Community Matters – Career Center – Culinary Symposium – Auctions in August

Monica Pierre and her guests discuss several topics: a new technical training center that helps high school students prepare to land in-demand and high paying jobs; an upcoming culinary symposium gathering the nation’s top culinary industry leaders; an upcoming silent auction that will benefit non-profit organizations.

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Hello welcome to the show Monica pier refute this Sunday glad you're here coming out each and every student has acted as the Kennedy. A plan that they are passionate and excited about their future. A new technical training center opens doors to help high school students appeared to land in demand and high paying job. Winnings. The evolution have you seen coming. Right after we literally. We looked up to a restaurant tour teen Martin about New Orleans food. An upcoming symposium gathering the nation's top industry leaders and. Oh record or violence if we do from just diversity of items and so it. It's auctions in August and we'll tell you how you can be part of the silent auction that raises money for nonprofits. A technical training program opens in the Crescent City. To morrow it's the New Orleans career center and we are jaw laid to buy it the executive director of his brand new school. That's really helping high schoolers from several schools. We're joined by Claire Jacqueline. Claire thanks to being with us. My pleasure thanks for having me I know is busy tomorrow's the big day to day out there excited excited to welcome 120 students from over seven partner public high schools in Orleans parish you are brand new training site. At 2539. Columbus street but we're gonna find out more details about what she gonna focus on but how does this concept come about well I think there. Like all great ideas from a whole variety of perspectives. We as a city have always had a workforce rooted in. High wage technical. Stem careers hand we also have top industries that are constantly looking for well trained graduates who are ready to take on the challenge of of workforce and our city but. We also have been. As a school system really thinking about what does it mean to make sure that every student has access and opportunity. To a plan that they are passionate about it excited about for their future. This came about through collaborative of 22 different organizations. The city. State school board workforce development. And and other educational partners who are thinking about what does it mean for every student to have access to it. High quality technical careers. Training and college readiness at the same time so the vision is to have one location aware of this can take place. Correct so the idea is really. By no wait how high quality training providers and bring together resources for students BP five students from the school seven students from the school. Twenty students from the school. Find it. But the best possible. Educational. Trainer. Those best equipment and she. An opportunity to really engage with industry. And our workforce training providers to figure out what it would mean to provide. Exactly what they're looking for. In our graduates and and make it happen through economy of scale so this is being. Clare Clare Jacqueline joins us she's the executive director of the brand new just open tomorrow. You earliest careers center it's being described as the game changer for students but also a game changer for businesses. How is that working where their worm. AB twenty students taking an engineering course at one high school suddenly there are forty students taking a training course together so that means one. That those who are headed in a cohort to an engineering path we are working together. But there also gaining access to. Equipment. And industry visits. And expertise that they otherwise wouldn't have been traditional crystal program. For example our medical assisting program partners with the brand new cautionary Chamberlain school of nursing witches at three year BSN program. But allows students to explore all of their careers in allied health. Before making a decision about where they go in their post secondary placement so before they decide whether they're going straight to work force 24 year graduate degree doctor it. They first need to know what's available have access to those environments. High quality training work based learning and then essentially their relationships. There are the key driver for industry so this students in a way that they never would have. Across 25 different schools. And there are a 120. High school juniors and seniors for this inaugural co heart. How did you locate them and how are you going to get that is they still didn't do bear. They're traditional schooling correct correct says there have to high school students with us and we have partner high schools much like no go or the old center for science math Delgado. It's. It in this circumstance. We are bringing students from seven different locations twice today so we pick up students in the morning from their homes school. Bring them directly to the careers dinner ready engage in two hours of technical training. And four clinical rotations. Are industry says and it's. Or what ever it is that we may be doing together for the day and then we send students back on a bus to their school in time for lunch and afternoon classes. And we pick up our second cohort. I would treat each in the afternoon and we get them back to their home location so that we're not. So that were fully accessible to students whether there a football player basketball player and into dance you know the idea here is that where. Adding on to the high school experience not replacing it. We're joined by Claire Jacqueline executive director of the new New Orleans career center opening its doors tomorrow. The first core heart to will be consisting of a 120. High school juniors and seniors. And this is a two year. Technical certification that they'll receive for the most part. Well each technical training pathway and we're starting with two allied health slash nursing. And also engineering and manufacturing. The medical assisting program as a two year program. And traditionally takes one calendar year for an adult level training costs up to maybe 6000 dollars so students have access to this for free. Through partnership between our fundraising and there are school. And state education funds. Plan to those students then. Are part. We really figuring out. You know where where they want to go next over the course of either two years or one year program. As we grow will build out pathways says that students and can attend for more years of high school or overtime so. Those juniors who are with us this year for engineering and manufacturing. We build on in the next level certification as seniors. They can and roll and an additional class so we take the industry base certification in this case 3-D modeling. I guess can venture. And medical assisting witches. Really the person who does everything. For you and it clinical environments that isn't it doctor runners. And we really map out when it'll take home ice t.'s high school students get there so that might be ones to master what a year two years an entire high school. Experience but it's aligned to that career path. And again these are not only high skill high demand but hopefully high paying positions as well correct. Good and what's the response from the central administration. Well we are very lucky to be listed on it's that ten workforce development training priorities for the city of in warm islands. We as a city have had a lot of programs come up around technical training for opportunities. But. If we don't actually have a prevention mechanism for drop out or students seeking something different than traditional high school experience or for those who wanna go faster. That we're not really delivering on on access and opportunity for students but we're also. Not necessarily. We are doing is making sure that students then. Have tweaks and and boys and really where they're headed and and what they wanna do regardless of what's wilders. This is the New Orleans careers center and give us an idea it's a Columbus street what the facility looks like. Sure so it's 83 story. Brick school building that you sublime to the archdiocese it's our temporary home and were lucky. To be co located with two others partnership's operations part which is software engineering program and we're partnering on their first half days. High school software engineering class this fall. And then were also correlate catering now with new harmony high which is ninth grade class that will grow up too high school program. The facility itself is designed to be like a workplace. And so what you think about medically environment we actually have three classrooms for medical assisting students when is a simulated clinical clinical environments that you can you see the reception desk you'd you you see the patient care room attendant exactly link hospital. And students and well. Practice for their clinical rotations in that simulated environment we also are able to. Visit us here. And also Chamberlain school of nursing and and don't got a charity school of nursing programs in order to really get to censor what their training programs like clay. Are our training simulation environment is temporary and so. We're lucky to be able to use those spaces but an hour long term. Fees. The old McDonough 35. We will have a full simulated clinical environment including. And not just patient care rooms but also. Specialties. Paces of ups. How are you able to. Identify the 120. High school's juniors and seniors because again when a new opportunity presents itself my way of thinking is that you'll probably have. A long line of people trying to get it Heidi you determine the 120 yes so we. First presented to schools and talk to them about the opportunity it looks for who is really ready to partner with us. In terms of giving up students for part of that day and those who really felt like they had southern students who were interested. In the programs that we are offering we were. We had we were overwhelmed by the interest of students and release students were themselves where those. There are the ones to step up raise their hands and say yes I wanna be apart of this. And that it was a matter you know do you have to credits do you have this base near Al scheduled do you understand what it means to dedicate yourself for a full half day for the next few years. So we had a series of exploratory conversations with students. We had. Family orientation last week and we had a 105 of 120 family show up that's pretty good thoughts on averting good and everyone just keep saying so excited. They want an. Opening 220. High school juniors and seniors beginning tomorrow. We've been joined by Claire and Jack Glenn the executive director of two of his career center. Good luck success thank you so much for being with us Claire my pleasure. Commander's palace is putting together and what they're calling at historic gathering. A top industry leaders. Plus he'll celebrate commanders anniversary a big one this year and paid tribute to command as matriarch of the late Ella Brennan. He unpack all of this is key Martin's restaurant tour with commanders. Thanks for being with us today. It's nice to be with you I'm now reminded what you do what you do if you beautiful place. All thank you so much hyped I appreciate that well we love what you do it bread and family does so this is a huge event. Being called historic tell us about what is being planned. Well it is as you well know and loans 300 president. But it's coming out of my house 125. Birthday and you're not leveling in his city where you know that's not the oldest restaurant. Let's well it is celebrate and back in 1983 and my mom alum Lauren and her family. Celebrate what was supposedly commanders hundredth birthday we now know wasn't it this sort of thought it was anyway. And they put this thing they call the American cuisines imposed. And they invited top people from around the country to come and talk about suit now I want to really business. Market that. Headlines after this event work is there an American cuisine okay. We forget this is 35 years ago and while you are in play very healthy cuisine on the rest of the country did not and are still have a long way to go to. So. David talked about everything to do with the student back in it we you know we're still coming on air opposed. World War II we were very excited to have frozen dated and canned food and we not do this farm to table thing this was not happening so. Really popular down and my mom and my uncle Dick in LA di a whole gang. We're pushing that. That the food Ford and it was really strange actually that creel to me cajun chef Paul yes creole city grill restaurants. So they were really pushing things forward. So what does symposium that people from from the New York Times and top people that were making this happen like forty Yemeni. With Brett and Johnson Waxman people that are coming again this time where they're talking about pushing mrs. Ford so we're gonna do that. We are gonna happen on Monday September 17 some of the most amazing people in the industry are coming to town. I can't believe his coming every single person I ask is coming separate Daniel balloon and his kids get mad that we can so that's the case anyway. Get an excuse an excuse so what are you going to do during this imposed so I'll tell you get a real kick some element and I'll tell you for some of these people you might have heard of Danny Meyer most people think he's the most important respiratory an American you square cafe perhaps it taverns shake shack. Now coming from your time. And will be Jarrett who work again has restaurant eleven Madison park considered number one restaurant and the world talk to your restaurant the world list he's at the top. People. Like that course our local friends like. We'll see Eli. Sheila Johnson. You know Sheila she's got not the hotel lot all the hotels and beautiful on you eagle they even the photos on the long that you back it up and and Jessica Harris. And you mean the list goes on and on but. So will have sessions. Call things like the new hospitality. And honored to serve. New loans 300 years and we're just getting started on that we add our local towns will buy from Carrollton. Mean accountant and Michael a lot of them. Now here's one you like it real big kick it's called backwards in high heels that you might have heard that saying. A lot of men have not ride bring your dad's saying that it scared ever arise again I ask you think he's get right back with an idea anyway. That is going to be doozy of a session because the gals we have coming down any crap and it is that number one female chefs in the world shoot. Was given that honor she refused to accept it could she did not like being called female Jeff is an economist Jeff find common theme. She's. Really it's brilliant outspoken from restaurants and Cisco commentary currencies of the people at the top of our industry. So she's come and I'm so excited to have her she'll will be on there with that I figured on this Leah chase will be on there. Just has actually I think is on on different panel says that when. Camilla markets Barbara lynch and my god she's from Boston. What a brilliant respiratory care to these gals are gonna shake it up so that's going to be really and it's moderated by Kim sever some of the New York Times it's just. It goes on and on prize fund they shouldn't and you mentioned the date September 17 at the or via correct at the orpheum as well so. Hollywood we're going to honor and pay tribute to your mom hi this week we. What I didn't do a whole lot that she and I'm quite sure feels she's gotten plenty of that. Never enough for me but. You know will put us. It's inevitable that she'll come up and nonstop we will show that trailer to the documentary. That was made about mum. Called Ella Brennan commanding the table that you can see on Netflix like how does that happen. Anyway. Yesterday I was talking with these people they're trying to make an actual film iron curtain caught alive actually caught me like a real movie with actors. Anyway and a script and that's an anyway. Showdown never happened course and I thought that document it would happen so. All that's going on at this is open to the public. And you can buy tickets. It says American cuisine and hospitality symposium so it's ACH symposium dot com if you again I'll just go to France counselors kind is a link. Well that he's and a yes we are joined. IT Marten. Actually with the commanders talking about this huge symposium. That's going to celebrate commander's palace 125. Anniversary. Also in conjunction with the city tri Centennial the huge symposium set for September 17 that the RPM. Going forward. What do you see New Orleans food magazine it looking like I do have we figured it out. You know you're always and that's what this symposiums about exactly. The carpet past present and future were mostly interested in the future. We'll take tell you what's that given out. In fact yesterday thin line managing analyst at forty most important restaurants in the United States the forty last year's. Number one with commands about that you'd tell me who come up these things but we'll take all the awards are given out but Ali really care about is the future. And so I think is symposium 35 years ago and we hope. Next month does the same thing we want to be talking about exactly what you just asked which is the future so you gotta look down the road and around the corner. And I think you know we're. The waves. Evolution of one's easy have common big waves and the like right smack in the middle of a big way. That really happened between. And that you. The biggest wave of my lifetime was back. Win mom and pop Williams and Connolly now up to that you know. Amaral Susan Spicer air and I think now post-Katrina. Just the creativity is just lit up wash our restaurant scene is on fire. And silly it's. We will always have. Parties and have a good timing you know you know wouldn't do you ride on well it could do that we're very good at that as a city. But we also want to be up front. Witnesses thought leaders and industry expert so that's what this event so we can't talk with the top people. In the industry about exactly what your ass on the anti everything. So I tried to cut you do need to have you need to counter the symposium. And Sebring you talk about you look at a business that hasn't been around celebrating a 125. Years or a city like New Orleans celebrating 300 years. When you put your business hat. What are some of the key factors to the longer it. Of the food of Indian business even having a business that stays open in this around 425. Years catching you know I mean people many restaurants and other parts of the country. And and and you know they think you know 67 years as. You know good run Leno will think hey you know elected I think we're all thinking that were going to be. Open a 150 years later and on to something and restaurant try doing great institutions but to do that you have to fall now. And there are some that don't have well as much as others and we go there and you know what you gonna go get whether it's down to us and one thing they do that well but. For the most part. The ones that survive I think due and commanders we've always tried to stay on the leading edge. In fact when their stories after Katrina and he would say so when young Rio fatigue an adult favorites on the menu until well. And nobody could ever name wonderful. Because there aren't wonderful. And that the rest it changes all the time there are some desserts that stale and that but the rest of it. Yeah which is constantly evolve as always comfortable playing as you're kind of used to market completely freak you out but that we always have. What we call it this just playground with a taste in January he can get excited the fat and specials and and we can use that you've got to keep that energy in a restaurant and keep trying to say hey. How can we do is better we travel everywhere and we still very good idea there. And you know commanders had we're told by the Wall Street Journal and you know this. The third just able Arab country which. The great late shift telecharge Carter has the first one and even notice and apparent brother Alex ran in my name brands Houston. Stole that idea from him we quickly stolen from him so anyway we're idea comes of the good when you just grab it and ran with it and we honor than ING so. But you've got to be pushing you can't can't rest on their laurels don't believe you press. Is push push push. And we operate with some and we call healthy parent now I mean we pretty much wonder if anybody is gonna come today and and we're great even after a 125 years it's true. My kitten and indeed grateful for everybody that walks in the door if you start your day that way. Yes some Asian upstarts skillet Preston and you know that China. You know and make a really hard feeding getting in command we've always help spots from locals. You know and we really don't know what you going to be true to brag that you like comic book like today it's a key can acronyms and millions component table you know rights for a local support. We do whatever is to make you feel well. And take care you locals every byline take care but particularly palatable this downtown restaurants. But is that mindset is of these Imus doesn't make you feel it in doing it fatally Ian. Those who want to analyst. Like studio 54 years ago yes. It has been a lot of nugget and has some great gray right there. At this country right there I love that Keith thank you so much for being with us we've been joined by team marred with commander's palace he huge hockey calendar September 17 and again. There's a website right but if you just want to go straight to the three Euro website thanks again for being with us banks. For what you're doing on the show Monica. Auctions in August an annual silent auction that Gulf Coast bank posts and facilitates every caucus is continuing. We're joined by guy Williams. President and CEO of Gulf Coast bank guy thanks for joining us. Well this is the month of August so how is have been going so far. Well we have. Oh record items and this year we do from his divorce you buy items and so did rooms. And there you know we always. For everybody. Really the issue there isn't a great chance to do Christmas shopping early. And experiences that you just yet. We have one news group that no object that puts on employees. And that'll walk on par so what you are reward and this year does is it your you will be NY. And you can also bid on one where their race color personal like the other. You can have a part in apply you can have one woman director. We have another who is still hopeful she is and what the job of that era the so for people like cultural why it's not all about work and activities. Of water cultural and this year as well. Do people who contribute. These items tried to come up with creative ideas. Well I think what happened is it more and more are as understand how good it is may want to participate. We embrace oh right 150000. Dollars on. So there's real money. And it also has the pop. Stickers on the more people are all options and August web site. It'd be using that don't fall for him. You get usually which it. You know for example we have operable. In order to draw on here. And had been there at community. Cool so. You know upon the experience. And it's a change from people there or non profits and do things that just remind you of the. Every August the Gulf Coast bank will posts and facilitate. Auctions in on this limb they have more than halfway through the month of August but it's not too late for people right. Oh well there and so all online in the 0:8 PM last August. As I say this year we have on iTunes. You know whether I don't know you know like on. We are rednecks squall interest. Is more. Oh on Argentina. So it is responding injury and got you covered it station. Issued trumps. If you say you know I wandered in India that spot or spots talk. Them on your low round. You know what whatever your interest is we have some early on everybody's excited Allah Allah issue. Our crossroads knows all analogy you know the package. Were great city. We got dozens of restaurants. So pick your better grasp on. I opened here and go to your paper much. You know some of these experiences are you into anarchy or acting or are process and they were ten. Sovereign sovereign bonds. What little water on restaurants. What is news some other new charity called bears mayors. There's you know we saw you training and how are you children who look at traumatic stress. And also use them. So you know policemen might be on trial mr. machines somebody shops. And it will be handled child all stuffed animal in writing you know you know dealing with that sort of trauma. And so you know it's on it's an important charity and I am glad that they're anticipating it to change or help. Very good so what's the website how to people find out about the items in place there and its. Why did we are items are pretty much so you can go. Programs to graduate level might actually get alternative drive around every branch so she can bid on different things. And you can go to auctions in August dot com. And the web site is I you know you know 108 PM on. The last date August but he auctions of August dot com or go to anyone who were actually. Easy enough guy always a pleasure to have you on and thank you for all you do to support nonprofits. Mark thank you for sure they'll. That is hours to report to date and he's so much for joining us until next time you enjoy this Sunday unless.