Chief Harrison: Police response was within 3 seconds of the incident

Newell Normand
Wednesday, February 14th

Chief Harrison was joined by Greg Probst, a witness to the aftermath of a shooting on along the Uptown route. 


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We privileged to have chief Michael Harrison superintendent of the NO PD joining us as well as Greg approach and again to both be on a lot of the same time. Who was a witness to the shooting on Mardi Gras day and was able to see a lot of what unfolded. Both write them in in in the aftermath so Greg welcome to the show in chief welcome to the show as well. Good morning note thank you program. She well liked chief Bob Hope you slept till at least eleven today. Fourth. I know it didn't happen but a. Well let let's. It that she's never totally you know we currently are all but let's just real wise with where your show. The days ago. Which deeply you know yesterday. And I guess I just got to started off this way I mean up you know I'm angry I guess some tests I don't know. Why people have to bring it you know weapons to in and solve their conflicts anywhere near parade road and into the millions of people out there trying to have a good time enjoying themselves. 99.9. 99% of the people law abiding and doing what's expected of them and we got a couple of knuckle heads to just blow to everybody. All we're able that there will be picked meal as well and overall. Frustrated by it because these period. Cool then you know parade and craw open. Guns don't make drinking and gone don't mix and we have much people you're all here not to do this. And then they do anyway but apparently we pick of aggressive. And active approach to looking for people bringing. Weapons to parade them in and like him in different order you know we don't know if you don't go right between the first few months. And yesterday increase to about fifty gone through that incredible. What we did that it did speak to what we didn't. And when it's cold outside you can Wear urged. Jackets and stuff it's a lot easier it is to create a weapon and if it was eighty degrees. Who me and you know definitely. Children in its support of the public on either and when you. When they decide that they fear anger out. And should weapons you know you're you're pointing at every argument is that the one person your man. So cheaper I think we had. Three different shootings one actually right on of polish on a parade route is that correct. One with a block away from the parade route one would actually on the parade route just on the opposite side of string. And that was at the one at saint Charles and around second street and. Industries and we actually know guys. Because we award for his aura if you actually operate with. Known acquaintances. And people view and whatever happened to his current tour and all humans and quality that people aren't. Begin shooting and then ran away via. Along or not engage in formal law firm but these were people he knew we were able to see him as quickly as one. And that's Eddie dingle junior 21 so he's still out there. My knowledge he's still out there has not been picked up on unless he's been picked up with him and called. Out. And Greg was at the the location where you war. No we were. Saint Charles and unions like on the other opens each and I was incident that happened. Telus and okay got to edit these eventful. I was there with my family. Two grand so 72 years old. And it was all families. Beautiful day you know just like a typical mark you know we've been very peaceful you know it was a you know mostly families around. Right after the truck grades started. But Christine pretend like. We just heard a series actually I was. Trying to ask my granddaughter you know seven year army did you get that later. A new record at least four but it was more it was like seven or so but it was very close we were. Quote to the corner unions and Charles and this happened right around huge street and thankfully we were blocked. You know by. Would you expect and so you know granddaughters didn't actually see the victim in the street there. But it was loud immediately. The offices and told everybody get down. And there was an older gentlemen former green on the rail on about and lied down on the ground and that's and that's what's your granddaughter most Aldrich he's manulife got a shot. Yeah everybody on the ground while people running away in all directions. And screens. And I was we kind of stayed put kept the kids download lights on in to go at that she can achieve country. Granddaughter was was shaken but you know cheat cheat sheet auto you know like. You know so is the tool to stoke you know through world but object that was sort peaceful compliment chief arson and the the policeman. On you. You know at area cordoned off. Calling people ground you know offices right on all day. Finally just typical boy you know that you know PD rage. Compliments to. And that's chief put I've heard from a number of sources to that they had that whole area cordoned off and within seconds almost in an important and I've heard that from a number of people. Police came by to help and it was a you know group. Q from a compliment him and and it will be called. Shortly which they never. But he did not think police that they. Can be. That you want to appreciate there. What it means that these would all work. In a crucial role in all form. For all the people in the oh. Do like the people in April. A bomb in in them trying to enjoy. A great time. Been so we will. Go to court we do. In total individuals believe could be all. We know he. Would put. That. Call all the way in the use of having the technology. Now we want him now. You know. Who these people. These. Yeah I you know and that's the thing I mean I think it you know collectively and collaborative bleed together the community needs to come together and say we're we're not we're not taken this anymore this is our party. This this is for us our enjoyment for our families we wanna feel safe and secure. This is not going to be acceptable behavior. But you know people to be strong and people would be no different than ones well all pregnant. What you and you know once more people doing that. You you sort things. Happened much left. Because we're reactive we're coming out that we're looking for that one big but they're actually making the decision at home. Who picked up with incorporate into that if it is made now before we can't. And I think people need to pick from responsibility. Windy you know their friends and their ability to admonish them not to. Because there's only two options there from one giving you problems getting to be outlaw. No absolutely and and you know and in a known yup ready Mazda opinion poll did you feel safe at Mardi Gras this year 83% of the people are saying house I think you know in. And that's every year me for the most part it goes without a hitch you just got these couple of people that you know it's just they don't get it. And they just you know screw this whole thing up I mean it. I think Greg you said it was about three weeks or so in the afternoon beat people had been out on the streets and 7 o'clock that morning haven't an incredible time. And you know and that and that has to crop up. Yet we had been there since early you know probably 8 o'clock 7 o'clock 8 o'clock in the morning. Well chief final thoughts and summary of Mardi Gras this year. We we actually believe we agree on all things went really well considering. Whether it's first week. Leading up to the second week here in all the parade never really. Great in the ugly tree and would only. But he is the very little bit and things went really well until the end of the and I just want they've been multiple partners in law enforcement in other respondents. Who work here on the ground helping whether that overture from police departments. State and federal agencies all Damon Hill. Well and predicted that the citizens once again focusing you know well be a well organized following the warnings. And in just really great spirit. That last few things that happened really happened to mark it could happen anywhere. Video by lower equipment that happened between people who you know no one an argument about probably. Should look. My ankle the the you know response we have put on a wonderful mark. With thank you so much chief Greg any final thoughts. Doubt about that sort of thing it won't stop me you know these things happen occasionally it's horrible but you know it's Mardi Gras we've India not so it's a great job on time you know and we just pray that that justices serve as an individual or individuals caught and that these things don't happen again. Dolce at saint Charles and union picture Greg. All right guys thanks so much. You'll have a great Valentine's Day we really appreciate Joseph taking time out of your busy data Jonas.