College Bowl Preview

One day until the College Bowl season kicks off, Seth previews all the bowl games plus make picks on each game.


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Payload Bakken the show our number soon talked a lot of NFL and our number one. So our focus to college football because bowl season is here. Anderson gets started so early now but the New Orleans Bowl. Here starting tomorrow Troy it seemed then a lot of LSU fans will be very familiar with. After their stunning upset of the tigers' early in the year they're back to take a non north Texas. In the Grambling against North Carolina a and see some of the games here. I'm excited said this. And a report in or you're gonna have a David Kenya on them up and about. About five minutes or so. People are saying that the culture abominable season as watered down and you shouldn't reward teams. Who goes six and six on the year ago sub 500 in the conference with these extra games split. I don't mind at all like it's entertainment. We gotta remember that rates. Sparsely at this level this is entertainment for us. And what's more entertaining over these three weeks of holiday is the more football I'm earlier to complain about that come on. I realize not a lot of people are gonna go watch the rate com media Camellia bowl. Do you know that was the thing attempt but the so far market or the bad boy mowers desperate global car stuff. Ellison stood up Melissa some of these bowl names sorted and the games are gonna talk to like us that reflect daily canyon national college football writer for Bleacher Report breaking down all the games. We saw the in the games and were intrigued by and also Jay Cicero president and CEO. Of the greater New Orleans sports foundation about that New Orleans Bowl about the true will also. But I guess I just told Jill there's also the the rate com media familiar boulders the guild in New Mexico Bowl. It's always great how about the bad. It was an army this sort of crazy the bad boy mowers. Gas per billable. There's something that is a total lie in the Bahamas and there's some teams they get a gift basket from the dollar and well. I don't involve themselves so this this LSU Notre Dame their players and their staffs are getting gifted. PS fours as part of the gift basket right. What do you didn't for the Dollar. General bull yet like dollar gift cards and they can maybe 200 dollars gift card look. I don't Lleyton do not take this the wrong way everybody. I'm not he's non people who shop at Dollar General I have been known on a budget to go in and buy in on the one dollar. Paper towel and stuff I don't mind that Buffett. Really no visible sponsorship poorly rather go lewis' go down some of these president. There's the celebration bull rally sponsored by AF far. But nobody's watchable behind me. V are you for real celebration or AF forums and some there. We told the guild and New Mexico Bowl. You the one for the bulls is actually not sponsor right now. Just the Las Vegas ball which you'd think you'd be like this showgirls. Planet Hollywood Las Vegas foolish of me it's not. And parcel was trying to sponsor of the bulls and they almost they want to add you know credibility with global artists and they turn to now I don't know what to feel about bar stool how to feel about parcel. Reynolds over the top from Maine. How about the pop buys Bahamas bull. Opens both bombers like pop now this one actually makes sense the famous Idaho potatoes ball. I believe that's in Boise. So that kind of makes sense right they do have a critical mass but it I gotta make sense. Now this and also make sensible Lockheed Marten Armed Forces Bowl will be San Diego city its army Lockheed mar and obviously defense contractor. Known mainly. For there are planes. And engines. Dollar General Bork does Zacks v.s hard in Dallas won't. The academy sports and outdoor sports it's a stint as there's no action and that's just the academy sports and outdoors ball. Thus new durables aqsa played in Yankee Stadium which is kind of a weird name because you know and yours baseball cap. But I think it's a pretty good it's a pretty good view of your planning yankees dating. So my eight Washington State Cougars are. So is this is the holiday ball right it's like one of the big time balls out in San Diego. But now it's not just the holiday ball. It is the SD. CC you holiday able. Think that's with a view credit union bowl OK I get that bill when your promoting this nationally. One in the world is a local credit union. You know I mean imagine this is millions of dollars here to sponsor audible. It's have a the nova home loans Arizona ball I guess an auto home loans at an Arizona out of that you know. Property values have taken a plunge. I did not know the fiesta bowls now sponsored by PlayStation 2 got a fear him PS fortune out on. The Buffalo Wild Wings citrus ball. I found out about that one obviously new sponsorship. There's no sponsor for the rose wolf thank goodness for that. No sponsor of the Outback Bowl. And of course the Allstate Sugar Bowl which we think that that's kind of weird so I. It's just been ingrained in me for the last decade that it is the Allstate sugar will not just the sugar what I think that is a sponsorship in orbit and this. Responses by the way. All those people are great and I'll just Conley were there at the Allstate Sugar Bowl. He also sponsors are prime natural Bausch. I don't know what's the craziest it's gotta be bad boy and a bad poison mowers. Gaspar a global. But Sweeney and Florida international. And temple that will be next Thursday December 21. Hit only two bowl games on my birth there was somebody that. Yet the pop eyes Mohammed is bull and the famous Idaho terrible next Friday. Pop eyes bulls always crazy like that three years it's getting as it is it's always integrated that a thing I know once he came back rights when he won the last five minutes couple years ago one. It does he was there chicken. Because c'mon man. Accumulate. Five piece. Dark meat spicy. Mashed potatoes. Remains a man. Pelicans up 58 to 46 on Denver at halftime take a break. We are back. And we'll talk to David canyon national console war writer for Bleacher Report dot. That was earlier today Christian induced with Jay Cicero thanks for that interview and thanks Jay and I lost a secular Christian says and thinks that you know left for all they do here for. Sports and our city and our city in general putting and on the may happen. Including its pristine only on the map in so many great great ways. I won't take a break here seven. Are now going to make our bowl picks for the year I enact some revenge on mutiny because. It out of Somalia. You. Mishap would come back and our prep football pick it was a team draft challenger last came back and actually won that thing so it's my turn to enact some revenge on you. I'm used to being yeah I'm IU solutions is so skill here we've got out Wanamaker MIA. Bold prediction in the bad boy more mowers maneuverable and I know lots about this boy also liked the a rate com media Camellia bowl. And the guild New Mexico bull and I was also reminded that said the rules will indeed it does have a sponsor. It's just not the to some front as Northwestern Mutual it's the Rose Bowl sponsored by Northwestern Mutual it's not like the Northwestern Mutual rose at some but in the name ever get a sponsor now. Present you know what I'm surprised doesn't have a sponsor. Suitable. It's going to be like the big guy to those who rule sued the Bud Light Super Bowl. And you're screw ball. Come and probably done. I will make our picks coming back next. I rights you know make some college football bowl picks serious full season kicks off tomorrow. Pelicans blowing a big lead there were ahead by double digits most. Of this basketball game now lead by just five and I cringe every time I see dots is a Cunningham on the court. Do reduced to seven here on the night one of four from three. We have Dante Cunningham June 4 threes in this game including. I them critical three year and fourth quarter I mean last recession Darius Miller but there's those corporate. Well Darius Miller after he started three to three he's actually over his last three including ode to. From behind the arc a draw is gone off against 45 points for drew 1017 from the floor. Eighteen for Davis sixteen for cousins. They got their Big Three. Roland I remember. Since Rondo has been inserted back in this lineup coming back from the injury. Holiday is averaging well over twenty points a game and areas again. Five point lead though for the Pelz. And I make it a simple it was like there was a time our Phelps well last. The last dunked by the nugget so seven point lead 8881. We talked about this during the open that this is. Begin though be overstating it but certainly transitional wise it's. It carries some weight here in this conference. The nuggets fifteen and thirteen. The pelicans fifteen and fourteen so with a win here and the nuggets in the five seed they would. They would flip flopped basically. Pelz would go Barca back on top of the nuggets and given that five seed early early. Way too early to talk about seeding but it's critical nevertheless okay Timmy you're ready for this. Rick do little bowl pick him. RI out of the air force reserve some music behind this recent good music any kind of music. But high in this because that's great names here the air force reserves. Celebration ball Grambling State North Carolina eighteen tee. Eight AT&T ANC. Government they Grambling and and they won their last eleven. They are nineteen and they all time in bowl games but they grab. Our pro of these teams kind of division to a two that are not technically division I schools. Flagrantly just does that from state. I Troy gets north Texas how could take against Troy what they didn't say before. It. I'd take it sure is well Troy hit they can win eleven games if they win this game ironically they lost after coming up at LSU game which is the Los on towards lost. Coming off Dallas again I think it was the south Alabama. Jorge stayed against west Kentucky in the AutoNation curable not take Georgia's state for no other reason then. It's George state. If I don't know who's to any unit I don't know who pick I just deal with on the mascot like the health toppers in western and yeah I. I'm not look I am not going to pretend that I am. And David canyon or somebody who knows the ins and outs of all these bowl games and I can see here no idea like that I don't know Allen pumping in Georgia State Boise city and oriental Las Vegas Bowl I do know Oregon looks lost their head coach. It's Florida State's in organs not the same team like Boise State here in this and I do Boise State. What they're fans of fall away off the bandwagon by the way as so hats of people who. Cover boys he stayed up per radio stations up there in the count at this point with the fan base this year but. Give me the Broncos here. In Las Vegas one of the wise guys comity Boise State something Wednesday some point underdogs in this figured has that are you know probably Gil New Mexico Bowl. Colorado City it's martial look altitude here matters Colorado State I like him go to Mexico gimme Colorado say. I like they heard this one Jimmy Marshall. Can you take them Arctic six I was the winner take martial okay. Have a middle Tennessee against Arkansas State in the rate com media Camellia bull. And are in the room here it was Obama about the candidates give a middle NC state oh a Milton C rather prominent at this is I'm taking all the road teams so far. John Brady was the coach Arkansas State so give me Arkansas State just because of that OK I like John Brady out of the Boca Raton well how can I pity it's a Florida team in this on gimme Florida Atlantic over Akron. I think Florida Atlantic they're not Al supported national correct I'll take orally and it just because you know they're broker. My home away woods poker. Bracelet Booker at son Tony Stark reality like toderat mono let's look at Booker and what is their mass killer whale looked up their mascot from Earl quick was Florida planet's mass I should know this. I'm kind of debate the snake but armaments and kind of the mascot man no he's looking that up next up is the first Goebel. Louisiana Tech against SMU. How could titles out there on the outside to. I got a ticket gets a Louisiana team to me. And a lot tech C Yemeni opposite you know I don't want to see it was in a team win in this one so give me yes and you give it must OK the one we've been waiting for. All the morals here on the back had boy mowers Gaspar billable. It is Florida international. Against temple I look I am so far I've picked all. Visitors here the lire in the the white uniforms so I will continue to add trend and take a fight you. Elect als again in this one side and took Florida Atlantic and take canals again and temple cult like temple how about the pop eyes Bahamas bull man we've yet. The University of Alabama Birmingham against. Ohio that would be. Ohio not Ohio State and Ohio I like I'm gonna go gets the and you may Ohio. I don't think there's a loser in this game because it's in the Bahamas. I had to pick a team I'll take Ohio because they've been and they've been playing football longer than you Arabia. You Libya because the first year coming back from art you know when they were down. The famous Idaho potatoes bowl is CN you against Wyoming. A Toledo central Michigan in this and I I don't I don't whining about Wyoming just Felix and two missed and they easily winnable game here and there and that's the ultimate remember. Wyoming might have a top ten pick their quarterback's number on wild. Last one here Birmingham bullets Texas Tech against. Another Florida team South Florida. All Florida some extra to get support team in bowl season you're gimme USF. Moment Senior Bowl I like you USF and this and only because I can't see Texas Tech. When it and I don't like Texas that they're not a very they're they're terrible defensively and I and I'd there'll offense. South Florida's actually did pretty good this year they would Holler there they would wonder actually conference for the loss net. Conference and on the world your W two gone deep dive here on Texas Tech and USF I just out for a pretty good defensively. Okay. Number believe you know more about the scam and I'd do I. Take a break here up tells that many six. 88 and about six and a half seven minutes left slope that you on that continue to make our bowl picks here it's double coverage on WW.