Carter Bryant on LSU Recruiting and CWS

Wednesday, June 20th
We talk to Carter Bryant from S Arkansas on his thoughts of LSUs newest commit plus the run of SEC teams in the College World Series.

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Welcome back to the show our three always spun off Carter Bryant a line just a little bit host of the Carter Bryant should always have fun with him. We'll hear from coach Ed or Geraldo later in the show we'll talk about. Dare extremely committing to LSU football we'll also talk about the transfer of Joseph borrowing was on sports -- dock and a Christian Garrick earlier two nights and we will. Hear that interview. I gotta give you a couple of dates cheer on men the events that are in place today we always like to do this called World Series first right now in action Oregon State. And North Carolina well since you went to break Oregon State has tied it up they were down 63 in the top of the eighth inning. Three RBIs double and they've chided up 66. Now with two outs in the top of the eighth inning once again Kristin Garrick. Shaking his this is TV and anger there's no bigger organs say here. And Christian Derek right now. Earlier today we saw Arkansas defeat Texas Tech Arkansas now a very popular pick. To win the college World Series last task Carter Bryant about that let's talk about some World Cup now because like we do every single day. We give you. Our World Cup update. Kerry know and we always add some audio to this some great gold calls at a Google last night's from Japan subset of Columbia. Well today another trio matches. In the books and they are all one nil victories and we will start off with Portugal. And Morocco Portugal gets 810. Win so they have almost locked up their spot. In the knock out round as expected. They scored four goals in this World Cup has Portugal all four goals by this guy Christian not Cristiano Ronaldo. Incredible tournament so far ahead an incredible World Cup for years ago. If you had to make the comparison I think Cristiano Rinaldo. Is that Tom Brady of the soccer world he's got it every loves to he's very good looking. He always says the model girlfriend surround him the model women rank but he so good we're talking about. Legitimately perhaps the best player ball he's one of the best players of all time. If he's not the best everyone's World Cup this squad. And he has eternal like this people marts are banking that he's the greatest of all time ten you'll up date or older to however religious. I lover although I Allah Portugal quickly fifa I Q how about you were gonna say Aaron Rodgers was as that 99 marine talk about the that's it Camille Little Aaron Rodgers Aaron Rodgers with usually the model girlfriend he didn't Libyan month for awhile now Danica Patrick is very good looking lady. Dating her now so Portugal won nothing victors the other scores you're go away. They get a victory over Saudi Arabia one mail here's that goal. Source is big time name one of the best players on the planets and your way. May be advancing on with Russia. Out of group a and finally Spain Lance some problems against Iran Iran last post BA anywhere close to Spain in this one this one. Was supposed to be a cakewalk for Spain it turned out not to be but they do get. The one nil victory on the back in the school. One mil there Timmy said he could hear the boos though is the man. That are as the giants ruby's club. They do it's it's kind of sound like a giants wannabes like that analogy. So a trio of one no wins today you got some good ones who are probably more intriguing matches tomorrow so I'll look forward to the segment tomorrow. We've got Australia against Denmark. France against. Peru. And also Argentina Croatia argues in Croatia low key big one especially for messy. You agree with this stem if Messi does not get a victory here people are gonna start and really that's unfair it's not just Messi Argentina but if Argentina doesn't get a victory here people are gonna start looking to messy and say hey this is now. One of the guy is the greats of all time leaders can't perform on the big stage because he had that reputation after the last couple World Cup's. And the opener when he got to draw against Iceland and he couldn't make. As score on a panel politically mad game kind of like Messi and Christian aren't altered in in the LeBron Jordan yeah non debate going on this world. They are though so I don't know if that's apps because LeBron. And Jordan. Very good post season competitors even though you wanna say LeBron is three and six now in the finals money's gotten to the finals nine times. Messi has not had the World Cup success the success on the international stage so he can employ your ears now. Soccer haters like our opener said there it's our daily World Cup updates and hey this wholesale I guess every day. If you allow yourself to at least to check out what's happening. You probably going to be pretty darn entertained it's hard not to be. Weathers the boos jealous sort Pont Jovi is army that against him Zimmer ran into here that is what being Mexican fanatics called himself and actually commit that. Are you you staying away from the Hispanic food stores is that what you're trying to do. Always go to. What is it 30 what's it called real market real market. Ideal market that's a my one on broad street and days ago to back a lot of I wouldn't you want to lead paint my face up. And entering and upon to be as army. Did you hear the hate that Landon Donovan Knox is doing a sponsorship for. Mexican national team he's receiving all sorts pushed back from his old US men's national team is that's their big rival under sale of the men's national team and really dislike. Mexican national team ever battles Avaya led. And I guess Landon Donovan the real time greats here for US soccer. At a job the defense that we'll take a regular come back let's have a conversation with Carter Brian hosted Carter Bryant shall talk about Arkansas baseball talk about LeBron NBA draft. Everything we can't car coming up next double coverage on WW well. Oregon State 676. Lead over north Carolina at the college World Series. Bottom of the eighth now. North Carolina six outs away from. Being eliminated spray on and Carter Bryant is promise now host of the Carter Bryant show on one assembled one. FM in south Arkansas his Santa comic he's a Jack of false trades and who about a month Carter it's up. To ease me sick Frederick Dunlap at B&B A attract key happy college World Series. And be acting world and those that aren't World Cup bandits hockey tournament. It's great aunt Edith. I'm great now if you actually knew my middle name we have a lot of fun with my initials that. I digress let's talk about the LSU clinics here yet they're about Alan for yourself credit let's talk just about us your news here. The news of the day for them Derek Stanley junior he becomes and get this this is kind of incredible the first ever. Number one overall commits. Recruits to commit to the LSU tigers released arrivals dot com big news for the tigers comment. And obviously after the quarterback yes growth this off season work them. Wimbledon what Ellis you expected to come back errors to occur in cycles which was pretty. You know she's very why. At corner right now and you know we we could talk about. Defensive back. A lot in the players that have been the star dvd players. Or pilot war roots. Patrick Peterson of the care it's our star prospect. Here Greece's hot little prospect as well analyst goes our. Mean he got that that there're bridge in the stable and doesn't get much better predicting that junior. That number one overall play your player and it's right here. Because I don't believe in our history bit their inner. Beat that number like oh where. Obviously expect green way to go pro active here because well that's quarter caught ball and you expect there extremely start right away I want to get to bat. Yeah I indeed. And I and Patrick Peter he was Immelman won the world guy you know isn't Simon we gave. And I'm going to figure myself fair to him we gave coach coal more patience here trust the process a little bit to steal a phrase up from Philly. As his recruiting shop or restaurant campaigned on for this job. He put it that way he Joseph Borough the transfer market Terrence Alexander first trance a stand for in the transfer market now it seems like he's really. Solidifying this in state recruiting class Carter. Alex you vault so open to adopt changes its English alone. I'm the art including its concern ms. Flatts class a little bit of a disappointment. Watts of all it's alarming indeed such alarm not you. The continent right away in Eddie and obviously start but coach Joseph build the lines in this collapse and now it's gonna look tickets and really good skilled workers and in the summer the other arts star players cardinal promises none at all but the army that's committed to L issue. Eight it would be an Indian near corporate and it is much about an issue. Hopefully the next big players that are years ago or is it or else structure that are targeted to tackle. Obviously Ellis she's gonna need help there were. The opportunity chart marked its product in action yourself. That aren't good. Recruiter he's got a very talented in state. Group of players street from here right Clark's. In the bush ship why numbered street back we can get this next carts so. It's simple to be the gold in class at this 2090. Latches is that it. The collapse went Cotto got the job that all of Korea writers said this is the golden clash so will he would that's actually the case but it. You hey man do you hate recruiting and all of these recruiting sites and analysis in the rankings is much as I do it's I just think it's. Ill little window dressing it's a crap shoot it's I as a bunch of guesswork for the most part I think there's some guys that are very good at their job not trying to take a shot at the entire. Industry but I I just. I really don't like the recruiting side in this I really don't I'll think a lot of people act and it's a lot of groups think man and I can't stay aren't I this at all about it. Yet it is in bought the daylights out of well and people need to understand. King junior and still go to the principal and the thing about worker. In averaging apart and we will be at a battered parliament. Our group at church in junior is generally committed they'll achieve by. All site sport didn't go to LSU. We definitely too much Mercury. That. Aids. It's like 2019. Collapse which sits next Mercury. Even you know they won't be until February or. Partner December. I until we actually know where they outscored and it goes too but these people better. That follow in in the same thing for the writers in industry. People. Actually consumes coverage 20/20 and 20/20 one kid coming out on. These are sophomores and juniors. And most don't Bruce Springsteen it's it's it's awful slow I believe. We stay away from recruiting. World because it is very. OK so you dismiss and perspiration and here I found out this has nothing to do with football by the way about us talk and sued Jammer whose program director for V 97 here. Early this whole make cars this makes me feel very old. That the kids eighteen to 44 that's their their core demo they don't care about beyoncé. What's fascinating NEA claimant who beyoncé album may does now these young kids don't care about B Johnson think she should he's too old white. Yeah yeah it's it's crazy and you know these pictures of welfare misfortune. It's simply Gretchen united sitcoms and much younger so which are here. And that led to an eerie that makes it. Are also a little com went. In coaching. Did you. Import cheap ticket. Goes. What the number one and one song and on pop music right now is some girl who spells out friends like FR IE and DS are sent to your ballot. Yeah. That is. HO RR I'd be. I can't pay these kids and how likely beyoncé c'mon man it's like sacrilegious to clean BR a aren't. Via com all the other kids are gonna Carter Brian heroes of the Carter Bryant show on one awesome one. The fan in southern Arkansas so Europe there in that great state. I cnet's you know Barea and you liberal use of the word great there. What do you think about Arkansas based like nobody thinks that they are now the favorites man is a remitted by an into the hype. Yeah there's favorites have been at the most complete team and discernment one through nine paid apps bloggers. They have great teachers. This can including rights expert in oh on the season. And that type pitcher tracked the head band. That actually really complete baseball team picture the they should be here at least favorite and in this state storyline great. Indicators are inspired it and that are now. Obviously Oregon State or North Carolina no matter how this included the answer. Countered that the fight that way it's like a bracket the speed before lord decks stacked. Our consumption so deep and trust you want it would be. Praying. That. I'm not an Arkansas and which. And analyses back through woods makes a morning as a board on. Arkansas objectively speaking aesthetic gone into the post it they are deeply into College Baseball now and would lead prayers. Oh there too little black College Baseball speaking to people that work. And I'll be scouting circuit in and I'll let dale said the same thing in their current and right now they questioner went in front. Yeah I barreled Sims are Zhan on the what are the what are all the hogs that thing Tim that it yet to amuse me some golf on the hog the there you go. I ask you at the World Cup and it can you argue like most people are aged guys our age we all like the World Cup revenues is our generation's thing. Yeah but you know what at that we're. I didn't think the US. Not being and it would certainly as much but it definitely. More. I am not so you know I thought the same thing I actually thought what she is me I thought the opposite way I thought it would affect me were mamet is going to be bombed out the whole time. But the more I get into this I've I know this is like blasphemy for US soccer fans kind of adopted Mexico. And I've kind of been adopted member of the pot should be is army so. And I am too and it it's weird though because I covered international soccer for years Christian or expand and. Really intuitive it's soccer action at their sport. Like I get to start rooting interest really really hurt. And US same laws against train at. I. And it. Yes I am one million he would like the Bruce Arena apology to her right now I don't hear from that guy like where people bring around that diary now there's nobody that I dislike more in the sports world right now on the Bruce Arena. You know interest. And we talk all the time about greed is still bought time coats. And by let's separate Ali fit for sports what they're being. Brady vs archer and I had Jordan vs LeBron ya yeah. They're into senior instant torsos star status with Ronaldo and Nancy and liberal and such huge volunteer here in the states. You statute and in your state but people want these guys. Yet respect important the greatest player all partner is in Scotland conventional wisdom and it's legal merit speaker and are sure Aldo. Darn I didn't write articles about it but. Christine or so ago. Is a sit here are our players. Actually which so far out well for all the scores in average gain an ankle and. Do to win the game. Carter hold on says that the hold up 62 sort of rapidly OK we got this. Hard news break that a canyon. It's double covered she sets Dunlap paying Alan Carter Brian host of the Carter Bryant showed Jack of all trades in a comic. Works through wanna someone advance Carter have you ever had a harder transition in your career from that news update soon. Messy Ramallah. Well no because it's following a morning show. Glenn Beck. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh are on yup used to. Let's continue your point about and I agree with Riley we exits and singer brought up that the goat debate between Messi and Ronaldo Tim's a harsher view producer. Was just having that debate with me and I think you kind of agree Cynthia that Ronaldo winning that battle. It's art is confirmation bars for now omni. A look at what we're almost on a club that they've won three can check it in nineteen. It is extremely difficult to do that matter there are surrounded by. I'll Portugal won Arturo title. And Portugal doesn't have an amazingly strong supporting Castro and although they still want to be your title. Against oriented posture be your key in. If you look at what he's doing now. Four goals he singlehandedly won both of these brigades to. You know we we get can be inserted. India is probably actually achieved ego. The bar and all that needs very Philanthropic. Cheese jumped Saul but this should take photos for any entry and exit and more so than a lot of global superstars. Can't record on aspect to it personality. If he wins this moral cop on the we're talking about. It is the greatest soccer player Walt amber talk about one of the greatest aptly to our. And I was thinking about this earlier go to Tibet at the mayor's personal like you know two. Years. As the best and under watched in person here. And and these per year on on the biggest stage in the world. Is incredibly has all four goals right now for Portugal and now with the if he wins this World Cup with Germany and Brazil the huge. Fifth Fritz yeah I think the go debater settled Carter always appreciate the time man we'll do it again soon. So it could be. My men next segment it's our whole world truck in IndyCar and brought. I. Appreciate it's ocular. It. I Carter ran host of the Carter rancher on 171 FM. Defendants out arcana Arkansas big Andy Cohen fans and yes I am a slide and lots of real housewives but I do watch any college. Sometimes nice work there apps. Carter ran onto it. Coming up tomorrow on sports talk with Kristian garic. Can have on guess as a member Nelson Stewart. My friend and coach of the Newman green uses on today will tomorrow we'll have on tour Salt Lake salt from our GO. On the high school football coach you'll check in on high school football on south Louisiana over the top contenders in each class. Plus the big recruit missed LSU Derek steam lane top recruit in the country for 2019. And the first ever top recruit to commit to LA she does that give you hope. For the tigers' season next year does that give you hope for coach joked staying with the program that's tomorrow on sports stock. 4:8 PM rate here on WW well we'll take a break when we come back speak at a coach Joseph. He was on with Bobby and crit one no actually Bob it was not just with Christian. Four and sold today. We'll have that interview for you next right here on double coverage. Is looking more and more like Oregon State's going to advance on to play Mississippi states in the college World Series semi finals. The beavers and added another run in the top of the ninth inning they now lead North Carolina 826. Now one likely will be complete before our show wins we'll keep you updated. Also we don't have the radio dot com app yet be sure you get it from your apps story can listen to us anytime your WWL. Go to the App Store download the radio dot com app menu favorites thus you can stream all your favorite shows what she can connect. Easy breezy with a WWL. On FaceBook and Twitter again that's the radio dot com amusing that. Quite it's a bit. Are at a earlier today. Coach Ed or try a very big day for him. Recruiting wise as he gets Derek sixteen lead juniors to commit to LSU football scene in nation's number one commander according to. Rivals dot com he also wanted to talk about always cursing Derrick wanted to socked him about Joseph Borough the big transfer from Ohio State. Here's that interview. Now as early as tonight it's just they're from coach Joseph. Thanks Ian Christian nest for that interview. I'm pretty pumped up there about LSU football today. And got to be honest been not a lot of good news coming out the last couple years for LSU struggles on the fiddle well last year recruiting troubles Patrick Surtain. Jumping out. Great news today renews a liberal fund Terrence Alexander transferring in but yeah I'll say it and not to beat a dead horse here but. He was riding in coach show. Mainly not just been mainly on the back of his recruiting shops. And he's going to be successful here and LSU he asked me not just a really not just a great which murder but an elite top tier recruiter across the country. Rough go of it. This last signing day. But we're getting indications now that he is shoring up things here in the state of Louisiana. And some of these big time recruits big time transfers. Are indeed looking squarely at L issue now well it's. But Harmon ONL issue if stayed. Past troubles on the field is next year mets' schedule we all know about it. Vegas sands seven wins ESP n.'s FBI they're saying 66 and a half wind yeah I don't hurt and some of these guys who have committed. Maybe you would resent that and you'll have another Surtain but right now. Looking pretty good for coach Jodie can find that interview and article online right now. At WW well. Dot com. Well organ stayed his added on again it's 106. Now Oregon State Beavers in the ninth inning. Over North Carolina looking like they will indeed advance on to play. The Mississippi State Bulldogs in the semi finals organs they would have to. Defeat them twice we'll have another update on that one and such big deal Mississippi State our moment is and coming up to and the show. Apparently. Some bulldogs fans having to sacrifice some. Well very personal things in order to make adult lot of watch their club. They're very fun listener moment Zambia that neck strap a show here Seth Dunlap double coverage WW. And wrapping up. Are at wrapping up to show have a fun one tonight if you missed any of it. We have three hours you can find the podcasted WW dot com. You're favored podcasting app I am an iPhone such good app podcasts there or the radio dot com apt. We talked a lot about LSU football tonight's as the gates there Eckstein week. In here. The top overall recruit each according rattles dot com of the top fifty pretty much everywhere. And he's expected to be the cornerstone of this class is very very good class for LSU even in state this coming year. Again tomorrow. On sports stock still have nick salt DiMaggio in talks in high school football and also talk a lot L issue tomorrow night on our show. The NBA draft would be under way pretty much by the time we get on the air. We're gonna break down all of the picks live right here and there certainly be some blockbuster trades. We'll break those down as well and we're gonna keep an eye on some local talents to lanes Melvin Frazier shall Mets Mitchell Robinson. See where they go in the first round both guys expect to be drafted somewhere. And the Borough transfer and the Stanley Simon told you about today. Time to trust processor little more with coach Joseph give him time to complete if not a rebuild a retooling of this program. We'll talk about that man of course are daily dose of cultural series updates World Cup updates will. Ron watched will have an all. Final college World Series update of the night it's going to be organ state advancing on to the semi finals to play Mississippi State is there up eleven to six. In the bottom of the ninth inning and now organs it would have to be mr. DC twice to advance on the college World Series final. We'll see what happens on the other side of the bracket it'll be Texas Tech against Florida tomorrow and a loser out game in and that's. Winner will take on Arkansas. In Arkansas little need to win one of those two games against that team to advance on to the file Arkansas and becoming the odds on favorite. To win it all here Arkansas defeating Texas Tech 74. Earlier tonight one I think everybody knew as far as the program tonight Mike Scarborough publisher and recruiting analyst for tiger bait. Dot com build vendor sporting news Carter riots. Of course and that's just who is I don't have a front into as the guy who joins us. That's a big bucks reporter. Minutes. On thank you Mike Sherrill it was last minute that I haven't Trevor. Got a a pewter report back up what they you for listening to elaborate special admits there was an attempt to have had to let on they give listening has always Saudi aids is the best six dims are our studio producer. Diane Newman our program director. And some necessary assistance program director were back tomorrow same time same place landed off. Two beyond reality radio and accent has always had the view with our moment is and speaking of Mississippi State baseball apparently some of their fans haven't sacrifice. Some very personal thanks in order to get to Omaha pay attention here. Well listen to this again mr. B state fans on what they have to sacrifice to get to Almonte watch their team.