Cart vs. Buggy

Dave Cohen, WWL First News early edition
Wednesday, September 13th

What do you call the thing you use to shop in the grocery store?


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If you look at and passionate about this just happened to mention. That's not gonna David like a few minutes ago the cart reverses bogeyed debate okay because we're talking about this new report that. Tens of thousands of people are walking into things. A the N injuring themselves because they're texting or doing other things in their Smartphones. And as someone texted about someone who was pushing a shopping cart. And walked into it cookie display and not the whole thing overall tax that is so I asked him do you call a cart or buggy. And so much estimated 78 avenue and says is that particularly passionate discussion. So what he. Called a cart or buggy cart shopping cart. I guess where I grew up that's just what it was. Of Pittsburgh but they allowed you to do calm but he's up there twos though. No it doggy heaven Pittsburgh area Coker. Learn pop or soda. And Pittsburgh it's pop pop is pop down here to me cop what flavor coach you want the up there it's everything and pops on sale for. While that even get colds yes true or soft soft drink. Poppy is it's kind of a weird thing because it did not it's not geographically specific in terms of north or its allies are really west. People in Kansas City Chicago Pittsburgh also a pop right and and there are even some communities in the south of saint pop. But it seems that's in the minority in very few people when you say give me a pop know what in the world it if that's an apology will Batavia Smart front. God. He can tell you I don't Montana. Now starting price of 999. Dollars. And yet the add ons in the additional memory and stuff like vending goes up from that. Wow Smartphone stands at 999. Dollars to start. Guess we break that down two years of device payments it's just under fifty bucks but still. Why now that's that's. Film and proceed as more reasonable. In the eight starts like 699 yet which is that the press missed but I've had to be no shortage of people league sent up farm October 20s that though no thank today. So is asking if you call the shopping basket or shopping cart or buggy. As I said buddy your card and seven people just text and into the college shopping basket. Steve Geller what eco thing you pusher on the register definitely shopping carts not a basket not a body. Know that I've heard buggy use down south now apparently a lot of people here called a basket as well people really passionate about certain things in life and some of them baffle me. But people are getting really into this question of what do you call metal wheeled thing you push around a grocery store to Pritchard groceries and I gave the options of buggy. Or cart because that's the thing I hear mostly these you're shopping bugging your shopping cart. But a lot of people are texting me and saying I called the basket it's a basket that's what we say here. And then I get this text message today it's seventy it's an Ernie know you Cary a basket you push the cart. Whatever you call it doesn't really matter they have to really get upset about this whatever you pusher all have a great home day folks.