Chef John Folse and Food Maufacturing In Donaldsonville

Chef John discusses his food processing industry in Donaldsonville.


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Welcome back to the food show my name is run the gourmet waiter I have a special guest with me today. His name is chef John falls ball back shuffles. It's so nice to be a chat with you. Thank you we were talking about food manufacturing earlier could you expand on that. Outweigh you know we were talking about bringing in Louisiana foods globally and feeding troops in the war is owned and Vatican State dinner and things like that. Didn't need just. I assault in need and how I kept the end. I asked by different companies around the country. Who O'Connor saw us moving food globally. If we would be interest in and creating food for them it could have been a casino business economy and hotel groups whoever it was they were now coming to us that. Did see ought Betty cajun and creole cuisine in their operations. Many of the casinos in Las Vegas had just. I heard everybody wanted to cajun and creole so. They came to men and kept highest in the pocket supply food to them. The foods that will bring in international. Well of course solid at a restaurant out in heaven ability. Two create volumes of food to go and all these different operations. Top started to think a little bit about why not why not why. Am I'm not. Excited all willing to look at manufacturing authentic Louisiana food and it flee it was real dark brown ruse. The flavors that we recognize so. So easily. So. I decided that I should look form a plant. That I might be able to leave some time some space and I'll look it upon a plan right here on front street in new law out front Nashville. And Els a little food plants and it was a police and it was a US the facility. And I knew nothing about volume food cooking on film and Coogan you know thousand gallons at a time. Sun also lawless thought that I got into the business. And through that early beginnings are bringing food into the supermarket and cook and food for some of the hotel groups whatever. I found that there was a niche that was ever growing every X binding. And I've decided to really look seriously into food manufacturing. And take. Lou Wii's two and a food products on an equal we see an ingredient. Eventually I ended up outgrowing my new artist facility. And in 2005. I'm built a 100000 square foot. US he'd plant and Allison dale. And today we ship foods. To every single day we ship who's about eight countries of the world. Including most of your retail outlets multi foods are of salt it's two to bring to restaurants and owed tails could. You know dome. Convention centers eccentric OK and so we hire Louisiana people use Louisiana products and we shipping globally. What are you shipped the most out things like jambalaya gumbo while I usher a certain amount shipment. Tons of Hamas smallest catalyst to count. If I do Gumbel is to attempt. I do jump allies to content under our free and it's two counts. I actually. Cooked and dump about ten tons every fourth. Of fu. That means it could be cooking and anything can be due in anything from pasta sauces that go on both at two phased jambalaya bases. And we're actually shipping and everywhere but we also do. Foods have all I chipped whose career. So why do Koreans to chip foods to Russia so I do Russia and from what I do whatever whatever it's called upon close to do. We do so right now we have. We shipping food may be an Odyssey mile food and all you seeming shoe stores here. But it's not on the market a big market is likely to food service told tales to rush stepped. Two convention centers for things like that and we make a lot of food for restaurants that you walking you know even on make it. So we're we're all over the place with food and like us that we hire in my food plant bombs and they'll have about 200 people. And oh. And it's a magnificent facility and its it's really a wonderful place to go to work every day when you see these huge kettles. B in feel would crop Asian golf balls and things like love the America it's been all day. Our and that one of my favorite. Cajun or real issues is jambalaya and I was told a while back jambalaya. But it was an offshoot of play. It was here and lies another one of those. Ditches that wars have been follicles you or. I mean if you wanna get a bunch of Kooks in a fight just ask mom jumble but if and a reason being jambalaya is. And it kept. By the Spanish and French in early new arms I'm talking about the early seventeen hundreds. An attempt just to create their own food every every nation before they came to Louisiana. It started to develop a new article we've quizzing him as an artist swapped or pantry talk about. They had a desire to recreate barrel through its a year but it was difficult because take jumble life for instance. Piety is made with staff from. A clams and mussels and ops there aren't. Things like this going into a typical pie of course you and here or can you use oxygen. Which is solitude is going to be stories though and and on and on so. That was an attempt to try to recreated and eventually you just kind of threw in the towel. It's taught it to real wide so they create a rice. I addition a word no word jambalaya actually comes from the French orange ball meaning I am. I am we have John ball on law and an African word for rice yeah I. So John Molly young becomes jumbled line and all the ideas as to French to manage the Italians. Trying to recreate this beautiful pie a year. And not having the main ingredient that time. They re create a facsimile that we absolutely love. And if you look at John mobilized today if you are looking in exile accorded jumble of capital is at the brown job. He'll look and in those Saint Bernard prior to the red jumped line and number two. You see every in greeting do you see every call you see every flavor. And that's what jump allies should be when people see what's thought that it jumble of it depends what city. You know everybody has. Yeah I knew that this staffer on what's coming from creek in Greece at that time and I heard that the French. Had it tax on sat fraud and that was one of the reasons. Why there is Spanish good morning use that here and they were looking at tomatoes instead is that true. While I'm while I think you want remembered estimated to considered poisonous in those days. Their member of the night shade plant which is an egg plant in the night Chia flour is what's pawns and it's not a plan. But the term it is a part of that to me and of course is North America is south American. Our origin. And they would see him in Europe nobody knows seen it to me. So that was an American crop. San Fran was. Not available Hamid ships coming into reported new audience are on. Wasn't regular enough. It wasn't enough to bring me agreed it's otherwise that and haven't changed it was a you'd a kept cooking. Spanish food feel rather than developing creole foods and a marriage all these age. So to say that. The they didn't have. Access on or already basis to San fraud should rezone these kind of things. I hit it allowed them to that the local ingredients to create their own issues. So I'm sure it's probably true that that was taxes I'm short of a lot of issues you know. Thank you. This is the food show armor on the gourmet waiter I've got with me chef John falls our guest where one or five point three Debbie Debbie LF MHD two.