Coach Saltaformaggio "devastated" over QB suspension being upheld

Kristian talks with Hahnville football coach Nick Saltaformaggio about his quarterback Andrew Robison's suspension being upheld upon appeal by the LHSAA.

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All right here we are often run an hour two of sports talk live on location and who were on bets in Metairie league yup the saints players show at 6 o'clock with saints kicker. Will lots candidate Folsom cannon on bill actually plots market Minneapolis and San Metairie. And yet told you guys are gonna lead off this hour here's the deal though I reached out to coach knicks Altamont field on a high school. We got a on the on line right now to talk to him for you to coach Saul. Right away so I apologize Kevin and cam and action market Sam. I'll get to use of that possibly can but coach I haven't heard from you at all since the sudden we came down what 45 days before. You're Jim Korean that we can half or so before the season opener it's you you got suspended for four games into robes and your quarterback suspended for the entire season. It was upheld today at a committee hearing it in of the militants say hey. Nick what was your reaction. Hey anybody yet. Actually able boarded jamboree Christian. I don't know we reduce the old well you know you know first thing I'd have to do it talk about unbelievable war. From a superintendent missed leisure ours is on the solution Goldman walker assistant superintendent channel links. Our powers see the K Roger is on our media specialists these secret data. Our principal lines move more athletic directors and look off. And that means Keller and just our football team because there's the war has really gotten Andrew rolled into lawlessness spotty but it was. Just devastating news Christian and you know they were. Oh we're very very profound. Number one no one news story I mean the great thing about social media as you can get a lot of access to information. Think about social news usually 95% and act. And people write things on social media about about Andrew. Our school. You need it would just completely wrong so. At least the truth got told today but. You know in typical LE jets today fashion they I don't even think they listened to the presentation that we put on it just rubber stamped it and and now it hit a great she did. And I'm not just talking about it athletic ability I'm talking about is used to be. Has been brutalized. And to meet up with this is all in our got in this profession because. A lucky thing was so approachable ball more or outlawed years. And watch what happened today I don't know yet Judy you on Twitter with summit that you people post from the next it was the single most. Devastating. Involved who lives in the notebook principles. And the commissioner wave of sit there and and have the gall to tell. Oh listen you could still go back through your old school where you're Sam wouldn't brutalized. What if you want applies to go back to your Japan the applicant played or coached at destroyed in destroyed you destroyed your. But there. Mean I would Koreans. You know and it just overwhelmed you can count me as odd ball. Their tone death they are two bone death. Coach I said something earlier that kind of spoke on your behalf and for gimme putt but did that poorly but I said earlier that you the kind of guy that. You big guy your big boy he can handle the four it's that whoever comes your way as as a human being. But out venture a guess that you would be willing to sacrifice you you not coaching for a year for entry to keep an opportunity to play. Now it's no doubt about it you know like god. I have a lot of years left in me in this profession and I'm at a great school elementary school system battle of what media opportunity. So you know to enjoy the arm and constantly on Friday night but you know I think it's something that and instead you know. Andrew and his senior year. But the absolute devastating effect it had on topple ball he you know. I have to compliment my coaching staff my coaches that have been. Just a period in the weighted prepare our team play. But I mean you comforted you knew what it was like when where and when nonchalantly and don't get me wrong now. I'm not an actual date by an insurance. You know when you take we take away that they head operations there's going to be some some devastation that happens. Yeah and and so there's this has affected a hundred kids you know that in fact the one traumatic green catastrophic we. But it's affected a hundred kids it's effective school a school community. A school system. And and but it LH a creative act the way they acted you know another thing that was said there. You know by by mrs. Robinson was. There are schools in this city schools in the eight balls but lacked enough slack static cheating and where he'd keep. And not been seen that particular yeah haunt bill which followed the low implicitly our athletic directors and our administrators. Well its own level and it's a partial level. May actually more at the local wild. We did and that it did hit it off in Christian he did not being ball. Gives you and I and like you know on it. All the time Arctic mean and mean but would say at this soak in the knowledge. But they do they do not think not a thing and so on built me. To be made an example. And really great young man you dish warned by it's just been overwhelmed. Coach self module on lightsquared football coach here on sports talk on derby Google coach. You regret the decision to use one Jackson it was cold front the ropes and he's got that your yet at least allies understand it. Do you regret the decision to allow them put them on that. Audience you know. To say that would to admit it would be to admit guilt and act Christian what what. Bot to me about it nick came out today. Missing now regret most would not want to small enough that she. You know Washington known when well and feel like you're gonna let me use pitchers out prior to. No point we know we go on bill after we've been indicted and have advocated earned the right to be an Agassi. Do you regret because of what happened salute at the time everything. We eat back. You know they knew it was coming here in the war. By the mood and sign cards formal birds so. With you you can only make decisions based on information that he had two years. So my biggest mistake was was trusted people I have no idea. And it will not happen again you know hopeful. What rational and emotional level. We mark the water or built to install they go to our program across the board that don't like things will never happen again the question is. All the school's going to be saying. Oil will go stop go on the playground issue right now. And haven't opened I'll bring kids that athletic facility. And have a summer camps where kids can come worry and haven't. You know some work programs which is work under sixty object to all 121000 dollars in tuition. Is there going to be. So uptight book institutional control unit lived in one shot the plane on the other ball. Elected like don't. Know if I'm gonna smash. Because a lot of compassion and it where you're so get your magazine probable that the compound out body. Daddy go where. The not in arm with this. Today it was all day rate. An agent pot meet that the association. Really look at itself and look at all the schools that are going out weigh the problem. Because no one care. Coach eat your got it that pulls no punches right in YouTube you very direct them to be very direct with you and asking this question. You think Felix SA is corrupt. All op when I wouldn't say it's current law all creatives who has bought 36 years fashion. It's a charitable organization that that that would date date date you know stream from my eyes are the principal ordered page. Won't you aren't you were principal. Today. It any idea about flat. Not yet they had no clue it's a necessary evil so. You have ample. Lines of student athlete from high school kids and you know one. They are a school. All we comic 0000000. To point out double oh reported. That the deal. That deal. So corrupted that the right word I would say. Lack of him Wharton. On that latter and I that the right way to describe. Inconsistent in his rulings as well inconsistent across the board they they you know they they overeat sometimes in the ignited this Russian thinks you two things under the rug. Coach Saul. Yeah I'm good on higher was the wake of Acura sports talk on W well. I look back giving back to coach knicks also modular head football coach at com bill. High school. You appealing come down today are we coming down today. It's Robison quarterback at uncle. His suspension of one year being upheld for basically wearing a hot old Jersey on a Louisiana high school football magazine copper. Coach Saul who I know your past and that that's great I'm happy new year yours is fired up over these should be to he would. Losses ultimately for a season for one year. Do you think that schools will. Move away from the Alex SA. Where where did you go to Christian. You know I think you know this could just say that we have. Need to move. And figure out what to do with Ellie jets they're not high schools I don't picket that the end to actually go LP. Splintering the association. Is the answer. I think the answer is it is somebody. In our state golfer. He looked at what's going along with yelling just because a few years ago we. We are righteously stage legislature pretty much gave the only jets call. You big into what they want. Funeral we were crushed. So back to me that's the issue not dismantle an organization that Stewart wall. For a multiple multiple multiple decades it yet. Yet somebody from our state government. But did you route cockpit. That dots were not seem to be done now. But I am I am not in favor of there. Are. Of of what's going one but I'm certainly not in favor of dismantling the Alley chuck. Coach I know you well so this week three of your four game suspension power you illness. You know that's who knows they're active to read about how terrible guy I am social media because it's about me. My suspension is not not about me it will now be about me if they feel like I was on jobs and and and I and I. Our arm you ought to live with it it dictate government jobs but not a penalty then so be Marco. What do you live where it is what happened to. They really spying on me. When it happened to raids are to an outstanding football program would it happen to a great. High school and what does happen to an outstanding. School system. That's what is spot the written me a ball all that a ball all of the Christian that's what bothers me you know and and and I don't think any of those things were taken into consideration by any pot to that it would Uga. Fourteen people not one person bought it if it was word of the benefit of the you know. I'd. I really I don't know a lot of people had been built trap the head football coach and go out with. Can even that they why. What you people that vote did not want to. Not one and I'm telling you. Hondo. Fatal part public schools. Put on a great presentation presented built back as we investigated. And and it it is I'm just aren't even you know I got a pretty Google January here. I don't have an expensive enough vocabulary into these course. What was his rear axles in yet he was his stroll. That should have been his mom was destroyed his Graham for the hit it and I mean. Just. Just the entire. It did the entire moment of that. To listen. To those principles all book. One by one by one it was it was goals like watching a prize supplied him with no. He couldn't let involved and arrested and stop the and just watched. Bought one punch after another punch after another punch out your normal part what he'd watched. It's very proudly go find it probably got knocked out it was the most. Terrific experience I've had. As a football coach. As someone that's been around high school sports. Go back to 1973. When all of the ninth grader or cross site school it was the most devastating thing about witnessed in my life for a family. And first school that was it it's it's the I don't have the words. It'll choked up when he saw I am getting choked back in its. It's just reopened. You know again things that it what what what you know Andrew pleaded what I've done different probably would critic of what could be on different. You know and and and that and like I said the mom. We would have to re vote and that's practice. You know these people in the room our school's sports paired with coach. They played them and that would travel team. Through this city and also a travel team those kids talk they. They don't swap in schools whose skirt the rules although it talks so it wasn't like you would deal with people who who who. You know had no idea what's going on it ain't no pain. And it it was just. It's just been worse. You know worst month. Are these don't even know I don't even have the words anymore does not feel the hand in my field poll on bill. I just it's just overwhelming. From the yen and in you know on notice right they had to like that I work for a great school system. I'll work at at the best high school in the world for great principal. Great administrative team have also football coaches and I have kid that while the play you return. So provided Dave. I had four or bill but to think that they took so on and so pressures from the skin. And now you know he said when all was all the Christians some the next sit with me every day in and I'll breakdown and I figured it. This decision has changed and half of his life. I mean you think about that is is an eighteen year old kid. Whose paths in life is changed. Because that decision today. I don't know a whole lot of people can we put themselves to back. Coach knicks soulful module on the high school football coach looked thanks for joining us on short time in in the extended period of time coach and compliment. It's a it's a sad day I think for high school football in the state coach equivalents. We have on record. Way over time and a good news to another break in QB QB I promise I'll get to these calls I just it doesn't impromptu visit with. The coach Saul so I apologize for the guys though it to a pre passions up there. This is sports talk ought to be good well. Welcome back sports book Bobby do secrecy here. QB to QB brought do you like go auto insurance company save money. Night safely in the University of Texas MD Anderson cancer so welcome enough seat were back from Brees at the breeze on tour through our. Wouldn't want our. Good through obviously you know I guess you you recombinant what you would what to expect that Gregg Williams defense that is what the hallmark of regret William. Was there. They always play aggressive he brokered here. As as a very multiple gamers into duke it out but it. Hit me at all. Aircraft were bigger hard and category for. Now drew. By that you I guess when you went to bed Saturday night. I guess you couldn't have dreamt of a better start right pedal to the metal. When you look at his starting game against Tampa Bay. It was like bam bam bam all of us are aware of 70. Yet to be pretty confident there waiting game started and obviously been in that way but. It seems like yo well we're well prepared and ready to roll come that first series. Yeah I was sorry we thought pretty good game plan. You know we wanted to establish the tempo hourly. You know we we. You know to take the ball and was five or six plays the field score. Obviously definitely yards here or are accurate or. Now. Would you look at all so. I mean obvious you would team win. But you know look back. Opening day it's like you've had success. When you look at opening is forests. Throwing touchdown passes. And about that was it and when you hit an eight game and when he yard acts now. You emote that now passes season opening game in NFL history. With 35 in Peyton Manning at 34. So. You know and you'd be humble. But I thought that secret accounts that shows me that humanity if multiply. You Virginia route what you talked about opening date getting. Look you know. The other in another record that beyond career. But it. You know as we start certainty who were sort that you order. Got water. You wanna be sharp human reproductive or score points. Regardless of whether you were sorted and then on score points. No claim a win brand of football that's that's where you have four. You do. Good distance. We regret to questions got. Old warrior and a note notice they exceeded twice. Or two rules can Turkey old rules yet the quarterback. On the short out route for the inside receivers. How often do you practice that role in India the pork the other piece of it you know when you talk about this timing with your receivers. What are you looking for or what he's trying to accomplish we talk about this rhythm and timing with the receiver. Well so. That type of throw you talk about specifically yet that is something that we are just because. Sometimes there are open on there that it turned turn it. So they're like we've reduced from work at it but now mean that that's something that you know you wanna keep the trip out of them so you know. When guys he talked about trust timing and anticipation all those things. You know we talked so much about guys being in the right place right time you know with the right type of spacing in particular right split in it's taken the right release and you know when you do all those things that you end up in the right places. That integrate picture for the quarterback you know and it and it puts guys in positions where. You know there are no matter what the defense they can't couple mall you know and so. You know there are some things are going to successful play and successful past Clinton notes about protection it's about. You know the timing of the of the route and receiver in separation on all control of some of those things were. And the more into him there and the more attention to detail which you can. Have with with all those things you know the more productive you're going to be. Drew Brees at Drew Brees here on Twitter on QB QB on state radio and drew. I'd like Atlanta the wide receiver and effort that's. You know as don't ask you about that today and this. Or I really have to think about it I think that is the first. For it and if so yeah. Tom held it ever been any ego liked alternate Burberry here. So I guess there's a first time for everything then we had such as a place to accuse. Me. I wanna see more that goes so quick to argue that you have enough boots learned he had terrible at all it's a way you can run that slant route and he's getting five visits Chandler. If taste of hell was he within that you can catch it tries to Ottawa. Will listen all I know is that somebody came out to cover me. Which means one less person there who committed to tackle right so I did my job. Now has simply not covered me I told face amount it paid very little covered them. You ripped that thing out there and out is. Perhaps. I true I notice that you're like four and five yards off line of scrimmage the delicate GA I'm sure now that you're stuck to did you write it out too well yes selecting team. No it's it's. I didn't want there could be any Iranian. Like discrepancy as it is who was on the ball goes off the ball right. You know looters and murderers in your life better off Richard bishop who I was off off. Yet gotten out drew it seems like rocky career it's been 8910. And at times even eleven different receivers. With this kind of a game plan or just how they came have folded. When you look at number of targets that Michael Thomas had seventeen. And now we can merit twelve ball very productive. When you consider Thomas haven't heard radio arts the Comerica twelve and and you always read the ball around. But I kind of notified of I've seen that in a while watching. I don't know kick off the NFL season Julio Jones all of us though when he gets like twenty taxes twenty targets. And any M Michael Thomas with seventeen. Is that it's taken advantage of it defense or was that kind of McCain plan that hate. I'm a candidate Michael Thomas Alva can mayor's hands. Beyond double did. You I don't think don't necessarily. The planned yeah you are yet that's a lot of the a lot of touches on the capacity. I think your sister who waited out a way that they played. You know. It didn't didn't feel that we necessarily and so you know you look at that after the game like you said Bobby word. We were always in a position where we can spread around you know. Besides there or take them anyway. Though we got plenty of other places we go you know we're finding open guys try to find matchup but. You know I just just happen to be one of those days where there respond opportunities. And I drove out this may be that off topic but. I guess not necessarily dealing with this thing with. I know. You appreciate. Football greatness. And not know was on the flip side but Ryan pitch pact because of 35 year old. Men I was just proud of what he did Aiken I guess of getting all the whatever bubble and I've seen at 35 year old right it's back in the panicky. He played. I mean it just goes to show you that it ages they're relevant as far too geeky get it done. And now political exacts you know Lucas I mean Jay was with the could've played better and write its practice what he achieved. Yeah guys you are there. He couldn't play in murder you know being right in the CC. He made it he made apart agreed grows especially one down field on third down you know what you pick plays. Scrambled as you know obviously the war period if you feel the way it you know it was a really got you got you performance artist or. You know unfortunately this happened be obvious probable for months. Now true when you look at the film of the the browns obviously miles Garrity he's moved up to expectations that he came into the league. Here's a linebacker that highly active. Always around the ball but. Olive trying to impress as far as you know. When you get drafted the expectations did so ward a couple of picks three past the pit it would be seen as part individual play. We talked to by greatly in his scheme will be through Cuba to talk about navy individual players that you saw on film. Really excel with the browns defensively. Yeah well here you look at their forces from last visit here pre retirement there. Rendered the report out of nature and trade tree agency strapped to their old so. They've been made there require a lot of talent. Is really good players on the back there and I think that showed early. They got four receptions last week you know six turnovers total you know which is pretty impressive. I think you're linebacker corps really really your. Picker their front four very activist won a lot. Well you know miles scares you turn on the plate then you noticed him right away you know big athletic strong powerful. And just you know making abortion played. The character in the game you know it could skirt last week with the with the fact Kabul. Four or so. At that point that we defense you have played import it got to be record or any. Kind of player from out there you know gonna have a platform to pressure packages. So we got a lot of work has your XP yes. Degrees seat were back here on QB QB thanks for the time to look on Sunday round. The program. Right through today I think group QB QB blocking Michael auto insurance company state money drive safely in the University of Texas. MD Anderson Cancer Center. The minutes away from the saints players show will want saints kicker in the house drew us unique Kevin in fulsome thanks for your patience Kevin. You're on W grew up. Gerri correct and I. I've been holed quite a while but one passionate about it a long time ago an actor Alec yesterday. Story. I had to go through that is it that. As a as a child or as senior part globe nod eligibility. Just. Now being recruited football accounting. We have one I think it might have been nineteen worn. I felt fortunate you know about the torture lose they're represented by the brewery. Who read about it the paper and sponsored bill. Allow me play my senior year. And it or just get a world just with the exit. Well probably Google. Of course. Natalie birth date of her job back here not thinking about. An eight year old who want to. Did you you wait going to be gradually you know was 320 the play a year and they're. Old or new cold hoarded the odd. So. And not justified. Before the English later for the big kid went back you know we've fourteen. That there Rupp and be done about. Yeah I like coach nick so much you couples will know basically you know have a real access a report to the state. In other states do that where the athletic commissioning bodies go to report to the state legislators. And I think that is good solution because there's no oversight with the elated saying. That's the issue currently in hand they can just allow these rulings and not have any kind of checks and balances as we all know we have checks and balances in in. Athletics or government would have used that it can even out in the it to be righted wrongs can be righted it and and and right skin can. You know happen for people for this case it's Roberson. I feel sick for this young men have to sit out his senior season. And on bill coming up it's safe players show live and who don't vets in Metairie saints field goal kicker. Will lots here on state radio W him well.