Cell phone ban fails - good or bad?

Wednesday, April 18th

The Louisiana Legislature failed to pass a bill that would have prevented the use of handheld cellphones in cars. Do you think cell phones are really a great distraction while driving? If the bill had passed would you still have used your phone? Do you still text? Full 2 pm hour.


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And how much of pelicans I have to admit I fell asleep before the game ended last night at the pelicans won two games on the road in Portland against the trailblazers. They come home with a two nothing lead tomorrow night smoothie king center that place is going to be packed and Moroccan and if you can't go to the gamer don't go to the game. As have a pelicans watching party I will talk more about down on the show tomorrow afternoon. Did you know that if you go to concerts. On a regular basis like once every two weeks at least. You could and nearly a decade to your life new study shows this will talk about that coming up the next hour and that bully duo a conversation about. This what are some of the best concerts we've been to recently. Last night I was watching Sean Hannity and I'm Sean Hannity made a mistake and a lot of people make the same mistake but he preferred to CNN. As state news. Based parenting. President trump. CNN is not fake news. I know it's common for many to believe that. But fake news is stories that have been made up they're not true. It's not stories that are damaging to the president. Last night Sean Hannity. And I heard clips from Limbaugh show. I have never heard these guys so verbally aroused. In my life. I mean they were like having so much fun. Dashing seeking an end. They said that the media was trying to take down president trump. OK. I don't know if they're trying to but they have a lot of negative news about president trump I get that. But I guess Sean Hannity forgot that Fox News tried to take down President Obama. And this is the hypocrisy that I personally as a as a patriotic Americans. This is the hypocrisy that I have a tough time dealing list. Fox News was as negative. Abouts. Obama. As MSNBC and CNN are about trump. And in the truck started the war against the media. So why would the media fight back we have to wait and see how all of this plays out because the final chapter. Has yet to be written. If you're just tuning in we talked about former lady 41 lady Barbara Bush passing away at the age of 92 we'll talk a little bit more about her. In the next hour we also talked about the captain of a Southwest Airlines flight thirteen eighty. Being called a hero and I were my first Texan to show her day was she was just doing her job she's not a hero. And I actually disagree she's a former navy pilot. Tammy Jo Schultz and there's some question about whether or not usually an ace Todd if you get a chance which you just check to see if she is or is it is an ace. And I think to be a nation have to fight down. Let's get to shoot down a certain number enemy aircraft. She was so she was flying out I jets in combat and I think she was that the navy's first female. I jet pilots. I it conduct. And so this is so a woman who was very very talc and very capable. And I think she's a hero and did a phenomenal job of maintaining a calm. And in a methodical fashion bringing that to Southwest Airlines Boeing 737. To a safe landing point passenger did die from the engine explosion and the wind up being blown out the passenger being sucked partially out of the window and then being. Pulled back Keyon and if you can imagine how the passengers on that flight felt. Which led us to a conversation about having near death experiences. And you hear what these passengers were saying and how happy they are to be alive and you do you know if you've flown that he you can imagine how they felt. An explosion hole in the side of the plane the plane suddenly rapidly to send us. At the plane wasn't rapidly descending because of the engine failure. It was just protocol to descend. Rapidly to get done as soon as quickly as you as you can't. But you can see how the passengers would have felt like that was related and then the oxygen mask pop out Susie windows blown out because of cabin pressure being lost. So you could see where they report feeling like they had a near death experience. As so we we talked about that a little bit and you know at different times they have there which act I mentioned that there were two times that I I thought I might die. And it didn't happen but deer were also those times when I mean. I wanted to die. Like when you've had too much drink. And you wake up the next morning. And you just what the lord to take you right here. Right now. Has it happened to me a long time but I do remember times when that. Did effort if you would rejoice with comment about anything we talk about our numbers 260187. ER text is say 7870. We'll talk about the Louisiana legislature. Notch on advancing a bill that would have prevented you from using your cellphone your hand held cell phone. Why you behind the wheel of a car. We'll talk about that in just a moment because it does bring up that interesting topic about passing laws. That help us. Make ourselves safer I mean should we really need that. And the other question is. Is the law passed. Would you really stop using your phone. You know unless unless law enforcement enforces those laws. Against texting and driving. Against using a phone if it ever comes to that. In your Carlos laws are forced people are gonna pay attention. But this hour also wanna talk about how much I respect and applauds ambassador Nikki Haley. US ambassador to the United Nations. She was thrown under the bus by the trough administration. She said over the weekend that. After the strikes after the Syria or Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. That the US words. Administer new sanctions against Russia. National Economic Council director Larry could troll I assert could blow Kudrow said quote this is of Nikki Haley quote. She's done a great job. She's a very effective ambassador. There might have been some momentary confusion about debt. Nikki Haley fired back and said with all due respect I don't get confused. And the trump White House apologized. To Nikki Haley. About claiming she was confused. Because. Apparently. She was right. And a truck administration changed their mind but they threw her under the bus. And she stood up and said. I don't get confused. Do you applaud ambassador Nikki Haley for firing back at the White House or. Was she showing a lack of loyalty. To the president. That's a pretty most opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com here's a text an ace haste five shoots a five shots downed five enemy people shut down she's not an ace. I know a since the Vietnam War. A case are now getting some information the only news agency. All this is really interesting you know were I got the story about her being an ace pilots. Fox News. Fox News is the only network. Calling her an ace pilot. She's a great pilot. But there's a technical term doing so. That's great news. The fake news and I got four for the show today. Mr. Fox News. Isn't that interesting. Now I know they didn't mean it but they just didn't represented it properly. So technically she's not a case pilot. Because there's a definite definition goes along with that. If you elected George for your comic this afternoon on numbers 260. When he seventy. Erick are 5042601. A somebody. Tex ever say 7070. OK I applaud Nikki Haley by some of you might think hey man she should just suck it up and memorials to president trump because not everybody is. Gonna suck it up and straighten out the White House she did I applaud her for doing that also. Drivers holding cell phones is gonna remain legal in the state of Louisiana. We'll talk about that we come back. Boy you ever stop using your cellphone in your car. Our numbers 2601870. I'm studio we'll be right back. On Devi of Euro. A bill to ban drivers in Louisiana from using their phones style with their hands while on the road failed to pass the house floor. And at times there was a very very serious today so what here's here's the question. Should there be a law. That bans people from using hand held cell phones all the drugs. And if there was such a law. Would you pay attention to which you really change. There's a law that bans texting and driving. NIC people Texan drive all the time and sodium. You might see don't causeway. You see it on the I ten hurry is especially if traffic is is is going slow and she can look oversee all kinds of people texting. Now I text behind the wheel but only a red light. My choice actually Brett and out of print out the light turns green. So resistant to change our behavior and the guess the other question is. Why is it that we as soon as humans why do we need laws. They tell us how to be safe. Shouldn't we instinctively. Be safe ourselves. You were almost getting to the point where the nanny state. Is suggesting that if something is not illegal then it's OK to do it. Just because something is not illegal doesn't mean it's it's okay to do. It doesn't mean it's. It's safe. Now also there are a lot of other things to distract us while we're trying to. Somebody in the car next to you. Billboards. Just. Thinking about something and not paying attention falling asleep behind the wheel. There are a lot of things that that cause problems on the road not just using the phone. But if there was a law and should there be able to if there was a law which you stop using the phone. But your bond that we if you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. And a text number is 87070. And here's an update on our party must opinion poll do you applauds. Ambassador Mickey immediately. For firing back at the White House or was she showing a lack of loyalty to the president it's 5050. Give us your opinion by going to our web site every if you don't don't count Karrie welcome to the show. Are. And actually that was in Canada and and oh. But. And they. The ship them but yeah. Should. Probably do that. Yeah Harry you know as it is interesting though even with hands free EE you do have to take a moment to. Set it up I mean there there are. Small things that you have to do to actually make the calls so it's being careful is still an important factor why you're doing that. It is and then and they. And mark. And for our travelers and automatic. One. Showed. Yeah. Yeah yeah they they are and the other thing Kerry is if we know somebody's driving. And we send them a text. Or if we call them are are we not may be contributing to a dangerous moment in a car. Yes. We know that. And sometimes we know what and we do it anyway. Mortgage rapid umpire but. Are not partially not more so. Are your good guy because not everybody. Abides by that. Hard as you've got a comment 2601. A seventy text is a 7870. Are we were talking viewers tuned in we were talking earlier about city Southwest Airlines so former navy pilot who was the captain of conflict thirteen eighty. And she got playing don't say so your name's Tammy show Schultz she's 56 years old she was a former navy pilot. She was the first our navy pilot or female navy pilot first navy pilot to fly the the first female navy pilot to fly the FA eighteen hornet. And she also are trained pilots in the navy before she lost to navy and retired into came. On an airline pilot so I I differ on a lot of credit for doing a great job she very common she got that plane down and with the exception of one person who were sucked out of their window when the engine exploded and blew that hole in the in the window and everybody did survive are Randy here on WWR good afternoon. About itself all law yeah. You know about art analogue of being a bit distracted dropper you had so there's so many things that can distract you or they don't understand. This is basically a plane at our street. And you know they have built future records and our counts that he hit a car trouble what I keep people eager. Who actually may drop. Seem like these but not America you better be here I mean there's always distracted drivers so backed covered at all. And about are there a way to get Alter our course so it would be burglar or. And Randy one of the other things that I think happens is politicians. From. Pass these laws to give. There voters the impression that they're doing something about a problem when in reality like you say there are already laws against it. Well politicians in ridiculous. That do get which. What you or new gig govern with emotion and do. Yeah that the car will your balance ball and shall open ended better. Yeah it goes and you talked about. Pelicans and awkward so people often more. Yeah alleged you've got to feel great about the way the pelicans are playing 12 and a role in talk I did not think they were gonna win last night I expected Portland commodity just be on fire but the pelicans handled it. And even without Tom DeMarcus Cousins the pelicans have found a way to to become this really I'm cohesive unit and played really great basketball. And they're winning. I'm scoops are numbers 2601. A seventy. You know sometimes it's as simple as texting somebody they shoot loves them while you're driving and you and I see texting and driving all the time I don't know if I was a law change that at all. I think it made some people more Cognos sent of on noted that the danger but I don't think it to stop people from doing it. So we're talking about a bill that would ban drivers in the Louisiana from using their cell phones with their hands. How bother on the wrote it did not pass the house floor so it's over but the debate was pretty serious at times. The bill was un sponsored by Breaux Bridge representatives my cool ball. And he said this deal is to try to protect the families back home. They deserve to have one less thing that could possibly kill them or their children or someone they know. But opposition came from Shreveport representative Barbara Norton who said. You you choose to pick out cellphones. But she didn't say anything about eating. Shaving tying a necktie putting on makeup drinking coffee. You're still distract it. And that Bruce rivers it is a very Ivey says on the deal is unnecessary. And it is nanny state legislation. Yeah to some degree I agree with that. But I just think it's interesting that we we almost. Ask for laws to be passed. For us to be safe when we've really know what we need to do to be safe. And I talked about this before I I think this is the real dangerous and nanny state. K something is not illegal. People think it's okay to do it. If you don't John if you don't ban oversized. Soda drinks. Over 64 or whatever if you don't ban oversize sugary soda drinks. Then it's not illegal. But that doesn't mean you should drink a lot of it's so I think we're developing into a society that's this instinct that if it's not illegal and must be okay. That's not true we shouldn't require laws. To be passed. For us to be aware of how we should be safer ourselves. Here's a text about the a selfish airlines pilot who got the plane down safely will she get a movie like so. And that's heir apparent reference to the US Airways pilot to Chelsey Sullenberger. On The Who was I'm honored in a movie called solely Tom Hanks played. Our captain Sullenberger. Other guy I landed safely on the Hudson River to general familiar with the story. And he was a hero for doing that and I thought about that immediately you know this would probably be a very good movie. Because there's explosion there's a window blown out there's a woman who sucked out Lou half way out of the window pullback in. There's all the people on the third of the plane. Reacting to the sudden descent of the plane so I would think that this does have all them all the elements for a good movie. From general Richard here on WWL. Hey that's good has been a long time since a coal. I would call about that's cellphone bills all of this bill carefully watched the committee hearing on the line not. Wanted to go test of couldn't. And did that was in the that just mated they terrible bill but the one. Primary point of wanted to make nothing of course there's the having followed this issue for. Probably over ten years and have testified before. In legislative committee's own loans similar bills in the past two. Require entry phones. And then they've all been defeated. Did distraction has not called a holding the phone there are countless studies from all over the world. That show that the conversation. Is the destruction. And that in all the tests that have been may test shall tesh tracts such using driving simulators. That error rate. Is essentially the same. Whether. They driver is holding the phone we're using up and tree falls it's affected your mind there's just tracked. Richard I I've I've made that point I'm glad you started up again but I I've made that point data you know when when people argue well it's just like having a conversation with somebody in the car. No it's not because if you're having a conversation with somebody in the in the car you're still in the state of mind of being in the car. When you're on when you're on one on the phone whether it's hands free or hand held. Your mind is somewhere toe release is somewhere else. And you know you and I see a lot when when somebody gets on the phone and they start to slow down we do not even thinking about driving anymore they're on the phone. If you're right but actually but this spill would have. It did it would make it illegal even touched the screen of your phone. Unless it's meant mounted on the dashboard. You couldn't use map applications you couldn't use move Google Maps or ways. If if if the fullness mounted on your dashboard. Then you can lean down to you know dashboard level. You know clearly taking your just off the road to look at the phone to touch it to dial in number. But you could not do the same thing at the phones flying on the seat beside you or in your lap. Well you couldn't even hold stride in front of you were you still watch in the road. But there are so many terrible aspect of this bill it just made in this terrible Bill Clinton makes sound good challenge good in theory. Well an end in sounding good means is one of those feel good bills that it makes the voters think oh my my politician when I voted for what this guy is doing really good stuff for me or she's doing good stuff for us. And it doesn't really solve the problem. I agree into that let's appoint a wanted to make that that there wanted the two bill the public just doesn't. Aware and and you know Barbara Norton. That that represented from Shreveport. You know and didn't hurt debate she talked about you know the fact that it's not illegal you know hamburger. And actually when you think about it. Eating a hamburger and a car there's a whole lot more distracting than holding yourself on the collar here. First off you're trying to place that little paper napkin on your chest that's right and mustard and ketchup from dripping and it won't stay in place are constantly having to. Stick it back on your chest. You're having to manipulate the rapper about him personally don't you know that just. It's it's it's it's it's true. And I mean look my guy just just the eight if you get in order to go and you've got French Fries and it. Mean just the aroma of those hot French Fries and a car I mean I think that's a little distracting. Richard I Terry appreciate the call it. If you wanna join us with your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy area code 5042601870. In our text. Is a 7870. I get a sex is says side I see police doing it all the time using their phones and texting and driving. You know I think that's I think that's worth addressing I think police officers need to follow the laws that they are taking an oath. Two make sure that we uphold. And even though they may be more qualified than us if you're police officer I don't think you should be speeding and Russia responding to a call. And if you're responding to a call in and speeding I would assume that there's protocol with a putting Lysol so. I do believe police officers should. Follow the laws we have to follow irons coach we'll be right back whatever if you'll. I'm still welcome back to our show here on W URL and Doug Tracy welcome to the show. My Jersey. Eating in hot dry. Yeah yeah plan. Learn an. Important tactic. And key here and is currently EL. And while eating trading. Really so you're you're trained. To lead and drive it. And I'm. Why. And Bobby EE. So what do you remember from what you learned that you like to pass on to others about this technique of leading in driving. Or. And usually there are gunning at you delivered to your new. Parents so. It. And that part. Of it but. You know that's really that's brilliant if you say if you think about it because CP yeah I mean people are gonna do it's and so he was just teaching you how to do it safely well there should not be encouragement and leading in driving because it it is a distraction. And that police think you're at eight. Not cut out Eddie that are our rookie or actually. As soon end instead of passing laws what they do oversee the day they actually torture to deal we're so some of life so did challenges eating and driving. I mean what happens when you leading French Fries and you. You can tell me you're not distracted at all and different tried drops between the seat in the console coming out looking down there is a French finance your summer you know looking down there to get that. That sometimes. We do that. If you don't have again it's it's the app radio dot com and you can listen Debbie to derail any time anywhere. And you could streamers and all so you automatically hooked up with every WL radio on FaceBook. And every of URL on Twitter. It's the radio app radio dot com get the app and favorite WWL. Today. I'm stoked him to be back on WL. All right it's still OK to use your hand held cell phone or you're you're driving it doesn't mean it's right thing to do. I here's a Texas says and in high school like car pulls with a friend smokes cigarettes. Drank hot coffee all while driving. A stick shift oh well here's an of the Texas says after about 25 years ago a friend was. In a near fatal accidents. Driving while taking pickles offered cheeseburger. On the way to a sorority meeting. So yeah look if there's no law against it it doesn't mean that it's okay to do it. And and some of these laws are feel good laws they its deception. It makes you think the politicians are actually doing something to make a span. In some cases they do played so many cases these feel good nanny state laws. They're making us any safer they're just giving you the idea that the politicians doing their job these politicians need to do their job when it comes to other stuff. Not this stupid feel good stuff. They need to do their job when it comes to balancing the budget but seeing that kind of stuff doesn't really get your attention. We dish or tension would gets in the news is we're gonna ban hand held use a cell phones. That's what gets attention. But there are already. Laws against distracted driving. On the books. Here's an update on our pretty must opinion poll do you applaud ambassador Nikki Haley for firing back at the White House or was she showing a lack of loyalty to the president. 70%. Applaud her for firing back to 30% say she was showing. A lack of respect and loyalty to the White House we're talking about it Nikki Haley. And she was sore and a bar spider trough administration. As a UN and US ambassador to the United Nations. Nikki Haley over the weekend said that after the Syrian government used chemical weapons there would be new sanctions against Syria. And shortly after that China National Economic Council director Al Larry could blow up. Said quote she's doing a great job she's a very effective ambassador there might have been some momentary confusion about that basically saying she was wrong. I applaud Nikki Haley because she fired back saying quote with all due respect I don't get confused. The White House Dan apologized. And again for the record. He was only Fox News didian accurately describe the pilots of that Southwest Airlines flight as it ace pilots. Tactically she was stuck you can go to concerts and live longer we'll talk about that next on Debian bureau.