CFB weekend preview and QB to QB

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, November 8th

Deuce weighs in on the college football weekend, and Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.


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And good evening and welcome to the final Alice plus off. Another 2.5 minutes with a great when Deuce McAllister and Drew Brees comes up and thirty minutes. We'll hand things off to the LSU sports network this week's isn't the head closure on a show Ellis you're getting set forth. And they want against Arkansas Saturday morning operated jaguar opinion bowl available fully at WW go back down why did take out all of a great information. Including all ready jaguar opinion poll a fellas who runs the table than me to through regular season games and would have a bowl game. They're invited to play and they were finished detained three. How would you rate the season if that happens. Tiger what it exceeded expectations. Did not meet expectations. Or just about right. Vote online at WW dot com don't forget tomorrow night this time will be visiting with Santa and meg Daniel Glasgow with the saints. Players show brought to about eight and a veteran sports. Hanging looming log will be photos on a veterans boulevard in men who don't view from Vegas from 78 the Tennessee football report and we'll visit with Tulane football coach. Really streets to the phones ago written a fight Andre Andre you all up pros do some Bobby on W Deb you know. A little influence from people who all call could you do follow all order could no. Home or go all the gold. While. We're not all for now you'll we were married and who thought. Are probably never I'll I'll want to move my own. Yeah how it could run the ball more in our capacity yet. If. Yeah outlook mobile. All of the different. Motor and off the ball down field a lot gitmo. OK okay EI and now at Andrei you watch the game last time right. Did you notice in their first quarter that would have been a 93 yard tar Zahn Drew Brees to Ted Ginn. And today I'm like keep running he could drag the bought an old Ted Ginn lawsuit in the superdome lights at the bottom balm. That was going to be a bond so that have been explosive play. Now you might want what. A handful lows you might maybe only have to now because we have more balanced with UK get more explosive than this. You have the scores 23 to three. So all of a sudden what Alan Cabrera you know we go six play 72 yards to make it. 43 to three. Fitzpatrick it's OJ Howard the tide in bond bill caused the fumble Chris banjo recovers. Very first play. Brees to Ted Ginn down the middle plus 36 yard touchdown one play. Thirty seeing shards seven seconds now is 323. Pretty exploded to me. More and brought. Them. No report on. Well still averaging 88 yards is now these averages six yards an attempt. Pass attempt. I mean. I don't know I mean that did you have drew reason you fantasy leaguers have been and I mean because I'll look like. Drew Brees when I was thirteen touchdowns Fortis and his quarterback rating a 105. I'll leave it as a whole now opponents this every night QB rating now I was telling. New one out. What what what what you consider explosive yet he honestly wanted to yeah applause when he is a plus forties plus feels plus fifty. Pretty busy kids yards after catch I mean how far does the pants have to go for you consider explosive. Not all the adult that the Obama. Wouldn't put my problem on when you involve what you thought the ball. Quite a while you'll. People come on who. Maria armories and over ten years. Has now that this is probably do it on there I'd be talking about. Since 2006. And it was always so drew his arm Drew Brees is the noble long quarterback in NFL with 245 plus yard completions. Not Don ready not terrorized that nobody drew a reasonable one. It was an he also had diluted. More of the development of the often and to me to drive you ride out. Some underneath routes where they still have to respect to gain speed. And in you have to respect the bad children to role that the saints to complete at a high howry. You know you may not get I mean he's looking forward now and I admit it and an. Do's and ask and an unregulated status. Not only completely distorted by a polish charge it all goes hand in hand but imitate two yards after the catch you look at the receiving corps how has been eight at eleven different receivers this year has been more six to eight. Who were targeted and involve. Yards out that it can't Joe's been awarded to pull against his 2006. The Packers and the saints. That and and and you look at the priest who has been busy in the ball quickly and Nina get their yards that it can yeah you give him the ball quick will be able to make plays we have a lot like Alec Tamara goes 33 yard touchdown scream yeah I mean at that yet but if I mean drew they'll take you but I don't mind he's you know that Georgia set up the screen to me either get a first down. And it also turned a dozen others like man and he says something like Graham and I got a Kodak yeah it NN day diverting nosedive plays. No they did the visas that they can't be right. All right back to the phones we go let's go to Oklahoma City from Larry and Eric thank you for calling WW else. Uh oh gone in the know they're on their beat Gregory air. There's a development team in pro ball and being taken to break dual titles of it's well anyway what I want installment but dolphins reminded him because when that tornado Rembrandt got a good pieces to learn. You know what I mean. But I Dallas they've got a little good news today as far as Blair war for being able to practice or at least participate. You know the one god it didn't participate was our sit and he left. Last week after you know I guess it was right at two series so. You could John Greco he was active the last game. He he didn't give Ian Butler Revis was able to fill in when Pete kicked out just because you had kilometres filling in for layer Wofford on writes that though. And Bobby military they have been able to plug guys all on believe in and am not remiss. Yet not really miss a beat but you know it would be. A pretty good feat if you could give you top five original comment in and we know that street was out right now so that the Dow right now is don't be ran and ran to and Larry you bring of the rams sports are about that is that good NFL because they need at LA team to be relevant whether the charges Thursday the ram as their home grown team. And the market. No is going to be a challenge area not only eat even though we kick Iran is behind last year we stood in both again Aaron Donald I mean right as married people do get he is dead disruptive and he knows the bidders didn't right now we talk about buffalo being plus eleven where clause three the rams are plus three. So that date taken advantage being opportunistic and I'll look it. The that the league leaders in the scoring margin so you like here we are we're number four you look at like the point differential. Will we Leo plus 66. After eight games mobile line. Is the rams and a 108 when you play during. They're not this week wouldn't you mean to we don't let nobody Motorola Muslim engagement though that this is all show as it is is winning team no no I agree with you but a major brands the brands double on Saturday eagles' number two yeah. Jaguars number three look at a jaguar I did promise you these next two weeks he he he's just as tough if not tougher than Iran. Right right you know wants to name a and that I know was getting a joke in diagram basically you can watch yeah. Right now you know Larry I got back that's gonna rely on Larry Larry I know you cover from the brand right now that the ran the rams right now. Noble ones scoring offense no doubt that that look that's going to be announced that we need to be favor regarded even if we'd be. Watch it on tell he could win these details that we need to get their heads is that we would not be favorable here I don't know why are belts out a deal ended up Vegas had dinner we got dinner these big dinners they didn't own that they had to say to be fairly well. I have a point dean if you give me extra. I don't want to say he's due the next two weeks bitches things I think when a glittering on the rams I don't know what they are investing okay I'll Babbitt that. Blew me. Not I don't know what. It is that don't have their rent though they've only now now now movement no I want and I go back but of the go ahead now that the rams so the next two weeks that I have been well and it does say it's wind and the rain has moved ahead of duke and I'm gonna fail. No matter what it is. Yeah as they do I think I'm gonna tell you right now before you did this say it's win the next two over the bills in the Redskins and the rams with the next two they will be favored home. Now the rams don't win they won't be read that I let us and I don't mean just don't know because listen if you can you can say that got him well and putted that they don't play until three weeks smoke somebody else could derail their zip they do it again proposed know their brands win the next two games Durant and we Jose's win the next two games witnessing is go to Los Angeles the rams will be all right now if you Iran in a foot dues this afternoon saying he's out but what I'm saying is. I'm comes in in the pot on same regardless of what happens. But evil and on the next two weeks this thing to be favored in two weeks you've got downwind. No because of their ran result when an assay to win this thing to be favored me if there were afoot at pull him and what brand had already in all the pictures here enlisted Dave no I am. That's the way I know and know exactly which you say OK but what Palestinian I'm just taking the completely away on same regardless if sell off and it is illegal subjects over the saints and arranged. Regardless of who the hoop the saints will be the favorite in two weeks is what I'm saying. None none of the rams when they're next to that within a hundred million. Okay here it is all I'm saying he's a theme damn little bit scam money so if we want a magistrate of thinking like I know the favorite. He will go ahead you to go into weeks I think that we will go like this time before the Sunday game so so no I don't win any sort of say it's and ran away to win this Sunday night's yes yeah so next weekend who wants to gain. We'll know on line yes I I don't know re not even notre -- of play. They got. They got Minnesota next week OK Andy had a bite of the millions now anatomy and arrest you right going to be and we actually need him to be done by keys to a book yes we do need it. I sports don't wanna come back deuce is gonna give us his take on some B comments above he's next on WW. Some may do a match of this week and will go first the deep south older probably. Does to me George is already locked up a spot in the SEC change it now it's about Georgia heading their resonate. As we Keiwan close I'll what's going on in the big twelve. And what's going on in the ACC OK let's face ACC. Miami loses a game where we may be still allowed because welcome be on the other side or another president noting that they got Notre Dame as we write again during his in my book they can move up but he would allow state depending on it doesn't want allows Clinton team on the other side there rainbow. There could be something there. Clinton has become a program to where is the go surely would it be done me lately. They all without question you asked talked to any expert if the tigers run the table and they failed foreign laws there's no doubt they're going to be a plea ousting Connecticut man yes but Deb body of work and of course what they had built up what did you know emulate you about this in all the time. That's a huge and is reduced Miami and Notre Dame but a big one is cause standpoint Georgia and Alabama. And both. Lose a game before they face each other and still night in a rug anything Quayle was. There's no big news they were just so awful for our one or two they would probably go to four B exactly exactly with the caveat being if Auburn. If Auburn were to be Georgia. And Alabama and then a Georgia team again this time it on the top stand top five if they were to BM. Auburn controls they don't need me in the head no doubt about it. But deuce to me I think give Alabama and Georgia both get to Atlanta it will no other gambles in the pulling out of. They've both me and but I did go all the way in that one of them gets knocked out. If it's a 2128. Point blowout like Plaxo sort of deal right but if it's within fourteen to in all I hear them both rose to aim to give me any you know instead of obviously being 121. Until we want to know the rule before order one they would. Make its go to Mexico yet that happen and then that followed an enemy days and those Duce if LA issue continues going out and Allah and let's say a missing restate what key to winning. And though the data laid out an hour a day in Notre Dame keeps Notre Dame keeps winning. Then to meet Alabama who have they'd be down only bumps of their resonate. And Georgia then they drew Notre Dame eighteen even pushed him even Harold this week in the learning where to be Miami right. Miami and Notre Dame news Miami is eternal won't make a machine. The chain eternal attain the play is where who gets the next two way to change they create two point total was an eight day. He knows inducted into the came hall of fame this weekend. There losing in our district hands and be home we agree while you know speaking to detained Friday night insert morneau before again you re. It reads this and so does that mean regularly and at deuce that's due to where I'm going up at. These voters rob reduce basically Auburn control zone Disney 3-D and SEC still controlled own destiny go on and his week at Auburn Alabama. And Georgia the cells older drivers geology in Auburn. Like George I think Georgia's ability to be able to run the ball and pass is what's don't take them over the top you know I think that you can take something away. From all learn whether it be to pass or run but you know I think just Georgia's two flexible enough slapping that they went missing is they put abandoning its Alabama. What's this rip some tea and have yet. Get a covered area home on Dutch. Missive to state and Alabama the big on Saturday to do is housed at the McAllister 26 do with the local friend. Appreciate it I I didn't. Nothing we don't have none no result would only tell the guys all right well not only won't Robert Tools is not that I'm not. Now highway to zero M and to a us up next QB to QB who Drew Brees here but first up a CBS a didn't. And welcome back to sports stuff. As a New Orleans Saints getting should take on the Buffalo Bills on Sunday it's time now for QB to QB Albert to come assays with saint quarterback Drew Brees in QB QB is going to buy. Go auto the low low cost auto insurance and Townsend addiction center treat treatment centers. Drew big victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Maine it does it seem like to start with just. Electric you get that a big help the special teams almost out like this dog to the lions came to get a big boost my dad drew. And only a busy get your body's feeling good did odds and what is there Kroll history lies really really goes into that teams they were that starts off that way. Listen no no doubt obviously offense we do about pouring cement. If that block or part resolve a touchdown and all the batter that's. Garcia every every phase of the game the only every phase between all in exports because it depicts stopped and then smashed into eternal for such that's. Start. Edit the public aware of first quarter nine to zero a lot of football still left to play. And the defense gets all of the field. And it took third and eight situation is is truly a bomb or enemy Bob bomb. Black could see how frustrated you are I know I was frustrated. In a talk about the deep ball to Ted Ginn junior. That he just so lose it in the lights could this saint like is to be on target like you never tracked the ball. Well what happened on that particular play. Because. All of a sudden ended the that it could have been like sixteen to zero. Yeah and you know Larry I missed them there's very action could ever. That route in you know that pressure commented that I mentioned it a result of not been. They ruled compute the second year due to our note to our doorstep you know. Place that ball to a point where he got to you're so well forties look at. And then you can richest. Contract in intention united through two full outline some. Now drew comedians who zug cutter Miami old school Pierre Thomas kind of coaching clinic. Break is that that screen to Comerica 33 yard touchdown. We go seven plays 93 yards. And but boy in 55 seconds eleven the second quarter C north tribe afford to have to make it sixteen to three in the first half. You have a got a gala premiere average in ten yards a touch she's leading NFL right now. At six yards. Are rushing attempt. So the bottom line and those they've got to get. The short double digit touches in his guys' hands and it just are above its green because nobody showed great balance and and that cutter remind me broad total team effort on on on actually executing the screenplay. There was. You want that was. You know I think on arms that are coming out of the game I think. Here you come companies on the city he is gone out again and so jobs were reports came in coordinators people don't tackle it. You know I I think. That very next play your on the screen in both of those Europe Revis gets out back skipped out. And makes some great blocks on the field and and Tamara August it was great individual effort at times. Breaking tackles and almost going down by now able stay out and then. I comet comes up with a big you know kind of touchdown making blocks right there about a five yard line. Bit their guy got out of those so great effort on the part liked. Now jeweler Gannett how to third quarter Sagan have started to keep the momentum in the crowd into the game. That its factory is in no way since Al Woody's shoulder. And a defense get the ball back in your hands and very very explosive you go six blaze. 72 yards. A little over three minutes to make it 23 to three. And of the point numbering and up is that all of a sudden. Being being very opportunistic bond ballot but his best game of the saints uniform because of Pall mall banjo recovers. On the disparity to OJ Howard throw. But then to about explosive plays. That is kind of a blitzkrieg. Of football version that you mid day again thirty siege yard touchdown in seven seconds. In now before you know it it it's but it's under ten minutes edges a third quarter just started and were around thirty to three. Yeah I mean that's correct. That's the big sequence of events right there like he said you know we we we go to our first possession get touched out of sequence and that would be huge turnover report capitalized very quickly. Eureka moment and that's our conference that point. You're just real crushing so quickly. Yeah obviously that changed the dynamic you're in third you're just a mile. Now let drew fans of as Salinas Obama lags through. You know you always spread the wealth and saved like eight 1011 different receivers a game you look who's targeted who's actually make you receptions. This year's same leg has been more six to eight. Receivers and they've ax me well wolf what's double Willie C Snead wide drew is that throwing the ball. To Willie seen more he has one catch eleven yards and and I know you trust Willie considering in the past on third down the move to change that accommodation. And a guide together. That little boy gonna tell the fans tell me out and I'll do that. I said I don't know we got a bunch of weapons and and I know Willie's the I think will contribute as you go forward. You know what would you mind it was witnessed first I think he also I think. You know being out in record time and come back can't America find roll. Back everything that's ever expanding as we go along here is going to be more more all. Conduct reviews he's been a great player forests for the last years. But you know we you have a lot of guys grow weaponry a lot of pieces that. In a game to game you'd really don't know out shake I look back in there are probably. Two opportunities to throw the ball you know where he was may be second in the progression and it just went to the guy who is. First the progression right Kamal. It was open. You know he got open. And that should count the way it goes from parts. You know you're. It's here. Like calls are being made fort here. Or to try to feature ever hit the ball is it just happens beat it. Now drew looking at the Buffalo Bills obviously it's always tough and NFL two win on the road. And I was kind of looking at where they're rat as a team. They've been outstanding sect in. Quarter and particularly the fourth quarter also they've been also ahead in the third quarter. But they've been outscored 33 to six. In their first quarter how important it is considering the environment. That your able maybe to get off to a fast start and and keep the crowd beginning. Look at and MB plus eleven. I know we won three straight games being minus one I would say when asked that a winning formula we minus one. Against the bills but the one thing with the bills that plus eleven. That. They also outstanding. In and that you what you deal was agreed turn overs but they had the third fewest. Would only six giveaways. So not only already taken a ball away but they're protecting it. Yeah it was America. There seemed knows. Sean McDermott who is director would be a coordinator Carolina. So. You know he's brought. Great mindset there. That they got the playmaker. It's the quarterback Tyrod Taylor is really have a great she's. She or is it export supplier they got killed this hour as well. They've done a great job on the all big play that's all they are all. I think defensively they take it away at seventeen times and most only. You can buy posters that that ever goes counter top of the league intercourse that the turnover ratio. And it's been a huge factor a lot of ways and turn on the tape especially gains by there if they they say oh it's 32 times that it set up. You know big momentum changes are they went through that the other whether he's. Extremely well there. So the Rio work out where we don't output play especially as he. Now drove it far gaggle of bill's question on the read this thanks from a fan and it says that against though I'll probably watch it at home on TV. From 7711. Is says there was a point. They showed drew on the sidelines the gonna dive pad and he seemed very first traded. Ask him what he was of set about what the BC that he maybe could share with the fans. Well from past a lot of abroad question. I don't know vote after mr. as you. My that other matter. And so are the sellers. There are what a whole lot else to be greatly upset about Eric gave you know their market capital of yeah I was upset about this. Yeah you always drug approved for perfection and especially. Boy when you look at the momentum and ended when you got him down kinkle ended down so to speak. So I ideally you'd see how that could frustrate you as a quarterback. But now drew look at net debt elements. Obviously. That who'd doesn't wanna play in the Mercedes-Benz superdome especially. The level of the that you that you played at. When now you look at buffalo. And always say did you correct me if I'm wrong. But I think. When you look at buffalo as a kid be aware is that cold enough to smell what is like high thirty's or low forties and it's raining. And that bag can affect maybe I you throw the ball. But I always thought that play in those conditions. And a place like buffalo with the wind coming all of the lake. That is more the winds of fact morning any other thing as far as the temperature errors at winner dry. Always thought and to resume I bring that up because my mentor was Joseph Ferguson. From university Arkansas before Jim Kelly. And he told me he'd be leading. The NFL. In pass the first two months he can artist's name Colorado and it would get there to same when he come November December and buffalo. Yeah. It is it is you know that's such as well those places were pretty unpredictable and so. Yeah can be really. Olmert says Erica. Hillary or relax. Twelve years you know I mean obviously we have our own legal wrote you know we get just. So last year we got on the circuit there's conditions are being audit that places. So he just figured accounts. You know dealing with the wet weather be it. The way and you'll obviously. And sometimes that affect the game plan. Right you know what you don't buy a lot of times you just you just don't know how it's affecting year to year we get there certainly useful be prepared for whatever can be. Now drew. A long look in net what you accomplish. This is not an opinion is just the fact. We got to be proud of that you look NFL history. That you've thrown the most touchdowns in a particular stadium. On board any other quarterback so. I mean you might be an old man. Barely hanging on aren't like you had a 108 year old man though walker Ron given Dell a pep talk but to me. They're the Mercedes-Benz superdome Drew Brees goes hand in Hank considering that no other quarterback in NFL. Has thrown more touchdowns. At a stadium. Yes that's that's pretty cool you know. Basically all it got caught her you know I don't know a lot when they were caught. It's. Aren't you have a great memories of we re wearing make him more. QB QB has brought you by the goal auto locals auto insurance and Townsend addiction treatment since drew. Thank you so much for the time to look you in the black and go Sunday and buffalo. A group. All right well about the saints and the buffalo will be used in the Anglican it's Sunday. Whether it was a bee in the forties and you know we talk about a range and Minnesota have nowhere with the speed of the wind up telling the it's is as well as the wind mammy southeast winds have 43510. Miles by how well they managed to me though no obvious it's over fifteen that tornado threw us. That can move the ball life. But still you could run the ball. How drew gives the ball on his hands the yards after the catch. The big gardener and you can have a stiff wind at thirty miles an hour. It depends. On how far you trying to throw. How the wind effects of football it debt that matter who your I mean edges the way it is but dig a file look at the saints and bills. They met ten times and the State's whole six to four lead they have right now four game winning streak in the series. And big and then you go out now they call the Ralph Wilson Stadium I don't know does the right they call the new era feel like as as a sponsor. I knew where this thing is 741. Record. Playing in buffalo. No Doug does it. Doesn't the saints have been able to for being a seventeen. Have been able to handle in the history of the franchise. They've been able to handle the conditions. In buffalo and because two of the games have been decided by a judge Donald Lance in its dating game series just goes to show you the rotation. Speak and in the history we've only played buffalo did times of the saints ahead six to four. All right that is going to do and those sports so we should tune in tomorrow night. It is a saints Grisham bug about that's sort of Yang Ling long and who goes on veterans boulevard in Metairie should be some great weather and great dance central and meg annual Glasgow from six to seven. We'll visit with to link above go to really fits all view from Vegas. And re play of QB QB Russell go behind enemy lines and take out the Buffalo Bills and the Arkansas Razorbacks I'll let him off from school some 48 PM. And who is on this boulevard. He and Mary come next it is the age old Jauron ship thanks so much to demands of prism reliance on news departments. And mark monarch. Don't put it at the in those are shown LSU football it's double covers both Samoa Kristian garic and set none of that non big Bellamy is always a mother Kaye Egypt and and Bobby a bit. Well on the way lays. At.