College Football Playoff Is Set

We preview the college football playoff. Alabama takes on the Clemson Tigers here in the Sugar Bowl. Plus LSU will face Notre Dame in the Citrus Bowl. We talk to Alex Hickey of


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Welcome back to the show gonna switch our focus too little college football and just a little bit. College football playoffs set Alabama Clemson in the 14 game they will meet. A rematch of last two national title games. And we will talk to Travis her rear senior analyst for bail on line dot com and mean your Robinson sports columnist covering Clemson for the Greenville news. Little bit later in the program and then also Alex Hickey. Who covers LSU football for SEC country dot com's big. College football focus this hour also gonna talk Su coach knicks also module on the tigers here and just the second. As Hondo Cinderella run to the superdome they will play on Saturday. And the finale the 58 championship on billion sacked three coach saw here in just about one minute. I promise you again before I went to the news I was looking at the schedules across the NFL in particular the NFC. And one team that absolutely. Nobody is talking about almost nobody is talking about there are few especially the last couple days. They're schedule the way it works out could make the playoffs again and be one of the scariest succeeds the league has ever seen. The Green Bay Packers are. The Packers are gonna get Aaron Rodgers back in week fifteen. The one game before that happens. They're playing the Cleveland Browns. After that Panthers vikings. Lions. Because of the way the schedule works out the teams they beat earlier in the season. Including Iran including the Seahawks. If the Packers. Were one out and get to stand in six. There was certainly in the playoffs. When the world who wanna face Aaron Rodgers. And Packers in the playoffs. It can happen. There's a likely. Probably not. The not put attacks have a pass Superman. And the pac. Put that in your mind. The Packers are not done yet. And if Rodgers had not been engines on it would be. Right if there's one of the favorites in the NFC and will be regardless of their seeding. Should they get the playoffs let's bring in coach knicks Altamont your head coach of the Hondo tigers now coach itself I don't. I'm grade what you're doing better than I am in just a magical run for your Honda built tigers. To back to the superdome first time he's taken them percent you've been back since east Jefferson. A few years ago and before yet here matchup against factory. You have an all timer this last Friday against Acadia and a game that went into overtime. I year guy Coco Williams is just sensational goes to overtime and Katie and a scores first you guys and one run from poke you score and you don't send the kicker out there you send your offense backing give its Coca he reverses field he scores. On the Rico and all every coach I said this an interview on Friday every coach says they're gonna do that you did it. And Diaz won and your on the superdome just what was that moment light in kind of reflecting on a now for the past 34 days. That's got to be real special for you what happened there Acadia. There every outlawed by mr. you know for lotteries the memories chip. Kind of validates what we've been. Culture and preaching since we got on bail four years ago. You know. On bill it's not ever going to be about talent. You know they're they're gonna be as talented as most PGA earnings year equally talented. As probably every year Euro it just was something that we correct. As far as the environment classroom topple ball players are always. Wires. Yeah absolute bar now locker room and football players don't audit they get over so. When we were able to win at a day care and get it in the superdome. It validated everything we were we were trying to teach. Apple built since the very first day we got paired not where we're really we're really good shape right now wise or opal program. Continuing to be on the short list of our guys did you think will be in the superdome year. Cause I'll like you guys sure we're anywhere close to mediocre the last couple years like you pointed out to me as a one in nine games she's said desks ran Merrill Oster regular season game and if fell like for about sixty years there. Hideous as this is like that this is positioned to surprise you I can't imagine it is you had you seen this come on the last year. Yet we did you know on Tom. We we felt like this year going to a that we were going to be achieved. That that people what happened racquet went along the way you got a lot of things really went went in our our favorite you know we. We were kind of a forgotten group of guys out there goes after the first three weeks and achieved and they really just played out that we lost to two really good football he could orally on. And John arrogant probable but it's kind of you know trademark of Opel ball team that I coach told all of mark's staffers work whipped a match. Let's just get better as the season unfold and it doesn't matter where your right going to play all it just matters are your plight and when he didn't apply Oscar's gonna happen beat everybody. And not you know we just took advantage of fact that we continue to get better all it took we took. Are we at a special player kicking game it's always good real I'll talk to take a lot of pride. And not you know order in the play where in Egypt chipped in our. Really you're right you know on it was such a Cinderella run well Mort just magical run because I'll get it it would go. Two roster and beaten up. Number eight ranked team in the state the number seven right genes and tolerating that. You know we go play number two ranked team in the state number two ranked tolerating it probably did. And and plate number three ranked team in the state. And a number three right keep an Apollo rating on the road is they were literally. Walk or oil games. And six semifinal oil games and were able to get the win so you were pretty pretty healthy we're ready to go to sweet tea. It's coach knicks also module head coach of the Honda built tigers and number ten seed will play for the five A state title. Saturday 7 o'clock right here on WWL radio Christie Garrett myself coach Nelson Stewart. On the call that when you guys played Zachary Broncos on Saturday the team is very familiar here they've they've built this program up there near couple years ago. And they're no slouch you may even be I'm not gonna call underdogs at all I don't think anybody would at this point but you have to go through one more very good football team as you know coach. Yeah and I mean. That situation play you know set you should play really good genes. To win a state championship. You know what I. It on the beyond not a big fan of display. Spoken about oh lead topic we should all be back together. You know but one wanted to wanna go on fortunate circumstances. The split is. You know and and the good division side they. The select side that it did get by winning he wins another game your rejection. But it's still out. It actually inspired. I you do some meat partners go out and five straight weeks and I always thought that that made. Win in football championship so what would call me on the on the sport because you practice. 054. Weeks you have to play you know op. All the way to a holiday. Unity it's it's not big gains everybody. Gains. It's just going out of the glide the practice for four or not hampered a year. And it it seemed like job like a lot wrong continue to work well protected you. Cold weather weaponry whether. You know just give nor wrote habitable place and bar. Don't achieve that and toward make it tournament. And you know we're fortunate enough to be able do. Well coach CL one more game and I know it's never about one player here but one more game with with cuckoo Williams who is near guys is Alan Camaro one of the best players in the state he's gonna have a fabulous college career matter. Where he goes what can people expect watching the skit on Saturday. Obviously you know users. You can expected to have a lot Russian want to charge carried all probably. A lot arched out. It all accounts there are so great it was just about it. You know get you gonna go for 3000 all C as we put. Bit of doubt statistic that I have the problem is he averages a touchdown every six point one attempt she has the ball and tea. And so you know opting people gonna. You know I said this subset for awhile now. If anybody deserves to get match superdome war just to performance on the actual prep football and it's this kid because. These guys are generational. Type players that you're not gonna see a kid like beer or another twenty odd years. And not it's going to be a special night. You know I think all things being equal said this about our oil at all injury all we have sat. Man it's gonna be a special special man I know. When you release death. Few years ago you guys filled up about one side of the superdome it was is loud and dropping as I've ever heard and I imagine on bills and out to me at this week on C as a unit. Guess in a pact that once out of the superdome. Yeah we sold like tickets all right and so we're going back tomorrow. Ought to get another big allotment of tickets. Our you know our. A sense of video FaceBook night just the crowd of people. Waiting in line now on bail. To get tickets it wrapped around it wrapped around the school out into our walk a lot almost art died and not as system. You know it it's a regional one of the jobs that passion. Of the stand based Arabic. If you coached high school football you wannabe in the biggest and best environment that you could be with the opportunity to be successful. And that and open the roll call very short and own bill absolutely on the roll call. And so I was fortunate up to get the job that have great assistant coaches and just get employers applauding and great facilities. And non you know on goes where it should be should be in Egypt Egypt. Who coached always a pleasure talking Zia won last time. Good luck on Saturday going to be special night in the superdome for the on the tigers in the Zachary Broncos for state title. I appreciated by the Nazis Saturday night. All right Mary goes coach knicks also module. Humble tiger head coach and again they're gonna play for the 5:8 title 7 o'clock the scheduled kick off pregame 630. Right here on WW all radio WW dot com and Smartphone app Christian Garrick. But I played that one with coach Nelson Stewart of the Newman green he's moved down and I'll be on the sidelines for that one reversal role straight sets Dunlap you're sideline reporter Kristian garic. On play by play or turn to some college football tock little. Calls football playoff discussion Clemson and Alabama. Huge matchup a lot of people today talking and that. This may be the de facto title game. Most people have either Clemson or Alabama as the favorites in the title game should they win. We're gonna talk to Travis three your next senior analyst for bam. Now welcome back to the program. It into some college football playoffs and of course LSU the big bowl game on New Year's in Citrus Bowl against. Notre Dame's second Samuels played the Irish the last few years in bowl season let's bring on and Alex Hickey that big a Hickey on Twitter covering LSU football for SEC country dot com. What's up Alex is a big week for the SEC here with two teams in the playoffs than LSU getting that New Year's able him. Yeah. It. I felt right smothers they don't have this did you know yeah have a coach and they have a coach in the don't have the situation up in Tennessee they don't have to pay seven point five million dollars for their coach at him. Oh what's your take on law and all that by the way it was seven and at Tennessean in this for my money ridiculous overpayments that. A Texas San Ramsay an engine. About Cuba I wrote about that today com Lotto Lotto you amber. Sort of disappointed but well. C'mon are from reading it and 2015. And then even last year. Full time. It felt through although. Point fifteen I think was the only realistic. Shot where all sides are really talking. You know what whose job got saved from. In her idea sector's main. But yeah I mean they are in Tokyo. And Bieber and on the Internet and that the three of them combined. Make less money then Jabil picture's going to make. So you know you're you're getting far more bank here are. Two very talented coordinators. Ochoa signed the bill does this program around so. You know it's right I think they were wives. Not overpaid for. Especially that it's not the money is the ten year guarantee on that is pretty note in the. You know it is and I just. Look I guess in your Jumbo and summit is gonna pay and that much money coach college football you're gonna go I get it from his perspective. But you're sitting here at Texas and a and put forth little at least in this conference behind LSU and drama ends and Auburn right now I just. I don't really understand I know you got to try to take Sam's like used to grow and especially the fan base boosters they have over their bit. I don't know man this seems like it's not gonna work out well for how much money to pay engine. What I mean the facilities and it cleared up about. Eight should be more competitive. Car and I think it will be. You know give Moses the quarterback whisperer in Texas produces back. Prep quarterbacks but you know I mean it's built. Steeper the pain and you know as a chance state and with great Charlie like I Carter does include the Droid what the last guy and Banco edit projects met life. Hadn't thought about that exits disagree comparison with what backward. He does Graham agrees anyway apps it's got the look like. Two years ago now so yeah that. So Pope who. What you think about this I can not really a rematch and a few years that LSU matching back at Notre Dame here. And and a bowl game of Simon Citrus Bowl on New Year's Day Hattie Hattie see this talked. Well maybe I'm old book. A game against Saturday and ultimately hurt people. Calm it's just you know millions of people still. Watch that program palm. You know been in 1988 and one championship. And there's a certain order to worry you know those gold helmet when the whole. Did the light on all I mean comedy Catholic school even in the fatal movies era. You Notre Dame bite or other schools are you know like that there's just. It's up and Europe. Good spot kick off at. Noon on New Year's Day that it it's. It's one of the lead in the Ruble. My favorite line from your article was sure there's a perception this is a quote from your article. Now on SEC country dot com quote sure there's a perception that the fighting Irish are only a big deal for old bogeys. But also gives Fox Network TV decision replay eyeballs paying attention to LSU for again that airs on ABC and quote I loved up club that Alex spot on. I think it's charming like you know that that was probably. Written specifically about. So. I felt he had a lot of on the report ignore. It we are doing here so it's a good opportunity. Sort of build the brand ago people along you know hey here's what Cotto on turning around after disastrous start and these men and there will be no Rio or so. Up by making pal well well. Especially where the September. Tremendous. Wit and he's brought you. Well bowl you know the second straight year there would be their field figured it here because. It is in New Year's Day game. Dan don't care whether you're six biggest union on New Year's. Is Keogh plan as a coach Joseph says he is still with the trends big time prospects first round talent out there sitting out bowl season of course keep coming off the surgery doesn't really make sensor and plans. I I have. I don't know I was in the business of predicting certain he'll grew at a era but certainly it's not one. Should be in. You'd never know and alms. I IE. I don't know that with art he I can't say with any. Conviction whether he will player or are you going either way just as easily. Column I do you believe that period guards certainly going. So as far as the other superstar with a substantial. Idea who he's done very. Talking Alex sticky covering LSU football for SEC country dot com right here on dole coverage shed the because football playoff is set not without controversy like week. Expected but the two SEC teams in Georgia and Alabama and boy that meant Clemson Alabama game most people it's kind of becoming the storyline here now. And in all California for 48 hours is that that's kind of the de facto title game I think that's a discredit to Oklahoma in particular and certainly Georgia remain in the SEC title game that. Focusing on the Allen here Alex. How do you think Dallas plays out is should Clinton be the favorite I think the door is open Alabama one point favorite. I it means you'll get two years. It's been a pretty dead even battle so. It now. Fitting that we yet edition. Of the game and you are like. You know on the first Iraqi leaders on I don't know. What again we aren't the squad in Alabama. I don't think Quentin should be. The white paper. Com yeah are your views but. Backing up. And I mean they've they've. Well it's like the best team in the country. Don't from the beginning in November on. So poll. I expect a close game but yeah I would think. One and should be. Slightly favored in the game because I think they have. Predicting it an advantage their front seven. Expelled. Now I I agree Alex and I think this might be kind of a show me mama isn't so few of these with the dominance in this conference the last decade that. For some reason with all these injuries Alabama goes in there and they get shelled. By Clemson is going to be a lot of people nationally questioning okay with a resume that Alabama had may be everybody was right and ammunition and gotten into this thing. Yeah I don't know if he's done there obviously. Will be made partner early on. I don't think anybody's going to. At all in Columbus got bitten off but. It could be where people are now. See from note if you can't perspective. If you travel agent running back from Jennings goes off again held. I am sure there will be more than auto you've been going why. There's that means remain the biggest are more years. Recruiting class. Hours guys they thought they were gonna get in didn't. The Dallas seeking counselor that big a Yankee yearly appreciate time and it's going to be fun bowl season and on into the playoffs in January. Oh. Are avid college but thanks talk to get our. Radios out seeking covering osu football for SEC country. Dot com what he's thing. About this these four playoff in really relishing Notre Dame. McAllister noted that Marlee do. I units that attempts and ten win season grants and keep star Natalie said mid season Christian and I disagree a bit. Today. The big big game kind of feather in the cap of coach Joseph and his coaching staff and a force for for our first full year. Of the coach Joseph regime. We're coming back also tell you why sink this cause the ball system is completely broken and I'm over just out there on Sunday and before I went to the superdome watching the saints and then. Late at night after I got back from that saints game. Watch and a great Sunday night's game Eagles. Everybody thinks or thought they were the best in the conference going to play. Team never really previously thought the last two years the best in the conference the Seahawks on Samantha McManus is. It's great this is. What football and in sports professional sports kind of is all the ballots teams. On the field late season. Playing for playoff berths of big time games big time athletes. In games that matter in games two counts. This is made me think about. The broke system the the outdated distill BN. System we have in college football still. About that for a minute. In college football. Still. Today in 2017. Even though we have five major conference is now a great football going on. In all corners in this country big time billion dollar industry. We've got. A few. Men and women big wigs and suits. Sitting in a conference room in the hotel. And most of those people. Our alumni I Ford certain schools that are involved are athletic directors are commissioners. For certain conferences. Since then there debating on which teams they would like to see in the post season. Playing for championships. What in the world tennis system is that. Can you imagine the if the NFL had that system. If we are gonna put X commissioners in Sharjah deciding if the saints deserve the playoff berth. It's terrible bad system.