Can the Saints Rebound on Sunday?

Thursday, September 13th
The Saints take on the Browns on Sunday, we talk to former Saints offensive lineman Steve Korte to get a preview. Plus, Seth gives his picks for each NFL game this week.

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Some New Orleans what's up across the gulf south what's up T you listening more ever you are tonight at WWL dot com. The radio dot com apple the money into the program week to the NFL season is upon us. And as I expected anyways Cincinnati. All over Baltimore here at the end of the first quarter fourteens and nothing. The Bengals. On the back into Andy Dalton touchdown passes. Out to two score lead over the ravens Joseph Flacco just two of 521 yards and pick. This is. Not elite Flacco not the only so I'll ask you against maybe in the league's worst team. In a Buffalo Bills who got a lot to talk about here NFL wise especially in the opening our Steve court coming up at 840. But I've got my full NFL picks and predictions. What are its of those like we will every single Thursday here on the program and these are online at WW old dot com I peak every single game. Against the spread I'll also take every single game straight up and giving little. In sign analysis try to have a little fun with these articles to this is. The project man says something ever has in about like a six hour rights of this article. And the research that I do for its every single Thursday but that's online ads don't read it year old dot com you can also find it on Twitter at WW NFL much weeded out. On my personal account as well we'll get to LSU and Auburn and our number two James crappy I'll take is behind enemy lines. For Auburn as he covers the tigers for bail dot com Al Adel is here to toxin prep football. In our number three and Dan lab lobby will take us. Behind enemy lines for Cleveland Browns and our number two. Let's drop a little NFL picks and predictions segment Sam Zimmer is back a master neutral and I give you. I'm about thirty minutes to get your pick six together so Tim didn't make his picks yesterday our guest picker was Logan and as usual Tim I told you last Joe's gonna wipe for the guys and it was me and Christian. I did I'm calling my shot again. I set out will be over 500. And I will win this thing again and so far in week one. Manny had a bad week or one in five red. Yeah out in 5 but I am so confident my picks this week are probably cricket I don't go cut cut cut their way here is she'll eat crickets. That he's willing unknowns so compliment that the OKW you could fable slogan and I you're listening close an avenue as the men are picks. Yesterday. Let's get to our picks and predictions for this week and Bjorn hop on and you can continue to exceed 7870. And he can also give us a call at 504260. 187. U that's 504260187. ELN are run a good opinion poll for a move on WW dot com. Simple who wins Saturday LSU or Auburn you tell us Ian. Log on cast your go to WW dot cup so let's get Jim my view on week two of the NFL season L there's a lot of old football cliches thrown around. In the early season. You can't win a championship in week one it's only one game. Even I was senior talking on Tuesday night need to relax a little bit it's just one game for the saints. So by a literal definition I guess those statements are true right he can't win a championship in week one. And it is only one game how are you dive deeper into it and you look at the modern analytics. The NFL schedule. Don't tell you that week two yes this week right here. Is v.'s most importance. Of the season. In a variety of statistical categories. And I'll explain what I mean at 538 dot com news I'll look at an ESP and subsidiary to David duke and a long time for ESPN acquire them. Did you really advanced analytic some of sports politics a whole bunch of stuff. A couple years ago. Day Al laid out. A game by game analysis of just. How. Much your playoff chances can either increase or decrease. On a game by game basis and they go through every single record. For example if you are ON one like the saints are right now. You have a 25%. Chance historically. To make the playoffs. If you go bowling shoe that drops to 10%. If you get to one once of 41% Tuesday 31%. Swing. But when what happens this week you're ordering qui increase your win expectancy. By two and a half games by winning on week two. If you're on one that he is the largest. Wind leverage. For any one win on the NFL schedule throughout the year teams that are Owen one. And win in a week to again increase there when expectancy by two and a half game I know this is a lot of advanced analytic mumbo Jumbo. On the radio here but the point is and you can read all this in my article I took the charge that 530 reference in their also. That it's not week seventeen or sixteen or fifteen. By most statistical categories. It's this week right here. As far as playoffs are concerned that is the most important in the NFL. And crazy thing great Mitt teams can make or break their season. This early. Yeah a lot of favorites or in the hole here saints falcons chargers all faltered last week. And find themselves and really look decent junior must win situations. Now there isn't glimmers of hope for teams who finish Owen to again you've still got a 10% chance to make the playoffs saints did last year dolphins did it in 2016 about one team per season makes that climb from all into the playoffs. Malaga the tightrope the most teams want to walk. By the way Cincinnati has scored again they're pouring in on. Baltimore and I got a listener out there's been tweeting me many cited by the way I pick Baltimore in the scandal get to that just a second. So I'm with the here at the Baltimore win this game it had one listen to the program been tweeting at me very loudly last couple weeks. That Cincinnati's gonna make the playoffs Nixon voice AJ green's third touchdown already has three catches 43 yards. Three touchdowns Andy doll night at fourteen for 121. And three touchdowns. Credible Bengals look and yet. So we'll start here here's my pick for the week. On global analyze some of these some of the games that are kind of ho hum. Just give you might pick against the spread but we'll start the Bengals and ravens and I know people coming into this one we're talking about. Angry Joseph Flacco and contract Flacco here yes as a contractor 20/20 one but the ravens can get out of it with. Relatively little financial Kelly after this year and obviously with Lamar Jackson the thinking OK this could be a redo of Tony twelve. Win playoff Flacco emerged in a week Flacco emerged led them to us to rule on the back of a who's the best playoff run than any quarterback has ever had eleven touchdowns no interceptions. Well I and they would happen and here's the thing. Flacco coming into this game before tonight he's thrown just nineteen touchdowns against 23 interceptions in his career. Against Cincinnati this has been a house of horrors for him especially this once on the road. So I had the Bengals not only covering the eight hole my dog. On a short week on Thursday night this was about as easy money I think he's ever going to get. In Vegas sports betting it really watch so I was all over the bagels here I thought the manuals one win out writes. I haven't 43 to twenty. And about the Bengals obviously would cover. Another big one here in the NFC Panthers. App the falcons and the Carolina has won Atlanta since week fourteen the regular season finale that year. The spread feels a little too I them. Falcons we told you they've lost two of the most important defensive players to injured reserve safety Keon O'Neal linebacker Deon Jones. I just wonder how the defense is gonna contain Cam Newton in person McCaffery not running game without those two pro bowlers meal very important. As a safety against the run game here. You also had this mystery. Disappearing act to the falcons offense and I guess Morse who's a goalie Matt Ryan here. He hasn't looked like a guy who won that Torre sixty minutes on BP not this year not last year. Maybe Ryan really isn't leading anymore. Seats and love that right speaking of former MVPs. Who've fallen on hard times I have men. Very critical of Cam Newton the last two years he looked nowhere near. Like the guy who won that when he fifteen MVP. But I wholesale objectively last week. You looked a lot more comfortable and a lot more confident with Norv Turner that was the first game with offensive coordinator. Norv Turner so well like the Panthers to keep this one close to many injuries to many question marks for the falcons here. I do have the falcons winning at home McKenna saving their season but. I think the Panthers cover I got Balkans when he seven Panthers 23. But the jets and dolphins after this one in here. As these are too surprising one and boat teams if I ask you who are those that 10 teams in the AFC. Not a lot of people are gonna to bolt the jets and dolphins you're paying close attention last week. But Sam Arnold look like the guy should have been drafted at number one overall by the ground a browns. Todd Bowles has gotten the patience that he deserved it from the Johnson family and ownership. And I think the jets do it for a surprise playoff team in the AFC. Watch out for the jets had to Arnold is as good as he wasn't weak line. The jets could contend in a very bad division. And really an SE where there's no middle ground there only with a lot of middle ground is AFC I got the jets covering near there to map point favorites. Yet jets' 26 dolphins two point. I'm Seth Dunlap this is the last lap my NFL picks against the spread and straight up. Vikings Packers this is it interesting one and itself once they kind of handicap here because of Aaron Rodgers situation. I think he's gonna play and he got kind of two different lines here you got the Packers at minus one a one point favor with the Rogers and we just saw the sports book the super booked in Las Vegas and drop the Packers to seven point underdogs they're plus seven now in the sport and the super book. Sally Rogers is gonna play. Here's thing. Even if Rodgers plays actually like the vikings to win this game out right in either case with evenly hobbled Roger's defense it's too good. This is a complete team this has completed a team as any in the National Football League I was really impressed last week. With them Kirk cousins look like he's worth every penny of that contract. The Minnesota gave him on the take the vikings a plus one and also we gonna take them at minus seven. If Rodgers doesn't play. Vikings 24 Packers seventeen. Saints and browns saints ain't the half point favorites Ralph Michaels are handicapped brown Vegas a wager doc dot com yesterday. He gave us a good stat here for our seats. Saying that teams who are coming off a loss as a double digit favorite at home they cover. Over two thirds of the time the next game. And I'm with him here. Against the browns ever but it's kind of funny over this browns' defense everybody thinks the saints team is now going to implode. Like they did in net twice 1415 and sixteen is not gonna happen the saints team is too talented and the last time Gregg Williams came to town here. The saints put up 49 points against them okay give up 48 points to do one again. Dog to score that much I think the saints are gonna feast on this team. Potent defense is good that I think the saints at home here are better I got the saints a couple of touchdowns. A winner here 34 to twenty. One of my favorite games of the week here is the Steelers hosting the chiefs. I have been all over and on the bandwagon. For Patrick my homes for a couple of months now and I think like I said yesterday he could be the most talented passer. Andy Reid has ever coached. In a Tyreke ought agreements in this a couple of times Tyree kill predicted this offense. Was going to be the most explosive in the league and about a month ago on people laughed that I'm. Well he might be right not not he might be he's going to be right. Are they to be the most the best offense in the league how well they only one of them yeah I think so. Here's a thing now. Steelers different group from home and they're different group when their backs are up against the wall leagues came off that ugly tie when he went one on against the browns. They're four and a half point favorites I really do like the chiefs. I had them in the playoffs in my pre season predictions in now since they beat the chargers on the road I actually have them winning the AFC west now. But I like the Steelers here like the Steelers to cover thirty fortune when he ate in a shoe relative shoot out here. In the NFL. One more before we go to break but at the Eagles is an interesting line here's AB just think about that game defending champs against the bucks you'd think a man they must be. A huge favorite here. Is on the road in Tampa well. Not so fast that it's not just because what the Bucs did last week it's more what nick holes isn't doing. It pulls in just a second but the bearded one Ryan Fitzpatrick chemists washing buckled his way through the saints defense. Most impressive performances career he says he's playing. His best football he's ever played actually kind of agree with them there you know it's not completely unprecedented. For an older quarterback. He's 35 going on 36 maybe he just turned 36 Fitzpatrick it's not completely am president for guys to really have breakout seasons Lleyton their career. Rich can't indebted Rich Gannon he was kind of a no no man and nobody. Until he was 34 became a star Oakland won in BP at 37. That was his best here I'm not saying that statue just gonna go all Gannon on us not saying now result. At all. But you look comfortable here and their covers off it and I love controversy. I really do so what I'm rooting for here for Tampa I want them to go three NL and I want the ultimate. Capital letter quarterback controversy. When James Winston comes back in week four style and amber import your butts. I have the bucks covering nearly three and a half point dogs. I just don't like what fools is. How bad happen to polls just looks completely lost some like Charlie Whitehurst I got a eagles' 43 bucks point. Bucs do cover here though again three and a half point docks we'll take a break I'll continue with my picks coming back and you can send yours in. 8787 to the text line and the phone number is 504260187. The onset Dunlap this is the last lap. I welcome back making my NFL picks against the spread we will continue here is the Baltimore Ravens have just scored so they're finally on the board 217 Bengals. Leading the ravens on Thursday night football AJ green if you missed it earlier. Three touchdown catches already were only at the midway point. The second quarter is gone off with a capital O Bucs and Eagles are just soldier I have the Bucs are covering the three and a half point spread. On the outside the saints game here the one I'm most interest in his patriots. Jags patriots and jaguars Richards they wrote they are here by just a single point. This is a visually pick him. And supposedly where we finally find out that the patriots can be dethroned in the AFC. I'll find buying it here yet. A you know if you listen to the program I am hi very very high on the jaguars I I do Jews think that they are a Super Bowl contender. But the patriots have proven time and time and time and time again. They kind of swat away these challengers in the regular season. They just do. Are the jaguars ready for prime time I can't wait for this I kind of didn't know where to go here obviously would not surprise me at all. If this defense shuts down the Patriots offense in the jags won at home I got the patriots covering here at patriots point six jags twenty. How about the giants three points dogs that got them over the cowboys on the road here in the reason why. Fans and Dallas are acting like they didn't see this anemic offense coming. Dak press got isn't Tom Brady he's got to have actual weapons around him throw the football to know Jason when no Dez Bryant's. Always got his cold Beasley and a budget dudes on the outside. I know as much as Jon Gruden Pete Carroll like to thank you are not gonna win this league with. No weapons on the outside people pointed that Seahawks year award you can run the ball with the beast mode you win a championship. We know they also had Doug Baldwin Jermaine curse. And a quarterback who is light years ahead we're pressed goddess. Giants should be an explosive offense this year even with Eli Manning doing his trend over impression witness courier. Doesn't have a hard time keeping up I've got the giants when he seventh and the cowboys twenty. Monday night game Seahawks over the bears. This sounds pretty easy for me from one stat only. Seattle on Monday or night is absurd especially in the Pete Carroll era they had the highest winning percentage on Monday Night Football home or away. And it's continued under Pete Carroll Russell Wilson is just ridiculous on Monday night. Give me the CI not only to cover their three point dogs here upper and happily and actually underdogs here. I can recover and win on Monday nights the ox when he forebears 23 my other pics here against the spread I've got the chargers. A minor set and a half over the bills the titans at plus two and a half over the Texans. Colts. Plus six over Washington cardinals the spreads to be here in for the rams cardinals plus thirteen that got them covering the rams 49ers. They'll win and able cover they are six point favorites over a dysfunctional lions team and the raiders on the road they lose that they cover. The six point spread back after this. There's texture from the five au force say why the tape you pick the jags over the patriots yesterday no I didn't actually had the patriots and minus one and might pick succeeded. To the end of the show yesterday so I'm consistent here. On lowdown on high on the jacks is no doubt about it I'm not trying to hedge. Sometimes I do make so many different predictions sometimes. One day I'll think something and they don't like and other especially in the game supposed to be is good and is close is now on as splits them not have the patriots ball this. Yesterday. The Mac to the program. And growing Andy Dalton to what happens here you're trying to tell me any dog diskette kind of cheap shot at their rent. They got pushed from behind after pass and it really wasn't anything at all he's just kind of flopped. And they called a personal foul penalty on the ravens the key to drive alive. Men and pursuing. We'll get to Steve court here in about seven or eight minutes stock and saints and Bucs co host of fans for sticking with me and former saints offensive lineman. Let's go to the phone lines though at 5042601878. Pierre engine silly welcome to the program. There. The whole group. But as. Leo well. Team that. Day you eat them. I had him a seven and nine so I'm right there with deep here here's the problem though in the NFC. Nine wins his naming going to be enough to make the place I don't believe it this conference is so top heavy. So top heavy. I'm not even sure ten wins gets into the playoffs assuredly this year in my official predictions I had a ten win San Cisco teams. Missing the plastic I did you think the giants are going to be competitive there to tout there remain competitive last week. Even always ugly early they came back a little bit against the jags I like them against Dallas I think he might be the second best team in that division I guess we'll see on that. There's just too many good to great teams in this conference from the Eagles. Packers in the vikings in the ramps and I do think the saints are going to be here and who knows what happens with the Panthers in the falcons. Mayweather fight but the 49ers is callous final playoff teams will seek a ram a seven maybe they get to 97 inch and ten wins is a stretch of that club. And this conference. Related. Say thanks to the call Pierre. I'm not I'd say it's I'm not trying to hate on Eli Manning I know it's at this sensitive subject here. I just don't think he went and should normal ten do you think Eli Manning right now I'm not talking about Eli Manning five years ago tenure on tiger might Eli right now do you think he's capable when he symbol. Think their cable to make in the divisional playoffs maybe get us a championship not this year but if they load up maybe in a year to they have a playmaker no doubt they have a decent defense that did happen. One amendment what's it like last year when that it could be at the line RT two years ago and I correct. I think they're gonna make playoffs I don't think they're good enough to make its abroad or even get to those of global right now. Now I'm I'm not there either. Hasn't been very good in the last three years and he's declines in and he keeps declining every single year last year. And eighty quarterback rating 86. The previous year before that last year nineteen touchdowns thirteen interceptions syrup for that 26 and sixteen that certainly capable. On he's in need the twilight of his career Eli. 37 years old look I was being a little bit hyperbolic saying you struggle or he's not he's better than Trent Dilfer was. At this point in his career. The quarterbacks in this conference. Carson Wentz. Drew Brees. Amnon Russell Wilson Jimmy drop below although. There is one Jimmy drop below he did not look good. He yeah I played against the vikings defense but if you get that kind of money you can't turn the ball over three times and looked completely. Over your head. That it looked like offense or quarterback that inspires much confidence I know it's just one game and that defense made the saints looked pretty pedestrian last year in week one so there's some history there. I'm I would be worried about that offense because Kyle Shanahan has always had a pretty good offensively in the wee bit with Atlanta when they were there and the what's happening now he's seizing. The falcons miss Hemmer 10 yes of just look at that offense I think human growth will be on it in their office will be fine I don't know though in the division has got the rams there but I think they're going to be decency. Jerry drop below solid he lit the world on fire last year birdies remembers that five game winning streak. But nobody really talked about. Really dove into the statistics via and that run by Jimmy drop below. He only first seven touchdowns in five games and through five picks in five games. Quarterback rating was just a hair over eighty. Completion percentage it's good 67. Yards for exempt really good eight point eight met. Well. Woolsey not go to the drop was going to be fine I'm not trying to pass drop here obviously he's got to be a very good quarterback immensely but it didn't look good last week. Did. He would not want any suit ruling is talking about Manning there. Section 504 Drew Brees only won one Super Bowl yeah that's okay captain obvious yes yes he has. I'm not sure that's an effort you saying man you take Manning over breezed. Yeah Alex have that conversation. I'll take a break here coming back Steve courts. Will join us doctor saints browns Bengals driving on the ravens one more time here. They have a second down at the ravens 26 yard line as a pass the left side. Incomplete off of AJ green's hands as he tumbles to the turf. Head over heels on the left side we'll take a break back Christi court after this I'm Seth Dunlap. On the last lap. Back to the show my week to fix both against the spread straight up on line at WWL. Dot com if you miss me give those out here on the air checked podcasts in just a little bits. The last lap at WW dot com. Or the radio dot com app lets look at money and Steve court. On saints game days here on WW on of course former saints offensive lineman. Steve what's going on man now are you recovered yet formats their disappointment on Sunday. Well without the children's. You know one thing you got to keep remembrance. And wanting to sort this topic a lot of this to mean was it started thinking you know. Sam Bradford last year the year before you know last year as it. First game he put he smoked he looked in he looked like Tom Brady or something and had a career game is that is that is life. And and it made it slippery. And OK maybe but it's about as different you know so. People count you know that organization time in the Republican debate was last week it will. You can't you can't take it merely content and if you think you're going to. To do anything in the sleet or control out there on Sunday and think because. You can record wise or. You know talent wise that you couldn't slow working. You get that camera so I'm always pick each weaker arm. What you see in the trenches Syria and I guess specifically on the defensive side of the football. Talked about a lot the last couple days the US BS the Bakken was bad there's no doubt about that multiple down there for the (%expletive) yeah I go to the front side was not a. If it's front and was corporate credit was not and we get you I mean I saw. There's little pressure whatsoever and really. Tampa Bay's offensive line was just very stroke Beirut where they were just absolutely. These guys on this. And that's pretty surprising to don't think we've pretty count guys it should never be dominated. And it's sorted out. Something going on these these guys code it and some recent that are that are not. Not planes with the same. Viciousness to ensure that to happen. You sort of the same intensity you have to have each week to sort. Make it work and you know that point Edmonton at all either during the the secondary. Is as good as they ought good and they did. It was a collective. It was a collective abortion. Yeah and NC gets a team that was supposed to be and I noticed that never works out how do you think it is are supposed to be that was supposed to be one of the worst teams in the league and really one of the sop the opener you're ever gonna have a fear saints fan. Here again I think a lot of times. You know cute beginners he's an error but he kind of figure that go there to play our game. Got it got there and making mistakes and sometimes that they can maybe let's go. Because. Mustard and shortly ago you know career go shopping. That it would and there. And guys are close but no particular. Appetizers. And to which there. Like it was a squeaker in. Producer with a little chip in at number yup I do well chipped it would stop them on the on the and the ballots you know certain quarters. That poor. That are moral Carter and well sort the problem because. And I said you know this guy's. A better quarterback than James Woods in his. And that worries me because. Okay he's back but equally the pack his political career and I think it's there in that it could that this court you know you know. I went to 20/20 and the same time. He proved you know good to integrate days and indeed make mistakes and you could see. Like anything else old adage you human soccer around. And they get more competent in more counting more cops interest and you know. And you EP because all that injures. You know yeah it will time yet you can't score your game. Steve court co host of the kiddie windows fans first take on WW on saints game based. Andy doll list on another touchdown pass just moments ago lettuce for for adult in the first half my goodness a halt with the Andy Dalton jokes everybody apparently. I well I'm curious to know you think about the the storyline it's kind of been articulating its way around. Here locally the last few days about why the saints consistently under Sean Payton get off to slow starts always the last handful years since he's come back from many gates. I hear in the regular season and I don't think there's necessarily an answer I don't know if there's a correlation between anything but the one thing I do wonder. Is his philosophy in training camp and in the pre season. A really staying away from contact and any even in comparison to two modern NFL and I does this certainly has the wrong thing Steve keys are sacrificing. Maybe some stuff early on for health and longevity guys abuse on the body towards the end of the season do you think that correlates at all. Yeah. It. I think it's a pretty good theory I don't it's Koppel exceedingly accurate. That I mean it's well thought out you know that people possible. I sort of haven't been created. It just takes his team's go whatever combinations. In a couple weeks before it'll be is to jail and then once it does. They need it intensity and indeed get all the things look at war. You know that helped you know kiwi you know you know what types of schools out there were so cute it was their. Go to accommodation reasons you know if you. Guys are committed here or there are equipped. Their time when I was playing and you know it was. And it was a whole different animal. The seat and was down hill actually likely critic Greg c.s start because then you say. And I've got to go to sixteen weeks to see you buy it make you pay the war are over there and I'm going to be okay now because he. So. I don't know there were times when we entered preceded her music record in games. Really be in team and our titles either happening cardinal point mark and those guys takes its secure and so ordered those which more. Christian migration at all when you do these stars so. I think it was just really sort of go out there really they think of it lake. You know we're really really good and Christine which could be Christine Fair so curricula that would be attempted to have. And it showed. Now they better bring it this week especially offensively so I'll take about it in the offensive meetings okay take me behind the scenes series this offense. Prepares to face defense that was plus five in the turnover margin last week the Dow looks like an absolute superstar. In miles Garrett now on the defensive line and defensive dancing here comes that passed stress and any got. Now the secondary behind because Denzel ward at two interceptions the rookie in the first week there at three levels very good at all three levels to Steve. Yet liquor. And I looked at cards offered their particular burger Koreans mourn between winning producing and you could tell. Good team like Cleveland that is just really in the cellar dweller. You know sort of bought a lot of jokes here last couple years. Go to as a problem. And I can tell you that that you are indicating. Concluded game when there's a of people out. Are professionals that picture their job they're your leaders like you do prepare each and reach. In a mentality that your tactic and so prepared those games. There's a tendency to be. And they looked at as a wounded animal. And that can be very very dangerous because. Only thing mr. stranded out when game that effort or what occurred here but whatever. The problem. And they can't you know let colonel worked last week and still couldn't. Steelers and the triumph. Which is got to be so frustrated that we got a good. Well it looks that we might be able to pull this off expert at. It let it last. Day I can tell you right now. They will end. So look there's no there's no court in my mind you think it definitely is it art countered about the guys on the roster. We'll kind of Iraq that's a bunch of young players on their but there's a portrait you don't really good players. And each and every year each and every game every rare creature crackers got better and better late. As a relic park of the learn how to play together the ground it's going to be a problem he can go there. Is it. They've got an account in the we're committed. You know we're going to be different Kabila out violently that war went. It got great fans down there and go crazy or sophisticated they cheer the right times they duel and you've. You hope that they stronghold braced for duke and it got these great players. You know and you know additional speaker is one of the favorites they can typically all about it eat twelve of those guys as well okay. This is great. Islam a report that is why I got this thing is because this is almost combine our technical development. And it's where we are as a team we have one thing there's no pressure on us. And the question is going to be on the war. He you know it. Or are there weren't firm there's high expectations for New Orleans and I haven't I still have. But is because they're okay and you'll read that your note be. You know on the first came out okay well that doesn't mean a thing which CNET at Portland beat had to get this start last year a kid and and and we hit it pretty good here so. You can't compare years. You can't put this together as an example that I'm just saying that I think he would look at critical there in particular business that you better players these guys. Quick. And don't take your foot off the gas in the defense critical I think you know what. Sometimes in Paris. Leads to the you know the most cure of the quickest cure. Possible so they're cooking and bears last week you know I would I would hope that they were rectified it this week. Well they have a motor Ridder going to be standing over on the opposite sideline and that's Greg Williams a lease the coaching staff at some of these guys have been around for awhile I've been behind seeds here is there is there are real kind of just thought it agreed to stick it to Greg Williams still we saw a couple years ago 49 points and is judged in the transporting and points were there when he was coaching. Outlook perfectly kinder. You know when you're an account competitive environment. Looking account ago. Okay he they would put together. Cricket squad here you know that are very critical the critical thing that there aren't there and local and I think that you know Sankoh. Know what could go without his leadership there and so you can't take it into late for a little bit. He gets sideways. Competitor people are. Some point that we wish you got kind of toxic and so there had to be split I understand that true and I just that happens happens all the time that. Could take anything away from his town has been able to coach these guys. Got command. What he's gonna do going to be aggressive and I interior right now it's a war. What it was great that the loose. Look there are so when you put them. They're Carter went into it it writes in order to be Christine adequately. We're out here world were reading and what we're exposed to do that do. And each and every game is better and so now a we can't completely do a good bit this week and that should picnic Kristi started on the first went oh god. Backed. That's what the world that the phase and I think if we go out there due to do an excuse to an hour and complete defense. Like you know kind of aggressive he says that we could play. Would you shut them down shut down quick and it is that you think. You know they could keep trying to keep trying to keep trying and but they're not but little common. Well we'll see you bright and early on on Sunday Steve 8 o'clock you and I for the game windows stance first tickle police hits him. Let's let's get a W here and I doesn't allow the men. I think delicate that the sport think that they don't wanna replicate that two weeks ago I think this. I would think it I think so the collectible now like it's some local. You know they got to play. And that. All of sudden the saints defensive coaches almost didn't go or right. I think you know that it rectify itself and then back. To back when you're. I steal C Johnson. Had Steve courts cohost with me on mutating windows fans first take on WWL. And former saints offensive lineman real quickly our our Atlanta on Sunday showed Stephen I start me off. With fans first take eight to 10 in the morning minutes count down to kick off on the saints radio network read here on WWL. With Bobby Hebert and Christian Derek in game time. High noon Zach Strief and deuce McCallister you'll take a break we're coming back with an update on our blue reference opinion poll we'll get into LSU Auburn. Next hour who wins Saturday. Ellis your robber and log on cast your vote we'll update you next I'm Seth Dunlap this is the last lap. David and I am and a Florence hurricane Florence and is making landfall on the Carolina certainly our thoughts and our with everybody out there tonight we certainly. Have been there and know what they're going through. The latest. On Florence is online at WW dot com you can check there and again it is making landfall some nights. The first bits of it. And coming in as we speak thinks he and Steve court for joining us. Tim give me an update on that opinion poll. You can't come up and next hour we will talk a little more. NFL and saints browns go behind enemy lines of damn lobby of Cleveland dot com talk miles Carroll talked. Tyrod is Tyrod Taylor took a fear that now and he said Tyrod. In his opener he has last week on CBS. My mute Dan it's only the tyra tyra. Little dangles ravens updates in the keep making predictions for this week and then we'll transition to college football make my SEC picks of the week. And we'll talks to James crappy of a L dot com. Covers Albert tigers for them. Dearest behind enemy lines look for the LSU tiger speaking of LSU tiger fans. Get ready for Auburn LSU Saturday read here on WWL and it is an afternoon game so our game day here on the station starts at 10 AM you can join. Kristian garic and what those shoes all time winningest quarterbacks herb Tyler. But the Gulf Coast bank and trust tiger tailgate and show. And then Ellis is official pregame with Chris Blair voice of the tigers will start at 1230. And yet kick off at true thirty temperatures are expected to be in the ninety's for this game and certainly will play a part here. And of course after the game you can join L issues post game show. For the purple and gold point after from approximately. Look after the game 73630. Some thirty somewhere around then. 'til 10 PM it's LSU Saturday. 10 am to 10 PM. On tiger radio WWL. Here's an update on our opinion poll courtesy of blue runner food Su win Saturday 71%. Of our audience tiger optimists. They know she's gonna win as a nine and a half point underdog I don't think so. We'll spoiler there for maybe our predictions next hour but you're talking about a series where home team hasn't won a since what 2014 only one time since 2009. By the way the home team is covered the spread. Eight out of the last nine games it's incredible leader now like governments. You like oh she'd keep the clubs will see though against the spread. I'm Seth Dunlap one hour now 200 no. Keep it right here on the last lap.