is there that. You know among BO opinion Dan and conduct the community that. We do we're called to do and so wildly Central America. The focus has been could be anywhere in the Willie could be right here in the city Busch collided detect select what. The reason is that we needed some place of his readily accessible that we didn't have to travel days to get to. Because our mission is short so only a week wall but it's a very concentrated. Way I mean we work from sorrow to spend down. Every day. And so. We had a someplace it's easy to get to and these types of things that we do we can't do here in this country we can't go to Q. Appalachia or someplace else and just shut up shop and start doing surgery. You know their laws and the regulations in this country is such that. You know I can't practice and you know West Virginia or some other states you have to be licensed everywhere. And you can't just. Newer thing. There and do it and take over hospital. These hospitals provide the service free of charge we provide our services free of charge we try to bring everything with us. So we're self sustaining for our instruments to bring our own supplies everything so we try not to use up the our resources that hospital down there has because they're resource is a very limited so it's not something we can do here in the United States. We have also can also means we're recycling. A lot of equipment and we're being discarded. Here yeah fourteen people down there this is wonderful stopped. For us it's a generation that you are old and they're being replaced my time. And we we take things out of then cast off from hospitals or clinics here. We've repackage it free sterilize it stores are re purpose to be able to use him there whereas here whatever plan it ended up an alliance fail. That's amazing it really really is amazing. So again give us the dates for the mission possible 2018 gala June 23. I know you have nothing else to do that night so our current account right now June 23. Republican Party is at 630 and and the gala starts at 730 generations all in if you go to www. 501 auctions dot com slash knobs you know the spiral won auctions thing is catching on a lot of fundraisers are using it just do five or one auctions dot com slash knobs. And there's where you can buy tickets you'll see alias as the auction items are assembled here and see what's going to be available you can even. Sort of designate what you want to bid on and buy your tickets and get details on this issue. Who's going to be there's a big drop courses that booked now. So there you go and and a change in location you'll not to be Nicaragua is going to be Ecuador at the team's going to be in August and yet in quite a key electrical. Very good. But thanks seductive come Kennedy medical director of nuns knew only as medical mission services. And yet to be dead milkman a board member of non thank you both for being with this. Thank you. You know an introduction is so important and doing the show for so many years I've introduced a lot of gas sometimes it will we eloquently written. Sometimes I wrote something that was okay. But I am going to read an introduction that my guest has supplied that I think is to us when to set the tone for the segment today. Salaries and feel Nugent I guess two guys trying to do the right thing. They're concerned about the state deficit lack of jobs and bringing unification. And avoiding divisiveness. They don't need their names in the limelight. They just want to leave positive legacies and leave the room slash survive. Positive example positive change can come slow and be with great opposition. Perhaps it's Deutsche with one seed. Archery at time. While and we're joined by the person who wrote that it submitted it to me out actually what am I guess the day. They join left field Nugent and he's with keeping time at four corners. Bill. Malaysia Malaysia coma surmise that I Yang and kept missing a great pick yet and that it I'm done enough fridge hit a. Mike Allen be remiss not to include Jews and that summary of the works about and I thank you dove for. Communing. Contributing to the success and change and positives of our community fought only years. Thank you so much it's a pleasure. To have you and again I'm very fortunate because I have coworkers and colleagues who often. Suggests. Topics from me and you came highly recommended by the year paddy Vernon. So let's get into a number one why it's important for you and Al who could not be with us today. To do the right thing and to come together this little bit of a back story about how this came about. I think we have to start. With what has been taught to be talk to me by my family and especially my father. He says that son if you really approach life with this just do the right thing. And think about what that means then it's real simple Monica it becomes very simple. I enjoy giving back. I enjoyed being the Johnny Apple seed if you will have today. I enjoy a working hard. Because I. Have always worked hard. Both in the oil and gas industry and also being driven by a work ethic that my father was taught Monday late great Vince Lombardi. So let's work hard let's do the right thing loosely behind a positive legacy. On this Father's Day Sunday at the seventeenth to rethink about our day it's you you mentioned your dad right off the bat. A little bit more about your father what made him so special. In addition to the words of with them. Anke. It is said that some of the protective headgear. When he played. His six seasons and in film. Left a lot to the considered safe. Also his days as an all American. Quarterback it to line. They had gears simply was not the the standards of today. And we seem now. A plethora of former NFL players. That are experiencing. What has been established as attributed to some of the high impact licks. They sit Coleman Greenfield. So I'm Tiffany Spain and in some of my works of donating numbers ever in my father's heritage. I've asked that there be awareness and that all sports. And all ages. Be given the most protective and not highest technology available safety gear as possible. Absolutely and your father not only was well known on the gridiron but also moved to Lafayette Louisiana. And really became made his mark in the oil industry talk about that point of his of his life. Well it did not hurt that. As a young man he worked four these imperial owe them. Which also fitted my grandfather and his little family. Further along. In fact my grandfather worked disappeared for fifty years. My father. In high school work disappeared and then during college tour for superior. So the natural laughter isn't it filled days was returned back to oil patch which he did and of course he has some name recognition. But dad always and you have to making keep important friends. Very good thing done by feel Nugent talking about his family his father and grandfather also going to talk about. A beautification effort that he is part of with his friend Al Reese that's coming up in just a moment or two. And when you meet down. I met Al. Monica I guess it was about October. I had transitioned. Back from. Settling my father. When I realize that he needed to be in a slower pace. Of Houston which is ill cattle world. So I moved into bonds due. And after seven months we realize that we had to do something that medically. More. Sustainable for him and his well being. So I chose to come back to my city and resides in the seventh ward. And of course. I understand the wars in the distinctive unison. You know our neighborhoods are unique in many ways. And I just have loved learning of the seventh war which I had not had the opportunity before because. Formerly we've we've resided basically. City park it by saying John. Used to hunt and fish. Mostly fish. In the by either. So learning of the seventh ward and its history. Has been very important to me and I always believe that we can do. Simple things to beautify. Our areas not all at one time. But let's call one block at a time. Great so you're an Al on this mission we mentioned that you are with keeping time at four corners. Which is an interesting name Heidi you'll settle on that name. Leo. I think. If you understand this. Being part of the belief that doing the right thing dries one. This story keeping time at four corners came after. My grandfather was awarded his fifty year retirement while actions appear all cut me. Which he proudly never wore. About when he was nine. Unfortunately. When it was sent back to him at four corners which is the area of Lafayette where he lives. The box came back from Jeremy minus the watch out for the bucks that show up with. Talk. No time and go up there at the so. Yes I felt. It was a very stoic man and each is no emotion but he let me knows that. It did bother him. And it set me up for my nation I did the research Monica. Found out exactly. In 76. The year and make. Model ex owner that he would have been given. I was fortunate enough defying exactly that one at a pawnshop. And I made friends in Switzerland was listening. And they were very kind. And a net only re paired it reached toward it polished it. Putting new band on it and send him back a letter recognition. Listens list yeah higher up up but it got better. I had engraved. In on the back evidences. To pee in new agent which is name is Philip mores and he had a nickname hokey but the Greinke is called him big daddy so it's at 2 PM Nugent fifty years of Piero. Nine years. That is sweet that is beautiful. For joined by Phil Nugent with keeping time at four corners. Let's pivot and talk about the vision for the brought brought speed mile. Brought to you for sharing that vocal way and thank you good background so you know mark is yes good Bagram. Is started let me look in the Hoffman balcony. And after Katrina. A volunteer group that reform go one block that time. With a donation from the heart foundation California we've planted 15100 trees in city park. Half of which were corpus Virginia on them alive vote can have which Wear them balls shoes and the symbolism of fifteen and it was approximately the number of people who lost analyzed country. It was a wonderful experience. We moved on. But it one block at a time is how we still continue to see things break a big problem down low parts. So I noticed that there was a barren strip at the intersection. This. Keep in time in four corners which is as the main broad. Said the ideas I can do a little something and that there. So. As expanses and ideas well let's go and see what we can do so that it matters into a concept called the broad smile. Which is geographically delineated by canal broad and then abroad to Saint Bernard. And beautification. That and it's amazing Monica what a little beautification can do. To then ripple through. An entire area and change hearts change lines with trees. Well we're out of time with bill local attorney Phil Nugent has been I guess with keeping time at four corners. On this Father's Day talking about his dad talking about his grandfather and all of the wisdom imparted. And what he's doing as the third generation of this. We thank you for your commitment to the city and unification. And coming up with answers to our issues thank you so much for that. And I also mr. du Ku because our heritage is coming months absolutely. Catholic Church fight native right here. They flood filled my pleasure. That is until four today thinking so much for joining us until next time to enjoy this Sunday and the rest of your real.