Changing gun laws does not mean a gun ban!

Wednesday, February 21st

Tightening of current gun laws and better background checks does not equate to a gun matter how many times the NRA says it does. We have laws on the books for lots of things and yes some people will break them but we still have them, so why the resistance to more gun laws? Full 3 pm hour.


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Sears through. If venture was Billy Graham passed away this morning at the age of 99 hands Tom among the lying cheating and deceitful televangelists we've all been exposed to paralyzed. Billy Graham seemed to stand out as one of the exceptions I didn't agree with all of his his beliefs but I respected him as an as a man and as as a religious leader. And for many Protestants he was like their version of of the Pope. So. I posted the video and we're gonna get to this today because I've got full large now talking about what we've been talking about covering up to date. A matter just a moment buy dot I do have some opera music I'm scheduled for. Recognition Billy Graham a passing away today this hour. On I've got to serve video posted. About two what is religion mean to you and if you're atheist or agnostic or you still a good person. And so I'm in what way is what would you use an evil way. And also what is your favorites. Movie. The deals with religion. And all that's our FaceBook page WWL radio it's also in the SO TA scooter on the air. FaceBook page so check it out but to our thoughts and prayers with so solos Billy Graham and his family. We've been talking about the politics of discrediting credible people we've also been talking about president truck yesterday. Saying he supports a ban on bonds stocks and anything that would make. A semiautomatic weapon a weapon here's part of what the president said yesterday at a ceremony that's the White House. I signed a memorandum directing the attorney general. To propose regulations to ban all devices that turn illegal weapons. In the machine guns. I expect that these critical regulations will be finalized. Jeff very soon. And I applaud the president for doing that. Hi Sara Sanders white house Press Secretary at a briefing yesterday a said the White House knows it's clear the Russians did. Meddle in our election. It's very clear that Russian medal in the election. It's also very clear that it didn't have an impact impact on the election and it's also very clear that the truth campaign didn't collude with the Russians. In any way for us this process to take place. Yeah well I don't know if it's so that clear but there's no evidence yet of any of those things so I Sara Sanders is circus right about that but I I still think there's enough evidence and enough people have pleaded guilty to where. Of the investigation is certainly warranted I'm if you wanna hold stay with a sort of told you Kosier it just a moment we've been talking about. The conspiracy theorists who believe that one of the students David Hogg is a crisis actor. And not really a student at the school and that has been proven to be wrong. Although there are those people who through confirmation bias. Has found information that has been doctored. That supports the idea that this guy graduated from high school in Los Angeles in 2015 apparently that's not true it's been proven wrong but. That's as stopped Lotta people for from believing that. Also we're talking about the students they went to Tallahassee today they were trying to get to the office of our governor our Rick Scott they did not make it I'm not even sure of the governor was there. I want to mention that there is a town hall on meeting tonight. On CNN live at 8 o'clock our time stand up the students are Stoneman Douglas demand action. And I applaud senator Marco Rubio for being there he will be there tonight and he's been criticized but he's gonna show up and I applaud him for that. Florida governor Rick Scott. Passed on the imitation. Which I think is served a big big mistake on his part says a lot about his. His character also the NRA. Will have a representative there tonight so they should be really interesting debate. I'm gonna watch it and we'll be talking about what is said tomorrow afternoon on the show. So the students are went from park in Florida to Tallahassee. And when students who was very very passionate. When she talked about guns that shoot a lot of rounds. I. Yeah. And students in Maryland walked out of school in solidarity with the students in Florida here's what one student in Maryland who want to go to class cent to sag. I think thank you need to have a voice in this issue that's easy so strongly affecting the children and Disney scene as love the people in general. I'm in the passing having teens interviewed spoke happening it's our turn out. And it's going to be really interesting to see how strongest side this horse is part I I get the impression that people are listening and that's one of the reasons why from the very beginning I said to disturb us remind me. Of the protesting movement in the sixties let's see how far this actually goes a one or repeated text that I got at the end of last hour. But to me is just so incredible but yet so revealing about the way some people think. The text says that this is about an interview that we played her part comic if we played from a girl who were some protests and on. The text ends whereas until these kids. Have their own families to protect. Their opinions are well I said mute on it smoked. But I actually hire her eyes said it like it was written and it was written mute. And sometimes I try to correct the grammar but anyway the point is they don't matter. So in other words if you don't have a family to protect. And you don't have a right. He'd ever writes an opinion. It seems to me like that's serve. Little defiance of the the constitution. A from a plus Robert here on WL. Hello. I worked wanted to. Two or that's been the most reps and shoot debate so far traffic Chela or get style Leo. Well why is that amid especially when you think about the kids a couple of years ago and it's hooked it to children there will why I don't disagree with you that this what is really extremely upsetting but why do you think that news. Well it apart that a strong. At which it will you know second of it and about albeit in quote while very generic Plavix in the Second Amendment. Right have little. But through all of this. Hold on your show and there are viewed apart people are too. Our right to guns for hunting and and to have and you know well one amber at. I don't war everybody loses sight. That does our whole age. That or intended for us to have a right to don't shall we can they awarded tended forestry go play. They were intended for Malaysia. And our eye on American gem Peru. I have yet here recently. Eight it's it's a small percentage we've laid out there responsible. But to have the public illegals and stop this killer. I hope born and I hit it. Negative person elected to be registered or go to Michelle Roberts okay let let me make. This this comparison for all those who make this argument that. If you ban assault type weapons if you ban the AR fifteen it's not gonna stop people from telling people that is true. It may stop some people so since we know some people are gonna speed. Especially like got a New Orleans east and I ten but he IT NF do you royal boulevard and in Kenner. Since we know people are gonna speed why do we even bother having a statement. I don't agree. Optic you know what you but they'll say it's just that. The product just to have attracted the that it did sort. Bullish purposes it's really. Well but I do understand. I do understand how a gun enthusiast would want that kind of gone. Two here to TT to experience at two at the range I mean I don't wanna say play with but essentially we would be for recreational. I use I mean I I'm not a gun enthusiasts but I put myself in the place of somebody who likes guns and and you know you might wanna own that got. So it really does ultimately come down to are responsible gun ownership Robert I have to leave it there man I appreciate the call. If you're on health stay where this if you've got a comment on numbers 2601 a seventy. Text. Page 787. So what's where's. Evangelist Billy Graham and his family and Graham passed away this morning it's on the north Carolina at the age. A 99. I'm suits and coming right back with your comments. On WL. Here's an update on our party must opinion poll do you believe the students in Florida are students or crisis actors. 56% say they're students. 44% say they're crisis actors give us your opinion are going to W if you don't dot com how to get back to our your calls and judge show welcome to WWL. Good GO. Quick question for him and their rescue. I paid way. Or the definition of a spotlight well versed assault weapon and I'm a big. Gun ownership and do you have. The quote unquote of all weapons in my home. With young children com and I am a big proponent of not having been wrong. All right so just pure torture balls and some work and a double. Our fair share well I mean a weapon is so is a knife a weapon his son didn't get a weapon could be just penned I'm holding in my hand right here Michaela weapon can be. Anything and and I I I do realize that when it comes to this you know I'm. Gone nomenclature there there there are some ambiguous on terms that are not totally accurately. On applied but I guess we generally except. Certain words even though they might not perfectly accurately describe something we we Jim we know what we're all talking about it. Here is a text of the says. If you. Then that weapon is will still. We will it'll still be able to get his legally it's not going to stop. On. The whim. From getting on the streets or something like that well and of course but again I go back today at the speed limit what we have speed on its. Mean why bother putting a speed limit up in New Orleans east when he action because nobody to rush to speed and after I few people do but most people know. So we know people are not are gonna break the speed limit if we know people are not gonna drive dispute why bother when it we just job and not even have laws. Regarding stiglitz. The point is estate it will. It will force some people. He will encourage some people to drive despite. Not everybody but. But some. And I just I would I would hope that we would all want to live in the country. But it weighs more actively involved in trying to solve problems and I don't know what those solutions are. We haven't done a damn thing up to this point. And so much stuff gets locked up. In congress. Congress writes and passes the laws. They're the ones to do it. In what the president stands for. It that's a leadership role and and he can he can lead and that's good. But it's really up to congress. And once again it comes back to. In many cases it comes back to big money that comes in from the NRA. From the North Shore Don welcome to our show. I think that McCall you. You think you know I'm listening and everybody talker and Brooke the reality is that we can't legislate your way out of this president crop once the band. The bald spot you can our Greg there. But you can do the exact same thing. What and where would that would probably you can do this rubble you can ponder on YouTube how to do it with rubber. Or in a pair of hands. I go back and I go back to the speed and why have the speed limit freedom people under state. I mean why don't want anybody or have any laws if you look I understand the point you're making Don and I don't disagree with you mean it is true that this is not gonna stop everybody. But. You know should we at least just send a message to society in general that. You know wait a minute we're gonna have some stronger rules were gonna have stricter rules when it comes to this and the Supreme Court is backed up that we can have some of those rules. But let's screw up problem is that it will only affect those special paper ropes. The fact of the matter is that this Q it was not federal paperwork where he got there are legally here legally is immaterial. He was. Well no we don't we well we don't. He might have been able to Canada illegally I mean I think it's a good point I talked about a little but we don't we he got the corn the corn is gone he should not have been able to get illegal. The report. Report it no the point is that he got hurt on the poignancy god legally. He could have gotten it easily if we cut. There are. Dogs that dot. The fact of the matter is he got it legally and we shouldn't lives. In a country that has these kinds of ambiguous laws with a kid can't buy a handgun until he's 21 but he can buy. That guy and when he's eighteen. Now I understand. How I get the points you make. But let's start to have any loss of all we know some people are gonna break the laws he should not have been able to get it legally that's the point. And we're playing this song for. The weights televangelists. As a way to evangelist I just televangelists Billy Graham passed away today at the age of 99. I'm skewed ledger were the so I'm getting some tax asking me what a what a crisis factory is. A crisis sector is a trained actor or role player or somebody who is. Used generally die in the government's the meteor or some entity to deceive the public about. The reality of a situation usually. A tragedy of some sort. And this is come out because there are conspiracies out there debt David Hogg this student had to your school in an apartment Florida. Is there is a crisis actor. Because he was on television in Los Angeles when a friend of his head confrontation with a lifeguard. And their signal cable the sky just shows up the place as well that's absurd. The guy had David Hogg bit the student has connections in Los Angeles causes deadly if there. Answer yes friends they're so he was visiting in Los Angeles. And this guy is is very media savvy for seventeen year old he runs the television station at the school. So years ago they used to say somebody like that has a nose for news this guy knows how to get in front of the camera some people know how to do that. But that doesn't make him a crisis actor. And here's an update on our party must opinion poll. Do you believe the students in Florida are students or crisis sectors it's 5050 it was your opinion by going to our website W if you don't dot com. I want to go back briefly took caller had just a moment ago Don. I from the North Shore I understand the point that he's making on. But we just know we disagree and and that's okay. The idea of banning. BAR fifteen. That's not gonna solve our problems. But I don't think there's anything wrong with taking some steps and moving forward to show that we are more active as a country. When it comes to setting limits. It doesn't mean that this. Kid we kind of got a gun anyway. In fact the other problem is the the guardians who took him in. They have the gun and a safe. Well guess what. The kid figure out a way to either make a duplicate or get the key to the safe he got the got to the safe. So. You know you meet. You can just put him in a safe and think they're safe. And this is not about responsible gun owners. This is about a nation could use has thrown up its hands saying we can't do anything. We can't do anything either because. We are infringing on Second Amendment Rights. Or we can't do anything because. Well we just don't know what to do. And it gets all tied up in. In in congress. Getting a lot of interest in text here's a text. That says. Chris' text I'm not a gun fanatic. I don't own an assault rifle however. Why do we get so upset about certain types of deaths. Of others a driving while texting driving and texting kills. Kills way more people on and that's something that Saddam what is done in the media when we talk about that all the time. Look. More people died. From natural causes of more people die from a lot of different things Danny plane crash it's. This is human nature. But if there's a plane crash we pay more attention to. And there are a lot of rules when it comes to texting and driving. But even though you have those rules people still break the rules. So whether it's fair or not. When when something happens and people are. Particularly vulnerable. Like students at a school. Then that gets more attention. And the media is not making a big deal about nothing the media is responding to the public. It's responding to human nature. If you rejoice in the coming our numbers 260187. Text. A 77 in I'm scooter will come back with sophomore year. Comments here. In just a moment I don't forget tonight is a town hall meeting on CNN. With the students are from Parkland Florida I guess will be some of the students are not people as well. A center Marco Rubio will be there are represented from the NRA will be there. And the president is having a listening session right now at the White House it may have recently ended but he was just a few minutes ago. Was in a session are still going on. On a listening session the White House or gun violence with some students from Parkland Florida and we'll see what the president has to say about that and hopefully he's listening and I get the impression that he is we'll talk about that and see town hall meeting. Tomorrow afternoon I'm sure we'll be right back under review realm. Seventy. Here's a Texas says just because there is no one perfect launch a solid deal at this problem does not mean we should do absolutely nothing. Every single life saves just one life saved right all you so called pro life folks can we talk about people after they're born. Are from the mayor RT Tony you're on there WL. Think that Michael sure. On his. A library I'll go unnoticed in the new York stock on page a twelve page a thirteen year old patriot. Both pages. Where they surely regret in congress it took money from an hour. So I think what they are Cochran mid term election it would take all cheap guitar that. You know in this. Now and Tony I mean if you're accepting money from the NRA you should be proud of it or not be concerned that your name is linked to taking donations of the NRA. If that's what they truly believe but you know we want to go before issue. And right after pretty massacre and lost acres lot. Yeah yeah yeah we. Don't want any took gold on. Date. Dean. And bites in Johncke. Believing. Follow us. Opry goes to argue oh soap opera that soaked on. Tony I don't really want to keep it from someone you know taken. So. Where are well Tony I I. Now I want you I you understand they care about getting elected are getting reelected by there there. You know there there should be some accountability and and and if if your voters are OK with that then your voters are OK with fat but don't. Don't turn on the voters because your. Your hoodwinked by the by the NRA and the NRA is he is a politically driven organization. Howard your WWL. And it's. Answers prayers being questioned okay. Of course it would be good comparison. Is a couple people were grateful. But you have to agree with what went well. Aboard air into a I do my line for that. Decks that we are law. The manufacturers and I think you are they make a car that break the speed at. You much. Yeah I think that's a good parent. I think are important but my point was just did what if if and it was system and that lame spur of the moment thing that I'm higher I brought up and it it to tomorrow the ramifications of it but I think it Steelers. Is applicable in that. We know that people are going to break the law we know people break the law by smoking marijuana so why bother even making it illegal. So you know the idea that people are gonna break the law anyway so why haven't you lost. I think there is I think there's a message that coast to society when it comes to certain things. And and laws although a law student nights on. Do not jive change at people all the time laws there are plenty laws on the books that are not enforced. But I just think it's it's look I don't care if illegally purchased a B well I do care if it's legally or illegally purchased. There's a ban on it that doesn't bother me but I don't know that bans gonna solve many problems but what I don't have a problem with this tightening up the background checks and making sure that. If it's obvious that somebody should never gone let's not let them have a gun. Well that's what part of sport comes into the it would record we being chips speculative go at them and other they're going to try to make them. Not sure bet circled the question is where we problems. Well I I I understand I mean it looked I've I've got a car that's our according to the the Arab gauge on they've reached an amateur I'm gonna carnage goes some 150 miles an hour. If I go under fifty miles an hour though I'm responsible for what I do. So adequately to appear aware where the line be drawn to me as a bit of semiautomatic weapon should be banned. We are dependable. But like that habit and our attitude now like the book but stocks. No problems with the background checks if I get my vehicle about the W somebody. Whether it would look good ship and its rate for all over adult if it is done. Howard as he gets a good point I appreciate the call high astute Shane will be right back on dummy of you well. Sports talk is coming up next wrist Bobby DQ and deuce and following that. LA issue baseball LSU takes on you know tonight you'll hear all reaction right here on WW belt. Here's a text that says let's renamed schools. Uterus. So Republican lawmakers wondered do something to save the children. Inside of them. Interest in. We will have a lot to talk of out tomorrow afternoon the president is having his listening session over students from the Parkland Florida right now at the White House. I will have some highlights from that simple also like talk about the town hall meeting with the students and parents in different politicians. Tonight on CNN went thank Dianne Newman a time Manassas or program director off. I knew and for governor Thomas Jefferson thank you won in New Orleans.