Can Saints take lucky number 7?

Newell Normand
Friday, November 10th

The Saints are on the road Sunday in chilly Buffalo...can they pull of another W?  Mike Detillier talks to Newell about Sundays game and his predictions for what will go down.


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We're back and we've been honoring our vets on veterans day yen were about to start talking about the saints but first my dad Thomas Adrian wins served on the USS Leone and South Pacific in World War II still alive and loves the World War II museum visits thank you for Europe. Dedicated service joining us in this hour his might to tell you a debit every Els NFL and college analyst welcome Mike to to show. My pleasure dual thing you know. Well we start off the week and if this is a big week for both LA issue. And the saints I mean I don't know how else to say it is I think it's Connick going to be a defining moment week for the saints and L issue quite frankly and we start off the week great because. Alvin Camaro winds of FedEx ground player of the week award. Can't think of a better way to start this thing off and hopefully we can carry this excitement into Sunday. What no one thing is an you know in the profession and you win the war and at one time each has don't know I'll. Our class a young class. Figures now. And his team as being fuel. By the 2017 NFL draft. When you look at the Leo lap more ram checked Camara. Marcus Williams. Trade Kendrick and tilt guys have been boosted its football team template should be Justin abort the call for waivers and was caught. But attack since then he's done a great job on special teams. And there are like that he just can't figure out why. Why this one year. All the can't they come together and all these guys comply. In play quickly. For you football team. Camara has been a huge addition to this squad would not like about me is. As a runner into a lot of mileage on the tar. Ball or on the engine. From his college days he still oh well. And the fact is that a tremendous receiver coming out the back field. I think you know one of the things. That happened some time is that when someone being achieved. In sports you look at that line so one just like that you can use them on someone else. Airport last couple years the Arctic Freeman. With the falcons has been a tremendous player at running back all as a runner receiver. And I think shall pay the men that want these things may be nets do it I want a guy just like agreement. And it got one. He went out and traded I think round pick next year. Well look Amaro sold been a great addition but testing is being fueled. By the candidates. And put it franchise. You could maybe twice. That to you look back in 2006. That was a great trapped in your one wish on patent and in 1981. Moments first year where years later scene at the end of the season was playing for a chance negated that oil so. It's unexplainable sometimes now won rookie collapsed. Can do so much so quickly and yet this is what's happening right here you'll. Who might you know when it comes to come morrow and and obviously I don't follow it like you do vote what I what I've seen over the last several weeks this young man just does not like to go down. How he. He you know he's. He's such. You have separating his legs put in his arm down on hand down on the ground I mean you'd get you gotta make sure he's on the turf for he's sick he's. These squeaks out and next thing you know his game another six yards. No he's not being back. He's wiry strong. And we mean you know you kind of get a close you know interviewed him opted. If a big guy but running back position not like we used in an aid in pain. 202 totally different guys. Well liked about him that he lets on that one year certainly at Tennessee. Was the fact that he always was falling forward. No matter how we got it. You know he was always falling forward for extra yardage. I was I was impressed with that there's a lot of back they almost like it you run into a brick wall in the stand up and Indy get pushed back quality not back. Whip Amaro. How many times have you seen him. Where he's an trap thinking get it. And he doesn't fall fall in its very few. And not a real for a for a back that that have that ability to constantly. Falling forward anyone's with such great balance. That's something you really teaching and you've got a bill. That from the man a view. Connell XP. And happily eat you can get them do better maybe if you don't you've got to get better and he's a special player what this office. In his ability as a runner but also is a nightmare to cover as a receiver if you can cuddle line backwards they heal and you know. And you get some real difficulties. Chronic over immortal one down fields so it opens up so many avenues but I do think the one area. And I would tell him is that Tom this morning I think there's been different from say the last three years is strong patent patience. Running the football. You know his his mentor Bill Parcells always on the line that he's got the virus sometimes he he won't support football on a tremendous amount. And maybe not showing the patience that sometimes you what are running game. In this year you see that it put a real commitment. To running the football. And with bull market increment c'mon it's made a few different does not know one thing opposite line. Man they like the past blah but did the run block. The how does he complement. Mark Ingram. It it seems to me that that that there's some good synergy there and that meant just may be something and I'm reading into it but I it's seems that I think it will make Marca a better back in the in the scheme as you know as the offense progresses. I think any time you've got competition. Defeated top billed at your position. Could make you a better player. And and they get along well on that that's the other Puerto. I've noticed that on the sidelines they seem to be communicating a lot. And you know with Adrian. You know one thing when he was here and I never got. The acquisition to be gimmick as in never been built back in the way of life. From high school to college and approach never split the time we came. And that was and you adjustment for him because he put. Always been the man. A forward direction of football with Markey was used to evident Alabama you struggled with the signs Camara distorted and Alabama. They went in junior colleges ended up at Tennessee where he alternated so I think the mindset of this novel be my best when I'd get out there. The good part of viable problem new list. And you bring up a good point that bowl contenders saying things real well. Date people on the football well the edge. They keep it inside between the tackles. Strand and he also catch the football well. Sink it change at all and so why one. You know either one of rain no wind you can do this same sort of thing and admit that the threat of play caller. That if you have a bit pounded back. Who doesn't catch the football well coming out the back field you've got to Barack's level lot of similarities. They get along well. And become a privately push one another and I think that a big law. Well Mike we're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back and we'll talk about the rest of the offense and then we'll cover some of the defense as well stay with us we have Mike to two area where at this WW l.'s NFL and college analyst. Talking to saints' big weekend this weekend stay with this this is annual Norman and everybody else. My maternal grandfather George Ime junior captain infantry server to 81 infantry in World War II. Thank you so much to George may. For his service to this country and and his family as well. So Mike. You don't we talking about the offense overall. Six and overall points in league second in total yards and league. Third in total passing yards and seventh in total rushing yards. Thus far this season the offense seems to be in you know doing pretty well with yardage production. That's the big Puerto may be what we haven't seen. In those three straight seven and nine year where the offense produced well. Blood it it wasn't about stalled there. Ought everything was. Built around Drew Brees and if he simply used in plea well. It it's different today. And you you do have a print that's more of an old and it's well mean played really well but I think that balances there and it's keeping the prince's. Comparable keel I think this sport in this story years. I'm on the big league I think you win in the trenches that that's where this game is one Uga quarterback. Penalty got to win the trojans. That this offensive line as pat injuries. Across the board. In yet it has really not taken its soul. On the offensive production. It's still been at a burger double that statement finished top five and all that every year one. Initial won't be there in that unique in its. So. 12 on Wednesday at a big stretch. With the children. Actually goes down why rent check for prompted rookie comes in this. Case. Some training camp. It started apple left tackle and right that. Anders being distorted left port left tackle. Maximum of misses everything across the board. Training camp comes and starts this season of veterans like he had missed would be light will forget her. Lou the big free agent acquisitions. Element he has played or jobs or reboot system in the point. And don't you couldn't efforts. It has played so well done a great job protecting. Is that in Iraq so thwarted they. Playing at team in buffalo. Was evident when he. So board is. A little bit different there and open some line has been jumble. Indian girl that's of production. Has been a caddie book on well. This stored in the stores will we will talk will talk about reasoning. Might promising Camara and everything Els. That play up front has been so good. And we need the ticket for you'll be hypocritical that now feel they've given that protection. That's been this season. As banged up as you bid on. That opens the line you produced at such well again for another season. 46 on fourth down conversions and an almost 40% conversion rate on third down which I think is. That's phenomenal. With the that you land in view Linda hi all while would say. Thirty at 3132%. You glad with that you ovals but you know and that. That is remarkable in this league and again. When you look back and all the injuries so upfront that would make this even more special. So Mike this weekend. Rain. Win. Cold. Obviously turn over rate is huge. But field position I think is going to be the key ingredient to win this weekend. Yeah I would agree I think there are three things in the few position is part of it I think one is going to be to turn over. Are Buffalo's number one in the league in the most important stat in football. Giveaways takeaways they lost eleven. Which means Andy ball and you get a crowd the bass stripped the ball away from me. So that's going to be critical in the right to use the poignant if fact whether. Again it is. Cold is one thing. You complain Nicole. The wind and wet and it's windy. It's not the only difference situation and make that ball portable rock. When you've got to throw and catch an uptick. And the other thing too was win. Bill Ferguson and you know. You know we've said this line notebook Martin and would amount Freeport. What University of Arkansas in the Lebanese news starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. Net OJ Simpson aero with buffalo and Joseph would always say put six straight years. He led. The NFL in passing efficiency in September and October. Until the weather change. Hit you know it was that would get there. They would float it hit the turf along before you know eight got calls that a receiver and weather does a lot of strange things do what ball. And that's been at that point used to playing it. They played a bit and adding Green Bay for a past. And it's been a recent report well and not the popular will he go meeting ticket it it was a totally different issue. So that's going to be apartment yeah I think two years. It's old fashioned football it but it is true tell me how many resting York decides to get map and bubbles and I can tell you winner. Because I think that's where it's going to be one law which team can run the football better in those tight spots. But apple is field to one of football which McCoy and roll and a little short passed him on the back field are. The fact that map to show a little bit of patients fear that because buffalo as a good jobs stop and Roland. And I think those of the three keys that turn oval more urgent. Setting you position. And thirdly which team can set the pace running the football. Mike what about tied employee. With with those conditions. You know the the quick little turnaround pass over the middle out of laugh file to the right in and drew for years was the master at that. Well because the these Watson Jim Ingraham kitchen. But now it will be leaner and what we we got Europe. What production level you've been again with poll out last week he made a couple of real nice catches but in other. We knew we didn't witness protection agency. A they are. I think in that. Spot a jock you know what that man there could be Younes in that little short passing game it's like an extended handle. That little short pass. Then it it'll. Albeit Watson or Jimmy Graham human Shockey. Type player on this team today. Which you see with Colby is Lotta times mean he struggles to get open down field. To make it catchy in its contested. A lot of done it and make it catch and you would look out that in. But right now. It's a mine reports not a major port. Well Mike we gotta we gotta get to the break we'll continue this conversation mood here when we return. Oh. On a text line my dad Eduardo chapped immigrated from Argentina to the United States only 1950s joined the air forces a meteorologist very proudly served and probably became a US citizen and flawlessly learned English. He never looked back. Great man until his last day in 1994. Thank you for your law enforcement serviced not thank you thank you and your family and your dad for serving our country. So Mike as we continue this conversation. Let's talk about the defense. With shady McCoy. If we don't hitting close to the line of scrimmage and then he's 23 yards down the feel it could be a long day. But yeah. You're right about that you know he's been doing it but all done now. Four running back he's got a long Japanese which is unique. Nobody he was a stellar back with the Eagles for many years and he's scare Lotto occupants of water for the appeals and still don't. All these this year he backed real difficult to tackle. He never gives you a real good shot it you know. And that she penises there. But he's so effective also as a receiver coming on the back you'll sleep that you in a lot of pressure points. And a lot of different areas here. Not only as a runner but also as a receiver. Now they went out they traded form Benjamin they got him from. The Carolina Panthers and he's. This six foot five and and I will be generous and cities to 45. I would think he's probably heavier than that on the scale but you know he's the king sized receiver. And that ilk haven't had that type player. Ought to help out Tyrod Taylor and but he just brought it turns to drink with them. If you stop hill. You chances of winning the anchoring does he meant. Because of what he brings to the table. Not only Iran but also as a receiver. And it veto of his energy because he's one Google's site guys to get everybody else the play. At that same level so again they say you've got to be able to slow him down and not let him dictate the pace. Because of Tyrod he'll make in place and all plea is Jamaican police. And Benjamin's gonna make place. May be he's been a stellar pac man and I don't got on him. But he is one heck of a football player and he's carried the ball a lot of time in this week. Why hated him at the Eagles and I'm sure it'll like human much at the whole we like. So what's the story on Taylor. Now all he's not a typical hot back quarterback. You know playing that Virginia Tech he was the guy that moved out a lot. Total model the tackle all running left or right. I think he feels more comfortable that way he's become a better pocket quarterback. Where he's dangerous tool. Is if you think you've got it right now and in almost. You know of the seaports open like the ritzy take off run down field. He achieved some pressure points here because he is very skilled as a runner. He's got much better passer but where most dangerous. Is all of animals. That's where you can see it you'll culpable. Just moving. Right. And in throwing the football downfield when I'm in the pocket. That you know he's not fixed what pol. So old that decision would be quickly in the economy that quick read it typical. So again. Part of this thing game plan to make sure you keep him in that pocket doesn't want to break contain. And Dana easel not only the pastor on an open receiver but also as a runner now via. Who might we got to take another break and we'll talk about linebacker play in defense of black player when we come back and on attacks line would like a second to recognize. My father in law Thomas Willis served as a signal men name in the navy during world war two and came home to work and retires a city bus driver for the RT here and Nolan. He would have made 94. Yesterday. Rest in peace. Thank you so much mr. Willis for your service and your family is for her their services well and their ultimate sacrifice. With. Someone having served in the military so stay with us were talking. You like to Chile W every Els NFL and college analysts and we'll continue to talk about the saints game big game this week in Buffalo's there with this tool Norman on Demi Libya all in the tax line William Walter hotly combat medical man 1943 to 47 medical A admin. Normandy north France Rhineland silver star with oak leaf cluster purple heart bronze star combat medical bad European theater African theater. All donated to the wounded soldier only this one happened to be a German soldier. William we shot by German sniper that time sincere thanks to WWL. For all the mentions observe that stay thank cal so much of that. Story and a sacrifice jury your family has made in and that he made in serving our country. Mike day it's you know it's been of interest in two hours honoring the the vets and then and everything else and you know when we. We talk about football has always been an assembly on a relationship we've gone. Through some distractions. Here or not think the saints have done a great job of managing injury distractions. All kinds of other NFL distractions. In. Issues at all four fronts and and what I saw last week seemed to I saw a lot of purpose and so walking more purpose running with purpose hitting with purpose. And I'm hoping that that same focus and purpose carries this week. Defensively expression Lee because if we've got this scrambling quarterback. The linebackers. In the outside guys got to be on the same sheet music. Yeah I think you know it's kind of what comes first success that competence. In the NFL. And felt the first two weeks. You six sparkle and business. And you know. In sports and in business when it clinics which you gotta be the ticket and it. And as teams started the plays we. Some confidence they believed in one another and is well let's come together. And it's that important to again the young kids in the secondary I think that's been key to the whole thing here Marshall a lot more. Noah you know animals and I remember I think he would watch in those early days of this thing. And throughout their history. Marshall a lot of more as the best quarterback that has ever put on the black in goal the best. Hand. You think about it comment from you that means a lot because you can relax and in day out. At that position. With this site has been real short. But he's so talented. One and things that coach Payton says about it it is so much time he's been in the film among some who worked on his technique. Look at a lot of them young players they think again the world and teriyaki. Everything is easy. And he understands he's got work yet. And he's become one of the best cover cornerback National Football League this year and it came probably okay the first two games you've been excellent. You know they've added that on Paris to beat a guy but he wasn't talented enough to be stored. Kid probably comes in here from the Miami game and from that moment did the prince's plea that. Tremendously better in the secondary with him out there and he knows one thing they dot org global animal people did it feel. You've been out. A pretty big because you're gonna get the football world actual lot. And yet he has stepped up that play. Before it apparel had the injury but he was having his best season as a plane on bill that is that gain. All of a week ago all of for the sang. Marcus Williams is coming here it really good job so across the board is optimized played so well in the secondary. And yet of that. Kenyan book or are you definitely. A double act as a solid across the board Craig Robinson. Just. Solid player across the board midnight he opened it and above average. Type player in San Diego well with a lot of injuries when he's played he's done extremely well and I think the hoarded this team has been a decline on defense. AG's rules more keys have been out there which. Mean sometimes you gotta get this on line one thing to do you can drop back in coverage. He played the run well but also simply in reverse. And built the way up late age to me well as a unit. And not stand up guy but they're all real solid. Outline why it and it would to do. Well Michael we come back we gonna put you on the spot and ask you for your predictions in both the Ellie she game and the saints game if that's okay we Q. And we got an on attacks line rest in peace united states air force colonel James Wheeler shot down five times. Between the Korean War and Vietnam War. He never gave up the fight no we didn't and we have so very proud of his service and thank you to the Wheeler family. For sharing that with the stay with this with Mike to chilly day in his predictions when we return this is Noual Norman on WWL. We're back in on attacks line Phyllis Davis served in World War II she was a nurse during the battle of the bulge in died one year ago today ms. Davis a hero and so many of the nurses at served in the military as well. And to all of the ladies that have served we often talked about about the amendment to all the ladies that have served in the military thank you so much for your service. So Mike should I get a drum roll what's the prediction. Between the bills in the flanks are at this point where it started that we now have found that two and a half. Which you know what the fact that about a team I'm gonna go to playing here at 2423. And a couple of them margins. Over buffalo in buffalo. Are not a tough call for me but big vehicles. I'll take it. How about oil issue. You know one thing with Cotto and that's ridiculous shot full of smiles. It was so it was an Alabama it was the fact that out the woods his teams would lose to Arkansas little minutes. He just couldn't get his team snapped back out I pick up if you. Dropped back before and after law under coach Joseph 34 thirteen. Or. Rugrats that's a but weapon like that as sounds great. Well there you have it might utility has particular predictions for this weekend let's go go tigers in ghost saying send. Happy veterans day to all of the veterans. And to all of their families for their dedicated service. To this place we call home the United States of America.