Coach Robichaux previews Ragin' Cajuns' baseball weekend

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, February 22nd

Bobby & Deke talk Ragin Cajun baseball with Louisiana Coach Tony Robichaux.


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His team coming off a big series at the University of Texas the forty rank along on this weekend taking on her right state. Telling us now is. Tony Roma show raging cages baseball coach go Drobo showed thank you so much all the time how are you. And duo will pose a coach again a tough nonconference schedule starting off with Texas owner road in southeast and now Wright State. Budget team through the first few games of the season which you've seen so far. Well right now I think you know we pitched very well we prepared beat oh beta two era. And for ball games and now want a question also. And we we we would like to be there that we pitch good equipment got to school moron. In Texas had a great fan. I think that in the top ten in the country and pitch it and they were very good score now we had the series law and Saturday when we have the one on the bottom 983 out a way we couldn't finish and so Eller. How to finish shortly we've got two out victory on road tracks as well we do that school more run and give pre here. In mid week game you know be better there but but overall we got you know rape it's weak yen and win the game. Bill would have played six freshman forward JC transfer so ten new people throughout all this so. Up front by our well I'm Eric Kennedy you know law. You know four guys basically trapped. All these guys work really build two guys were. And and so we're trying to feel old boy. Art start catcher went down after the first game together. Spike caught the earth from category two. In PL crying so we lost our our our catcher so we are back at the in the Erica. Aggregate goal and so edit it got people like actually that report these ordered that. It it might get a little beat a coda. We got a sore so until we get these ten you play year. You know out Enron and hopefully we might it be we now arts. Yet got a courtroom we'll talk about region conference. Is it a fine balance between RPI in. Who you playing and ultimately two win new comers just elaborate on that. When you look at scheduling in 01 indicated that may catch the nation's attention as far as who you plane what you accomplish. Well you know that the corporate about PI. The agent you know and now. We have to get. By our culprit. At all the guys that maybe there should be. So because that. We can go back and art the played them out for all of powers that are in the 200 RPI and so. You actually sweet weak yen drop that point Elmo goat. We be careful of that though and soul and make sure our schedule. Out which this year at Texas twice in the courts are bit weeks. Ellis shoot get to this year Ellis shoot. Upbeat very good program. By in the states pretty good. If we get committed a classic. Got banned the bill the state Kentucky so. It is the top one we beepers but hopefully. It'll be rather whether from that and now could it be ready for them identity. You know as we get the culprits but RPI or. I understand it but it has been a challenge that they all go to out there because. He caught it we gain Stew. You know our member. You know back in apple clear. Where you're looking all or bill and they are pitcher. It beat did. Any old earlier start freshman you know on the yield. Let him grow. You know and now at all times you know player and Ellis a weaker south Easter or somebody were there the guy. Now. I mean next time I'm midweek games are better RPI game that we think now. And so because of that. You know become bankers because the RPI. You know the best way to do things the copper start in Europe where RBI. You don't try to give help to cracks that Hillary won a championship. To trying to protect your PI. Now I could Croshere talk about that of fans. Guys that you leaning a pawn as far as you leaders. Whether it be hitting a full volume pitching staff who are you counting on to provide it. Well right now you know are all manner ago Asia rancher. Popped right next order book for the CO distorted. We Uga richer and so we get him back here that. Could be viewed. On the other hand we now a blow him so it's mood you know everybody. So are deeply. Hogan parents. And old men are forced order beat the illegal very heavy. They've been a great job this weekend at Texas the real earth below 200 batting average. You don't want rhymes. Well to run I think to run game blah. And game two we held them down to. Oh in the nine and then Sunday away would be 2111. Now so. These guys really well or impaired and brought that he. Stretch aura. And a little bird well so those guys feel more back are all closer. So we feel pretty fit in law daughter. It's a mark behind the plate was going to be big for us what we lost them in game laws that Texas. You'll be out well for six weeks that that release her so called him. JC transfer your best weapon and help us. And from the air gets some help from last year's juniors you know. Doubts though. Can thought oh. Uttered castle union this year but like that she's a freshman. And that we got very good fresh threat by the Yankees. In patent entry there that played me here so. We get we figured the guys that use them than and in we've got to make sure that we get them apart from last year. The step and and in this school more rowand that they should Europe right now is school Bora. Griese generating tainting coach Tony rob we show this weekend in crucial talks. In obtaining rights state beginning tomorrow night at 630 coach rob shall always a pleasure thank you so much for the attack.