Cedric Steps Down

Tuesday, August 8th

The Scoot show opens with breaking news that the director of the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board, Cedric Grant, has decided to retire.  Scoot takes your reaction to this news.  Do you think Mr. Grant decided this on his own or was asked to step down?  Will this fix anything or should we expect more of the same from future leaders?


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You know I was driving along canal boulevard. In the late yesterday and I saw. Ponds of water. In the neutral ground considers the gravest kind of sunk American oval foresaw this standing water. And the first thing I thought about was. Mosquitoes. Pick about all the standing water from the rain. And you can't help but think about the skaters we got a lot to talk about this afternoon president trump is discussing North Korea and it seems like we're reaching a new. Point where we're kind of on the brink of may be having to do something with North Korean. So we're watching that situation also a president trump. Continues to call the news the figures. Now some news is that news. But all the news that he calls figures is not fake news. And calling defectors is a real danger. To our country back. It doesn't matter because it's negative news about him so he wants to call if agents. The top administration is fighting back against what they believe his fake news. By trump doing his own news TV show. On FaceBook. With the CNN political commentator. Who quit CNN. To do this. We'll talk about that a little bit later also a woman left to Bon Jovi concert. She's Japanese American. Which he was told at the concert that she didn't belong in this country. My first thought is she should've left. Because somebody says your point of this country. But the other part of that is. There are people who feel that way now. There seems to be. From what we see in the media there there seems to be an increase in in people copping a really bad attitude toward anybody who looks different. And that should be very disturbing to all of us who get into that a little bit like. Downtown New Orleans is not prone to flooding. The French Quarter has. Historically survive storms and hurricanes. Without major flooding. So when I saw the streets bordering my apartment building in downtown New Orleans flooded. Door to door one side of the street to the other Saturday afternoon. I knew. Other parts of the city must have been literally. Under water. And they war. It is estimated that parts of the match for New Orleans area were hit with eight to ten inches of rain over three hour period. That's a short period of time. And as quickly as the water rose so did the flaming begin. The reaction of a great many victims of the flooding Saturday. Was to blame malfunctioning pumps. Executive director of the sewage water board centric cramp. Assured us the public that the pumps were all functioning properly. And that no pumping system in the world could keep up with that amount of rain over that short period of time. He said quote I continue to tell the people what the system can do. It's pretty amazing. That it can do an inch of rain in the first hour and a half an inch of rain every hour after that. We're dealing with eight to ten inches of rain in a three hour period. It's not going to be able to pump. That in an hour. And this was at a press conference. Over the weekend. But the words from grants don't necessarily satisfy many who blame the city for the flock. New Orleans City Council president and Jason Williams flanked by other council members and NO PD chief Michael Harrison. Said that the council has a serious questions about the pumping stations and as a special session special hearing set up for that City Council tomorrow. Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell said she's not satisfied with the information that the council is receiving about the flooding. And Williams wondered if the city can't handle a bad storm what are we gonna do if there's a hurricane. Councilwoman Susie get free demanded answers. As to why the water rose so rapidly in the lake view area. And I was in in all of those areas and may be worn either don't we saw the video and it was terrific I mean they're still. Show cars. In places where they shouldn't be and I think it's nice that they're towing cars to a safer location. I you're not jog your pocket to pay for the towing it are gonna pay a penalty if it was in the wrong place so that's a good thing. But they had to get him out of the way so that torrential rain that dumped onto city Saturday afternoon. It's not as unusual as this theory of the 100 year flood is. About two weeks ago. A few of the same areas flooded so badly that you know Saturday it was just another reminder that it floods here and it doesn't take. Hurricane for to flock so frustrations among residents and business owners intensified. Tony two years ago and I remember Libyan Harrington at the time. The great job may flied out of 1995. At the New Orleans area with massive amounts of rain over a two day period. Southern Louisiana southern Mississippi in May of 1995 received ten to twenty inches. From may the eighth to may tenth. New Orleans received 244. Point 05 inches. Compare that to the airport which received only nine point 67 inches steel a lot of rate. There were big floods and in November of 1989. November of 1979. And is it a kid growing up in Metairie I remembered our neighborhood flooded so badly my brother night. Made a boat out of a wooden cabinets and ventured out into the street. I don't know where we got a panel I guess we had paddles are part panels but we're out in this this this wooden cabinet floating around that the streets of Metairie. You know we thought it was a blast but our parents were. Dealing with. The damage. The point is New Orleans itself Louisiana and southern Mississippi. Athletic. And we'll float again. We're told. The plants were operating properly but we don't have any reason to necessarily believe what we're told by the city. That's on four and this is that the reason that there's a problem when people lie what politicians don't tell us the truth. When it comes to even little things. You can't necessarily believe them when they tell you something big like this the pumps were working where they we don't know. But the human tendency. Is to find the most likely human error. And point the finger in that direction. The least likely thing to blame is nature. May be the least likely thing to blame nature. Is because that's the one thing we can't control. And we so something bad happens we wanna find the human. We went by the human with a human error that is at fault. Because that way we feel like we can fix the problem. If it's just nature. What are you do. If you would like to join us for the comment this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601870. Text 87870. Often nor short on your on WWL. I think a big culture long Thomas their frequent caller. What a two comments one or an councilman Williams and the problem all that means when he got quixotic and born on Jason on account on account to present decent wage and I'm very proud of him. Easy you'd agree each announcement in this is why it looks of things on what they really all. The city's. Workforce or park in Portland went out in ticketed in true on people because they support their cause and your ground because the city. System. Fail. No matter what I would call it it's great. And the first response from the in from Mitch and the ministry was built collect as much money which had to do you can't. Thank you councilman Jason Williams respect and we're not going to be that our citizens and we fail were not punished the upper try to protect their property. That's a that's a good councilman right there. I would agree. I mean I know nobody should be punished for what they had to do over the weekend. Right. In the palms failed at some point they. Well they did they died when you're done do we know do we know that they that they failed or that they were just not capable of taking care of that volume of water. What. An answer that they did it work there were supposed to make failed the PR. And because they didn't talk a war out. If if we need to parts. This system because it's not big. Bad. Done you can only make you can only make a levees so high you can only make the pumps so big before it's it's not even cost efficient to make it that big I mean it. At some point so important not to have to understand that we're going to be the victim of acts of nature. The senate does that. Failed the ball go out. Well even if it's a completely legitimate. And were not controllable. And it didn't work. This response to the city shouldn't be that go into audible to kick. Well I would agree with that Don I'm gonna that. I'm gonna have to leave it there we'll talk about trumpet they use a little bit later I hope you have a chance to call. If you're on hold stay where this if you wanna join us with a year comments are numbers 2:6 no morning Saturday. Enrico final four to 601 a seventy text and 77 he talked to Carl or don't know coming up next on its more vehicles as well. But I want to ask him in particular what was it about this system. Saturday. Has led to such a big problem. Look at Tibet when we come back on WL. Welcome back to our show we're talking about New Orleans after the flood does the water has receded there's still seems to be a ring around the city right now. A curly or non there was the chief meteorologist at WWL television a Carl what was it about that specific. Event Saturday that made it so bad. I think basically what we have much more yet beer the comic the year not a comedy you know these rain but. One of the things that we don't usually app in the summertime but they carry out a year and that you indicate during a bullet went in a stall much. Let run here at yet the north and it was a movie anywhere though we kind of had a spoke it would be sport development. What common summertime is that the storm there's not a lot of movement in the atmosphere that you do it one body. And produce you know 23 into the rank all that that comment but Tom around here but. We had so much more in the atmosphere which that they are boundary and and it just light up just right right over the natural order in the area chip and it only Ayres. It was interesting because at downtown New Orleans in the French Quarter say you've rarely floods as some kind is a little street flooding in parts of the this dvd for flooding downtown and flooding. In the quarters really rare but it wasn't it was a rare Saturday went when I saw outside in my apartment building the streets bordering my my building. When it was door to door all the way across the street are covered with water on I knew that other parts of the city had to be even worse. You're right because you you know the bull that you know he get closer to the lake he'll get a river. Elevate its RV right here in the quarter we don't easily it which split because the right up toward the left of the ripper. But when you have six lucked into the brain at all you know. Short amount of time that no pumping them in the world can keep up with that and we we had you that your you know who you bring your audio like you know like here. We've gone through different than were we happy it happened the war and they're so we. You know complaint that criticism of the pumping them all even at the pump you know it I don't know I mean they were on the very beginning. The pump can't have that amount of rain it's it's happened or art history happen again. You were fighting an uphill battle with. Being below level. And India mount. Water that there are falling on it couldn't handle unfortunately. We aren't going to play like that you know when we have a situation. With that the looked into the grain all in yeah relatively small period of time. And Carly if it is seems like the Tennessee though is to find the human culprit to find the human error because. People are less likely to wanna blame it on an act of nature because they feel like they have less control over an active an interview with the can't do anything about that. Exactly and you know and like that the war you know the patent war I've been here 26 years I know we've got cases like this and I remember Pete poker the up off beat the the look on patent war. And we we stay the point being again the pump can't handle that amount of grain though it. Doesn't matter if there were on three outward toward the yup upbeat as he can handle the amount of water and and you know unfortunately it's gonna happen again I mean it's summertime a recount wars are always in our war cap. Of course we don't expect what did you bring all but you know even their past. Q3 weeks we've yet to create in the rain all it called the street flooding in some spots though you know flooding from thunderstorms in the summertime. That can happen any day where brought our area. You go back to the may eighth Florida may eighth and I made content eight seats at the tenth of side 1995 government as well. You always got 24 just over 24 inches of rain in two day period it. Yet nothing can be done about it. Now now that bet that they are on was toppled bar area. All you have is I'll lineup around he world which continue to lift right along that boundary. And unfortunately it. What our area and battered in what he was runner up and urgent warning beat. On that date Saturday it would be money in art equipment or solar and we'll get it right well. Of course the book Paula in a war because of the amount of flooding we have in that area. Carl I had a hard time finding this information but I was looking forward earlier what what is the average amount of rainfall per hour in a hurricane. What we can he would much as shoot the green to the right ball per hour but nobody heavier. You know can be much darker heavier than that part of that stronger. You know category three or by hurricane though you know the rate spot rate is that Leo computing being I don't can be used that much because. You can say connect via the region's per hour but you may not yet reached per hour the amount of rain falling in that amount of time at the rate that the rain fall. The soreness or what we saw what we saw Saturday is is is much much happier than the average rain it would fall during hurricane. Yeah independently we have that they do the right off number keys can produce order pick the eight depending on the hurricane but. It would sort of mark time or whatever. I know this is not a not a quick answer but I need a quick answer to that good news coming out. On how much could climate change contribute to something like Saturday. While I mean look at an event where there isn't the right spot in the were were along the Gulf Coast that we when you Mort yeah the spirit that it that the tree lot or. Daytime heating a little disturbance or even a stationary boundary that all are here. An. Yeah that align. Approaching acted by boat or shortly the vote the today. Along and to let the that he bought the right now I'm not much on the out shortly right now. Chief meteorologist channel four Carl Redondo thanks for being us. Are you here on hold stay with us look at your calls we come back we've got a break for CBS into the WL news our numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601870. Text is a 77 I'm scoot graduate this coming right back. After the rain it as theirs a mess to clean up I'm astute Niger where this year I've got the code word coming up right before the top of the hour news at 2 o'clock you hear the code word. You text the code word to 72881. And you could win a thousand dollars easy way in our nationwide free money contest we'll talk to our state climatologist from Miller shoot very time. Coming up in the next half hour after after 2 o'clock. We'll talk to him about whether or not I'm climate change was a major contributor to what happened on Saturday. You know when you go back through through time and I just think about my lifetime and you think about your lifetime and we just talked about this for Karl Redondo with had a lot of flooding for a long time. Which had flooding. Vet. It nobody panicked over in terms of it being in the result of climate change I'm not I'm not dismissing climate change. But to blame something like Saturday on climate change again is looking for I think. In some ways that that human factor when sometimes it might just be. An act of nature from gin chilly Donald your endeavor WL do you have any have any water and utility. Now are into it but I was. At target all the armed and well. Robinette it and had to be tough to you know. Yeah she took two and a well round two under trial would. So on the day you know with the city it would it would pop in system that we. You noted acute and it that the purposes and it this epic and pump that much or I'll. Well while we continue to make sense of the system while we spend millions mentioned put out the army on the same port the system in. And understand so you know at least not an award. Well if midget gonna do these something that can do that in his story. I mean Dave tour Louise man on the podium on the town and the producer on the system. No so we've been admitted Mary in the well in because it does not report. But it might cost millions and millions even more than that. 202 to put in a bigger when I mean at at some point dollar could only make all these so high and and you just it's not cost efficient to make it. That much higher because. Because of the chances if it ever happening. We've made that get to pop the system that are more because it's it might be cost prohibitive. A move its corporate limited if you put up the system is outlawed in Iowa down and when we get money. Sometimes. Cities and countries can only afford so much I mean there's there's going to be acts of nature that we cannot. I'm protect ourselves from. To protect ourselves from from some acts of nature but not every act of nature. Well okay what I'm saying is if you need to competence system that India right now. Okay and that's saying that no opposites and can spend much order what a myriad news about change the process. Well because they're pumping system as a pumping system wasn't there then when you've got to half an inch of rain you might flight. I mean according would just be a lot quicker. A lot to grow it or not. Donald Johnson Donald just trust me on this it ain't that easy. I'm I'm not saying that they do but maybe a land got idiot just killed ten people at a moment. In recent game make that the united pomp war. In a lot. Yeah I I mean I'm not and I'm not a civil engineer so I can't answer a question I've I appreciate the call Donald have a good day I mean if you can answer Dell's question please I'm. Please call us it's it's my understanding that. If it's even possible to build assistant to pump out. Five inches of rain in two hours. It would be cost prohibitive. From narco wing your WW out it. You win. Well let it go hand. Why pop up problem is what their role and are very orbit all. Why they've built for. Short debated number below for small and all of the colts. Everything I've apology and my out ol' mom I'm low on money. It might have a belt on below that I don't know people. Always caught what you pathetic offer a bit of it never pick apart everything else they've never think about. Money spent here. Where weary at work then. You start in the celebrity angle there keep you need to build moral out. Okay we're in a statement is let's say let's take your house in your budget why don't you protect your house to where there's no way is gonna fly. If it's not cost prohibitive why don't you create a house to where there's no way water were ever ever no matter what get into your house. Well I would either built my house higher we're not wondered when you do and where. Meanwhile it is is it it was on I'll the other. Point in their history. Table a lot of people have purchased houses in areas and never flooded and then they fought. So if you really wanna make sure the your house never flies in based on your theory you should take your your budget and make your house flood proof. Number one and our. OK but there are other okay so what. Look I don't like defending the city when I have to in this case when it comes to the city what you think they don't have other things to take care of. All they do all Atmel. Are sort. And and city and it they for a long time. Our the thing that should be short. That edition like that there's no doubt about that and that's why I don't like to be in this position of making it seem like the city's not a fault because I don't know yet maybe the city is at fault. When I I appreciate the call. Look it's really easy to say was just built a bigger pop maybe it is that easy to be done. But that's not my understanding. And if I'm wrong please tell me is that easy to build a bigger pop but we talking about. A weather phenomenon. They can't necessarily be predicted. They can't necessarily be controlled stuff happens. This is not the first flight he won't be the last. Now to pump toward operating correctly well let's talk to the sewage more report about that. Big city council on hearing tomorrow afternoon about that I'm scoots and will be back and having a zero. And on this date in 1970 soul train made its debut in Chicago and eventually went on to become highly successful syndicated show. I'm Stewart talking about after the slide from Hammond Gary you're on WWO good afternoon. Pace who then went on things. We met in the early seventies. I remember in 78 meter walk and don't oak street waist deep in war. The maple leaf was on I have no one's there a couple was honest seizures and I'm sure you're aware. The warship in arise in the back of the maple which we are articles. With the launch seizure it's one. Last week. Call from diamonds have a places like that will watch the devastation and all the property in the wall. And we just weakness source basic net over the boat. Naughty. That was on the calling for a that was for repairing the trains. Including them. And until this happens in Tennessee. Wait a minute completion is talking about these so I'm not going to be enough that you book club or indeed Michael in this world. The morning that was kind of it was a decision in due course to rule these statues monuments. In the first place sort of Floyd was self. Sure opposite those way. Don't know Robert. OK that's Great Britain that was. It's an interesting it's an interesting connection meaning if it if there is look I have always questioned. The mayor taking down the statues the way he did it. I I don't question them being removed. As much as I question. The way the mayor did in the way the mayor deceived you and me and just the general public the voters of New Orleans to meet. And he made a double deceive you on that might deceive you with something else as well so that's why it's dangerous to lie it's dangerous to not be honest if your politician. So you know maybe there is a connection between Narnia could've gone to clean the drinks and I noted you and your joints may be a problem. And appraisal problems and there are the guys talk about. Struggle to electoral aspect of their tires all of that make sense and it's been like these cities could be too much to do. What I went to Q. Much as it was in Mississippi that was is and stated this at the museum. And religion dispatches and not hurting me Caribbean on what was the United States it was talking about this in the middle of the week what has happened. And this is the problem when you when you do something like this and it's not all above board when you remove monuments and it's not totally above board. Then people question and you set yourself up for these questions and it it's not necessary if you just do it right. Take the morning that we failed with the planes and do that instead of removing arguments. Didn't hit it may have been better for some people. You know may have been Gary I've I. Don't appreciate the call. If you're on both stay where this will come right back after this break or get to more of your calls. And here's a pretty general opinion poll this hour. Do you believe the pumps were working properly Saturday were the flooding just the result of an active nature. 68%. Say active nature. 36% say the pumps were working properly. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. You believe the post working properly Saturday configure which you believe the post were working. Proper diet changes Paul because it should be do you believe the pumps were not working properly or was this an act of nature yeah I gotta I gotta get that I gotta get that corrected. And he wears on our web site attempt to bureau dot com we'll be back idea cohort is coming up very very quickly I don't have time to get to another call so if you are on hold just stay with us. I want to set the record straight here. I'm not comfortable defending the city. But I'm also not comfortable bashing those. Who might not be at fault. And look the history of the sewage and water board does not make me confident at all. And it's sad when they tell us something and we don't necessarily have the history to believe. They tell us the parts were operating properly. We don't know that that's what they tell us. We're having this conversation after the flood though because it is possible. It is possible. That things were working properly and this was just an act of nature. And people are satisfied with that. People are never satisfied if it's just an activation. Yeah we are so intent on finding. The human or the human error to blame for soft. Even in her case. And I I lived through Betsy is a kid. You've lived through hurricanes. Are nothing new. Are they the results of of global warming may be I don't know. I don't know if that direct which has been made yet. Patsy that puts a human face to gives us something to blame because we feel helpless. If we have to sit back and say it just happened it was just an act of nature. A pocket or your calls will continue this conversation coming up in the next hour.