Can Saints take down Carolina for win #1?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Thursday, September 21st

Deke previews this Sunday's Saints-Panthers NFC South showdown with the voice of the Panthers, Mick Mixon.


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You get to know legitimate when you work with a more consistent basis and now who. I don't know the exact number yet but it's been awhile with the boys the Carolina Panthers spoke with me at least saw a twice each year. On a pre game post game show than doing the week make it makes it don't let them make thank you so much for the time and I guess that must take away my point. About bringing that up when the all the years that that you've seen what you witnessed. Not just then obviously. Calling you a team which is the Panthers that the Super Bowl years the fifteen to one season in which you guys were. A went away from the base they haven't had eighteen and one year. Two weeks into the season. You know not even four yards basically. Well. A five Ariel took offense not even you know more than six points. I would imagine Mick and all the football you've seen this beast this two week stretch is something that you have not seen even of the panthers' defense. My gosh yeah you're right deaconess right here in your voices to highlight always look forward to it. To the State's two weeks it's hard to play you guys but it's always fun to talk to the EU it. And Bobby and and of course Henderson you know I got to the got to make sure. Try to win by individual battle in the press box against him which still is biblical cities such classy guy does a great job. The defense is pretty salty I mean this has got depth of the deal live as well the best line backing course in the NFL and then secondary where their abuse that corner and some veterans at safety. Has been done has been holed up fairly well so far. And you know I kind of a each week mix and when I type awesome game notes that I go by you know the top players be fit to stand out specialty if we got ours got a formula we study Banco by the in this. I go about what they do well and now waiting weaken them and them thinking you know Carolina other than to say they would like you know. They would like to have a little ball through to production you know I don't know if you could say if there's anything you think you've seen weak especially you talk about. I mean 48 the city when the offense hasn't had the number is they won't Indian point's you ought to production in the space from the peasants that. Third down there one that there isn't really efficient nearly converting on. You know 50% to 1048 point three of the fourteen at point and hand that you think about third down defense is phenomenal. And you know this 16%. What do you know 25% at six at 44. Those two numbers right Digg go with each other and you could look at it and it's like wow. Once they come around offensively you know they pretty much got the numbers there and what they wanna do more. Just and their passing game what is it about the pay it's a game with them activate they need to do me. Well we looked like Korean about pre season week number two mode right now because it's not because there's not talented players can't do. Should be at the height of his mental and physical powers and and I think he will be there is the because of the shoulder being retread of the awfully that he doesn't have the raps and I think work. Were seated that is just. It's hard this short sheet that bed in the NFL you gotta you just got that to play through you've got to have the practice repetitions and right now Cam Newton. It's making plays that no other quarterback could bankrupt but he's also missing plays that any quarterback could bank. So until the Panthers get that cleaned up work we're still going to be I think vulnerable to. Two to having the play extremely well on defense and ordered it to hang on to win which was essentially the buffalo game last week for a. And it's almost like you know you'd go back to the Dom Capers can go back to coach fox has successfully used deputy is into the Super Bowl. And then this this is one thing we talked about you know the last mean between the saints in the Panthers have been tight decide about. Found a less but one trademark at Carolina is that balance meet with him real quick rush and a ball 33 times a game a pass it's 48 the hand that's out of bounds. Can't satellites. Yes there's been a staple of the panther offense for years they want to gauge you want them to stop the robust. Running who gave it'd take a deep shot there over your head then and even some junk plays down the field but it's different this year I think you're gonna be a different. Type the scheme the Panthers want Camby to get rid of the ball more quickly. Wanna make sure the excited just the hot read. The place that would penalize an opponent for blitz they are all there and will play this thing without the great Greg Olsen. So former Cink Chris may have heard that you have to be that next man up that shark tooth could snap into place ultimately I think he'll do against the bank. Make makes in mixed up lets you defended what Tokyo on Sunday. All right did not get big thank you.