Commuity Matters - GNO Science Engineering Fair - GNO STAR

Monica Pierre, WWL Community Matters
Sunday, February 11th

Monica Pierre and her guests discuss the Greater New Orleans Science and Engineering Fair which encourages independent student research in science and engineering. Also discussed was the services of the Greater New Orleans Sexual Trauma Awareness and Response (STAR) program, which provides services for survivors of sexual trauma.


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Good Sunday welcomed into the snow as we count down to the he's not gonna. Be so much for joining us your post on here. Coming up. Wonderful opportunity not only for students to present her research can also compete over 60000 dollars in cash awards. Hundreds of middle and high school students. Showcase their scientific stuff that is used waited too long in science and engineering fair have failed. Barack we talk a little ways from. I. More information on a workshop designed to help adult survivors of sexual trauma. This year's gear no science and engineering fair kicks off at the end of February there is lots of excitement and also cash prizes but it Cheney to location change. We'll talk about he did talk about the science and engineering fair on ducked and it hurt Ling and Emily groused doctor Rutland is spared director. And we're joined by Emily who is a tenth grader. Over at Patrick F Taylor academy thank you both being with us today. Well let's talk about what's coming up the dates because you've been on before it's such an exciting time for hundreds. Of those really interested in high school and middle school kids interest in science and engineering. Yes so it's going to be held February 26 seventh and eighth and march 1 over forty period. And we're very excited this year because we will be on Tulane university's campus partnering with Loyola university. And both universities have offered campus two hours for any of our students who are participating in the fair. And this year we expect about 350. Students from Orleans Jefferson plaque admin and Saint Bernard parishes all eligible parishes. These students are nominated by their schools or home school associations. And typically they are the winners of their science fairs though a student doesn't have to participate in school science fair in order to advance to the regional. Eight we estimate there about 4000 students in our area that participate in these local fairs and then com TV regional there. And of course you mentioned the prizes it's been wonderful opportunity. Not only for students to present their research. T have discussions with area experts in the form of judges. But also to compete for over 60000 dollars in cash awards and prizes. And about sixty of our students advance to the state level where their eligible for more awards. And four of our students have an all expense paid trip to the international science and engineering are off where they compete for about five million dollars in prizes. And there are two teachers that also accompanied him to that there. Talk about a bit later what happens to these winners and he just seemed like the future is so bright once you make it all the way through the international level it is amazing. It is absolutely amazing one of our students from last year in fact as a freshman at Arizona State University. Where he has a scholarship that he obtained by competing at the international science and engineering fair. So there are lots of opportunities and even for students who are not winning prizes because of course there are students to you know go and they don't win a prize. But just the experience in the opportunity and that the development of not only more content knowledge in whatever their pursuing. But the skills that communication skills the inquiry skills that are so valuable in today's workforce. It just provides such an opportunity for the students who compete. So they joined today by doctor Annette Erdman and she is the director of them gee you know science and engineering fair join the conversation is Italy kraus at tenth grader at Patrick F Taylor academy. And is this your first entry into the signs there will tell us about your project in what may do so excited about it. Fumble last year I heard about one. The students who did it national international fair and he came back and he really enjoyed it and that this year I decided to do in the scientific. And I am really interested in environmental science and when it's cute look at. The difference between fresh water givers in. Pipelines buried or injury in houses reconstructive islands are affected by different methods that. Hilton can you give us a glimpse into what this looks like for the layperson like me. I visited each say and I takes samples from them. And I brought this as samples back to the lab and in our eyes and he thinks texture now says he Ian for us intermediary. And then while I was at. Frustration saints IA. Quantify the vegetation he thinks that it moved tacitly person that you're lawfully half way through a note and I look at. Why is environmental issues so important to you. I think it's important to note about where we live because it's so close to where angry and useless and environment is that protection. Against hurricanes. So I think it's important to know how we affect the environment and in how we can solve it buyer reconstructing. And does Arlen do you find that that is really what's. Motivates a lot of students to participate they see if a problem all I need and they use their ingenuity. And their passion to coast have a solution to its absolutely and the best science fair project is on the subject that a student is interest in. And passionate about. And in the past we've had such a variety of projects because they're such a variety of interest out there which is wonderful. Anything from the animal sciences the plant sciences of course the environmental like emily's doing. But there's also robotics and engineering translational medicine embedded systems and he may have all of these different topics. And a student could simply read the list of categories and it could spark some ideas about different areas that they can pursue. But it's exactly this kind of project that emily's doing that we want to encourage our students to do to. Look around the world around them and determine how they can make a difference. Moved and I am thinking about being in grade school a middle school and it's such a far jump from Mara how these to have the volcano erupting and we thought that was a really big stuff. But fast boy and many years it really is mind blowing how it is at all. Well those are culled demonstration projects are volcano project. And what we're encouraging students to do today in middle school eve and is inquiry projects is to ask that question that they are curious about. To do some research to find out the basis for that question to study for example the environment to find out about the wetlands to find out what the problems are. And into brainstorm. About what they can do to either add to the content knowledge to the knowledge base or come up with a solution to a problem. One year we had a student who's looked around and saw that the teacher's parking lot flooded every year you know at at least once a year when we had a hard rain. And so she started investigating rain gardens and this was a middle school student. And analysts Sheen furthered her investigation she got the community involved. And the end result for science fair project is her school got a new rain garden and the teacher's parking lot didn't play anymore. That is amazing absolutely. How do you feel about 300 plus competitors an offense now is it really Malek. A family of those who are interested in science and engineering Amelie I think that a lot of people coming together for science and I think. They especially in finds her club when we have meetings it's it's fine and we get to talk about what we learn in. I think decides through aegis room what are your future plans or do you know at this point. Don't know at this point that I think it you know and isn't being environmentally really. And it's all about scam right that currently has just really about all the science and technology and engineering and math. Of course and if you take it to the end you are looking at the workforce. And if you look at the statistics for the workforce there are thousands of jobs that are gonna need to be filled in the next ten to twenty years. In stem fields and so there is a great demand there's lots of opportunity for our students and so we need to encourage our students to look at these stem fields. Because if they never look they never know about the opportunities is it because it seemed in south harmonies alumni are good at math not overly understand engineering spec you just kind of shy away. But looking at how broad it is and all of the opportunities. That's right and so if you encourage students to look at an actual problem and get them involved insult solving the real world problem then you look at that. Math and the science in the things they traditionally would think of his hard simply as tools to help them get to the end result of solving a problem. Which you have a word of encouragement a recommendation Emily for those who might find that this seems so hard to make but that. There's an opportunity there for them yes and we seen that the best things always finds in the years interested in in sending your passion about. So late for me I was passionate about environment and the wetland and reconstructing island. So I think that that was a good choice for me but it doesn't have to be everybody's choice he can be something else that you're more interest it. Whom we talked about the 4000 or so science clubs. How is that that number really increased over the years as well well that's an estimate of the number of students and student would have participated in science fairs at the hair school level. I'm not so more about the change in number over the years. I do know that with the current focus on improving the standards for education. That they aren't looking more ads. An engineering track incorporating more technology into the schools incorporating more science inquiry into the schools and a science fair project is the perfect. Melding of all of those attributes he was an idea of the schedule and when the public and take a look at not only emily's project with some of the others so that judging takes place actually on Tuesday and Wednesday it's on Monday through Thursday fair. Public viewing occurs after the judging us and for the middle schools. On Tuesday it's open to the public from me until 130 they keep coming in view of the projects. And we have a split there says and the students take their projects down the senior division which is high school. Has judging on Wednesday. As a public viewing period from 330 to 530 and then again on Thursday morning from 930 to 1130 which is when we have school groups coming in. On field trips. Says it's it's open to the public are welcome to com view what all of our students are doing and I do want to say that all of this is made possible by our wonderful sponsors. Major sponsors such as Britain Sandefur at the Patrick Taylor foundation an Entergy. All of whom by the way not only helps support the organization. As far as the operation. Of the program but also provides scholarships to student winners. So we've really thankful to our sponsors and what in particular powering the future scholarship I was a little bit about that yes that's Entergy scholarship they joined us as a sponsor last year. And they of course recognize the need to increase the number of students are pursuing stem feels particularly in the energy industry. Which is a strong industry here in our area looking for workers. And so this is their way of acknowledging students who have an interest in the field and encouraging them to further their interests. By studying it in college or in technical school. Because it's not just scientists and engineers that are needed there's a whole range of technicians that are needed in the medical industry. Energy oil industry so do we we just need to open the eyes to. And it's so important viewpoint is well taken because this usually on an ecosystem built around what ever radius so what you think is not just the sciences it's the scientists and these others opportunities of course a very good well again if anyone wants to keep up and and figure out what's happening is there. Social media are FaceBook page how do you. Figure out who's participating well we're very excited about our new website and you can and just use the Akron and Sheehan OSE half and dot com dot org. Both work and get you to our web page detailed schedule on the web page there's information about the program. And about the organization. And we do you have a FaceBook page. Very very good at do you have fans are family people are going to be cheering you on our back. Keeping up with you yes. Citrix. For me be here and sent it. And say chemistry teacher. She's very involved in. She's in will give a shout outs miss the guys on this guy Chris they give his gut Shia and of course Emily impose things on face that we do have a social media contest which is wonderful says the students opposed. On social media there's a drying in their prizes are awarded at the awards here until it's exciting that's what it is it's always keeping the interest level really high. And again this is the 62. Annual New Orleans science and engineering there. A change of location and it's going to be at Tulane University. February 26 through march 1 and and Emily Krause spanky fall. You're doing to help the environment to spur creativity. And of course the and you had been on the before and I just always looked at and he drinkable. You look you remind. Dar sexual trauma awareness and response is hosting a trauma workshop. For adult survivors of sexual trauma here to talk about it are Amy Jackson. Greater new on his regional director of star as well as the counseling director of star. Porsche Gordon thank you both for being with us. Came here and my pleasure. Amy took a little bit about star sexual trauma awareness and response what are you all about what's your mission. There and we opened anyway owns about two years ago. We are. Primary care facilities for. Rape survivors. We provide them when it counseling services legal services. Advocacy services and we also do training in the community. So by advocates see that means leave go with them to the hospital as they're undergoing that forensic great. Kids. Leave. Go within two core we help them with the legal process and we also that was in theory any law enforcement interviews. Counseling and can be either individual or group which bush we'll talk about. And and legal we would our services include. Helping people get and stay away order protective order. Also if they meet out of there at least or if they need to terminate parental rights and duties there are solved. So that's just a little bit of our services all of our services are free. We have no limit time for advocacy services you can be our clients for. One day or can be your client for three years it's just depending on your needs. Pretty much Ali do I know it seems like a lot. These service or work with men and women of the primarily women yes man. We are with men and women are primary survivor is our women. But drivers are women but we do serve. Anyone and he comes through our doors. We're also joined by Porsche Gorton counseling director with star. Porsche since there's been so much. Awareness and also even stories around the meat to movement. In particular we just had recently the conviction of doctor Glasser with the at the gym that's. What have you seen as far as conversation and awareness and even maybe people contacting your organization. Lending that is deathly seen entries aren't as people just being aware of what is sexual trauma are what is sexual assault. Because it's a spectrum so it's anything from the cat calling only through actual rape. And to people are actually recognizing that things that happened to them which seems normal is actually normal and it's actually a form of trauma. And that's kind of beginning this conversations in the people are calling to request services are just to get more information about. What they experience. And so we see the conversation shifting towards highly kind of changed the behavior and what's this guy he's doing now. They kept calling nearly making the sun would push back of this and look about a salty I'm just. Whistling cat calling saying things complementing new ads and get over Adam as a compliment. Subsidies they would say it's a compliment but it's not it's at any unwarranted comments are knack compliments. They get you in a lock up the selling your excuse me your training today that's one thing that's yelling across the street is enough and that's harassment and you're harassing a person because they're not asking us attention. And so we tonight Jeffrey focusing on rescission around what is consensual and what is not concerns. And so some of those comments could be potential ticket. And I guess what people looking for you know because we know we can't be simple. Handbook okay advances sexual assault this does not and a gain I think the conversation is. We have to consider all this and how it's going to end up well what we we've come to a mutual agreement on what is. Is an opportunity as well because someone says that this is okay. And Seles said that this is not OK and sometimes the person who's been victimized at no input you know what's okay. Yeah it's very very difficult I think the policy. And what are the things we try to focus on is a difference between intent and impact. Says someone's intention might not be harmed someone but the impact of it might be harmful. And so it's more so considering link what is going to be peace he was immediate impact on the person that year. And a addressing are having these comments at. So one thing that you all are doing with star is hosting a trauma workshop for survivors. Tell us about that what is that going to entail. So things are healing to do is include grief counseling when he comes to her so viruses because it kind of allows them to dean's support. In kind of a network and friendship fellowship what are you gonna call it with people who are also going to similar. Similar issues in the hat to you. So we open up to about ten people between male or female anyone over the age of eighteen who's innocent either sexual trauma. And we need Q eighteen weeks Ceres where we focus on different aspects. For the assault. So we talk about what is trauma what is in your biology behind the trauma what are the impacts your daily life how does that impact your relationships. Has an impact work how does it impact. Pretty much anything that you touch after sexual assault and so we try to get through as much as possible. In that time and then after that series he asked offer the option of them moving in to a caller stuff but the group. Where it's more of a discussion b.s in group peer led. Where they're kind of having our conversation of how do we integrate all this information into our daily lives and how to impact change insist even so how are you going to pump facilitate this works out what's it going to be held. Mile an office. And it's gonna Mimi and one MI interns will be cook facilitating it it's what we call a close group so we're gonna put the ten people and and we asked that they see at least for the two weeks. And the cycle and so if so and insisted they can just call our office. And we do we call intake session up coming in me in what's gonna talk about how China has in fact that attacked and sorry impacted them and how they can in dealing with and it. And if they've received any kind of help in the past before it. And then a panicked screen them and decide if they're able to be in the group and we're joined by portion cordon counseling director of star which stands for sexual com awareness and response and Amy Jackson greater new law is regional director. Star and in the office that would talking. They cured charge of Amy is the metro area primarily at least serve. Jefferson Parish of Orleans parish Pacman pairs any. Take him any so anyway and you is close it can get to our offices we will serve. Our advocacy services can actually be done on the phone. So we've had clients friends in Europe. The floor so in it tourists a lot of times will come through the city and and suffer through an assault and we will serve them even when they go home. But I did wanna mention one of our main services to the hotline 24 hour hotline. So if genuine and these calls ask questions. Gearing during the night we what we need an insular and that number is 855435. Star. So feel free to call and if you would like to and sign up for porsches. Workshop you can call us at Taba for for a seven years that is the. It's sunny there who done though this particular cut the workshop I think it's the fourth time he's done in the Sydney. Since we are so new to say that she's able living here two years or so kind of getting out the news that we're here we're providing these services. So we've done that we can anyone in the fall spring and in the summer and so this will be our fourth one since he's had. But out of course identifying anyone knew what I just clean the the impact going forward how are you able to help. People who've been traumatized bisexuals. Or tablet education piece which is so important is just recognizing what are those impacts from the China. It's like recognizing that. You might be what we call hyper vigilant he might always be looking at the Doreen might be wanting to an axis are who are all the people in the room. To evacuate tiring and trying to figure out where does that come from that normally comes from the term. And so being needlessly Dennis I hate what's happening in your daily life and how that's coming from the trauma tends to be helpful. And that's always the first piece and we talk about how we kind of address that. How do we work on that an assignment with district as early what are those things are causing me to be hyper vigilant are causing you to be jumpy year start early. And how to eat China's. Change it so that when every do you panic coming contact what are those triggers may be. It's no longer impacting you are affecting you as hard as atlas. And do you find that those who have experienced this impact of sexual assault. Really. Have depression and other types of physical I'll reaction to put some of those. Responses he went ironic the hyper vigilance and yet get Stephanie anxiety based and so we see a definite increase in society we DC some of passion. We see isolation. And part of that is because once you're going through trauma it's really hard to kind of explain that other people in your life in so. Families and friends and I find it really hard to kind of understand what's happening here. I understand why it's expecting you so long. We see a lot of people who would saying it's been three to six months it's been a year wiry still filling the slayer Larry's still dealing with these symptoms. It's not understood meaning that. When everything traumatized like your killer brain chemicals actually changing and so it's something that you really have to address and work on 96 to go back home from. And do you find that you know I think it's all adults with them in this particular workshop Geisel or some have been traumatized. As children. A lot of request for half of our clients were traumatized under the age eighteen to us miners. And it things that we see is this people who have their childhood trauma it will be green victimize us and until. Just because if you haven't dealt with as a child like there's so those so that's as he does seem symptoms are issues are following you in here adulthood. And you still have to figure out how to address it. And one of things it's hard to Canada you're seen as a whenever kids are being sexually assaulted. They don't say anything and the reason that they don't see anything because they might have mentioned to a mental and their life. And that person might shut them down or not believed and and then what we see is they won't say anything for another 10203040. Years and sending you have adults who are dealing with these same symptoms issues. That could have been just an earlier age but they weren't allowed. In the area. Ahead of the it was a response. Comment at at a university and one of these precious I was talking to said that she had a friend. Who wasn't sure if she was sexually assault and you think and will he of course he would know that but again at the spectrum. Is something that we're just beginning to have the conversation around and even. Recognize as well you mentioned Porsche in task intent verses impact as as well. So any particular words of advice for profits do. Mail lucky man. One of the most annoying things we talk about is disclosure we Austin doing disclosure training on the university teammates are ignoring human wants that training. Which kind of talks to you how do you handle and someone comes up to you and discloses a sexual muscle. The one of the most important things is teaming not labeling for somebody. If someone has been sexiest often are not sure if they've been sexually assaulted. We try to leave it up to them kind of identify because something that might happen to them when we talk about it does differences between people. One person might recognize as a sexual assault or another person might appear ready to. Ian it's kind of traumatized and again if you got this person you tell them that Stevens actually assault it and act ready in turn can hands and. It's complicated would you agree Amy because again. But those let's just say I'm generalizing meals and they want to play with the wanna know what they can do what they cannot do in which you cannot come back and say that they did. Women also with the intent to all those who have been victimized male and female. You know they don't know what to say went to say how to say it so. How would have figured this out you know it may take a little while but we're all in this area that it's it's a little it's uncomfortable and upsetting for a lot of people. And in that raised one of our education coordinators does healthy sexuality training so that kind of cut that those issues where we can off that are on boundaries. And it is it is slated making sure that. You know you're expecting people and their wishes. Him every stage contacts. And I and I mean even workplaces people I don't know what to do that black south that they did not say an entity of god. Wealthy and we know each other for forty years in LA there's something but the person who just had a across the street battle novelty it is. He now he cannot say enough into the same things I've actually heard that from some Miami fans are like how I interact to my FEMA collectors. And I just tell him imagine that they're all meals at what does that have to be a difference between how you interaction when an army team he should treat them all the same. In the I have to run into this issues between. A male and a female Cutler. And I silliness to where things you can costs due to slate Telus and I repeat you hear someone is just I believe it's so important for summoned here that. Because we Nellie that first initial response that disclosures definite impact has some in heels from sexual trauma and if they actually receive healthy you eat. We giant buys two people who know a lot about this topic Amy Jackson great annual is regional director of star Alec is sexual trauma awareness and response. And Porsche Gorton counseling director with star. Talking about and hosting a trauma workshop farm survivors adult survivors. This month in February began February 20 right all right wonderful so what do you do to call sign up I know it's as confidential as well. He's give us a phone call our office our enemy is I have a Fuller 4070711. Any call that money the Friday Simmons you're an answer number and you just tell him not interested in the group. And I try Chancy I mean we can start talking about what is likely to join the group in the go into specifics about the group and if some of the right fitfully. And Amy goes to a interested in star overall as some of the efficacy in other services what do they do they can also call that number. During the workday and that. 855 star in surgery and one. Hey. 43 fives. Okay and they can go online to that they liked and get information there as well. Start. Wonderful thank you both for being with us and you can handle that which you do to support people. Who are survivors of sexual trauma thinking. Is until 42 days thinking so much for joining us. Until next time enjoy this Sunday and the rest of your room.