Chef John Folse On The Ultimate Four Course Meal

Chef John answers a listeners question about his ultimate four course meal.


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Welcome back to the food show my name is Rhonda gourmet waiter I've got a special guest with us today his name is John falls he's leading authority. On cajun creole cuisine and culture he does in 1990 American culinary federation national ship of the year welcome back chef falls. Good thank you so much from it let me let me let me congratulate you too because our radios not easy and I know because I've done Marbury crucial for what twenty years. You don't agree job. As a joke I came that you only play about radio a little bit whether McKay what you're a seasoned professional does he which you do it and I grabbed the bull by the horns are called the best chef in the country and invited him over and he said yes and here we are thank you and you know Tom I just wanna mention Tom to. I called Tom on the show. Not that long ago. I to tell him. Something I don't know I think many people Taliban ideas. How much we shifts. Again I'm listening to you shall normally we'd all call and we just listen. Because there's so much good information back in Libya just gonna help themselves and you know what. I'm gonna called Tom right now let him know certain that we are listening and that he does a great service to Louisiana and he does a great service. Not on the weekend but is that it don't ships. And I just want to mention now because he's been a good friend. For so many years he supported everything we've gone so thanks Tom it's Morris for everything you do for ships in the weeks. Thank you okay we have a caller here is named Steve come on the air Steve more than. Had to go to Steve how are you doing graduate you we have a Golden Retriever named Greek league. I'll bet that's the work it down to. Eight. I don't like to ask the question is your last meal put it. Give me a four course meal that you don't think could be topped. Well you know I just have to go back tomorrow early news routes wind. When we started to cook a mean you know we were fortunate. I always say and I want people here this. Always say in phase have you great dish tragedy. Calms you greatest idea to. After you greatest tragedy in your life you greatest gifts appear you'd just have to look far. My mother died in 1955. And I'm intranet disorders show she left eight children behind. Two of them died a first Dodd not last. It she leftist big cajun family. And merit fan showed us African American cook. This African American woman I should say. The only mother we really knew she came in. As a gift to us because my mother had met harm and she had stopped Obama house one day when my mother was sealed. And my mother I ask car of very special question and she said if something happens to be would you look in on these children. In two weeks after my mother who was buried. Merry fashion and knocked on our door. And she was there for 22 years she raised six our own. She raised six of our own children to success. That you ray is all eight of the falls children. And it was the foods that merit fan showing my grandmother's on both sides and finally brought to the table. That we remember bubbles then my last meal I think about that often if not the fight to choose. That last mile and have to choose it from the deals. That we were given after the tragedy of my mom's. Death. Don't additional reader remember from my mom. Was hungry cream puffs. She was a great baker. And a son bill Wallace we would include. About a beautiful cream puffs and a stalemate today. Mary financials Holtzman was a butcher. He taught us how to do the perfect pour corals. That perfect hoped raw pork rules that would be stopped Arctic him. While on use from the swamps and slowly brazen netcast on Bob that would be mommy Danish. Mambazo rang my mother's Graham my mother's mother. Made dance. Rules she called rules this too but it was rooster and on do we go blow every Sunday. Every. Chicken kicking in on duty which he called rules that's due because she made it would battle rules the judicial out of market. She told taught us how to defeated call and follow week before that execution so to speak at. But it went in to it she's talked about the dark brown rue and how would you put on do in the pot so on no on knows that the soup course. The first closed would be that rules the student before the port before or grow. And did it again whipped. We would go out into account matches. And we pick out to shop there on the missiles that group. In in in new fields around the Collison. And I had in my grandpa all the show us how to cut those down strip. The little. Pricks that little. You know through direct assault that ended at the and so ends slice it into a bowl would panic there. A little bit all oil salt and pepper and put on a plate is now silent. Flip onto I was died tomorrow. What does that shall draw silent. That bolt of rules let's do that or roles and my alliance might go on down before dale. Would be the most beautiful cream. Do you know put up here when you registered. Many of these. I knew. So I'll. Well you know you may have inspired me to do that I kept. I appreciate. Thanks and what it's simple yeah that do that's the re aliens thing about it is it. You know you're not going for thousands of boxes boom. You know 400 ingredients do. It's simple and that would be up. What did you know Steve I think you're around a 100% right the things we love the models. At a things that really. I joked so Boren on dollar hard you know yes and on and it's in my mayor mayor you know feeding that roost in killing that roost and plug in that routes and sit there and made. You know how long it takes to cook a rules this year. It takes a long time to tend to rise or Ruth there. And and my mother screamed also remember that day. That big Montgomery ward box showed up cable back in nineteen trip at three. And it was are a mix miles there and she had audit to make cream puffs and so I'll make great cream balls today is so you just brought back great memories from that do. Mean my wife mother and dish was chicken pie. And it was. Built chicken mushrooms green peas carrots potatoes. Grit you can without it. It would real biscuits on top line. And my wife will still do that Indy and her family get together and animals gone. They definitely need to do that we do Obama made strict and time. You know what I wanted to great tragedies. That I'll never mentioned. When I hear people say an arc traveling as I'm sure you do. When I hear people say what you know we didn't really have any famous speeches at house you know we cannot thank them also went all verbalize things I think. What ocean world. Romney's always she was going to be a great mother in law but it is. She didn't. She wasn't that good cook and daughter in laws that delivered to. That's not true. Which is it just. That they're trying to throw well you know one thing's for sure. Every every day mom mom might ending tyrants always the same lord when you call me let me cook. Well I hope you go to the restaurant city. A bag so. I just love the people who we cannot read it does mean is so passionate about what do you know. Yeah I was gonna ask you something very similar to what you guys were just talking about is askew which are all time favorite dish to cook would be. While I think I think I just mentioned a couple of them but it. I really love simplistic cooking really do. The greatest flavors come about from simple ingredients. Cooked long is slowing netcast on pot. The fracas. At two phase that John mobilized to grumbles that thinks that. People want to eat when these sit around a table with my family Bolton thinks that. That really excite me. I'd say all the time I can go behind the line revolutionary cooking any. But at the end that they would not go behind the line at revolution now a days ago. Politician has to do justice office. He asked for a little early June break about Molly is cookbook can you dig it. The history of vegetables. For cookbooks. Have been a big books theory is. On the history of the digital weekend volatile is gonna be dessert isn't going to be suites. Which will probably come out two years come this Christmas there's going to be this week but can't you dig it just too good greatest award. A cookbook can get. Every year. The publishers. Around the world choose to one book that they have published that year. My publishers in Canada for reasons appointing an Altoona camp because my books encyclopedias. So very few. Publishers can random except parties launch publishers. I'll go to Canada. And they estimated mark can you dig it boat to the Benny award named after Ben Franklin. And it's the one award. Given to the one book in its category. Sewing cooking this year. Freezes put my book up against all the cookbooks. Well all publishers in the world that. Typical book and we won first place so can you dig it. Just to give greatest award possible which is a great tribute to team shall what you are who does all the research handling Gideon. Mom mom mom graphic design is my photographer from nine veil. Where it's only animals all my books are done in house in and we take about the mob publishing camp and photo win the Danielle Ward is a great honor could have been given. Because the justice and she said Louisiana cooking. And we've we've put it together in a cookbook. Is. It is important to people around the world and it's ours to lead continue to do it as long. Thank all of the people for. Who buy can you dig it. But also it just adds into another part of my B book's theories that ever. It looks like a fantastic book and it definitely is encyclopedia sized idiots and I'm not noted pages and everyone in my books that cover. Is a historic re creation. Of a photograph. That inspired me to do the book. So if you going in in my big books and look at the first page. Is gonna have the photographs. That inspired defraud carbon duplicate so very important people do know that picture. Is historic recreation. That sounds exciting thank you very much. This is the food shell armour on the gourmet waiter our guest today is shift John foale's. This is 105 point three Debbie get BL FM HD two.