CBD shooting mars declining crime rate in NOLA

Tuesday, August 14th
Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the perception of safety in New Orleans.

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All right it's time for the results are Tuesday song text DOS and don't we play two songs as we do every Tuesday. I play the original that's on game and I play to cover a song the so here is the original. This is song eight and this is an interestingly this is Weezer and Kenya are usually it's not gonna be a band this this new Woody's doing the original. But this is Wii's are doing the original hash pipe. All right I wrote I call at a relatively new group I guess is from my perspective as a baby boomer that's soreness seventeen years old. When you hear what he's here. And parish fight a good thing to think about all of you who. Who who grew up when you were coming of age during the grunge era and then Weezer was like your your band I mean I I I get and I was totally into all that music. But that was some seventeen years ago so here's what's interesting. The copper. Has been done by Toto. Why is this interesting well you know we sure did todos cover of Africa. I totally did Africa and in the early eighties he's become like to hostile and this summer so this arm bands from the grunge era Weezer. Does a cover of Africa. So now we've got total coming back and doing a cover of we sir hash pipe and the cover Toto was the winner. Not much of a different sole difference there though. So vis a total cover. I'll Wednesday or Tuesday song text off for the day up by the way via the SI saw video sort of semi video of a Weezer. Bring you weird are Yanukovich come on stage to place accordion are during the song Africa. You know we were scheduled to it to talk about this or guidance counselor at a Catholic high school who may lose her job because he's married to a woman. On a lot of people wanna talk about what we were talking about last hour I think we're gonna keep this conversation going I'll save that conversation. Until tomorrow afternoon. For the French Quarter chuck welcome to our show. It sure. The quarter for a twenty years. Never had a problem. I guess part of it it is light bothered by it but I'll. In the early seventies that man and they gave me read words that Maria. Didn't think of it by. Walk with a purpose. Look everybody in the eyes you're blocking those tree. And it anybody stranger than you you it straighter now. She you know chuck that's what I'm a little better. I never had a problem Manhattan. I've never had a problem here in the quarter. And I'm on the street all the time. There's one exception that I will we'll take with that in and that is looking in the yacht now that denied there was a morning for Procter and when that an average jumped I was walking with a purpose and and then I was very determined and very assertive and in my in my walk. But I've noticed this recently that if you look somebody in the high it's almost as if you're invading their space. But it used to be this used to be the great advice and I used to do this you look somebody in the ally. And that would make them less likely to attack Q that was just did a general. I Jimoh belief. But I think that's changed today and and I think people take it really personally if you if you look him in the eyes so I think that's the only thing that I would change about that advice. Okay yeah I've I've read it if it's the dog at the bit you ended the big dog. Back here at the. Yeah I just I summaries and I think that is changed and so my instinct is not what somebody in the I any longer. Chuck I I appreciate the call in and chuck talking about our conversation earlier. This afternoon when I was talking about statistics show that violent crime is down in New Orleans so we talked NO PD chief Michael Harrison about that. Our earlier in the show. But the news gives us such a negative view of our cities that. The negative he was not as realistic as the statistics. It's on its perception vs reality the perception is a New Orleans has never been more dangerous. And it's because we have had some high profile shootings. And in the news by its nature focuses on the negative stuff and the sensational stuff but that's not necessarily a realistic view of of who we are up for mid city Brian welcome to WWL. That. You. Are. It. Beat it or. Not. With it. And people. It. People. Who wore white. We haven't shall we these terrorists all the we have product to the or. We have all the goal and what. Happened or. All you know. Come. Out shall. Work shall we got Eric. Are. All. Right. I am Markota. Uncle 00 or better. I want to be right angle credit roll call would get rewarded and that could stick your. Cole talk about. Image. And when that direction. Or. The more. Inward. It out. And it looked at those guys. You know and it bought a pact were not written in white guy didn't extort. And how goal at the export white guys with how our goal what are they. Should. You know 10. Yeah. We'll all. Be. Chicken well why. What Dick kicking it when they get out on. Right. And I don't. Like. And called. Wendell got shall and it will be discussed saying that it's. I don't think there's any I don't Bryant I don't think there's any doubt that America changed and and I thought the change was gonna be all positive though when now when Barack Obama became president to change was not all positive. And I don't know why people there were some people who took that's so personally like he was a threat to them. There were many whites in this country that felt threatened on got to move on Brian gonna go right to call. There were people this felt threatened then there were other people that tells. Like they were headed a person who would support them in the White House and and I think that some people that got the impression well we are in charge now. In the same way that there are people who seek trumpet the White House and they think we're in charge now. So we can do what we wanna do. And I see both of those things that have happened with both of these the these last two president's. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Very curt 504260187. Text pay 7870. It's not we'll be back. All right I would like to sank. Our listeners. For giving me the breaking news. That there's been a shooting in the CB day. I'm getting taxed. Making it seem as if I'm trying to cover this up. But we're talking about Christ I just found out about this thanks to your listeners. There's been a shooting the CB date meg fares and channel four's on the scene swat team is on the scene a man has been shot. Reverie and O'Keefe. That is two blocks. From where I live. We're never short you know it. Why would you think I was trying to hide debt if I'm not talking about this because I haven't heard. And and it. I still go back to. New Orleans is not as safe as other cities. But it's safer than the news would have you. Believe. What's so prophetic is that. Whatever the incident was a road rage or whatever somebody had a gun. So my had a gun not to protect themselves not to protect their life. But to settle. A situation. That is not. What the Second Amendment guarantees us. So here we are in. The middle of the day. You know it's bad people shot each other what else a problem. But sometimes they miss and hit innocent people. That's. The problem. Is there a difference between white men in powerful positions using the N word and blacks using it as a casual terms for each other that's our blue runner first organ assure opinion by going to our web site W if you don't dot com. Lick the back to a caller we had earlier on Lloyd from Norwood says voice calling bag because I got some tax. I'm Lloyd Lloyd said he was black but there were some Texas said Lloyd there's no way your black. Lori. You know Liam Lackey kept our eye out with a cop on the award. And I'm articulate. And can put that airport and so then. Black and notified it's not use the order in America I'm definitely much and the other issue. The fact that they say and he's now tell me that they have. Sexual orientation. If you have their own. While it's like the people with things like to be realistic I'm Gary you're right I mean they're they're insecure with their their masculinity I mean they think they're big macho people pointer and they're not really. Annoyed I would never you know you're telling your game and I I mean I'm sorry you tell me your lack of UW black and hopefully your your black and what an insult to see us at. But to date the perception is that okay here's somebody that sounds articulate and there's no way he can be black I mean what a racist insult is that. I'm marketed well by eight feet. It is clear that for epic war. Now Lloyd Wright court magical back. Are shown time. I know you wanna read asking some questions like you wanna meet caskets and stereotypical parts that well if you're black the deal like this or do you like that work and you dance. You wanna you wanna be to ask those questions like to make sure he's black. It would have been funny but some people to take that the wrong way. And articulate guy cost to show and I get text several of right away there's no way discourage black. There are a lot of ignorant sounding white. And for the ignorant. People who say I don't stand up for my race. You're damn right I don't stand out from our race I don't stand up for stupidity regardless of the race I don't care what color you'll. I don't care if you're white or black or Asian or whatever I'm not standing up for stupidity. I'm not standing up for ignorance that is my bias. I have a bias against those things and I don't see skin color as an issue. Ignorance is dangerous regardless. A skin color. And I just cannot police. As a baby boomer that I sit here on Tuesday August 14. It is August 14 president resists fifties are a fourteen. I sit here August 14 2018. And this is still. Going on in America. And it's. It's a net. NO PD investigating a shooting 900 block of grabbing your involving a vehicle and there's an injury there. Initial reports that say that a man with and has a gun wound to the head. I'm scoot and we'll be back whenever you well. Delicious all got a gun. Anything goes wrong issue somebody. Some idols inferring entrapment issue. Ask some of these people who had that attitude. Asked them but you know you have to column in jail. Here's an update on our blue our first poll is there a difference between white men in powerful positions using the N word and blacks using it as a casual terms for each other. I'm not saying both of those are not wrong because both of those situations are wrong I'm asking is there a difference between the two. 61%. Say no 39% say yes give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And from gentility Dan welcome to the show. Yeah who I was. Caught responsible caller that would upset because he'd still been. Well did you dispute cracked the word not inward. But this word are you pretty sure there. In the American colonies. Or Scott. There's. It may operate here are liars. It was you been in Georgia and Florida. The that the L Scott hours or so it is Charlie black's media. As a pejorative term for white it would turn that British why actual war. I'll own. Property you most or all large chain on all star power. In Scott. That's interest and I did dodge of the historical. Trailers that you know my my my my advice to people like president trump any on a puppet John shy Schneider. Tell us senator is is to just don't use. Don't use the N word because there is a stigma attached to that it is not attached to a lot of other derogatory terms for whites. Well. Written by on the steps. I'm universe develop them Coke crack a culture looking at shall weep rules. The Scott. And so the British people. That those people that Scott are wit that work actors and chatter this. Store and actually use them. Our job that's what like. We churn cracker I went to Florida in March. Well our you know what Georgia and Java jar to say pot. Yeah I I I heard cracker for the first time for somebody who lived in Tennessee. Yeah are you. There are out. There and I do yeah. Thank you know thank you for the industrialists it looked every once in awhile you might learn something from the show. Not often or once in awhile. From Venetian isles Gary welcome to WL. It is technically she has no commercial and it basically. Yeah you can and you don't monitor your purse coach urban level. Well you know I mean I've always got that option. Are a really do. And that's why carry a purse. So I can't. There's been a shooting in the CBD on the very day that I'm I'm talking about crime being down in New Orleans and the very days that police chief Michael Harrison on that while the next day the day after he talked about the crime stats being down. And look this is not an NO PD problem this is a societal problem. And it's just so disheartening. They're people or so quick to pull the trigger. Asked Ronald dancer. Who showed Joseph McKnight junior ash from a gas if he's happy pulled the trigger. Ask you wash out color the president's. You know it. What's really discouraging is again the reality that so many people. Have guns. I have heard gunshots from my apartment. Downtown. In nice area downtown. And this is two blocks. From where I live. I feel. Very badly for those of you who hear this in your neighborhood. All the time. And have plans. To ducked down or get the kids away from the windows and doors. When you hear gunshots. That sounds like a war zone to me. But statistically. You can't argue with the statistics. Violent crime is down in New Orleans it doesn't mean. There's Nirvana out there. It is it doesn't mean that there's no crime. But the media does make a big deal of talent. The more sensational. Shootings and so there is this impression. That crime is even worse than it is in reality. If you're on hold hang on if you would join us for your comment to 601878. Are taxed. States 7870. Here's a Texas says some. Choose the side of rights. Not white. Pierre Weis not always right. If you saw some of the text I received. Moment by moment on the show. Especially where tournaments on the artist if you saw the texts. You wanna leave New Orleans and never ever ever come back here. You be done. Where this city. Bites. Some good people need to say to try to change it. I'm screwed them a re back on Demi or Euro. Welcome back to our show I'm Scrooge. Very discouraged it there's are shooting in the CVG. Afternoon. So whatever shot they had I don't know what area conditions a person has. Don't know what happened we'll find out morn I'm I'm sure we'll be talking about there's senate tomorrow afternoon. Also tomorrow afternoon we'll talk about the other the Catholic high school guidance counselor. Who passed to dissolve her marriage. To a woman. Or leave her job. Should she be able to keep her job at a Catholic high school that's the subject of the daily FaceBook video post it is posted it is when are wimps on our FaceBook page. WWL radio. And I'll I'll take some of the comments from off for every of your already are FaceBook and use him on the show tomorrow we'll talk caucus on our show tomorrow afternoon. From Gretna Tommy welcome. Tom. A first ball at Indy given wrong bites you battle all the Kuwait especially if you walk and wanna look in the park side because it is in law. And martial arts an instructor for what alone. You wanna make sure that you don't intimidate some long but I'm booking away usually these people out there. They're criminals who you wanna make sure that you don't intimidate them. But make sure you make eye contact so that you know you're looking. In about 73%. Cases that we studied. Are and lots and mostly former out there as an instructor. This has been films did say they turned away and avoiding. Conned that the people. What year was that we're here at Tommy. Rio year. Oh mid eighties see an that was that would well I don't I don't know I'm just I'm telling you my sense and I certainly respect and you're you're experienced and I'm just telling you what my instinct tells all day. Eight but it will be giving them not try to do you know only person I am not I do greatly about guns. You know lot of people have guns that are responsible so I'm all for gun rights but but then things got hot hand. And we need more training before you can get it. The tell us let's go back briefly to disarm this idea does this came up when we're talking about com how you present yourself when you're walking down the street and you know and in the past I always thought I mean years ago. I always was taught to you look somebody in the odds that your not intimidated. Humble no number I know I'm but I'm not look general and vote outside. The I just I don't. I don't look away I don't come our bar like constantly walk by people. It seems to me that looking than the guy is going to just gives them an excuse to engage with you today I think things have changed. Well I got and a mixed so you know Utah mother raised bank and vote and in all. While the child will and that erupt dropped like a morning court. There is something I mean if you look at somebody generally. If they're cowards and you know into tactical advantage. Of that thing that they all the Jews and so on. I have training I want to see that coming purse rudely back in pivot. Turn into their body put them on the ground there had first and then Trotter wrong. You don't want engaging thing he wanted to flip you want to turn away is that. He wanted as strikes something that will give them some but the business now you can't. On very. I'm I'm very responsible law. But as far as which Obama the other thing about the racist. You know let's get over it like you said enough about that she personally I'm more security details. About to lose some of The Beatles loosen up I you'll remember me I mean years deliberate notes is working there as a security got it in talk. And being next year is next on tournament. Next time and you talk to me I don't consider myself to our Soledad. I'm fine. Our. Budget though. But you know mom mopping when I go to war he. I've you know but I have in the that he shall not matching who just said hello big fan he shall in fact I was in Philadelphia when you look. Wow this Kris is. Alitalia I appreciate you following me and I feel like I hope I appreciated for much. On the middle of the and knowledge of the call but do you know what most respect in that light it's an album mixed a mixed amount. You know people accuse me of that old Ian talked and eloquent and articulate but. Tommy I appreciate the call and don't hopefully roll on May soon. We'll be right back on WL. You know this is as it is just kind of are Hokies thought today but it was like Gary you know big back in the hours late sixties I guess. It is just amazing how. Much people wanna fight about stuff I can go on and on. But we are totally at a time reflected dike it's your call I apologize you know you could send me an email scoot had WWL dot com. I'm on a FaceBook scoot on the air SO TA and also is to Graham. Scoot on here tonight is the has staged or idle our championship finals. At the or what to receive a 6 o'clock and and it's always have a fun event. Our sports artist coming up next for Bobby gave your dues and Kristian garic it's time now for the 100 after the 1000 dollar intercom national cash contest. The code word this hour is a raise. Tax or a high SP 272881. That's 72881. And you can 1000 dollars. Nextel were coming up right before the top of the hour news at five we never charge for text an individual plan Texan generates may apply please never text. And drive wanna think Diane Newman a program director Todd Manassas or show producer. And Ian Hoke. Are you again are shooting in the CBD while we're talking about a crime being down in New Orleans I will have more to say about that and much more tomorrow afternoon so. Have a great afternoon I'm skirts. Blooded New Orleans.