Closing out the Winter Games and previewing LSU's weekend slate

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Friday, February 23rd

Deuce, Deke & Mark talk about the final weekend of the Winter Olympics, then Deuce & Deke talk all things LSU with's Bryan Lazare.


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The final twenty minutes of sports talk on WWL. Deuce McAllister Deke Bellavia I'm mark and are we got Brian was are coming up in just a few minutes after our. Final break of the show it'll be on. Talked LSU baseball as the tigers get ready to take the field at the box tonight for game one a three game series with. Another of baseball's perennial college powers the University. Of Texas would be a Big Three game series all weekend long here all three games right here. On WWL first of all though let's talk Olympics via every day we do our. Olympic Medal count and give you an update as to. What's going on at the games and of course we're moving into the final two days of the Olympics it's already Saturday over in South Korea's a two days left the Olympic competition. And here's where everybody stands Norway's still in first place and total medals with 37. That's a huge number as as are ten in front of everybody else Norway has really. Come alive in these games and really assert their dominance. You've another country were just over five million people very small Scandinavian company cut country. And there are they've taken the world by storm here in the Winter Olympic Games market and endless snow up there though none the snow they've they've they they're very well versed in what to do. In the snow in the iasis of the the the nor region's leading the Olympic Medal count it with 37 total medals at thirteen golds but Canada. Has moved into second place has been Germany Germany Norway going back and forth. The entire time here now Canada has pledged themselves in a second place with total medals. With 27 they are one ahead of Germany was 26 and the US sitting in fourth place with 21 and it almost no need talk about him the most no power. And I heard today did there women's. Policing figure skating was the worse since they've had that one Olympics. That that wouldn't surprise me the way in ninth place that they got her on CBS this morning and don't Nuti said this of the wars. Police figure skating is for Americans says they had to and left. While lost the women's figure skating finals last night and end of the highest US woman that I think was like. Tenth or eleventh yes as a group by I would I'd I would see where again it probably ran I got a question. Where and when they go out and perform as far as figure skating is concerned. All you great idols style he great what do you great meal. They had they a technical score where they they break down all the different components and all the jumps they do in those were all. You know that those all have values tied to them that they add up but then there's also the overall presentation of it here where they can they kind of grade you on how you sell the performance. That. Personally come a little ignorant as to what I'm looking now does not as a but people obviously know they look and adding it's almost tolerating a dance and they jump and don't follow. They do good manmade. I was employing woody woody great meal I mean so technical. My god I've got to let him. Turn three times and you know I click my heels in what what do I have to do is like athletic plus actor did you use. And I was at my heels the reds the red beat Kansas the league's Russell what do you grade you know that's what I think that. I think more so like when they do when they do newest twist around image over there those ones that don't fault of the ones that get to have our schools because they were just shown some won't fox over the net fox sports. They were shown a marked the ones and wood trying to do most triple jumps but then they would they would come down but they didn't one fall beginning come down exact. It's almost as well so when I had to triple. Is it certain. As it is happening in the gospels lose. You know when I do my my twist an ankle and a circle do I just have to come down gently imperfect or yeah I and then land imposed on the big talk gog do not part of it to Ali yeah he's getting together in the in the daylight coming in the in the need these being around your fame as a partner Tamara. No no big deal is by instead of two you know remember when we learn to kind of put their hand ideas new Google real fans and on the listening mode but you know remember we learned early on though and when Adam Ripken had a flawless performance and he lost out to two different people. We learned. That attempting a more yeah difficult jump is worth more than landing. A simpler job because appoint you lose for not winning it right don't you used to get more points just for trying that you go. So they'll give you a degree of difficulty that it give you kudos for that as an idea ambiance on Sandra golden. Yeah I don't know leave and I by the triple lending. Definitely and he comes in at some point and I am reduced and you've viewing as a me on that man. We take its Emma come magma Amazon gives us to take on an issue basketball baseball is weak in annual beach is it for the tigers and along Hollins College Baseball powers at night. Mean it Alex box stadium coming up in about fifteen minutes here on WW. Senior writer at time to make dot com. Browse our joins us at DL doorway DOD ORE on Twitter Brian thank you so much it was a weather like right now I'm Andrew Bryant. Are no rain in it they got a lot like it right or not. Obviously you Albert. No rain right Allen you know. They don't get right. Brown did and it doesn't really get much bigger. Then LSU and Texas thoughtful regular season series. Did you know walking into the stadium tonight. And good number of a Texas grand going around about dot and a bit that. Bullet impacted. Basically all the Robert football basketball and they they they setup appear out and make maybe not every year that goes to school should play at bat the ball eight ball more on dot. And they should mention you know who played football. They have a series is that it up note like. LAQ and you know when you know one minute little in the yet deep seated you know those two schools what now I am L. Think they'll be a lot of sex is an unit weekend and when Alex you play games and are not going to hurt you wanted to go over. Brian now. So from LA she from a standpoint. A series like this so what do what does pulmonary look to find out I mean this this is the big time series I mean you know. If it's UN UN if you if you lose it it's you still against one of the best teams in the country so it's not like it's it's make or break but still. You want performed pretty well in the series like this. Kirk is the starting pitching has been abysmal first for being single. You are. Forced order over its speed. And that get better Ellis you can't do anything you don't get. Exports or did you much you know L. You know. Port in Beijing might work well. But he got a good look in on that yet it that I out. You Gil would pitch in the acting game out. Which occurred at most important. At that Alex is one that little bit better you know the other night and well she did it. Over the weekend against notre. What do we now. The being seen it in real good starting pitching that the big question you know I'll. Do the 30 she's starters out Gilbert and Peterson did this week. And Brad thank you I think we all agreed that it's way too early to get concerned or worried about the team you know because. We do feel like there's enough talent there they just had to give together is that correct. The starting pitching you know like Major League Baseball. Where you'd getter start every I see here you'll only get one once a week ago. He's starters they'll you know or shots or. You know they get into the conference so that the important thing to watch. Out they get short it. It which ever. Three starters and right Anthony not there. Or eighth and that that's going to be a concern for pulmonary pitching coach Allen bought because you don't have that much time or beat each great. Go out. You know I'll see L issue that Watson is not playing tonight eats eat strained oblique mark when. BP before you know game and being he's not ready to eat out and I don't know starting shortstop. Josh Schmidt will be out for you know another 56 weeks. Elect's two regulars. Each got two or return story you know issues missing out. Even makes it more comparator correlate she's starting pitching. We get straightened out. Brian LSU basketball tomorrow and Georgia are they playing basically for a down the stressful some post season tournament. Yeah. LA shoot one spot street all the copper at law. Go. In will wage per year when one. 211 thing stretches out and some not all accord and they can win people. Out your tour C. And I see NCAA. Rushing in with the game on the road now you know it they'd. One. That you gained. At in Hammond and Arkansas early in the opera get to that law spot streak by averages sixteen point out. They didn't gain except the Auburn and you know Tennessee pulled away at the Al battle over weighted he had but he. That. Out. People talk about winning going to vote the votes needed to Indy. Or I'll tell you that we wrote well. They got you opportunities that like Georgia. Tomorrow it is not on Wednesday night that you eat with losing work. So you know if you are going to be capable wedding on the road. There actually. Does the right to see she got. Outlook Jordan not a good matchup currently sheer they're very physical and I she'd had trouble. Was that when Mateen Weydedat earlier this year Lowe's gained George K bottom one of the bunkers 6160. So now. If you got the basketball well and that's what they had not gone on the road in the conference they haven't shot the ball well from the parameter and that's. Been primarily due players from salt water and a scholar and eight. Brian what with LA issue he seemed like everything they do this year is you know and on the next year because they've got some flap how come into his program would we await his recruit. Murdoch you know this is. Now elegy loose. Three players this year who are in the rotation. To lop Greek debt a solid year Eric apps is that the best year its courier LSU. And Randy on our. Turkey night games off the bat they lose those guys. Everybody else in the rotation gone back. And and we all know that right now they have. Signed three players who were in the top. Sixty in the country and have a commitment from another group in the top when he thought. And will waited. Anticipates signing at least one more player in the in the spring signing period a year Alec should not be much better next year. He's. Eat this that's bought what he did this year. Establish a culture which he had done. Recruit better players which you'd done and not thought that they're working with the to be able to win games at all and that's what he's done in the last you know happening yet he. Brian just with the FBI investigation in the college basketball and win a couple players coming up. I don't think Ellis whose two word I think they wanna see as far as NCAA they wanna see a little bit more but did the other teams that have come out. In some reports or college basketball in general. How how much do you think the NCAA's word. Well look at. I don't think anybody is late you know a law in every sport. And that there are some. People who who are going to take money from Internet to date and that's that's what the FBI saying it important. Took the money injure Omar took the money. As regard there if it turns out to be true and look this is being number via EXP. Had gotten out. If he's. It is true these god he would accept money while they wobble it would still flying Mannelly issue you know four or eight scouts aren't. Additional sanctions light on the program. All and all whether or not. Any jealousy app members knew that these payments were going. We're going on nobody she knew all this is just. Deal which we did aged gym coordinator agent or a bar or not you are in the back or seen. Wouldn't see him adding additional well. Yeah I think jealousy is going to be fine right there. Senior writer at tiger made that comment DL dole India would be all he Brian Lazar Brad thank you so much of the time we appreciated don't again. All right LA should Texas coming up next here on WW thanks so much to Jim Angela die maintains it Chris Millard to our new following Dave Cohen Dave blinking company. And mock Minolta the next LSU find tiger basketball vs takes is not Deke Bellavia induced take us to the house thanks for the calls thanks for Texas and I'll be safe out there we're there whether. We love you debit area 87 we out.