Coach O's hot seat and Tulane's resurgence

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, October 12th

Deke gets the latest on LSU athletic director Joe Alleva's discussions with Ed Orgeron from Tigerbait's Bryan Lazare, then talks Tulane with Green Wave Coach Willie Fritz.


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And good evening. And welcome to sports talk all special edition. It was boy it felt real on location as we ought each and every Thursday throughout the entire football season. And it's it looters on that aren't boulevard in Metairie. Tonight our saints play issue but about its board features a saints defensive back Raphael Busch wrecked it will be with us and 67 PM talk about his career. With a bounce around the national football league for quite awhile went to Atlanta and back into loans and is off to a good start and the defense that particularly in the late. Is that been playing whale in the plans to gain so we'll see if they can make it three straight. It's so weakened against the Detroit Lions as always on the on the get involved the 504260. 1870 you can take that today seventy eights and I'll weekly Tulane football update takes place coach really freaks coming off a historic wing to mind. Record highs in rushing. Please yell at soulful big big day. It's going over the sixty ballpoint mark in the air victory over told that this paid week in two lanes put what if it's it's a bit to run a career victory. In the way more important to the three and two on the thief talked to experts about between football segment. At 445. Prior to that senior writer attack debate that time violence saw what Jonas. Interesting a story out earlier this week about this suppose it needing no team meeting that took place. Definitely shoot off Detroit. With coach it was wrong. His assistants. According to the Miranda. Also. The physical team beat the heat and when they ran off and Quebec Canada and the it's also in the story. It to leave Wednesday. Now you know stores amount so full of particularly the story was a time in the mourn the bad routes circles and I think it a lot of tiger fans picked up pointed to wearers. The gist of it was agility was sitting in the meeting. Pain. Whoever reported story Hussein did leave it was with them. Don't know what offensive and defensive play. And we'll talk about that different take on net. From my side of things. I have I have not heard it's always what exactly took place in the meetings and there was a meeting. But the part about agility of a telling or having any input in the game plan. Which coach whole foods candidate any coach. A random is completely fabricated. Not true what soil but hey there guys got their own quote unquote soul and so forth but. I was not able to confirm that I've been in April 13 fourteen years. And if confirmed that idea come from a camp McCain but I can't find anyone who go along with them. All right Paula pants will be with us here at the lines be erratic from the Detroit Lions to come town the only two loss to Detroit has had is against Atlanta. Any replay at the final play of regulation a few weeks ago when Golden Tate. The third was found these neat basically barely touched her before he strips the ball across the plane. And they. Recalled are weak wave off that's down in Atlanta one of winning that game 26 to 22 enabled last week about three. To Carolina it's 47 to 24. Where about this lines team but they are they got adults in the playoffs two or three years on the coach called will. And netstat which hit help with the situation or Detroit took a big blow yet today. If you mean you tiptoe when it one of the best if not the best interior quack. Interior but it's proven solid it's your defense of Latin mass with the quality. The only not to. It's placed on a off so he had a shot Robinson two of the better interior defense and I am apparently. Please don't pile at the big blow to Detroit I'll replay at QB QB takes place at 540 policies we Drew Brees. Tonight our special guest is going to be. And I feel bullish on the that export things issue or provide you mean longer and without you don't think it's become one that circles all over now. It stated copycat though. This pick them segment on all four who can know how all people we re read back in the days we despair on the tradition. And we teach you to people to side of things BR biggest on who is the red hot all day hot hot start. We'll get his take a morning's top picks last week. With Toomey he felt to me with not getting enough points and of course they want but for the right. We'll get his take on some college play that's a pro plays very entertaining games like tonight on the pro side of things. That means the Eagles and the pant that if you saints fan which most of your view on paying close to it into that game night you'll see Philadelphia week. But oh loss at Carolina. Did Brandon playing professional sports that are readily dot com will be with us his take seven to want me to fix this week was take. In this in state sport and they want now right in that would be to doll on the road. He will get your fantasy football hopeful who say who to start. More big blows and two of the top. Drafts picks from all fancy people on now long and beef port overseas has not yet. You lose David Johnson via first part of the season's first game with these from Arizona. It was pretty much everybody's pick it back I think Heatley Campillo. And vehicle built that in junior lost last week so how does that affect. Tennessee football teams and what are the most likely pick ups they are making this week in preparation for the at this week's dancing at its owner and night. Philadelphia and the airline as always economic involved is 504260. Point seventy you can take this at 870. Eight separate operating jaguar opinion Pope is not on line on WW Leo dot com New Orleans Saints. Asking you. For game two into the saints in the export game Sunday against the Detroit Lions. Next week at Green Day in Chicago in Tampa Bay. After those next four games what do you think the saints reckon will be really be. To instincts. Will it be through it fat to be forceful. Could it be five in 306. Into. You can cast your vote online at WWL. Dot com if you and a huge saints. Major League Baseball or two good gains yesterday wants to Chicago that go to a game five tonight in on based capital and the New York Yankees knock off team that was the favorite to win the World Series at the losing in seven games made here at the third longest win streak at regular season history the event is out that night. Despite and it just point oh for five effect you know fourth for the Yankees as New York knocks softly then three to two so now we all play Houston. In the American league championship here but take a timeout will come back where it was a bit of boulevard Metairie come out Jones to 8 o'clock at night. It's the saints' players show raffia Bush's us mr. Beers. Right here on stage radio visit WW it. And welcome back. Along with the. Today he's in a game but that was yesterday at a good time they on in the event yes they think anybody over it don't like that awareness and it and it for free. It was a nice time do some the chance the old uncle but it thank you so much and we certainly appreciative. 260 points of Islam in you can take that they 7872. The fold so we go over it that's the witness it. Senior writer of tiger bait that brown and doctor Brandt thank you so much for retirement. I was saying earlier. You know every week is that if of people at different things on loan and at different stores but one account. He this week I don't know why it's almost this week than last week but there was a story that was four rounds things that you'll leave with him on a meeting with. The coordinated thing coach you know from now overseen. Game plan to talk about the ladies. And how was this thing and now I cannot confirm that mean I know they have meetings but. As volatility is sitting in Indian with plays. The first question now and it ran with it will what he had to say mean surely don't you coach a football coach him back. I am I shall pay. Right I mean. There's a meeting took place. You know apt to be. Neutral. I believe and early on and duke ward now errors. At. Leave it in and watch the war on. I don't know it mean it could be in all its own gut it. He goes three. Watts but they're they're equipped. Lot ot rob we watch. They are you particular. Lot of people make in he'd. Making too much where. Europe they think you're only going. Like act or not locked in well here. At a quarter quarter back. Right. All. Not a war. You know when it you know how much of what happened in our unit you've been you know. He watched. Eight were all. Eat properly yet. But you lot think it's okay it's better yet they okay remind you wore it not be off at like watch break. Models that. Senior anti debate back time and DO door it be you know the ol' Roy Bryant as a auditoriums now. Ryan now our health is concerned I was gone back to at no point the receipt of issue with three freshmen true freshman any richer freshman at a it the point gain by you know you hit 48 enough and some like it it's one thing in particularly no experience ladies guys go to a season. All some great feel good story. But this week Brad. That's and that's that's a tough tough matchup against one of the better front seventh in the ACC not the country. All of a front seven is pretty stout. Yeah I don't get you very good job once these they are actively used and you know all we're. Like you that aren't very good elect he's. You know we don't know about it gave alone until you let it be they. Are not in a practice. You know this weeks I would say now well built in light and. I know that Adrian Mickey as well all the deck wood that snapped right apple. Practice this week so I get in the chain me eat that. Ago it is not over yet looked like snack on on Saturday whether it be done so. Look at the repugnant we Alec view it. I've been in doubt and tell you what you've won offered the slot in May well. The back the bad offered the one in LA issue as it is in doubt. A bill when he won on many thought at one. As a true freshman who at the green. Alec you all conference while on the audit is at least while. In their true correct me near. I'll. You know out warrior it is real reports do. Not act to predict you know he's great. Apatow IP Richard. Right or come all our reply and dump it without that you elect he would leave. All that. The bank injury he's not only does this mean it's inextricably. Bryant now. You what you think in a parent Johnson and to me you know to keep this on is what Auburn offense is going to show and I'll meet particularly. Because they've done good for three games in the first 31 thing with the bland street yell at the point that you want foreign 44. The number yards Garrett Johnson has rushed for me that if an extremely well but. I looked at the eternal youth you know all of the ones they want to happen. They enter this contest at minus one the first two weeks this season and they had five point game against Mercer. But all external it was a pretty much in those first three games we've just had a couple. In the last two ball security going to be huge because in his game you know usually a team to come in on the road troubles don't turn the ball over. It ought to that I should win this game Brad I think they they got a couple with some extra possessions. Even Auburn got him into the Theo you know maybe Casey Paterno were red zone defense to something. It they've got to do something is conscious so often that you know one week it wanting two weeks but it authentically. Right now. Yeah you know he's the quarterback in all. Pretty simple about it out Emmerich got the war packed it in pretty good at one very good you and that. If it weren't there you are. And law ordered pay for it keep. Gary Adam and Jerry bit the week and you know it completed or. Auburn run the ball effectively. But the whole key out that there ought to be out there and beat on the football. Right now the toughest the toughest matchup this week game for LAQ when you see is what what is the one thing you fear Ellen Hughes might notices. All of its heavily favored this area. Well not think it. It we elect as the football they got the ball all the jock it's the island eat a lot bigger point. Not being cappella and in pool ball it you want to point I think it's the opposite he was. I think it's you know. In May be pretty opera he's offered or one point. Unlike the yet tell it like you sit by colonel they like oh. Colonel were not short below the war at all. As Aussie writes I debate that it BO don't would it be you know the goal Bryant thank you so much that it's not okay you. This week is even helmerich XT thank you for calling WW. Yeah Dick wanted. You white op movement. Human who. We covered. Yeah its possibilities. You know there's IR. John I think the way it's easy time to put it this way okay. Did they are you can give every year you go look at CEO Wear that tie ins though and I wanna say that's that's the conference USA some built science. The New Orleans Bowl but. Any science that are out there. A pretty much Snowdon Paula because now what you think you know there's so many people lose. They really don't have enough teams to fill the slots that have enough steam to the six and six. That's why lands yet you saw record number with a 4345. Babbitt seventeenth at the petition. If you give a situation like that where you had to feel those polls. The end it it actually tying your look at fourteen because you don't have enough. Teams for the bowl it had to be. It would be a situation like yeah I don't know I don't know the American had any time with the SEC. I know count which USA. Did you want town you know CompUSA had its giant. With the only ever people and not you know on that a matter of SEC team we've seen some matchup like that before but. As far as America and attic up now and it looked antsy with time they have it is not time yet you've been shot would want to be in a it would be one of those once we you have some teams are petitioning your look into the field bowl slots and you put your propagate each year. You'll want up there have more both teams are actually eligible football. Well. In six and this year or. They went I think they would or two ago really do. Uh oh an opening and are an opportunity to get to a vote it's like you know 88 bit a tier below it one at the lineup you know. We youth conference and be like yeah pretty might not be you don't have to be almost. You know twelve on some like yet to get into the 88 bingo bowl. I. I. I guess that thank you cram months 260 points and you can Texas thinks it needs it will return back when we return that. We hear from they had green wave himself coach Willie fits picked up. Career victory on the 200 last week Tulane role and I mean role. Paul also this week and that was a date for the green wave will look at some of those restore them with the head. And we'll talk to coach Willie for its next you know we need to me report on disputed. It was a special day last week at Tulane green wave at home human stadium uptown New Orleans had the push to kick off up to 11 AM. But no trouble jumped out to a hugely close to a sixty to Tony victory. 653 yards total offense seven. 88 yell it's dominating time of possession 43 minutes 38 seconds. And coach Willie for its joint technical experts thank you so much for the time it. Coach is no perfect game coach we all know that but I'll overall. From a standpoint. Offense defense special teams from stall to finish. You're your thoughts on the icons as we pretty pleased with the close what you like this yet you team. Prequel to. The first half. 47. Tournament director pointed. And applies to covered admiral. Riordan point nine. We really came blog plate Torre. Ran the ball very successfully mixed in op plan actually Lucas drop back story. You look at media asking. Up to where we needed. Especially here that you regret that you can actually. Greater great running game and there were separate country. Run the football really. In the first when the dollar victory you know when your chance to play. A lot of guys urgently. Address Geithner. Got to play a little it could reward for all the artwork is too. Coach when you look at it became like dead what is what is about. The eighth to snowball effect is that what you get some click and its hall that seem to. So to catch onto it once you have like going up to one thing he didn't guess and because I mean you look across the board. Ninety K it's a done trio CN. For then there is eighteen instrument Beatty with thirteen and everybody out did it is spread the ball and you're looking at the half by enemy its highest. You know eleven yards rushing precarious demand eighth to seventh it was almost like it that you they would just. Kind of lost all day all what is it about what's that often it's it's a to a click like it did the fact that teams have trouble keeping up with. Clearly you can run the ball effectively your quarterbacks on the ball effectively you really feel that have been we have Eric Weaver. I electable like that. Recognizable. First in the we were picked plays in the passing game as well early in the game. At least sixty online order appeared on collide for a touchdown. You know it is. You know you have to defending the option you're you're people you know pretty. Quicker earlier our offensive line great job knock them off the ball creep or Colin. Oracle's news the packed actuarial we've who convertible or that he no. We get a power that your sixteenth through screens. 41. Converted. That. Do it the next play so you can really kick out all the net and etiquette in the first pair. 47 lead at the break the code would refer it to me greatly Baikal in Wayne. 62 to twenty down to hear you nineteen carries ours an ideal with that's now the coach. Lot of play athletic coaches as a family until fall apart although to my career victories and we if it gets on the two Arnold there. Yeah it is great. Little pride athletic director put it in Europe of people picked for a basketball game and it could break. Would begin gentlemen let us monologue in particular one next week. Coach now you look at Florida international on the go to Japan does three into their plane will of course come off a loss to middle Tennessee middle Tennessee's produced off they've. On itself with a good team this yeah of course I mixed it up to New York beat Syracuse earlier season. This is a ballclub that that on the coach it's got a good track record at 32 they're playing well. Would you be when you kind of prepare UT to break now flock Florida national. Look at ballclub like. Close ball game you know which may be terrific coach and coach the Cleveland Browns. You were you buying North Carolina penalize that he turns coordinator. The Greek public seems. To be in you know Iran over more pros now. Quarterback can probably going to be in the all time. Leading parents and school history and it got these. All currently running back to school victory coupled really great people memories. Here commitment and a beautiful respect user. Receivers their school history shall Ottawa offensively. The bigger talent you currently run similar. Defense structure what else is doing though. You're probably not not here for first it would be now that way to play you know got three. Look at fifteen minutes. A victory in their son Marco toward. All would play the ball. A coach. Long term a sharp turn off the field and a program. You know didn't it's a practice and develop off from year to year. But being able to put a lot of young mean yeah 48 to seven in the old theory used to be eight a look at it. Top players coming you know get a drive David traffic to a the second half it was thought so but in wholesale substitutions. How important is thick coats in your days of coaching and and now they. You able to hand game like that which you could hit some guys some real quality at the real game town match. I think it's very important you know but he talks Richard. What they have learned as a lecturer in the next year there much. That is still the only thing. Can you can't get it. The fuel you know and in that there's no substitute port earlier. You know we really count me in the past connections in the court order would. Our you know backup quarterback a pack of alternate supply and it hit the ball over eleven minutes. Port yeah Jose OG&E U institutions need to get to mostly Hispanic community and it is. There are all cartel but the that there ought to be often that could be quite successful but. You let that the laws a position. Our credit we also lacked or victory. Minute period that is sixty minutes and twenty seconds and when actors to be successful. In or partner with a defense overall. You're playing great you sir Lola great job on offensive line dominated alliance church. If found a coach rich you'll piece of things you need to do its deficit has gained the owner wrote. And you wanna wait for F five. Well they are Lou we would call plaintively you're doing it a long time to talk slot being part of plane waited. In northern colonel technically. You're a great job. On the return to fall three weeks. Who practice it every single day but tell our kids now my luck. We we have great ball security now we would preach when needed always try to be plus two plus three in that part of the game. And run the ball very very important. You know comedy that one game dominated clock. Logical that the you name it makes the other team B and one dimensional duplicate job of stopping people run in the football I like he talked about the special this week we've we've played OK in the actual opinion piece in little coverage units. Rutgers I'd like to return game. We really kicked reported that period well. During football coach whit if rates to wave 32 to get to 42 on the road Saturday six black pick up at the FIU coach Fritz. Thank you so much that it's time to look you know waste at. Are you reward. Oh wave and Mayo rolling right now folks tuning green wave. And hate every team out there every level that they wouldn't but there's no doubt that three duties to be 41 in with deeply baby clothes what. All look back out of wave moving forward at a ballclub that the go back to their old Honda. No wonder what that was powerful forehand. This is that the team wanting to portable and at the atrial said he would almost a sure to lean mean great seek down the street it's a disease. That's not to link the Boston coach will be different we will continue to come up next with Utica where in the nationwide want that not a free money as contest on WW. All right it's time now for the nation wide. Free money there's concerts in the code word this hour. Is. Evolves. Text the word evolves EV OLVP it's EPO LDE sixty ball to seven to 81. It's seventy and 81 takes that weary of all the way your thousand now to evacuate one takes when you a thousand dollars gas money. Is evident exco where before the top of the hour news tomorrow morning at Sony under the Tommy Tucker show reluctance among radio intercom and all of us at WWL we haven't talked to text but it habit to plan to exit data rates apply. Please don't text and drop all sports are coming up next here on WW him.