Chef John Folse And Ron The Gormet Waiter On The Creole Roots Trip

Ron and Chef John Folse talk about the up coming trip to Germany to shoot the first episode of a documentary called "In Search Of Our Creole Roots"


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Hello everyone and welcome back to the food show my name is Rhonda gourmet waiter I'm sitting in today for Tom Fitzmorris we have a special guest with us he was the 1987 Louisiana restaurant tour of the year. He was also 1990 American culinary federation national chef of the year his name is chef John falls and welcome back chef. Thank you so much from a mere mention you have a great radio ball it's not just have a cajun voice you have a great radio. And thank all the great questions you've and I asked enough of Obama well the command to we're talking geared to break. In search of our creole routes which of course I mention how it's gonna be leaving and for Germany and France. Walked to footsteps and and next June June of AT and we're gonna do that did the shooting a wanna mention that I'm gonna bring fifty people with thoughts on that trip. We want especially the German community in a French community of New Orleans since we going to be focusing on Germany. With the German society with the German museum across the river. I just want to mention that. Market countless for next June and if you look at that a perfect trip. To join us on that. Trip I don't know would price is going to be yet for the tour but we gonna be gone far campaigns. And it be great to have a bunch of good new knowledge garments company some of in next June to come in can imagine a positive and infighting going on that golf and Google and your families here. There will be on those so mark your calendars make human anybody's thinking it ought to be Dominique come on the trip anybody wants a column. Mark your calendars we'd love a view to support and a production. So we do a lot of cooking and they'll probably be a part of the television series has whales that extra. It sounds fantastic. We have several more minutes left in the show that is wanted to make sure before the show ended. That that we give a special shout out to Tom and also Marianne just one of them knows my pleasure being here today and a special thanks to chef John falls for for coming on the show and just being a part of the show it's it's been my pleasure. What what you know it's been is great. As as mentioned not only a few discrete questions did you do have a great radio boys and I know I did say thanks. That Tom and I did mention Mary and she's been. Again great supporters of dollars to win not only dollars but all of the the culinary community including home cooks. They've done such a great job over the last what 3030 years almost think he's been on radio so. I thank you account for everything you've done John Paul's personal appreciate you and so what else going on anyone else who we have cooking up. I'm glad you brought up can you dig it because that's going to be the new television series that we have out. Do an in next spring but. But it the same time just again appreciate your midterm revolution as well it's been a great pinch of pars he knew. Well how about Jackson Mississippi I used to live in Jackson Al wears revolution and Jackson. I'll revolution is actually in Richmond which is okay thirteen miles north of Jackson. It's a fabulous restaurants bill but it does I'm not a flame dishonest and deal. I want to thank Al growth and his whole team that two for supporting the general manager this announcement. What a great job he's on to promote revolution and now. And but Jackson is a little bit different I mean it's. It's great people great finally people. Just jealous lovers of good food is whale they're pollster new artist so did that Jack Sony and spent a lot of time here. In new artists have been no good food and I'll climb killed there shows absolutely fantastic. I've a couple of I have some good partners that who support the restaurant really well. But at the food that revolution. Jackson. Is that food to the gulf Rambo is to see scared I just called seafood revolution. In all of the foods dire. A food setting inspired by the Gulf Coast. From Florida to Luis here so it's a little bit different from the food and it's different from revolution to. In that respect to bed it's so beautiful open kitchen gorgeous dining room. Magnificent ball her facility. But if you come it's a totally different experience to revolution. So. I invite and encourage young New Orleans needed to drive it through Jackson. Right on I'm 55. To look at that down. And that. That exit right there in the first exit when you get to to rich and we're right there in a Renaissance at colony park ride on. I don't know colony park both so it's really. Our tracks and people what would be via the web address. What its embassy WWW. Dot seafood revolution dot com so if you look up see food revolution you see them in the website is that there. But anybody with a lot Louisiana hotter is coming through there because they lease on land in this society. And out so every now and I'm surprised bomb in Louisiana eons. A rightfully juvenile fantasy right there and enjoy. Sequel revolution it's a beautiful. Too. So and we do a lot of special events I'm due and a Great Gatsby Dan Rogge a break from Ottawa and adjusted to be cooking class that is by a weekend. So check out our web site because there's always special advance. Going on not on it revolution New Orleans the revolution Jackson's so that you folks know that we're there you know it's so great. What do that. I yeah I mentioned earlier that one of my friends had been employed. Feet landing this was probably 35 years ago I was shocked he isn't just Jerry miles Gerri reminds. Jerry multitude. Great culinary and higher at. And defeats landing which by the week tragically bar on that was. That was the oldest rookie in plantation homes standing in Louisiana. The all of plantation was built in 1797. And dodger was one of my early shelves and lead at five job on us and of course the tragedy at a fire in 1998. Barn that building and it allowed me to. Expire and then look look at other locations and I still miss the feats that day because so many in my early treasures lost and far. In that in 1990. So. I still think about the loss. Okay you're listening to the food show I'm wrong on the gourmet waiter where our first guest today. I chef John false would both like to thank Tom and Marianne and also our production team for allowing us to come on the show today. Well thanks everybody for listening and I appreciate all you do for us. Thank everyone again I hope you'll have a great afternoon misses the food show one of five point three deadbeat dad BL FM HD two radio.