Can we win in Afghanistan?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Friday, August 4th
Tommy speaks to Assistant Professor of Political Science at Tulane, Chris Fettweis, about a change in strategy to win in Afghanistan. 

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Is that Weiss joins us right now is supposed to assistant professor other political science at tooling morning Chris. Moore. Mom I think there's so many different angles that we need to talk about when he comes of the war in Afghanistan one of which. Is the politics and and I'm not night enough to think that. A lot of military actions are based in politics and may be. If we had taken action before maybe Pearl Harbor wouldn't of happened I don't know but I don't think that war was much about politics because it was an attack on that. On the sovereignty of the United States or at least the US territory and then we got into it with. Germany because of the axis anyway the point is. How politics. It fit into all of this as it relates to past presidents as it relates to President Obama causes wars going on for a long time. And dom they in terms of being reelection Kaczynski reelection because it seems like everything is always based on reelection until a year term limited out. Yeah outlook certainly all president that we keep in mind out of or call 80. And at the net it's there and partner are little would have guessed it don't do it. We've Indy like he said we had a lot of users and acting as they were at sixteen years and all that. We got a lot of Smart people there who wrote a lot of Smart generals who had a lot of Smart officers in the and believe and a lot of Smart State Department diplomats. Nothing it is gonna come out now which seems to me he isn't he's and so they don't someone's already. We have done and tried a lot of different angles and Afghanistan and it's so present drop in visit by an app that figure out something totally do. If they want something to be having this exceed net in a tendency to me that's unlikely is that likely to be that magic bullet that that we can just put into effect. Well in terms of that in the politics of this John McCain and I say this early with our military guest. I think he's at the point and might be wrong but. And it's answered the country in so many different ways for so long but he he knows that his time may be limited. And now I think he's saying politics began to conservatives be damned I'm gonna do it I think in my heart and soul is right for this nation. We it would do you think that's an accurate observation or not. I think that's probably right I think to a large extent he did Port Authority to yours that is you know electoral considerations and do not relate to that now right. And now he he's not sure he's gonna make the next reelection to get beat you just reelected in November. So he he he may well be thinking there were some things that he was always do a little bit as the initial because or read the take it if you agree with what somebody's doing. That you think well he's really following his art could be you disagree that he might just make it political game and he's. Amy hotel it's note that it. It could be McNeill who's calling it art and but it's about people disagree with him or it seem like you're making a political calculation. Bigger if if you look at what they do. People. Serving his constituents there because the group as well or our political blustery night. I think no answer. I think you can find no better example of that then. When a court issues a ruling. If you agree with it they are brilliant. Suppliers of the law. If you disagree they are activist judges all the fans had to do whether you win or lose so. Com that John McCain now stepping into a John McCain of course you know no fan of the president and all in and they could go back to candidate trump saying that he likes people that don't become POWs and temple. I'm paraphrasing that went. I mean he says the president has a resolve the differences within his administration as soon as possible political and decide on a par or maybe not and decide on a policy and strategy. They can achieve our national security interest in Afghanistan in the region but. No we talked a major Mike lines is now we're talking to you now I don't know. What you do that can sustain. Any kind of victory in Afghanistan and when you look at it politically. A lot of people scream about debt deficit the country's gone broken I don't think they take into account how much is costing. Yeah I think you're exactly right I don't know what we do that we have caller try. And Jay is one thing just making it became an assistant medical career in cities all. He each all been very. Supportive of any proposed use of force that Dirk. So hey he want to win and happy about what we believe the mean at this point there's going to be a civil war no matter what net gain and it's kind of their national poppy. And I don't know how to stop them from doing that. And is as long as there's not active al-Qaeda. Forces in their try to plot new terrorist attacks. I'm not sure how much do that on national and to receive due to determine who wins that civil war very corrupt government or even worst television. Boot movement. Yeah tightened the Taliban has never actually tried to hurt but outside of that and they're terrible people what they're not uptight. I think it's interesting to. You know they doing it isn't a very jingoistic way god bless America we got to win this and the other thing. But just for historical comparisons when it comes to. Vietnam when he comes in Korea. How did the president's then handle it when he ended and was there any of political booted negative reaction and then or blowback whatever you call it. A local Hillary and Vietnam went to president not running. Crewman decided not to run again and so did LBJ because they figured it couldn't win at this very unpopular war. Why you're so popular as low you're winning and people tolerate any kind of wore no matter now that the pointless it may seem to win. And what is the pending a lot of people that game and it's not so much and our national security it's like we're not we think we have to beat the winters some New England becomes a war. We think the wars in terms of wins and losses too much and that the national. Chris when it comes to a cause and relate to go to this you know how much is war's costs analysts sixteen years in Afghanistan. It's our rhetorical question I'm asking. No yet he'd be the epic after all over the place because you have to factor in things like long term care could utterance. And what kind of interest on the debt that we that we have accrued through war. It's going to be in the trillions reports all but that's not quite expensive at rock would give it some time in and catch up together there in the. Thank user I'll become backed loans are out here we hear any.