Can't afford that puppy? Well, lease it!

Can't afford that puppy? It could end up costing twice what it says on the price tag if the buyer is enticed into signing a pet leasing contract.


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What more as people file the headline on this story from Albany, New York is don't read oh spider. Who. Apparently who people who can't afford a dog. Have taken to paying for them in installments. And New York lawmakers have introduced legislation seeking to ban the option. Of leasing plans for pads that often come with terms and end up charging people double for the animals cost. And include terms for reads possession and if that he can't keep up with the payments. This thing and it's happening in New York. New York problems that ours now I don't not I've never heard of anyone releasing a dog to the I guess if you have split custody and argue. Courtly city gets beat two guys who do they they they want a purebred puppy because like a thousand bucks I don't have the cash yet so they enter into a lease agreement eventually they will on the Doggett to make all the payments they end up paying 2000 dollars over the terms of the least. And if at any point they fall behind on their payments the X. Whereas exam lending agreements. So it is is that the passing capitals of the name wags lending agreements. Allow them. To come in and the repo your dog. Well but wow the bills though would and the practice and they call predatory and preys on people can afford. A companion animal they say it's unfair. That's rewind for a second first of all why you why do you make payments on the if you can't afford the dog. The immune for defeated rights and care for I mean that's the start the beginning here at the thousand dollar dog and you can't pay a thousand dollars up front. We have others. Q imagine though the repo man John mature a house in my journalism night. And swiping your knowledge to repossess it. It's a legacy it's imagine examined avenue curry possesses 17 and a dog repossessed I'm what is wrong with people. Thank you Dave guy.