Coach Sean Payton on Saints' win over Carolina

Saints Football
Sunday, December 3rd

Saints' head coach Sean Payton addresses the media after the Saints pull off a victory over the Carolina Panthers.


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Broke quick. Throws. Obviously significant winner felt like they are the points nagging Warner. We gotta be smarter. And look that sequence where we turn the ball over. And we've got possession with momentum all of those things. You know kind of get them right back in the game before the half. Even towards the finish there but will learn from the tape I thought overall three phases played well. But we have some big plays from the kicking game significant. Defensively we did real good job third down especially after that first series. And offensively I thought we did a better job on third down in the second half and forks. But we ran the ball well again against I think a real good run front. In good team so many questions. Just a gut feeling that we did that a few years ago against them but just the tepid where we were in the game and but what we are deployed as well so a lot of times. Felt like a confident play we have. Out at all. Well it's evident. You always have like one good. Like. Well look we have a handful of guys like that. You're trying to get a match ups sometimes at the end of the game third down there what I did not want is an incomplete with the clock still movement. So one of those outside receiver screens I think. Give us a chance at that and then possibly. If they were in man which they were those two men that we had a linebacker. Lou who was removed. Anyway that that's kind of what went into that thought but. But by series there's different there's Mike Thomas marketing committed a lot of it depends on where rats situationally but. Down in their clothes though that was a play that we felt like ago. All of us felt pretty good about. Those outstanding. Not only my only concern was we sent specialists opera pre game he stated with the quarterbacks and I told them listen to your your specialist right now. But he did a great job we had it. A couple spots. For game day roster because of the few injuries. He's big he's strong he can run it a good week of practice. And look you just don't wanna be line and up next whom. On kick coverage digital slow you don't you're going that I thought was a credit to his effort he made a few big plays and I'm sure we watch the tape we'll see you. This this this week. You were looking at the active inactive. Portion of the roster. And pretty soon you get over that list and there are who can help us in the kicking game and he was one guy that we felt like ran its size and once. We chart work from there on Wednesday you know it really jump out so you do want you did a few of the units and now. And he did well. Says. We'll look we saw practice but this is a guy that's. Six to 235 runs of 442. Art that's pretty good I think it's probably the fastest quarterback time in the last twenty years from now a combo if my memory holds. You know this guy was explosive. And so. It just makes sense and makes sense and he plays with a passion there's there's something about. You saw the news during practice week in. You know came up in the game. That though there's been the first one. It. Are you sure. Significant sought. Just finishing. You are hectic we always talk about you know finish with the ball and the offensive linemen doing that and it epitomizes class you know it was a it was a big play. As I agree it was gonna be right and also there was an extra you know you are in. I'm sure when we see you have seen the snapped we'll see the effort on it and it's really don't know ultimately it's it's playing each down like it was your last. You know he's someone that doesn't. But yeah I mean we were coached and hey you're here you're following the ball you're getting out of the stack on defense I mean your your. Your finishing plays in. Then. Knows that rules real Smart play by it by him he's trying to get a block and then you're down there with a minute you stepped up when you're your your movement. I thought so I thought so. Well just. You know him coming back healthy he can run who made big play over said. Early. Think in the second half we try to do on top of the post that. He's the wall. He. Well I think it's significant in the division against it the good run defense like that I mean I think. It was significant. Torch time of possession it was significant towards us being better on third down you know all those things. It's a divisional game and an important game for us so. No but you guys up front that are good job the runners had some big plays. Room. Fields part of your plan wall's team. I won't get into the injuries and just say that there were an active one was one wasn't we'll see where there next week. Rea who won't go through and you. Better this way. It was just it was better this week you know. It was better this week guys did a good job than I thought we played better. But of that drive was significant. Because it included. Three. In. You know I I think it's important you know you're not one dimensional your. You know what more controlled game. Just some silly stuff. I'm not ready you don't I think we're playing good football and yet I'd like us. You're too young team sort of we're learning each week you're known as coaches our jobs keep teachers. They are. Okay. Yeah it wasn't like third ten what's we have to get Alvin and the fall was more let's keep the clock moving here. Let's be mindful of the field position. And the ball out quickly. That makes sense in. How are not may be thrown earlier won the Mikey could very easily been another but there was a design and Alvin. There was able to man coverage so. He's Smart he's a guy that understands football and knows how to lineup and some different spots and he works in. You know and at that point Sanyo made a real good player can get now you know it's kind of one of those receiver screens. We now know. Known you don't like think like that you think about form when you know touchdown when your first driver execution. And when you get down to the tune of still. We're we got here so. No wasn't like. It wasn't until we got deport them. Here is what it is don't mean there's not gonna be controlled by. Our thanks.