Coffee Talk

The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris
Monday, October 16th

How do you take your coffee?  Tom talks to a caller about local coffees and discovers a little history while he’s at it.  What’s your favorite local brew?


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Greg will likely be only you know it couldn't be more opportune. Greg you are more than welcome to our program. You you may skip the official salute and Cisco raid into what you want to. Absolutely look at how do you have a good weekend. Tonight have a good weekend. Let me think in June oh. I did but I'm trying to remember why me. Who want to but I've I've watched a movie. That I thought it was an old black and white movie aeon and didn't recognize anybody unit's own youth. Although they were all stars I'm just out of that you know from recent that was that was kind of a high point. On him seems like it was something else some some really good food ahead over the weekend but it'll communion. Well let me. Are urged all be in Africa I took the tour went under Panama what like cursory we went over you know the order which Panama. Are producing cocky producing region and since you got that totally Ethiopia. It or call you'll need all of that. That could very well be true they serve out the climate for it and they said they also had a culture forward because Ethiopia. Was way ahead of the rest of that continent in just about every act. Yeah and you know he. He said there's and they at Columbia as well widely known as the cocky she Kurt typically are not Brazil has yet actually produce more coffee. They Columbia according to the tour that one on. Who 00 wait wait wait hang on just the second have been asked to perform. Just quickly the justice to do it over here yet it will by the year. It's it's that's near Columbia broadcasting system. Okay under. Arctic pure Colombia coffee Arabica beans you always are your Columbia they produce that amount by. According to Wear one yet on the summit at South Asian countries produce a lot of call you as well and as Brazil. You know enough or help. Provide that makes sense to me. Have you ever been to have you ever been to Colombia. Now well I do one of the art so. If you. If you ever get to Columbia you'll you'll find. Of battery. Very picturesque. Interest things especially in the capital Cartagena. It looks so much like New Orleans in parts not everywhere you get to some of these back streets in new you know and it looks very very different but. In most of the city the important parts of the city all the hotels in the government know that. It looks just like the war once the yeah you'd be surprised. I think it definitely means we have black or go. What part of a war and company unions bill what are your coach's copies are you like. No that's that is my standard at my house I'm wasn't mine we minor leak that is that's not even a word I always. Disturbed you know. Very minor way when it was at the store over the weekend and they didn't have any. Could there would bet that means I have to go up to the desk and say hey look. This is I know you've never heard of it before it's been around for over a hundred years but I get it every just about every week I come in and out by a bag. And arrows. And they said oh well put it down and then it will be you know go another year to before I get that you know the same thing happens it keeps wanting to slip out of productions. Where it's you know it's made by the same people that make French market coffee and witches and it's lately become part of the people have. Who have losing hand in hand. And CPC. C and CB did Miller. CDM. Yeah there are as early on this it's a real good when two I think you know in a pinch I'll go with CD. Yeah and or even to utter lack yet he yellow Melo joining. Are you familiar. Well yeah yet acute cajun people make real good caught in the end but it's dark they don't do it's they don't do (%expletive) creek there. Not as far as I've ever seen unless they were gonna ship it here. Yeah. Melon. Like you know it's very good you know I have a good friend who. Who grew up around there and every time he goes. Goes home becomes spec with though like a whole case of it or not work well it's it's been a pleasure thanks for calling.