Community Matters - Life with Diabetes, Community Health Centers, and Each One Save One

Monica Pierre, WWL Community Matters
Sunday, November 19th

Monica Pierre and her guests discuss several topics including living with diabetes, discussing healthcare issues with the Jefferson Community Health Centers as well as discussing the "Each One, Save One" mentoring program.


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This Sunday at new. Decade it's Thursday I think you are doing and I'm a vote. Here. Alina. Like it could be good victory but it it differently. We will talk and nine time NBA all star and people follow it down and built on its long night. And how he's using. The man. We will discuss some of the daily. While some health care like Jeffrey. Maybe we'll pitchers is doing to improve access head into now are weak and think about it that's not that much different temperament and did you. Details about a special talents to the business community to work with young people with a net if you program of each one city. November is national diabetes awareness month and we have the pleasure of being joined by the legendary nine time NBA all star and basketball hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins to talk about his life with diabetes and to speak about how he is actually managing it very very successfully press the vol Dominic thank you for being with us today. No problem all right still of course one you have a personal experience this becomes very important to you. About the first time you really found out that you are diabetic. Well lit it is. Look at duke short version is. You know. That in my career and at the slow after gains. Where my sugar level back tomorrow and Wednesday and shaking and then. Didn't eat something get circled back. Erica and ignored it in Omar brought told me hey you OK okay. All right norm okay and a instead. Does not normal. And so again ignored what year it was a year and a day. But what should doctors he says we are your group is read it and it is you know I've. News that that. That you need to have the likes change right now. And so. I remember what my group are probably do all that some type one diabetes or. Or rather not that the disease due to me what it is probably ripped. So this was totally. You are unsuspecting that you could be diabetic even though it's in your family. Yeah it'll. It'll be the unit was in great shape we are always. Thought that. You know. That I would never had a chronic disease and things like you know look at before this bridge. That it is Terry disease as well. And so unfortunately though the boy was dead that. I look at it like the blessing. And of course look at it. We got to which we look at my my adult life differently. So I do things. When you know Asia console when I go to a store and make sure that I. I get to products that doesn't have more than citrus sugar. And so Marshal actually assumed to a food like different. You also mentioned year's election of even water is different that you do drink at a sizable amount of water each day. Our regular ago on the day. I prince what wars were very close if you know. Because of what it does so square and you probably. You know treatment a lot of those treaties by a quarter quarter read Israel is good about it. We're joined today by Dominique Wilkins nine time NBA all star and basketball hall of fame are talking about. Diabetes November is national diabetes awareness month. We do you wanna talk about this this happens you learned about a year after your retirement in 1999. How have you used technology. To manage because just recently you're in New Orleans for the pelicans game in the near except. So how do you especially when you're on the role traveling. Well we scored a physical activity every. In it'll be quote you know. You're chip by Israel side believe it would just to get his way activities so you get you if it is up the movement. Well these very important good to have options that help people manage to beat these. And I doubt that. That option to Dario. Device today used to be true check my blood sugar everyday and it's it's a great device that you can use which which more fall. It is just an easy device to use missiles more interior. Initial market sort it out from me all was fine and great options to help me man. Yet the Dario blood glucose monitoring system it's basically all in one it's a little meter do you have to prick your finger. You should be okay. This because deal. In the social small so you barely even feel like this. Do what it's survive. You can carry in the those strips fall in one little system in one form and would give community very good. Or reading of my question. How people react when you and you can become aware you tell him that you have diabetes and that your managing it and they surprised as well. We're special people are surprised gently with a group that sleep idea that BP's well. Diabetes. It's a record straight for them out of your old greater treatment. In you can be affected by unfortunately. You know I got affected by. A year I would have been diabetic now seventeen year. In many say we say overall U managing it very well as what can manage diabetes. Do you share your story experiences with the younger athletes and if so what do you tell them. Yeah do I do share what I do or speak in all of two diabetes so yeah. I share of the one point that it. Everybody should be screened at least once so you build up to where a vehicle. So you know getting screen is very important so it's up in court which it'll be you know to treated I get there. And do you think a lot of people who think that they are in good physical shape may or may not know their family history. That they sometimes don't want to know the facts of their health. A lot of people were really no end because they think the fate awaited problem but he ignored. And all you don't prolong the inevitable so it's always good signal yeah numbers and worried. Where you how is that so you know how it treated and you know what you bill which position as well make of that very important component as. Very good. And give us an update and allow mentioned that you are here for playing a basketball your commentator so what else are you up to in addition to public speaking. Oh I'll also just launched my a company. I have been a couple of technology company called three yeah I international that. We've just lie and so I'm always there in the what are Serbs and give back to the city. And so in intertechnology step in diversity training game. And job placement. That is very brave column in that country who do work for diabetes. As well and so that's. Something really big him. So we thank you for sharing your story and inspiring others to do their due diligence with their health. By every. Joining us now adopt Sondra Williams CEO of Jefferson community health centers. It is talk about how Jefferson community health centers is actually serving patients who traditionally. It's a number of barriers to quality health care that to a good thank you for being with this. It's my plans are in morning good morning what types of barriers to use some people face when it comes to quality health care. Cost. Access. Transportation. Insurance. Lack of insurance. Education. Awareness. It's at the list goes on to. So how do you with the Jefferson community health centers begin to address easing those there. I am. And several different ways that we are a federally qualified health center which means that we. Receive funding from the federal government. At which we are able to provide a sliding fee scale. That basically assesses and individuals whose ability to pay. As a federal mandate we are not. Able to turn anyone away. Irrespective of fear. Their economic status so we have an opportunity to offer that affordability option. Coupled with the and just to give you more practical example. For a visit com where you have a high quality. Provider whose board certified. Physician in toward nurse practitioner. I'm a mess other specialty areas are providers. Those individuals may. Are often are providing the services. And there you know able to provide a service that may cost 300 dollars. Further visit but yet the visit a cart into the sliding fee scale could actually be as little are as low as twenty dollars. So that's one on eight example of how the affordability. Option presents. In addition to that we take the time necessary for our clients. We educate them we spend the necessary time to inform them about their health and health conditions treatment. Regiments nutritional. Dietetic. Types of counseling along when his behavior health needs as well. And then finally we do you offer transportation. Services for clients. Currently we are able to operate free of charge in that is door to door. So that's very unique for our community health center. I mentioned that you with a CEO of Jefferson community health centers which music to located in various areas that's correct where you located we have five locations currently. All of which are in the Jefferson Parish area both east and West Bank Eric sides of the river. So we have our largest location and Guerrero. As well as our historic locations and it historic locations in happen deal. Along with what he's on the feet. And in river raged on east thanks otter river on Jefferson highway. Severity two clinic locations that are in the more era area one that ain't apple board. As well as what palpable art. We're joined by doctor Sondra Williams CEO of Jefferson community health centers. And as he was speaking about the very years and and what's available I started thinking about there are times when we find ourselves in the situation. Economic conditions we we may not have used future for the services do you find that that sometimes. Just because of life circumstances people who were maybe not necessarily needing. The services now find themselves needing the services. Yes absolutely you know what the downturns of the economy. On that has been very likely an apparent over the last couple of years. You know we struggle each day to make sure that we are able to offer that accessibility. We've seen on patients as few as one time to listen. You know multiple times it's always our goal to have a establish a patient. I'm provider relationship. In because obviously you know the battery gauge of patient is. The more informed they are. The better their health care will be defund you have to deal with some held beliefs that are wrong that you just don't wait until you're almost political did before you start seeing a health care provider yes on the and it's really unfortunate because it's a lot of our patients are residents do not have any control for our. I'm what happens economically. And says that means access to health care if you have an insurance card today and you know depending on what those benefits offer. It may very be very limited or could be also very expansive. So you know we tried to do our best and providing them most quality comprehensive services that we can. And doctor Williams what are you seeing in the area Pope Leo I addiction and awareness and are you also being impacted by absolutely. Every community I believe across this great nation. Has been affected by OP would addiction. And you know while we are not a substance abuse and Turks we certainly are a vehicle to provide the level of accessing treatment. For those individuals with our community health center fortunately we were recently awarded. A federal grants that will allow listing ability to focus on prevention. Strategies and also helping to. Create that world map to access to care and should people absolutely be concerned that there is indeed an will be on it. Epidemic and concern in our neighborhood and across this country absolutely yes it is. Indeed. A problem that has been prevailing for many many years and has gotten. I'm actually a lot worse. And so you have healthy individuals will rarely. Once you're addicted to OP awaits it really should be treated like a chronic disease that's how important it is it's. Against the dot pitch on to Williams CEO of Jefferson community health centers talking about the community health centers and also. You mentioned that you are federally mandated so do most of your funding come from the federal government out of interest entities. It most of the funding does come from the federal government. Fortunately. You know we are are in a position to where we can be funded by. Private foundations. On mentally at the repeat in recently with parent or general fund raiser. We were able to. Bring him an additional stream of revenue we'll tell us about the inaugural fund raiser this fall and how important it is and what the future plans for the centers is shore glad to so. November 3 on Friday November 3 was our north your role fall fund raiser. It was. Located at our at the location where it took place was thought to have. Marina it was. Over 150 participants at a ten dead. Our goal was a shark number of 30000 dollars and so fortunately we were able to secure. That's funding. Our our reach our funding goals with the support of our. More than a dozen sponsors who assisted us in that endeavor. What are we doing with those funds that we are looking forward to expanding. To a sixth location and Kenner Louisiana. So we're looking to build a new. On state of the York Maltese specialty practice that's going to include medical and dental and a myriad at specialty services. And that we're looking at about 8000 square foot facility it's going to be an impressive building absolutely. How do you determine which areas in Jefferson Parish you have an actual physical center yes so that's a very good question. We are because access to care is so essential. We must follow the dynamics we must follow the geographic where the greatest needs are. Essentially if you build it they may not com. And that is the precise example of that it's so imparted to lay your. A clinic our access to a clinic services on vibrate socio economics of the area. Where are there you know maybe pockets of poverty if you will. That's typically how we determine where we where it. Like to expand services to learn more about what you're doing is they're web site how the people keep up with lectured. Yes absolutely so www. GC. HCC. Dot school or cheat. That is our company's website short fur Jefferson community health care centers and what's the most rewarding part about what you do with the C ha. Glad that you asked that question because each and every day it's a tough. Job when you're having to deal wit the complexities of health care in general. The industry that is so very unpredictable. On the apple level of the state has Wallace at the national level because really right now we are in. There's a threat. At both levels so that very here that we provide. I'm is really at stake in and there could be a cut to services immediately. If our congressmen do not act. You know with the upcoming legislation but. It I'm really impassioned brother passed when he years I've dedicated my professional career to serving the underserved. And so each and every day no matter the complexity. What's always at stake is the patients that we are able to break me and and who actually need us and who actually die if you were not for. Our centers so that's the driving force each and every day coupled with the more than eighty employees that leave. That we employ. Doctor Shawne Williams thank you for being there. For more than two decades the mentoring organization each once they've won has been impacting the lives of children living in New Orleans. There's a special fund raising event coming up plus a challenge. To businesses and individuals the stepped forward and make a difference. Through mentoring. Peter talk about the event and that challenge our Kathy Harris co-founder. Each once they've won and run Sanford a mentor and business partner with each would say one plus he's the president and CEO of Metairie bank. Kathy and Ron thank you both for being with us thank you for having a great barometer to get to the challenge and your role as a mentor and just a moment but Kathy for those who have not been following this wonderful story. Of each one's safe when of the last 23 years. Thomas quickly how it started and where you are today. Well we have noticed that there was some things going on with children in the community and from our own experiences and know that with a mentor or with a caring guy that a child has a better opportunity to reach his or her potential. And so it started with a program called just for kids and waters elementary before that was a neat once they won their but the just the boys which turned into a just for kids when they girls that what are we chopped liver. And then going in and taking a whole classroom. My husband was one of those mentors it was started by. A man by the name of sets net then he moved on to. Washington DC. And we we're haven't really tough challenges. One keeping mentors in the class. And to recruiting mentors. And we said we need a more structured approach. And walks. Sallyann called me one in invited me to a prayer meeting Sally or Robert Sally and Roberts. And invited me to a prayer meeting. And I said what I just got married. So I spend my Saturday is what my husband but me again. And then before she hung up the phone asset but I want to talk to you about mentoring because I had a commercial I had written. And I wanted to promote that and wanted to see if we can get that she that you want to talk to me about what. And it's once they've won was born we got together we started to talk about the program we already had what where are the things we needed to do to keep. Mentors it was kind of a dire situation. One young man said to me they don't need me any psychiatrists. So we said we gotta turn him. Was at a screen and they had to do some more work. Very no ill let's talk to you. Over on sale for a mentor and a business partner of each once they've won holiday is each one save one get on your radar. Well it really started with a head of our retail banking group Robin hardy who. Became interest in your organization actually is on the board these ones they've won. You know today what I've learned from this group is there were some very persuasive people associated. Where those very aptly named each once they've won so there kiss you certainly. Patrice the news director rob minority. And they all believe strongly in the cause in I've fell wrought analyze. I can't imagine. Wanna business would not want to get involved when this opportunity education as we all it was so important in our community. And this is chairs for everybody to have to have a voice to have a say in like a different. And there is a challenge to other businesses businesses and even individuals to become mentors in my importantly or more directly ready to once they point absolutely we want. Many of our businesses as many as we can race to partner with the twins they want and we hope you'll start but come into the election in November 30. Buying tickets via the tables sending some of their employees and then after they hear. How we make a difference invite us into their businesses will come and make presentations will be as many of their employees. Signed up as possible. And it's been very successful model and I think we can even multiplied. From where it is now. I can imagine hearing some push back well I'm not I have my own business muscle for Nora whatever I don't have time what type of commitment. And training is involved. Well the training is very good it takes about happened is and exclusive to matters like facilities and we're happy to. To provide that the commitment is about an hour a week we ask you do. That the child's been in our weekly them feel as compelled them to and from and will last. They employers to give their employees who participate in little extra time for that but basically it's an hour week and if you think about it. That's not that much for the different you can make it an inner city kid life in this. You mentioned briefly the event that's coming up at the end of November or give us more details about it well it's certainly no launch really to. We're looking to expand the number of mentors significantly. And it's just an opportunity for us to get everybody together and talk about what we're gonna do going forward. It is at the Hilton garden inn in the warehouse district and then. On November 30 that's a Thursday. We'll have about twenty people there we go. The other businesses will join us. And come here what what plans have a goal for the number of businesses are people here liked that with a yes to the challenge. I I don't specifically I know the number of volunteers we'd like Teresa is to 200. 200 and and that's that's a significant number of people we'd like two years ago. And generally Kathy what's the commitment for volunteers. Well they have to go through screening and training program that like Ron said the training is about a half a day. The beauty of it is like we did with Ron Metairie bank they said. Yeah you can do the training right here and we went to the bank and did the training on their promises so for companies as they wanna get involved. Then we can come right to their facility and do the training we'd like them have a invited us and so that we can recruit mentors. From there staff. One of our recruitment efforts this I want to business community involved because. You can recruit more people from one business then going individually and recruiting people Ron. Slapping the first time we've made our presentation you would act well we did 10% of the company's human dimension you mentioned that they're persuasive what did you hear that say okay this not only am I committed but my facility will be committed eventually as well. It's the significance of the effort in the need and it's we also are we read the papers we've listened to you we hear the news we go. Who we need some help here what can I do. And it's a difficult question to answer this is the great programs as what I can do is give more hour week to one show for a year. And it's rewarding to me and it's very helpful to to the student Brittany. The gap ever imagine over the last 23 years you've had some significant success stories. Either the main key argument for my people's lives have been impacted even as Ron is talking about AM when I'm well. Over the years we have one of the things that was pretty exciting as one of the manatees. Metairie banks it. How I wanna be a banker when I grow up and and made him president for a day and it was they added two more of the bank. They went around and looked at the banks it would banking is all about and this is really good because that children don't get exposed to that. An over 23 years we have one. Young woman who is a mentor a man T. And her and she's brown mouse is in out of fro over toward victory as they get out of school they go Mo Vaughn. Her children call her mentor. Gramm long and there's a young man named James slam he's is going to be speaking. For a few minutes at the luncheon. His dream was to be yes it was your dream to be shift is that my dream was to be famous. And now he's a (%expletive) out. Add mr. B is he's a senior staff over at mister b.'s and he is. Going to school still let Delgado and his mentor was Arnie Phil Cohen are aren't local sent me a picture. Of them at the house up a couple of weekends ago and he said. This is possible because of beach once they've won. And there's another young woman working on her master's degrees chilly at the luncheon she won't be speaking but her name is Sonya Parker she looked us up. She said it was a mint tea in this program. I just graduated from Tulane I'm working on a master's degree. And I wanna give back because this program meant so much to me and so there will be people around like that. It goes on over the years these relationships are deeply developed and it makes a huge difference sometimes these children. Are gonna do other things mom they may be doing things that are harmful. But with a mentor they can have that guide to push from Iran a mentor Iran's amp for do you hear the visualization do you hear that dream to get bigger. As you work with them as going from idol to just be a chef I wanna be famous shaft and our banker and hit. Did you do and and whatever that light comes on that's even more rewarding to you as a mentor sometimes in this tournament in my case. The school counselor suggested that we play chess and my mentally and they're collegiate season fifth grade. Last year. And within a couple of weeks. He didn't beat me but we were drawing. Though session but that's the fun of it sedan and play chess was somebody that it you're just getting in we go play basketball we would do. What whatever mostly just listened and it's such a rewarding experience. Well the fund raising event is called the power of one multiply it by you November 30 Hilton garden and in the warehouse district. To learn more is there a web site are how to get additional information. And hopefully purchased tickets to participate there is you can go to each once they wound up or well I've been milling about each once they went for a while now and is tremendous words thank you so much Kathy for all you do he's seen and Ron thank you for being on the shelves blue. That is our show for today thinking so much for joining us until next time enjoy this Sunday and the rest of your week.