Clancy Dubos talks about S&WB pensions

Thursday, August 17th

Clancy Dubos, WWL-TV political analysts, and editor of Gambit Weekly joins Scoot to talk about S&WB directors that have resigned and can Cedric Grant be fired before he retires? Is there any way to prevent them from getting their pensions?


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You think it's okay for the mayor to sing this song have been taken care of business every day I'm scoots graduate this year a 1053. Heavier he relished an 870 AM. And every of heroes are com. Brett talked to a pricey duke was here in just a moment to he's a political analyst and editor for. I'm gambit weekly and there's a lot of talk about concerning the city and the mayor also we've got some comments familiar went through. From his press conference yesterday been really echo almost verbatim. What the mayor said earlier today when he was on WWL with sub was Dave Cohen. I'm good who could fire sewage water board director center crowd. Support the water board to. We're a chance slip there are people who resigned from the board of east generally be remembered well I mean so what these reports to the board is already about retirement. On. I'm not sure that look understand people angry I'm angry but. And as a business owner as someone who covers public policy. Are learned over the course we should each year. You don't make important decisions when you're angry. Because when we're angry what were. So depressed or whatever it kind of extreme emotional. Feeling. It always been clearly. There's a lot that separate grant that we're all in this crisis in the had some bad information you regret that. He still knows more about learning that agency that anybody else at that level. Brought out hiring a brand new personal putting in an interim. You talked about putting someone on the moderately as you might be promoting somebody. Who's more a part of the problem sector corrective. So you really have to think about. Not just network and that's what's what comes out but that's what we're really for. Can garner came to about spending and since then that the more rational approach. Is jamaicans they are six at the twenty channels. And then conduct our national search and have somewhat regretted coming and who could actually charge and they want rather than have a natural law who's gonna come out ramp up. And you're trying to do a search as well and I like that was we need to be replacing some members of the sort of war report the double the numbers. Clancy was he the right person for the job or was this a political crony just getting a job because of politics. Important quality was summit that the mayor respectively actually short regrets reputation. Vote in and out Mercer Auld was sort of a more competent people out there you have to remarkable what. Q let's not lose site. Of the animal. It was brought in to rub. Sort of water board was created almost harder and what a year ago. By the state legislature. Or by the city to city agency but it was created by the legislature. So it is. Mishmash of state law and local law. And politically and optionally government toll it has done nation's state unto itself. It is kind of sort order yesterday but are also very much saw an article by I think are sitting. And it's so. Hiring and firing of the civil servants and at all what. Retirement system but very well. So it is nascent stated that barrier just fire. Or resolve. The head of the sort of water or like he could fire mortuary at the department of public works director of Bob and public works is on a city government that director is on the mayor and Serbs the mayor's pleasure. But everybody at the water board. Answers either to the forward not classified or just civil service. If there under a certain protections. You know it's like China are tangled as Gordon dot. It's the properties in program was put there because she could arbitration and is a year ago was a problem off topic or not there recognize that. An angle where apple here. Much of them are going to be on primary he actually remove some people sort barriers that people ought to remove. But it's not a to turn around over and sit in to expire today but not all about and I'm just saying that. Just being angry in your tired doesn't necessarily saw well. Solutions with our program when the problem of getting enough capacity while at work and protect this story. Are getting a little while our probable Ottawa river oaks resort to war or crisis because. We don't just rearranged in the lecture on the attack. I personally for an upward Marshall center I think that he chicks and stepped in 06 local near the polish diplomat with the need to begin the process. Sort of auto or August should be government that you know on several department. About what went wrong we can go from mayor and the council. Response. A partner that they've globally but there on the earlier they are. Ya gotta get some quick answers Rick mr. Gardner is coming up it sounds like this and this nation state unto itself idea. Is it is was it was a breeding ground for corruption. So so what what what happens with all of this money did we suddenly have the money to do what needs to be done shouldn't some of this money had been used to make things better before the flood. Absolutely. Or last summer it was a but fungible. With some of that money it was in the water department order. Division. What was the source division's other Robert Peter the Great ball. We are about water and salt water pipes to leaky. There are so light source just that we so that there's. It's there as much. Incompetent and neglect and more so I think in Iraq and what their parents about that as well. Tomorrow Clancy I'm gonna leave it there we'll we'll talk again because this is far from over and you do such a great job with our well you're. Oh yeah and don't he did you do a great job collection for an editor gambit and members this certificate feel social currency.