Coach O on LSU spring ball

Deuce & Deke discuss LSU's upcoming spring football session with Coach Ed Orgeron.


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Is LSU tigers open spring practice this Sunday and as you've about coach Joseph drawn joins us now tiger radio WWL goto thank you so much for joining us. Got to be excited about spring ball. Well. Ward Oracle's news. Troll pastor. Can't wait to open a practice also animals. Coach so you know we're whispering about now different than it was let's say a decade ago where it used to be you know you'd go out. April I don't need to finish some right before school ended. It dead shot amount of time is that enough time there to really get that bigger and as strong this is only been you know basically a low low almost did you last play. You dog org or wait store. Where program. Ultra portable game Bob got a great plan. If you concede the stroke and got a bigger. Opus I'm Eric on the direction we're Telstra programs great pain. Coach what you talk about just burning ball quarters on Google or anything you wanted to cheat. We know that you will be ample meeting your new law. Should be employers giving more or is it ego getting those. So you can rate the Cold War all all source. Don't want. The ground running we've got Walt actually Alter. Escalation we will go. Well about courted by a suitable as local basically. Will be more big improvement on toward racial. And open as a war portable mobile work short. Mean. Obviously speaks. Revealed a portable so whom do we don't quarter but incredible. Are at real Rios and again it's. Market with the lodge and country. Coach when you look at it that these quarterbacks and and you say three what about the other rotations that out there is there any other guys out there that you think a metal might have a chance and and get a bit this big so do you think he's just a three you do talk about. I don't record reflect the ultra right there. All lumbering but it also miles it was pure. It is what he almost sees tremendous talent who run the ball it'll bring. A dual boot but there you'd be leader. What you want straight trip that total vote on the ball on the side it was pretty emotional way. Coach week where you had a remote corner based company and maybe for the sum of sort of follow. You know we are loved and it won't go. That. We red. Aren't sure comment we've we've now we Greg. An issue for Tokyo but it was Iran's special guest here on tiger radio the tigers opened up spring practice Sunday Ambac and groups do. About transferred to grab market. Feel certain market just sort of Leno would you do to keep your old college you know. Short position that. Oh PP took. Quarterback it look. Real and so. We had recently so it all so. People. We applause. Well well. Well well. Well. Cheap shot. Coach now when you look at this at an offensive line. That may issue it is time coach the big question mark and David distant in the follow like most of the season. It was kind of worried about you know you had to be intelligent and a source because you know what I did a few bodies you have Baghdad during practice. Lobo all those young guys coming to fruition want to youthful fresh on the offensive plan. They brought to Florida to come up big in its hand against Auburn. You've got big group Banco which and you handsome Jim an economist debt to. We talk about there's also it's a lion king and now he and in an last weightless have you and a Simmons a handful almost six most it is seemingly had accomplished at the UT. You're exactly right big coupled. With an actual. Or or are told them that. Local poultry. You're looking at a guy like should be Cho. Quote Thoreau wrote them. Option and able to look at the garlic and it is real or second round. Total commitment from both Puerto Austin back. And you have some don't go bait him. Outlook Mississippi. District this. Particular. What camera it. Because it you know and isn't real cold grip but door troll or six recruit being. Shall we look at it this all his life as you should be. Global questioned more problem operable. Tulsa when the lady would do. Well. I. Coach out. And I realize you know 2% in periods and and keep your recruit from nineteen going you you can't. We're coming home but. What does it mean coach. Personally at least they're when you see Europe crude I don't think you know it ain't. I'm committed I'm shut it down yelled anti adults in me but I tell you weigh down on. I'm getting focused on my senior year Bayer and what does it mean do you just days when we use ETA elected they come down like that. Good. It would certainly. But it muscle between my school doesn't mostly in what one would go. All represent the state in Britain it brings tremendous leadership total. Debt. It'll slows social of this as well as a just war but across the country. And although I don't know what to do that we have to keep the Gaza in Louisiana and nonstop focus this year. Coaches and the governor scheduled to come on day on Monday dearest friend Brad is dot I used to be as personal manager at navy has Google was the scene you there. And into early eighties he was quarterback yelling at full assay is on their team coach that you. I do to. Reduce or bulbs. You you. On the program archery and be able. Running. Practices that we need to. You know coach is a small worth until does this all down there will force easily team with the government has become. Close to the program one of them with a gentleman by the name of Michael Bennett. Who is the father of Michael minute and Martellus Bennett to draw upon basketball played here as a is this is a smaller earlier in the. Well. Elves live out there and I was a yellow bugs yet. I'll I'll how to handle stroked in Austin got out. What will coach now. Spring bow it isn't really an opportunity. Even with with the way things had changed for you'd be more physical this time a year that you would you follow can't. Yes we're going to be coastal and we're well pre. Aren't credit days weapon or doubles or personal people situation. And I want the principal goal to give the right to bring principal threats. That we attribute it to go yeah. Mortal political or pixel. Weakened by about who is to complete the Nazis it is futile and so politically. Shall go to that took this great. Their coach obviously if it's an opportunity to whereas you know all over the course of the last sound obviously does little more than a decade. The geese bowl like game to start off this season has become wanted. Seems generally get a spring and they get excited about. Eudora and one that is if it's not just featured games don't disease and it's one of the feeds game it's it's on a night when nobody else is Diane. You have Miami so out of madness some motivation in practice for that game as well. No question nuclear program but coach or. Put to reduce their own road Sobel a challenge. We. Won't see a country. Just due. We're all well what were also. Ball coach and Sallie Mae and you got Jake DelHomme coming in and Joseph Gibbs the only coach in history to lead. Three different quarterbacks on quarterback to three Super Bowl title. Apart the best. Political team in the street Louise earlier. Tomorrow. Will be a great credit. LSU football coach at north from the tigers obamas bring bow on Sunday. Goto paid for joining us so well with seal candles and Atlantic car. I don't care advocate. And get more durable. We did a little. Are right LSU football coach I don't draw the tigers open up spring ball on Sunday and of course their first game a much anticipated contest against a universe of Miami in Arlington. The first week in the in the football this first weekend in September.