College Football Changes and World Cup News

Wednesday, June 13th
We talked to Ross Dellenger on his article on Kristian Fulton and his suspension by the NCAA plus, the US won the rights to the 2026 World Cup. What does this mean for the US?

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To our Su and we've got a great hour for you ross' Dillinger who used to cover LSU. For the advocate but he got a big promotion. He's a Sports Illustrated now. And for the first time as a member of Sports Illustrated staff talked Ross dodger here in about ten minutes about Christian Fulton he wrote in. Outstanding. Piece today and SI dot com about Christine falcons last ditch appeal. To the NCAA is he feels a two year ban. After Fulton last year in February of server Tony seventeen. Attempted to use another person's urine during a drug test. You got caught doing that by and the person administering the test and the NCAA has basically no tolerance policy it is a two year ban. Real and that just the second also the NCAA they have now a new rules for a ensuring that I think. It's it's a good thing great thing until you widest segment as a public sector got to get to an 870. 870 apparently the power's been out in gluing the entirety of willing. About an hour hour and a half a couple of techsters saying please let everybody know. They go sorry about parrot they're not sure what's going on him Gagne reports try to check that out. Russ talking about the magic spray seed. From the soccer players and trainers have started in a geyser mean literally. Terry off on stretchers they spray him with this stuff and then may hop right and go out personal to faking injury what they're doing. Trendy yellow and red cards and other team but apparently. This is exactly what the spray is section 985 Seth the magic spray is ethyl chloride topical anesthetic. Skin refer drugs. Controls pain associated with muscle spasms. Intrusions. General discomfort after five knee surgeries my doc figured I knew how will plot. That's Joseph emperor. Tim go at what was that. Energy's website that there should be assortment and vehemently cool thank you so that's an update for everybody out there and -- sorry about that I know. How much that's a bummer. First slowly gets in there really easy story here involving the NCAA and that is. The NCAA revised their rules for a redshirt Ian now you can play up to four games. In a year and still not lose your eligibility. Footballer talked about this is greats that this is fantastic. Because no longer. Will you have these early season decisions. About hey. Against the northwest college of eastern Texas can't I play my freshman quarterback and get him a few staff Syrian road game situations. It actually do that now any news that four different times and still not lose a guy's eligibility this is greats. For every program across the country but you know what's even better for. It's better for the major programs. Who had such a a depth of talents. The you've got some really good freshman players who want to play right away they don't want to. Red shirt in the old system went to sit out a whole year. They want. Wraps they want playing time. Well coach go lower Nick Saban. Anybody else can do here. Yes you play those guys early on in the season series they give you actually on the field. And you think you can't lose that production you think they'd been proven himself on a college football level. We'll play if not. We set them out and then you can apply that redshirt. This is greats. I don't often say that decisions by the NCAA are good dip but I don't see a lot of bad and the misses one. I really don't see any bad surface level from this decision now. So think about that this would have applied last year with miles Brandon. It played in four different games and I know we got some reps there but he could've gotten major action in four different games. I think coach Joseph could have made that decision did all I have to be early season games by the way it's four games anymore. Great may NCAA great stock to Sherman on the North Shore you away on the Sherman go ahead. Parties agree and they work. College particularly. It hurt by the rule change because. Oh. So or years or your. And that they want going to college or more acute. Oh. And it all. Year. I years. Keep this is a problem even longer develop. No that's that's a fair point I guess the reason I do not too worried about that under the old rules yes Sherman absolutely the that's how. You've got these big time pressure to come to LSU or Alabama. Or Texas or anywhere really at a major program Ohio State USC. Those kind of programs but it's what the new rules here. I don't see why there's any reason they say okay your pressure yet or you're gonna get playing time here. If you promise somebody you're not gonna redshirt him OK you don't you do you want redshirt him. But I edit is. Eight for the majority the vast vast vast majority. Of incoming freshmen who all have a very high aid. Self evaluation themselves read they all think they can play on the college football and well whether they can or not. You now are able to evaluate them longer so you'll have the edge case the bit. Five star guys which there are a lot of them we get there is miss normally got. A 105 star guys in the state of Louisiana are all known LSU it's not gonna have a couple of those each year. And blows each year. But for the rest of those freshman now you have an opportunity to see them live game action and then make the evaluation. And I think that's a truly think that helps everybody. Especially the big time programs. Really do that's that's a good point chairman that their are some promises made to the elite freshman absolutely prohibited point there. That hey you're not going to be registered it that's why you should come here you're going to play right away you play a one of the best programs in the country. And get some big time explosion that certainly will still happen. But look. Bush freshman where I can be red shirt today Lewis if they're the elite of the elites. A top. Twenty top fifty got a player they're gonna Richard anyways. Take a quick break here we come back with Ross Dillinger and we're gonna talk about Christians for me LSU quarterback who is suspended last year. For using somebody else's urine sample during. A drug test he was caught doing this in the NCAA. NCAA came down hard with the two year ban in full effect. Well Christian Fulton is appealing this. And Ross technology brought to light some very interesting parts. Of this appealing Christian full news story given that next very fascinated sticker on a promise you're earlier this. Well there and LSU fan or not. Russian soldier next on double coverage. New Vanilla saints' training camp but it's some LSU news and NCAA football news until it is changed their red surety rules you can now play four games in a season I think it was great. And not lose your Richard eligibility. And we told you that it's LSU quarterback Christian Fulton was suspended last February after. Tampering with the drug tests using somebody else's urine for Sony was caught he was immediately suspended her immediately after shortly there after suspended for 24 years per the NCAA is. Really strict policy on this well ross' Dillinger who's now it's Sports Illustrated wrote a great piece detailing Christian forums. Appeal of this go into the legal process. And trust Dillinger joins us now ross' first of all welcome men and congratulations. On such a huge move for you I'm sure Sports Illustrated man how's thousand men that it's only been one week couple weeks. Yeah it's my third week's a it's been great so far sighted. Yeah are you still over in Baton Rouge still had courted there'd yet to go somewhere else. Or. Who'll know well look yup great insights here to a story straight out of Baton Rouge. And increase in full in the quarterback and eat the appeal process here is. Is very intriguing and it sounds like you think. He might have a pretty strong case here win its chain of custody is Aaron. Right yeah. It quickly communicate to include Bernard it is unusual. You know Christian pulpit and if you'd tried to keep drug test. Not knowing what they're casting for it and he actually passed the drug debt but he got caught cheating in the middle of the and that ought to Mexico that two year in gate suspension. Used to be just one year. They've paid trip that two years. Including twelve. End of each one of them. Only here you know probably the part one of the only. Dick about it though fall or India. Tokyo and Stanley Park lawyer. Challenging CAA. They're filing with caller reconsideration. The appeal and appeal fail burning. It so reconsideration. Means that kind of their their act in the NCAA to reopen a case based on new evidence in it you weren't out there there's new evidence that. Came from a forensic lab. Study indicate who ruled that it was an issues so there and it's Friday you know. They're trying to reopen the case but the big thing here. And have been an important story was. The big house stringent back. Optical. And I understand then seeing today protested. It is a serious matter and failing to protect Syria Cuba. And you can feel attractive you you're suspended one year in cheated your stated to increase in case he. He cheated on. Try to achieve it but. But. Actually it's instantly pack the cat. There was just it's a weird sort. Yeah I feel like I guess in many aspects of our live via the cover up may be actually worsened the crime here in your racquet. Two years and you've had a great job can carrying. That band compared to other sports Major League Baseball the NFL right this goes way beyond pretty much anything else in American sports at least. Right. You know be be killed they. Keating rules of course when it comes to drug test and they are all pretty much the same city. Are counted as a positive tests in whatever that Italy for positive test here. They get. In the NCAA. Is not like that there they're punishment like more severe that it will be twelve they should and its so. That the crowd packed epic crux of the matter is is that. You know kind of why is this as strictly a penalty. You know players are given. Five years of political scene in India. Particularly 50%. You know what he would. Kids eligibility. Certainly restrict. Talk to Ross Dillinger here on double coverage he's a college football right now for Sports Illustrated. And do you think that that this case will have her Marie impacts on in this policy with the NCAA that they're gonna take a look at this. After that well certainly the exposure it's gonna get now that you wrote about and and Sports Illustrated. You know. Predicting an NCAA. President. I don't like the theory is that right now you know with with they're viewed tea. They're they're they're made up of school president McCleon administrators and the committee probably. Different people from different schools. And you never know Kyra how are gonna rule and you know archer this'll get. You know a pretty good about engine. I don't have already it is urgent usual case there's such a strict penalties it seems may be unfair but given its situation. I'll and so you know I by the family is is hopeful. I think that kind of preparing for the war. I'm prepared progression to today would lose its this year Tony kaine. It's incentive like you've been sets too strict held Il overbearing I think is another really comes in mind it. How rare is a business happening fairly frequently is this pretty rare this type of man. Well the secret you mean. Duke of similar cases where. It is caught cheating drug testing. They could you mean number but they did say it was very frequent. Indeed pretty Rainier. Which again goes back supportive then why was stripped and it's going to in the tilting toward. So I'm sure that happened sure it has happened. I don't think it's gotten much publicity. I think what happens is when you take away two years of acute eligibility he would junior. Certainly senior. The careers over so a lot of it is probably. Go. To it perhaps. Quit football. If they're young enough they go to junior college for either don't hear about you know. Yes or talk about Christian Fulton here's the quarterback for LSU suspended last year after tampering with the drug tests spent for 730 days or two years. By the DN CAA. And you know what the and I don't misquote your article or his parents who spoke in this article Ross or commit correct me if I'm wrong but one of the things they bring up here. Is that they don't believe that Christian Fulton received enough education about this policy. From LSU is that right date not that there there not. Bringing this legally towards LSU this is what the NCAA but they do it sounds like it may hold that program of the school would accountable here for the lack of education is that right. Right it's a weird deal. You know family the lawyer for the family. The other they're claiming the election he was an educated enough in depth that the big part of the reconsideration. They're filing. Is that you want an educated in oh. In a decade ago. Would be a letter to the city is you Chris suppose he did know. Of the penalty you know that he never educators to note the penalty. Debt. He also been. Issue properly educate. In that letter properly educate athletes and you know it was she provided. The document. They're drug education program. But so that that the a piece I think. This issue. And been done. I think the people in that story and sort have been. You know that activity per student. Athlete well being kind of was quoted in the story. You know. Don't personally blame the schools because. He would be in view but it's so there. These kids accountable board so much when they enroll 181718. Year old. When it rolled abort so much information so many rules that is right this is Earl. I think because overwhelm you by. Haven't said that. I think we now know who she. Won it yet and going to be tough for the kind of the NCA. Early. Yeah I NE we know another wrenching part about this is that he actually did the tests positive for marijuana that's why he was. Hesitant to give the test and would there have been a penalty for that they were just testing for PD's here are more worried about the the TH in a system. Right. Or rather be a part of that. He thought that was. Also included marijuana. Or he thought the test tested for marijuana to a speedy what did you hear the cookie would be so. Don't know. That would not have you were not at any penalty. And Ellen tutored though. And they do that we're for marijuana but as the NCA GO PT yeah. And again. Are. The threshold for Merrill on. Person sit them court should be considered. Pop. All you know is. Alive and he's HA Cho is change change I think a few years ago it change. This year raise their economy continues to change it all. Tackle which just. Oh weird deal. Years from now. You know at the state in the United States allow you know. And go what you know what we do. Yeah it's a very tangled web this story do you do a great job. Of laying out Ross who are up against a break congrats again on the your moved to SI and a great story here thanks for joining us tonight. Aaron Ross Dillinger at Ross Dillinger on Twitter. Find this story about Christian Foreman his appeal again on line. At SI dot com again in Sports Illustrated could break for news back with your calls and text on this issue next. Welcome mat face Ian Ross Dillinger. For joining us talking about Christian full moon's appeal of his two year ban from the NCAA. It's double coverage I'm Seth Dunlap and you know I have. First bunker so what do you think you're a lot of passion LSU fans and certainly and CE NC double if evil everywhere. You can weigh in 50426. So 187 he's the phone number what do you think about all us 5042601870. You can text me at 87870. My view on it I am very very conflicted on this. When I was reading this earlier today and and and thinking about this at back in my office and I really leaned back. Upper verbally I'll literally leaned back in just kind of crossed my arms must think about this. I may. Have to hold Christian full and responsible. For. Doing is sample are using it Odom diluted sadly you somebody else's tried to urine sample. And he was caught by the person administering the test. He threw it out. And he was forced to give his own urine and then it came back clean but because. He was caught trying to cheat. Well it's obviously no tolerance policy. I get that no tolerance policy can really do. You cannot. Allow. People. To. Literally in front of you to cheat the system. And get away with it now here's the other thing though he didn't get away with that. This is I think Ross soldiers hope what he did not get away with that he served a full year suspension. Already. Which would be in lion with a positive tests. To again he didn't test positive for this is negative the PDs. So we're back and forth on this because. I personally. Have. Little sympathy. For people who break Nolan rules. And expects. To get it either get away with it. Or have the system Biel are leaning on them however like in many aspects of our life here. The penalty just really doesn't fit the crime. It doesn't I think. And I don't want to venture off into. Political topics or societal topics but I think that most of us would agree that there are a lot of laws on the books out there. That are just way too restricts. Goes back to sell to people incarcerated in this country right we appoint pipes and the world's population incarcerated. At 3% of the world's population. So it's cooler here are we really can take away half of the kids' college career. Because of something like this I'm not saying don't punish him I'm not saying that he isn't culpable. But two years for this. I don't know. It's something I really have to think about I am really come up I guess with. Any concrete. Opinion of my own on us. Now Tim Zimmer. LSU fan even fondness for a year plus now Christian for the situation now the here this. And you heard from roster on your what do you think they think about us. I don't think he really has shot. Because I think when you're going against the NCA. You really don't have you know though he's what they did they at Seattle league they did and give the benefit of the doubt. I think he I think he serve the one year you know one year term against long enough. And analyses that as a redshirt but if he does get suspended for another year mean you're looking at him return his junior year he has and he's played like what four games and Alice career. He's argued via juniors so. Delegates are different they could go pro. After this is let's say the ban is upheld which I agree with you. But the NCAA history and because it'll set a precedent here they're probably gonna deny this. Now on May get appealed to illegal court and worked out there who knows little happen with that but that we'll probably have to work two ways through. For a long time here and again the season is approaching very rapidly. But I just wonder if it Christian folk who by the way he could have transferred to junior college somewhere. But he said he didn't want to and in this article from Ross doll should such a great in depth oral. The full family Chris import didn't speak himself for the spread his dad and I believe his mom did they said the reason that Christian wanted to Stacy wanted to prove everybody wrong and L issue. All of his detractors and people who came down on heartless and relating NCAA themselves. But if if you're Fulton and you sit out another year here. I just wonder anyone get drafted. But now and a tape in college. Would you go the undrafted route into the NFL or maybe over the CF also more house. That is taught and by the way this is credit default he's ready to graduate already this next may he's going to graduate. As. A as a junior so for your early so he's ready to do it so we did use this to get his education with a lot of guys don't. There is coming as it beat it beat it because graduate. He then has ability to track does once it is you know what's your senior graduates are graduate first for you can transfer and what are your memories from here. Played rubble. He's a local kids grow up and LSU fan this is the program he wanted to play for. Obviously not this situation. Do you feel sorry for him and all maybe that's their only to put a do you have sympathy or empathy form. And I feel like he's being judged too hard I'd say he's gaining on us to Hartley. I mean I understand that he failed drug test in the weight when about it. But I think he serves wedding was should be it should be a one your penalty I don't think it should be more than that the and it's still a drug test par I mean that's not the PV test from this was not a. Illegal substance test and a marijuana test he did have TH in a system and he says afterward as parents say. Well that's one of the reason twice for got a little but he thought this was. Aid band and a legal substance test. But it was. That's all this is very parallel to what we're seeing right now and is getting reversed across country with these draconian. Marijuana laws which Ross is right. We have what is only a dozen states now it's about ten can early actual number but are around ten states now have legalized recreational marijuana. And the other forty year show the do not. And the penalty for example in this state I know in the city of New Orleans they relaxed this a little bit. But in the state. He caught a certain amount of marijuana you're going to prison. For a long time. You cover the same amount of marijuana and Sanford Cisco. Portland Seattle Anchorage. Well nobody cares. Walking down the street. So yes I do. Often. Sympathize with people were I don't think. The punishment the penalty fits the crime here. I do agree that the second year seems very overboard for Fulton. Way overboard. We'll see what happens and that's certainly keep an act. Are gonna take a break when we come back or move on. Some early call have a we talked about. Last night. All of the United States. Was bidding for a very big national event. Point 161. And as they are gonna get it. Well they did. Huge events come into North American 22 point six what does that tell you next. So tell and I were sweat. Overnights. As us. The World Cup start this week actually starts and about twelve hours eleven hours or so Russia ands or Saudi Arabia kicks off. But when he 18 World Cup tomorrow morning 9 AM local time and then it'll be two weeks of pool play two more weeks of knocked out play and one half a champion. The previewed that yesterday. But World Cup news bigger today. For everybody here in the United States because we don't have a dog in this current fight. In the World Cup because. Bruce. Arena. And his cohorts inside the US soccer federation. Royalty. Blanked up. That whole process the last year Tony and get me started. On the firing and Jurgen Klinsmann and bringing in that retread okay. Number in fired up would mention that's old news but I'm still mad because this term kicks off tomorrow but the good news for everybody here are ten is. And 20/20 six. The United States no longer has to worry about qualifying. That's because North America officially today. Was awarded the 20/20 six World Cup. The United States Canada and Mexico. Would jointly host this. In various cities across those three countries. And it's about time. It is about time I cannot wait this is one of the biggest events on the planet's it's supposed to bring approximately get this real numbers here. Fifteen. Billion. With a B billion dollars. Fifty billion dollars. Here for hosting this into North America it's staggering it's incredible it's going to be. So much fun an eight years for everybody whether soccer fan or not and tam. First of all your reaction to this and then you may run out of the cities rose UBS. I think it's big for of the USA it's a civic for Mexico and Canada mom I don't know Freddie ado will be eligible for the awesome you know obviously you know he came in his six year old. He was studying do herself on my idea could be the head coach by then who knows in pretty good as my age. I think the keys in his thirties or in act. I don't mean I don't know who I know pulls it could be on the roster went. Right now you may have a complete overhaul the roster for us but I time I opposes will be in his prime too to be fun to be about thirty. 3031 ala known only net 278 years from now yeah now I'm ready so what are the cities for this. William RUS and Yasir here I think of citizens there's three Canada and there's three in Mexico the ones in the US start with Miami Orlando Atlanta Nashville. Cincinnati Washington DC Baltimore Philadelphia new York New Jersey. Kansas City closes one here's would be Houston and Dallas and in over in the West Coast against San Francisco Los Angeles so want to be there. They're all bidding to host or that we've decided that's a lot of cities. And it looks like he's the host cities are sixteen of them I guess that's where the there's going to be eighty games there's going to be sixteen cities. And that there's actually 23 that are being selected so they're gonna break it down seven more with regard got you exodus 23 right now. They're gonna cut seven government looks like they're probably keep at least. Two points and Mexico's candidates Hillary absolutely. Sort of the ones in Mexico and Canada. Gotta be Toronto or at Toronto's one bad Edmonton and also Vancouver and Montreal. And then bring Mexico they have moderate com Mexico assuming. Mexico City and I can't say this because I'm terrible mismanaged. While a drop in Guadalajara Guadalajara for a bit lot of our. Once Alan I was and it's over on the West Coast. What's great is 20/20 six we ought to worry about Trinidad and visit Tobago ports of bog goats Tobago aren't by biggest today net. Not to worry about them. They're probably won't be and it does because we already have three teams from conference or yen well I think the I believe. That they actually reduce the number of available goods elsewhere and you'll still have fracture bids available in the CONCACAF I think that's out network's content cap I think at four bids this year and I think. Australia knocked off one of the for the fifth period that the top cap that. Austria actually won it in the playing game yeah I believe I could be wrong about this but I read somewhere that bill allow a couple of either one or two more bids from CONCACAF because of this because you're right. The United States Mexico and Canada again and gobble up three of those bids. Refund this is tape the one of the biggest tournaments and by the way best tournaments in the world. And hopefully places like Houston Nash will. Get this is guzzle we close relatively close season would be. And on their watch some of us are New Orleans was initially part of the city bit here but they got axed out towards the end of the bidding process the bomber. Really no outdoor facility. That would be able to host this unless you somehow turn Tiger Stadium over in Baton Rouge. Into. A soccer fields couldn't. That. Had just in make a lot of sense I'm also hearing that there actually gonna make me terminal bigger there's going to be 48 teams. And this term it when it comes the World Cup and I think we have thirty this year. Think 4830326. The F 32 this year really so they're expanding the field. Interest in what was the final vote this. I don't think it was close it was United States in Morocco. With a file two year and just it remind everybody what happens. With the 20/20 two vote for years ago. The United States and Carter were the final two. Bidders on Dennis butts because at that time it was a kind of a backroom process of resist the fifa executives. In fact decided that the final bid the well they awarded to cutter everybody's don't want the world have been here he goes you the United States. That a great bid. And all the sudden they find out bribery corruption. And much people what to gel because that so no longer are the FISA executives in some smoky back room. Making the decisions they'll open it up to public vote for all of the member nations here. Limits every nation man in the world plays soccer oh as a mild attempt USA at Auburn 34 votes Morocco at 65. And there was one vote for none of the bids I think that was artery that working it all I think it's because they Evan and now aligns with the now I'm makes cents a little conflict of interest among them. So there's decks in the Bible foretell is going to be sixty games in the US ten games and each Mexico and Canada. Maria I'm excited super excited and I will be. One of probably very few and our audience. They'll be watching a lot of the World Cup. Yeah anybody report them mr. elements welcome you on for about that's got to me. Is I kind of pulling for Mexico here. I I am I know there are huge rivals I'm all for somebody to talk to cap so either co streaker Mexico it's never gonna happen. I mean what we've always put fifa your place is to Portugal just an electorate nor sister. So I mean Portugal be one of the teams up pool where I don't think they really have a shot I thought I did find it weird that Spain. Of fire their manager today or would they items out it was really high that is odd. I guess I'm also kind of an Argentina fans that led to see messy when one agree best player in the world always been that for about the last half decade or so. It's a weird a lot of people especially your socks and don't why don't lancer and from Mexico not really rooting for them but it's kind of like Ed bowl season Tim. Pure and LSU fan or in the regionals your kind of pulling for other SEC teams right. Come on with this conversation before. I mean if candidate was it and maybe but I'm not sure I'm toppled from Mexico. And I don't because three guys and he's not so much of the people entering the Caribbean teams. I'm hopeful for maybe the south American teams like Argentina yeah maybe I think for isn't it they are. Maybe those teams I'm not gonna pull for Brazil pulled from results like pulled for the Yankees had a. Now it's going to be Brazil or Germany and this ICF file these two powerhouses. We'll take a break here coming back to wrap of the hour next hour got to go on for rent a talk about the summer of LeBron. And also talk a little more seats minicamp Andrew don't WW LTV. Quick little break here back wrapping up the hour I'm Seth stomach. This is double coverage on WW. So far this is terrible if you're wondering won the world misses. This is the official. Russia 2018. World Cup song. Now. Yeah alike at all so usually at least theme songs are actually pretty good secure had a couple of them. Love me some security. To bring get hammered on South Africa is probably. My favorite one. But this. Is bad. Tim George check with the energy traveling reeling Sodini a couple of text wondering what's going on with the power outage there. As they set on our web sends Gary back up on a couple of hours he's in need of Entergy a call try to get that update for you here in just a little bit. Again Los people out in the ruling without power right now. But here saints fan you've got one more day to get out to saints camp at the option of sports performance senator. To receive them the pending whether an hour hearing and seeing it rains a possibility tomorrow should just keep an eye out and and keep those same sorts on Italy you know if practice gets moved indoors you will not be able to go. Watch them but if it's outside been tomorrow from 11 AM to about 1 PM you can get out there and watch the saints had many camp delay in at 1015. As gates opened 45 minutes before practice. And can take photos and there's food and beverages human adult beverages beer experts out there. It only takes videos we got all the details online at WW dot com. And again if you want to get alerts that they cancel saints OTAs will tech set out tomorrow morning I am sure I am not a better lead. It's text that out quick so I am up early to cover saints routier's. But was SATA for the same sex alerts sect storage sports 87870. And you signed up there. Tomorrow on sports talk with Bobby and Christian they are going to be out of saints camp one more day that's where they've done their show. The last two days there has player interviews the talk to Sean Payton and you'll hear deuce and a Bobby's expert takes. From saints camp on got a lot of saints news online right now. At WWL. Dot com and a three or four stories up about two days. A saints camp want from me about the defensible line embracing big expectations. Steve Geller road peace. About Kurt Coleman the news saints safety crushing got a Susan notes there from. All the seats minicamp today in check all that out a WW dot com ending get all the stories inside the new radio dot com map grab that your App Store. I don't take a break for news stick around we've got a great our number three we're gonna talk. LeBron watch the summer LeBron it is on word as LeBron winds up a.