Canada is legalizing weed

Canada’s Senate gave final passage Tuesday to the federal government’s bill to legalize cannabis, though Canadians will have to wait at least a couple of months to legally buy marijuana as their country becomes the second in the world to make pot legal nationwide.

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Canada is legalizing marijuana all of my goodness Canadian candidates fer. Nationwide in Canada Ireland the second country. Software will be illegal to buy. Marijuana. Border to border yeah our whole country gap not just a state. Our country but I do not book your tickets just yet all want to have a well the prime ministers says that. They hope. To make pot legal as soon as possible. But they need eight to twelve weeks to. Prepare for retail sales across the country oh yeah I'll. Got to grow the Sama yet well lest I get up upgrades already there it's just a matter of staff they implement the systems is a real concern is making share. That is not sold the children he wants to institute rules and regulations. On who can buy it where they can buy it and how they can buy it. But he says it's been too easy for kids to get illegal marijuana and criminals to reap the benefits. Sorry says they've changed that the plan to legalize and regulate marijuana has passed the candidate Canadian senate that was the last step in needed. Some candidates following the leader of berg alive eight. In allowing a nationwide. Legal marijuana market. Boy run down there her glide as he passed out at some pot I don't think the pot tourism from the US has been that big in our glide but I think it may be big in Canada. Are saying yeah. I'm wondering what our listeners think if this aide put anymore pressure. Particularly in northern border states to. Legalize dot. And if it's time for the US federal government. To consider pot legalization you know the odd thing is that while several states have legalized marijuana it is still illegal federally. So technically he's got. If you even heavier smoke and kotsay in Colorado where it's perfectly legal to possess and smokes moment to one. Technically. A federal law enforcement officer can arrest you can. Put you in jail and federal prosecutors. Can take you to trial. And have you found guilty and sentenced to prison exactly even though the state says it's legal now so far under the Obama and drug administration's. That's not happening or not. There essentially taking a look the other way upon. In these states where it's been legalized but I'm curious what our listeners think do you think that by Canada. Legalizing pot. It puts pressure on the US to consider changing. It's policies tax the sedate 7870. I will share those coming up and I just stay here with the opinions are not one person Texas and says nobody cares what's donors thank. Well OK I hear a regular everybody thanks Noah says marijuana is the best medicine not on the market. Well the we have medical marijuana here in Louisiana where admittedly he can't smokey get taken as a bill. But it'll be available soon as they continue to roll that out another text as marijuana has never hurt anybody so why not legalize as. The other person says they had no reason at all to make get ill legal. Back in 1937. And then I get this text message that at age 7870. Hash tag. Make America hi again. What do you think for. Are we to a point. Now that we see state after state legalizing getting kind of a wave of states saying that pot should be legal in the US. And now that we're seeing an entire north American country Canada legalizing recreational use of. Marijuana. Hit has the tide turned. Have we gotten to a point where the dominoes will just keep falling one after another after another or do you see something along the way. Interfering with this process of why. Marijuana legalization supporters so. Is a wave of pot being is not just decriminalized. Legalized across the United States text messages are coming innovate 7870. About the fact that all of Canada has no legalize pot I wonder if we're going to see a big rush highest applications for passports now. They Canada has legalized marijuana countrywide don't go travel in north of the border just yet though expect him to. Find marijuana on every street corner they say it's gonna take eight to twelve weeks before they can implement it. In cross Canada and having everything available one person tax rebates 78 tennis as I would drinkers not a smoker in fact never smoked in my life. But I do think it's very messed up being go through a drive thru dec reach out and get an alcoholic beverage but you can't even smoke marijuana. Pretty stupid if you ask me you know a text message today to vindicate seventies has please don't legalize marijuana in Washington DC. We already have enough problems that surely. At a well not be helped if our lawmakers. As smoking dope. Canada has legalized pot. In eight to twelve weeks they say they will be ready to announce that you can come to Canada by and legally smoke marijuana if you are an adult. Anywhere in that entire country I do anticipate. That we will see it particularly in the northern states. A lot of people deciding to cross the border to go. Get dealt. But again high. And smoke marijuana legally in the Canada now most other people are living closer to a state where it's legal. He made after go to all the way to Canada and worry about crossing the border and having your passport. And doing all that kind of things but I've been asking people to text as their thoughts at age 7870. On what this means. For the future of legalized. Pot. Across this country. One person tax rebates 7870 says one day we are going to look back. And wonder why marijuana was that legalized sooner and why alcohol wasn't illegal. Another text message today it's 7870 questions will candidates change its flag from the Maple Leafs to them hotly beef. I don't think that will happen. By di do expect to see Mehdi. Canadian flags with pot leaves on them all across social media because I think geared. Definitely hitting on something. I and that might be an effective marketing campaign. To promote legalize pot across Canada are way is the only other country in the world. That has marijuana legally. Nationwide. I don't know how this will affect public policy. Here in the United States I do know there have been a wave of pressure across the country for more and more states to legalize it and every year. It's on the ballot in more and more states. That to legalize pot. But all the prognosticators all the expectations. Everything that I here's Ian read here in Louisiana is that this will be one of the last places it's ever legal guys.