Clancy Dubos: "We need people to build bridges."

Newell Normand
Wednesday, June 13th
Political Analyst, Clancy Dubos, talks about Senator John Kennedy's request to the Governor. 

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The other day senator John Kennedy while on and it Cady and her talk show radio talk show this suggests that governor Jon bill and which should result. Net he's not able to govern. Interestingly though the legislature is controlled by Republicans. In fact the speaker of the house Republican. The president of the senate Republican. The issues addressing the fiscal cliff. Are created and have been created by a Republican. Governor former governor Bobby Jindal. And in an effort advocate editorial that they said it well even by US senator John Kennedy's typically low standards of political theater. This is dumb stuff. In that folks the stench that his political posturing is worse than to use his own words. Two day old road kill. Join us to talk about this is Clancy Dubose WW LTV's political analyst welcome to the show Clancy. Thank you will probably is going to be written. Enjoy you. Every time I'm with. Same here you know Clancy this is like kind of interest thing you know congressman Scully says that that he's not has no interest in running for governor. On the same day basically. In those. Senator John Kennedy makes this statement your thoughts. Well I deserves which is that a minute ago about you know being dumb move and being ranked political theater. That's what it is for low let's focus on the positive. What state police ran for congress. A number of his supporters said that and look. You know we had David's better serve their for a few years and ran for the senate and Bobby Jindal serve four year two nephews and and then ran for a for governor. This district needs somebody. Who's going to go there and stay there and build up seniority and be able to make a difference for the district of overtime and hopefully make a difference for the country. And Steve says that's what I want to do you know what. He's keeping that problems. Because he would be probably the strongest candidate against John bill that would but the Louisiana Republican Party have hand. And it. And in congress is all about seniority. Right and that and state police Superman does work so good thing and he's keeping his promise because. I live in his district and you do too we need somebody up there who's got the clout the seniority and connections to relationships. And now because of his positions of power to make a difference for our state of para district and good for him to stand. Yeah just because I could win doesn't mean actually run for this year I don't know what is you get people couldn't happen to win this seat. And ended their run and maybe they weigh in and then I realized and not that happy. And you know when I got up about. John Kennedy does get rent for the US senate to Louisiana three times. Each time he ran he was a completely different human being. The first time Iran it was a John Kerry Ted Kennedy liberal Democrat. That was in 2002. Not them while ago. That in 2008 he ran against Maryland through as they recently converted Republicans. Tried to package himself as the conservative. Planned to beat the pats well I mean she I think she accurately portrayed him. As this was a commercial she used one confused politician. You know what I think he's still confused because he ran again for part time this time as a right wing. Good old boy down home I'm just a country boy Andy of mayberry on the drink weed killer and in completely reinvented himself every time. I don't know of any of those personas are accurate but I note that his current persona is not a real John Kennedy. This guy went to graduate school in England either Oxford and Cambridge is a very highly educated man which is a good thing. But he protect in the lead this country bumpkin. You know bought out on the Bobble headed over boxes when we talk like. Just a little boy and a lot of horsemen nor its political theater Hughes said and the guys that. The last. Sixteen years or more trying to get to the US senate. And now that he's there he's. It is like is not focused at all very little on issues that matter to the senate. And so the country into Louisiana and on national issues and studies focused on local politics. He's been injecting himself into everything from the legislators. Legislatures of to the governor. Whether you like Jon bill that would or enough and everybody's freedom have their opinion of one of the things you can say about this. He stays in his plane he hasn't talked about Kim Jong trump for the national economy he's focused on Louisiana. Would feel like its proposals and that he can activities that focus on the job. And it is on the other hand. It's seems the poker as agent 90% of the time and energy on local political issues in the reason and not on things that matter. To the US senate and full to Louisiana in the US senate. So why but he spent sixteen years order for the job and and not focus on I think he still wants to use politicians. You know and I think as the have a kid. Editorial. Pointed out the US senate is is not the bastion. Political leadership and accomplishment. In its most recent times. No it's not an end. Frankly a guy with Kennedy's intelligence and he is a very intelligent is it in with his educational background having. I think he went to his undergraduate or law school that the University of Virginia one of the finest schools in the country. And then that Cambridge I think she went over on a proposal Rhodes scholarship or some other. Scholarship to study in Cambridge this guy has been world class education. And he's acting like some country bumpkin when it could be someone who could truly. Assert himself on regional and national issues and be at least which is what the senate needs. You know it it just seems to me when you talk about the coordination of state government. He's a V federal government. That no matter what party you belong to you you ought to be trying to help whoever the leader is of the state from the federal prospective. And those states that every design themselves and re engineered themselves that's exactly what they have done. Correct that but everything's about party it's and it wasn't you know doing you know I've been around like it's an old enough we've been around long enough. That we remember a time when. The congressional and senatorial delegation stayed out of local from the local people tried stayed out of the national debt and everybody worked together. Regardless of party. And now it's all about you know what what can I get to me everything you know politicians are often accused of being opportunist. But Kennedy has elevated that I don't wanna say an art form but he but he he's he's. He's he's brought it to a level where it is sickening because it is not doing his job. And I don't. So you know. We're ready. And I written it where do we go from here you know I mean this state is still. Addressing issues that the federal government as it relates to money coming down in the aftermath of the floods in the greater partnership area. There are any number about the issues coastal. Restoration. Coastal erosion. Federal policy on that the interactions that we have with the US. Army Corps of Engineers and I mean a list just goes on and on a run on. And in and you have this friction. It's all about would use the word you'll that you and I have discussed many times on and off here. To succeed it's about relationships. And instead of building relationships and it is dynamited them and to get this done and out use examples of Louisiana. State police is probably going to weigh in the governor's race against. John bill that would but it hasn't spent all of the times during a news releases and grandstanding like Toledo is a grandstand. They're gonna do they can do what they can do at election time the between elections. She works for his district. Derek raises is already emerged as one of our congress members of from the Baton Rouge area. He has already emerged as a leader and an expert if you will in congress. Our coastal erosion and flood control matters these police. And by the way and work. With the local officials don't ask what party you walked. They work with them and try to get the job done. And by the way in the aftermath of the Al Elton sterling issue in Baton Rouge key and Cedric Richmond Joe Horn forces in trying to address you know cut some of the jealousy issues and concerns. Relative to that you've got to reach out across the aisle and and and and create an environment in a culture of success for the state doesn't matter what letter you have Bunyan. That's right and went way to restore sanity during that time. It was an news releases all political issues that's the problem it's just not serving his constituency needs to be focused on. Things like getting flood relief and getting in just these police just issue a press release about so. The postal worker bill the water resource. Don't know the water yeah exactly. That you know he got because of his clout. He got some and so over a hundred million dollars Patrice separate projects that are very important for south Louisiana. That's what our senators need to be doing. And an option that would and independence socket what letter anybody has behind me and things. And when Kennedy was treasurer. Our paper gambit which prevailed at the time endorsed candidate for treasurer every time the when he morphed into something that it wasn't. It was hard just to get what kind of guy like that it really was. We've endorsed these police every time and Cedric Richmond you know and and look at the relationship that's police and Richmond have. They are on opposite teams and yet they have best of friends and they help each other whenever they can and it worked together Louisiana. That's what we need to succeed we don't need bomb throwers we need bridge builders. None I think that's that you know and it's it is as we said before and you said at a million times it's all about relationships we can agree to disagree but weakened state courtroom we can be civil. And we don't have to have the shock and taught torched the earth approach to everything that we do. Attractive when it sources are the takes a long time to grow something back. Absolutely. Well thank you so much plant and we join us I appreciate you taking time and and this was on at the last minute thanks a lot we always appreciate your insight heavily don't all right that's placing do most of the real TV's political. Analysts and former owner of the gambit in like Agassi maybe you can say he's kind of semi retired and maybe that's why I could I could feel his smile through the through the radio waves.