College baseball preview and legal troubles for Reuben Foster

Deke & Kristian preview the college baseball season with Kendall Rogers of, then talk about the bullet the Saints may have dodged by not drafting linebacker Reuben Foster.


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Rock and roll our three. Sports talk here on the slim negro law. Deke Bellavia Kristian garic here. The lines open at 50426018. Semi tech's 8787 if you missed it. Last hour Andre Dawson major league baseball hall of Famer join as a shooter that probably they 7 o'clock hour replay of really good. Stuff from the Hawkins on their baseball class Andre Dawson baseball classic beginning Friday. There were sixty here in New Orleans morning always through the weekend. Chemists some of the stories you heard from the hall an outcome of this hour Kendall Rogers LSU opened the season Friday Saturday and Sunday. With a three game homestand against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the tigers look to do little different this year. Brutal action at such a veteran league and team that took them all law really Egyptian game. A champion series appearance at the end of losing. Fall and that ball game but man what do memorable year was for the ultra tigers are gonna have much more youth on their side. Albeit talented. LT tires this year but not them I'm Michael appears he now guys like col Freeman etc. And also Greg indictment and had those guys anymore but man is still very talented talented Ellison baseball team. Well yeah Christian unity get that the key companies from new you ought to him by the excited about and Daniel Cabrera hit it. It is truly wanted to at the Angel how they've managed to hand because I thought I like sometimes you know just like you have a outgoing class it's. Pepper with some some you know better plays get together and they had a good you know good economic chorus and they've played over the course a few years go back to that. Ryan champ Lance and in any other thing is that we will who's come in together now. And now they develop. How they how they missed together with the personalities on the field. Their body of work together and that's what's that's what's fun about have a allowed you now yeah I would at least some you know bumps and bruises that out earn it. But hey it's like nation Africa which one made mistaken for a game. With the patron heiress of the but that's a part of you that then there's the kind of happens that you hopefully you learn from it in and make you better the next them make them. Ellis you replacing their entire Friday Saturday Sunday rotation and pitching staff they lost their walk last year to Tommy John surgery Zach tested BMX Caleb Gilbert. Could be your Friday night's starter and Sunday could be up in the ever speaks right Dana Cabrera that guy out coming in from New York's highly. Thought of trash from big guy six foot six completely out Phil can hit. The bile the ball mile also conducive pitching coach pulmonary telescope weeks ago that likely gonna start them off as a hitter. But he gets what's pitching now this is what College Baseball star to go to that two way player you sell mobile doing a couple years ago. On the word to those scholarships are so coveted that didn't get a dual. Players that can pitch for our Friday. And in plainclothes positioned for on Saturday and Sunday and and throughout the week that's year coming into for one deal I think that's what the ultimate goal for Daniel Cabrera will be. All note no doubt about it and you know you know will be how to coach Eric Christian now I don't know it might change the hugely. They like to have they like to have that Friday Saturday rotation at an idea. Of who it's got to be against Notre Dame and in May be you know you see it leaked out but usually. But it third day. It's second there we can't they chant they try to have it like OK this is what we got first it seems he series that is the mean it's gonna stay that way. But it had to have a good idea Indians like okay. Who the likely candidates that would be you know on the outside looking into the outback of mister Friday was up backups and it ends up back at Sunday. It's up appetite is treason we saw we saw of course there it's sometimes you know. He moved some guys around from the rotate so you you know it's go back then like that Forrest got beat over the which you're gonna get into the season began and yet the wait chips and things around but I don't at Notre Dame serious guts of people excited. He does he's the ability I'm crushing are simply coming back for Kendall Rogers. Managing editor for. Ellis shoot College Baseball next here on sports talk on W to do well. College Baseball right around a corner LSU opens Friday. Against Notre Dame in Baton Rouge the box. Joining us now Kendall Rogers managing editor for. Yeah you got it. Sort of a thought baseball and a. Known for the night down here in the east part from is is rocking and rolling kind of dominating but they'll quickly put that up outside. And focus on College Baseball starred on on Thursday for sure. Yeah absolutely should be a lot of you know she knows she's gonna open date look at notre date certain about a question mark partisanship. Lessor listless start right there kennel is it the weekend rotation. Had to replace all three of those guys as the as the biggest question mark. So napping when the team overall beat you put. Offensively did you a pretty good. Would turn just net Jeremy Antoine clintons are locked up. Probably going to be. A great players off work up high traffic in the this summer. Are they about equivalent on the mound and the with a question marks are and you know. This happened. Outscored. Cheer tocchet your walker opera the year Derrick walker really it's a lot of province a Puerto no latency Astor author. In Egypt are. And so in Europe might not leaking god certainly. You know back gets a chance to beat out of god. That kid that. You know he bureaucratic that is. Whose reputation as they close election so that over the remark that mr. starter court skilled Gilbert. Like him a lot. I developed back in a replacement copy usage in our biggest question Mark Peterson have to stop. But you know not at all we get it began altogether the aptly been got you into a particular chase but he knew what that we are back at all. That would account would kill your that it ought there you know relied too true freshman. What kind of shut the door to yet he's you know at least in oblique injury popped thought that would be the guitar work celeb. Titillating Canas Errol got. Does Missouri State ruled pretty good last year impotence is a pretty good heights and programs on arise one of the bulldogs have combat. Yet it would greatly solemn paper it's a team that certainly not in as a two part. On the murky Ebert of the season ending injury others so well on our partners are told the guy that. About a bird will be urged Europe to the summer. And truck for a while and got them of course treatment tomorrow it will. Try to get the bill so you Bergen. As we don't need any aggressive off Somalia beat. Out. They were last year so. Outlook on the B thirteen that got to realize that there be better the question at a becomes you know out of that pool pretty stacked up. Was that surprised elbow injury. Kendall what when you look at it you know friends as they called the parent not a Stony Brook who who who are some of those teams out there. That I liked it each year and why is it. Baseball produced that type of really opened play the away in the intimately you know three or teams have a shot at it. Where football is that look different the best outcome it level. When basically you know football baseball basketball school there all of the kind of the same blue in that particular sport. And the other schools that particular sport as well as scholarships and helping them go out. Yeah it request and I'll start the second part question optic we would debate on all the good people. He caught the ball. More so our street so to speak to baseball. Number one thing schools how to reload and I wondered if you do it once for a local bull but all these cool liberal out what went seven scholarships total. That you know let it looks like not a big operable program and our coastal. It was get it does this. Well. You know today that gorilla but hey leaking albeit national power football what is that star money baseball sport but it turned things around and so. Gary or a tremendous job and they happen you know what what I spoke with coast accomplished a lot speculators. And departments are a lot of burger out you know wicket opulent cages down there a lot he had like their work at it it certainly. I followed for the most part of what they're starting that are talent overall your anger out at stop Al Yemeni unity talk about. Oh this year's stop will have a some well doubt that it's some mystery about it didn't teach our circle that chip. To be really really this year and so. You know the other party your your questions. You know what was it. You know about a twelve or fourteen years ago College Baseball. Let the ability. To transfer whatever you wanted to Wear one and quite quickly got to do you know what what are. They're original gear and so when they made it to where I had to sit out a year. Went back into camp Q it's called Charles coastal ports that go to bigger per so. That'd help the the debaters can get a leg up and it would be seeing god proceed you know what. Yeah Atrix are working or else talked about actually have a one country or pro football basketball and baseball. Check Internet how much while long left the football idol a lot of great coaches do not want to write about. Is there a Kendall Rogers expert. College Baseball preview of the season Kendall which when you look at. Baseball we. ACC SEC big. The impact Leo. Those comments that the power conferences. It into from a football standpoint you have those whose cup which USA American athletic conference that it's always count like OK which commerce can produce. The X about a team's ticket route with a big fat what does that what does that conference it's out data continuously. Puts up some of those teams at like eight debt that's in them being boys and they do well against Al Fatah is they want conflict it's kind of not PayPal five comets that just goes well every year almost Obama. Value of the debate last mile but he let the little cut to last year out in west. Easier for a walk off your Super Bowl you pick out people in a national power. Not the mop last year's so. You know or at least you know so I think we elected you know the cop out there that big west he that a little life guarantee your guitar but a couple of well it that coastal there are copper wanted. Copiers you know but you're coastal mountains Doug bell along stop Al cajun. Up until very close to being without generate power opera not baseball I don't think opportunist. But it also part of that equation so. The really Serbia the equity current is that a what are the economic problems that may not either football are all those. Hand out Kindle Rogers here on the sports saw managing editor. Program that housing gets enough love nationally but one of the little lines have gone back. I really liked it. Matt Wright and back each unit with a huge water. If they have items for epic on the map judge got really which she played very close body got back scroll last year. You know back schools but it took off the you know a prospect this year. Josh green and got all to sort of the summer absolutely blew out so. Not eager. Which water is not gonna lead the way operator broad. Back as well a key get back. That on the mound I'll start that Josh green in the back and yeah alliance along with each state. About opera opera they both those teams are regional outlook or. Realistically about thirty seconds for about second scandal what's the expectation for LSU for fans what they expect they're always used to hosting. A regional and perhaps a super regional is that that too far fetched with the youth on this team. I opened up euro's original was certainly an expectation I think that the team that they can but they get out. Got to figure out the bull to get a cut grow up quickly. They think that it's it's not only as regional but they get back all law that. You know are those yet to be as strong and yet it very easily been so it's going to be day is it going to be a poppy. Derby and your yet EG just like usual actually. Kendall Rogers managing editor for. Either Yost and Rogers won the authorities on College Baseball yours positive news about and look I agree with them. Matt rise of there's southeast and he didn't get enough credit nannies and a really nice job that program and unfortunately for southeast and some big big time program might be. Calling him up pretty soon and maybe lure him away but on the map riser fan what is that was southeast and they gave they gave LSU last year. A bit of a scare in the regional many think they put the pressure on early but. LSU ultimately prevailed. Yeah from a local sand bunkers are always been matched up OK what what do my coach is that those it was meant rather than us because. He can't as they're with duke as opening the news indeed he's gotten it I think he should've gotten it. Well a long time ago joint for a Merced tight. Our CBS news upping local news headlines more sports talk here on W did well enough in the dot com. Stock mark Travis and inside jokes welcome back to sports talk here. Yeah you could you do the same thing here right now what is it and cookie diet drugs though how it felt like he. Here. That Hansbrough the that's brought on canyon. You want to Britannia Foleo is his his choices don't follow me people don't go threat for and they sure do on Fat Tuesday. Party with a crew of W who all bring you the morning while mumbo wall the wall. Coverage for the greatest free show on earth are derby draw morning raw coverage starts at 5 AM when our karma preview with Dave Cohen of the different order freak show. No free free our great and we doubled that the and then Augusta now. Kid do that not not not not I don't know I was at the moment that can't I was making some of it and Dave Conan French Quarter. Anna burger Orleans 8 o'clock need Tommy Tucker live in the best seats on the the party in parade route gal your hall with all the sights and sounds good morning rob marching clubs Mundo Khai know. Jefferson City buzzards in Zulu and an eleven Mardi Gras mambo continues. Tom Fitzmorris and Angela know quite a combination of those two are oh on the Coca got a phone. At 2 o'clock it's a morning off previewed a review with student. Yet bought say you know we were talking it's probably the most anticipated look forward to report dates and years that. Friday morning report kicking off the week gain you know the greens got the whole town vehicle with a slap or those. Recently opened did you hear ms. Rex arrived either the file that report a little while ago and media without a microphone most likable. It was almost tell like what it was almost all four DOT these cheap here. Like boom boom and they'll ram it down history cope with the base that report and a it and it was either so I thought the Greece the other polls reports are. All ways interest thing here at. Debbie hill. It's a lot of it is that date yet he got down that ethnic neither. What you really need to go to that he knows if you know listen to get a pretty unique look at behind the curtain here. We all kind of have our own person nations of each other. Parlor he had no doubt about me that we did Dave tell when Bob frost. Deke Bellavia I think till the guy can't do Deke like Todd can bite into a little bit. Ito does this instantly. Does I guess their body good meet him VP like eight page like he could be like. Boom you know you can do it somebody who would like kind of resemble you or or like you know this is some just like you. It hit it in my perfect he does that mean his Jim hawked on almost spinal. It's almost like you Kate. You came detailed look at the difference between note to speed overseas as have you ever heard doctors say of W Ambien batters do. Dale brown skip barber and pulmonary. Yes yeah I am I here I am at eight I was a lot you know just on the out we were out. You know together use common knowledge you outcome of this is competent out of him you know shall user like you always gave reduced them by now out alone has pulmonary alarmist ordinary person as they like Jack it would acts done well you know he's there no broadcast but. It that softball thing he puts out every year it's gonna be meaty. He reaches a lot of salon it's here to go there with that the heat of the good to go into allies are a lot phone lines are open phone lines open at 504. 26018 semi tech's 8787 at pelicans. Wrapped up a three game road extra road. Streak road series you'd trip excuse me our time talk on what can the screener the pelicans 32 pistons Tony ninths and on top early. And the first quarter. Yeah that's ethnic which you know they relieved yet there are valued at all they are until I was telling oh yeah soil for right in those international yes at camp dollars a night at the end the real fright night we talked about six. If they can win and I Christian you know that a media experts picket on hard hitting stats from Martin's number does that really matter you think that matters to me like the uniform hot day. I don't think it they've added but at the fame and it like what you look at stuff like that. No different they rated if you got a streak over all it's like you will lead to those who default. Oh that that makes that a mock the minds of these athletes a lot of detail yeah solid. They'll walk since they have it in a they believe that kind of the same route to work you know take the same path of this what I do on Sundays excellent new. You know before each game yet I got this special bodily but at this this show what they put all like. Like you know on those Tom Brady with it and it failed secret maturity whereas these chairs solid. Aaliyah immediately the people at your topic we L a kind of superstitious so. Believe mr. routine things like that from the character crash Davis from bull Durham never mess with a winning streak. Just don't mess of the ministry if you think your play here that don't want it suits of it in the April but the all these dead but only garter belt Rosie doesn't Rosie is an affront big gothic. Yeah Davies Davies pitched well look if he thinks he's visual because of the garter. Billion loan fees because well he's during a certain dragonfly. Never mess. With a winning streak. I agree with dead and like count like they tell you you know they see them a lot says look attack dog is good though it won't be caught a route to raise its peers you know it is. Now ever this were asleep and they know if it is dangerously it. It could be up for hours as you know that's why you need to know they cost could cost you several hours I'll look at coming. What allows rays who what when Moammar boiler going up and they're at that age where there in between naps or what have you. I did I mean like up with sign on the door going to dog. I unplug my phone I don't want anything to anyone they noise going off to wake him up. All apps in the yet look at who I think we've all had that thing you know we got to walk around the house so. A round do you already get into the cause it's the would have you gotta do to Connecticut and relax. Particularly like it did act it out at and T and rest well article that he that he is or two. Deke Bellavia Kristian garic your phone lines over a 504260187. Which saint would be the best king of carnival. Sean Payton Drew Brees Marchand Lattimore. How would America events and Cameron Jordan temporary mas opinion fall line for yet. Act WWL dot com had a morning while this is saint radio on W grew up. He knew Ruben Foster started or remind me of Arctic career pass that are similar group human Orlando Maclean from Albania the same thing Santana deal right. Not a huge deal but today domestic battery apparently. And look this is a second offense inlet. I know that saints fans at least they heard the story. 31. I was into at 32 they draft through Fossett's safety to linebacker they have subsequently fell back and got. Ryan Patrick who were which worked out great with hindsight and I look at how they in the injury history of the injury played out along the office to line for the states this year. But I wrath of the draft ever I was screen wacko but an agent make it trading go ahead and get above the four an additional anticipated that. Etc. etc. and I was trying to explain the evil act as if mace that it won a silly. Put out of the times I think is it was a it was port timing I don't wanna repeat in my down on draft day or before the draft but. I was told countless times by several sources in leak Nortel in disguise bad news on a number of levels skipping draft meeting skipping. Visits etc. would out noticed nightly show another outing calling them so this this is one of those deals where college worked out. For the saints and and be thankful 49ers traded up in around one and the saints to get. Who Foster he money mean the league five years Ryan Grant there's going to be lead by another eight to 101012 years and yeah I. You know Chris the Yo-Yo souls of those capable or you know try to use solid there. It does seem that the reason the answer the question was okay you know. How follow what he fault because an incident that took place in Indianapolis and I'll think it was with two bullets but now it's a situation where. If thought it would look though book the year he would be a guy who followed it round and particularly what you get it. Domestic domestic violence Sonya that's that's me being asked so now. The team and not just go to. Not gonna tolerate decrease that because at that very at the very amenable. I have local. Are broke as local people to the call audience you know people who have been there are organizations against the Mets the music and rightfully so. But that's just assault in the whereas it's almost like he he's lucky you know he was threatened last year at the news this year with these things. I think he ballpark for the ground. Maybe you go on draft all the oh yeah the league's 88 recruit you they. And look I could say is the talent violators dig the same guys that were. They're telling us that about him you know miss a meeting his Sutter post your evaluated this guy he's top three player in the draft and the entire draft that's how highly thought he was. In terms of his athletic ability his ability to play football their concern was was eagerly flake he's really in trouble and I know a lot of teams took them off their boards entirely. A company cut again it kind of worked out his but the saints would not want this in need this economist would think they spent two and three years. Gutting that locker room and getting rid of situations similar to this the junior go a deal that fiasco etc. so I mean this is one of those deals were it just could've worked out better in a lot of ways for the saints. Yeah acres and imitate them boy it keeps going and follow them or you Gore's seat teams. That the majority could go to the economic coat off the pain it's whether. What rather been in this bullet time and money in the final thank god it's UK it is she going to follow which makes what's the next thing gold cup on this can't. They got to just take them off the ball completely like you know but that's focus on time and capital them males and that's what's going to happen. You ought to feel mobile have been added just take off our sport ought to get an error not to worry about. This this and this has these three kids are. It I is its holding a marijuana look at what does a lot of players are gonna hall of fame careers after Ginn being Nielsen Randy Moss resemble. And until double times column of marijuana. Of my point is it would you have a hard line stance like if they do this this in this I'm not take him off the border miner trapped nine and care. All it and no question about it I. I think particularly if it's so look if it if it's a situation ways it was a reported dispute that domestic dispute. But if it's not the way you know you Coke talk a woman or domestic a pews it's the it's put out there. And looked out OK at the woman in it that you see it's they went. You name it you can do like that like us that are an old west you got to turn your back you've got to walk away it'd be hit Jordan back when you look great. He brought fast you can not retaliate against a theme via fuel may now you could protect itself in okayed it that's about. That you got to get away Chris on the net at him make rose as the ladies you can not. Attack off physically abuse of female particularly like that's it is a difference when he states he stayed domestics. Disturbance or squabble. He's it's he's seeing that this will happen it was in the its suit is an ad in the there was no physical evidence. That's one thing but to have it and it repeated well that's that's all the boards like. It would have what is the spurs say it we don't recruit Q. You know we recycle we we were back open about that yet we we just not a recruit you at that you can't take this pants predict it becomes that. For Texas in Anheuser Joe's 200 diamond Zell all telling Good Morning America that he's peace now so ovaries take your medicine. Have been bipolar at Sutter was give back and only do you think there's a pat he think diamonds ultimately gets back. To the NFL do you think he sticks DC he's not for about disease state disease say clean do you think diamonds Elkins can quarterback any NFL for 5678 years. With a group with a good career. I think it if he's doing it Christian what do you see as the dollar has the most important thing is that like together straight mysteries. He gets it helped straight first and we saw Brandon Marshall and and it's other players to team for the ones they talked about. Or the middle. It'll issues it's an EPA of a basic baseball player more frequently but don't vote the country realize is that. Middle hill is as important. It is is. He knew they had a teaching tool and cancer in his heart disease eight ED I think like that. We we away all because it's a yeah. Everybody has certain things yet to deal where it can indeed be something you see it like a dramatic event you've been through what you look at people Christian. Throughout unique in type issue he took its third time when it's you know. The majority attire the majority. It was some type of dramatic event such that they had their way back today something that somebody saw he's he's got it's gone like OK well how could give man. Really the right at the court gruesome like that a witness something like that. And until we start to realize that it's a problem and we need help people instead of put a minute call it like oh they did crazy you can't take that. Now people can't be you know they can't be rehabilitated. And that's that's a big thing and a look it he's got direct opposite he's sincere because at the question is sincerity that is full moon. If you go get it out together. God bless I think that's the first step and then at at Politico that today. The Amityville on different topics here at the the god I'm dead look the other part you don't wanna I wanna feature your thoughts on I talked about on Friday I think on double coverage and the idea that some lawmakers in Illinois are saying to parents say look we're pass legislation that. He UK cannot play tackle football until. They're twelve years old and I immediately can look at and say look I don't really like government allies very much but I I really it's like hey you're taking my parental decisions away from me. You have you have boys you've got you've got girls though and you make decisions to put them in. Athletic endeavors and may or may not be risky how would you feel like that he did have a son them telling you make he kick you play tackle football policed well when you played football grown up. Yet you know Christian to me that I'll Delco. You know. Sat height weight in what began plans are not needs as they go the ticket buyer sent we'd seen them but against them. That a monstrous as he its. But you look at it now look at a in the it'll make up a lot of times Christian museum Lotta people. Would go to certain of the execute these big technical low. Which you played ball boy you played in nearly got him played well in it's almost like their purse account like. They're kind of load docile that there real timid in its while what happened. A lot of Christians though being in particular the want a lot bigger and anybody else that young eight. It's like they're expected be all you gotta be scrawl guess what you and it hurts. Boy Delaware either a mother told you too big he's got to beat he rightly Caribbean heard them. And it's almost like if it lasts now you've developed or segments. In India Miami you you could be available physical that's that could indicate it's. You know two feet taller one point six feet now. It's way you are only at that point in time if you could hurt somebody but I think he it is the apnea it is not aggressive. What do you do you support the sun always it's got to be something has got to gradually. Gold is that the caller I think it's gotta be really go to Christian and you don't need real ball. More closely than out now before because these cute man. Back in the day we call chubby now that but now they put itself which means that people can see it. And the effect he's cute kids that they. I'll update their boy meego people have been used to be I just think it's more access while they can beat the Mitchell spoke to that we addicts if we welcome. The guy think ultimately the sport football title football. Will govern itself and here's Lal thing lawmakers need to be and it could GRE start to see. Recreational programs taken away to get off that they're not even offering it anymore until cern it's a lot of them have gone a flag football league's etc. I know. I know I'm Myra bridge department saint Charles. They offer either flag or tackle one of the other and a lot of people are going more towards flag and I understand that's a decision I made is apparently okay fine. And I look they're really up to my kid to say did you play tackle or not and he made a decision but my point is that I think eventually gonna see recreation departments around the country put an age limit. Are they already have height weight restrictions and Hayes and on on when he can play. On July act which whole Christian and now someone who you think it is eight in in the Illinois legislative session. There's got to be something award that they can tackle. All that's what's more important that if there's some justice this statistic it's it in the stadium audit where we had sold any serious injuries in youth. From ages eight through eleven or. We have so many fatalities where he'd just you know the mail it in which somebody with parent that because the football. Being here you put these fronts and it should be happening on him but an adult I haven't seen ghost aunts and as a sports we've Apollo. So it's like okay well what is this point in that is this up at the constituent in New York your area your district it's it. We eat we eat its forward always discount like one of those a tape seen gators I would have been the past yeah. How I think I have that I was part defeated Atlanta topic is self promotional stuff is still ain't went at it and get noticed yeah political advancement. Did you cursing our sports talk on W delay announcement dot com. All right. I'm kind of bacteria ambient indeed ability is the dog is skating now because you willing ago early in the morning that's right into the telco. On a crude WW diplomatic yeah how a lot crude its work it. Tony foes haven't regulated on net a Mardi Gras 2018. Was both beat pretty good at oak has a point that it's in its rate. So that next album come back. I'm going canceled all of the top spot on about fiscal throw some every we did it surprise now. We'll just start sultan you know what you like about it is what you favorite is the son. Come back with some difficulty we could generate if you took out a full article that's next Alley on WW.