Can a politician be too old?

Tommy Tucker, WWL First News
Wednesday, November 8th

Tommy talks to Jeanne Zaino, Professor of Political Science at Iona College, about whether a politician can be too old.


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Axiom since Tommy psych markets and on upn is moving on up to last three years and trump has no chance of getting reelected it takes a long time for legislation to take effect. I would just wonder whoever takes a bid this in com. If the market drew was going down. If trump had gotten the blame for that. Young Sam sane and I guess there are so many intangibles when it comes to. What policy starts. Makes this go up put policy makes this go down. I don't think you can put it all on the president but that they get the blame when it's gone good demands will get the blame when I mean the credit when it's gone bad. All I know is maybe it's post Ike here go proper hike but trust president my 401K is resuming the for a lot of people it's all that matters. Joseph Biden is going to be 78 the next time it's time 122 money and he said when it comes to running for president. I'm not saying that I've done I haven't decided to run but I've decided I'm not going to decide. Not to run we'll see what happens among a full of 22 morning contenders Biden's viewed most favorably by Democrats. A the most favorable by Democrats. Cheney's ano joins right now professor of political science and Iona College professor of campaign management. At NYU the morning Jeannie. I'm well thank you let's delve into this historian Joseph Biden. A year after president trump was elected. How would you sum up his presidency thus far. The balance of people that like Tim or voted for him because they felt as though they had no alternative with the tweets that are continuing to go out and he would be 74. At the next. For the next election for his reelection so how I did when he beat two older people. We do our older people more subject to scrutiny would their actions because they think will women who is he out of his EnerNOC and I'm just trying to be. Not dealt to you don't and sand OGG. Apart you know termed as art needs that I think earlier than any crap and I can actually remember art history at our. Election all of that in. He had he was inaugurated you know he says he is ready yelling in air air and moving toward that goal. Shall I do the same court and in not you know an incumbent against challenger at the Democrats put up. And it you mentioned we have in the top tier of the Democratic Party. If you look at the contender at least an attack here that would eat or any standard joke by an Elizabeth Warren all of those people particularly Bernie Sanders and Joseph Biden are going to be an age or older and income that. Egypt gonna be an actor and a collection quite frankly depth that Atlanta last election with Clinton Bernie Sanders and Al. And you know should be a factor to the extent that. We shouldn't voters know that we are being somebody who is healthy enough. Does serve the full term in which they are elected and so that's why they release their medical records. You know we Lee had you know questions about and they were at least in 2016 by. I think voters do rate can now. That are at least have some assurance that the person that they are going to support it going to be able to her I'll see full term of course no guarantees with any of us. But as our as you know ensuring that we are taking some kind of grit and the voter when you support somebody. Well Woolley campaign look like or would it be different if you had a 74 year old running against 78 Euro. You know. It environment it seemed that in Egypt an actor Eric at either really really talked. Yeah you know and and see you know each other app anybody particularly Donald Trump and I don't app you'll buy dinner quite deep Ernie and their. From padding at all out there and they will be really up on each other. Though I don't think it's gonna be accurate and cannon Melanie expect that people are expecting us aren't I gonna get. No iPad but I do think it's gonna be a factor and I think it's gonna you know raised some questions you know just I mean you can think about that act how much at our line. Are you know considered buying new technology as an example and so you have people for whom new technology has not that aren't there line. Get the extent that you look at Emory student eighteen to 2320 port there in higher line. Our content by social media you know they obviously the president that you need that at bat but there are generational differences here and I are gonna play there. Yankees you could look at. In Tony to when he drew if Bernie Sanders order run as an independent you would have a 76 year old Bernie Sanders. A 74 year old Donald Trump I think maybe 75. Senate floor Jackie said before I think and in 78 year old Joseph Biden is going to be out and you know. Quite claiming I desperately doing a piece a couple of weeks on and we were talking about the fact that. You look at the Democratic Party in the house represented its current state. The average age there is that in in late sixties early seventies and eaters compared to the Republicans. Cooler intimately forties early at future there leadership and ethnic unity generational lines when you look out leadership by party. The people I'll tell you I taught young people all day long. You know these gift and I have where apparently lie when 9/11 occurred and it. Jimmy Carter is as far distant memory pregnancy that. There is they use different gear when you're talking about people around the age you know mid seventies Bentley and magic are about. There is some of the younger folk back are coming up and it rained and I think voters take that into account certainly generation alien matter. Somebody texted and funny that you didn't mention Clinton's age for 20/20 presidential run. I think the reason for that is that politically these George Clinton has a better chance of getting elected and Hillary. Cheney's. Jeannie say those are guest professor of political science at Iona College. Professor of campaign management and NYU the text brought it up with Donna Brazil's revelations in her book. I would think. That's pretty much over politically isn't it for Hillary in well bill I mean I don't think he could. I don't know what he front form but visit her they done. I you know. At the presidential level I cannot imagine a scenario in which the Democratic Party would nominate Hillary current and or a second time. See in and of course she had a big. Trite at this thing in 208 and you know not to forget you know with a bit more and it also in the hot jeers he would be at the beat accurately EE 869. At that time of the elections they'll. You know she is somebody else recap here that we keep mentioning it again I agree with you I think George Clinton you made me chuckle a better shot at that point and Hillary Clinton. Who do you actually pay her daughter who'll be at the Joyce theater next year genius decided to Ireland for free play I was at a percent. RER. Or. Come on Danny ring husband with you and will make it nice that our thanks and look real quick when it comes to age. And it's funny that that tech should come in. Isn't viewed differently you know on the campaign management side of you. A woman Missouri is that necessarily. The first female candidate they would strike me a intuitively and from the gut that people wouldn't cares much about. A females candidate ages they do mail's any research on banner images Megan and a. Well you know it's a great question. Women men and and in campaigns are treated differently. You know. Regardless and still right I don't know that I'd seen data showing that. In terms that each that we think back just between 168. With a real factor with Hillary Clinton's race of course we cannot. Many women to to look at as examples of Hillary Clinton remains as an example or Kurt Coleman and Ager are the president's state. And he was you know it company that people mail or email would be. You know people would look and they are all a question I mean people were just showing the other day. When that nine elevenths memorial ceremony Vinci painted in health related issues there. So I. I have been saying that with good reason voters. Should ask those questions been campaign right now you know we are electing somebody and it is huge grant to elect them because that's out. They should not be able to sit still there four year you know term. That is they huge risk for a that we had every right I need to know that so I think he should be accurate or. But I do think it played out differently from men and women are making it electric Warren decided to throw our hat and Iranian air. We might see similar questions the right thing. Of course you're benefited by a pack every body in the top gear running in. Older go and meet in that play itself out and there are great things about being well there experiences. Ian in this environment. People may be looking for a politician to earn more experienced and that. Many health particularly on the democratic side. I did not foresee that tweeting following into the presidency but. I guess like the old saying goes and somebody who is usually they are the first time believe them Jeannie Zain our guest professor of political science at Iona College. Professor of campaign management at NYU I think sometimes Dini. If you wanna create a narrative then you can find almost anything to back it up. Had to do is the elections last night that happened in Virginia and I. And what you're seeing. Did does any of this has anything to do you really are portend anything for the president of the mid term elections coming up. You know I think that you're right you can find an area it is don't mark any thing that we have seen as a backup or what we were seen out there. Chosen security governor's race in Virginia governor's race. I interact for me he rejected them calling up here and it really contentious democratic district I county expect it is. And we worked fine being respondent to voters. Four out of ten saying that the trump administration. Was motivating them to get out impacting their battle and then when you act and they are courting. They were excellent seven to ten going democratic. Billiton are being number and so an area that used that I think at four break something of a trumpet back now that's not to say that explained entirely. Any angle race whether it security governors street certainly. We had you know Chris Christie lowest approval rating of any cop here in the country is lieutenant governor wonderful woman can without running. She simply couldn't get out of that really negative shadow of Chris Christie in New Jersey. And so you know whether local issues that there is well similar to Virginia in Britain where I am. You know but we also you know in New York City mayor. Built in Latvia so well but you know elected handily reelected him Quaker pack internment Democrat. So you know there are local issues at stake as well but we do sign that Democrats in particular has been motivated by rationing air what last year. Again Allan Poe and I tell you. I don't know how much is that you have down there but we have groups like indivisible here. That have been really pushing people they get out there now and they've been really working on the ground. And that work matters particularly in all are here election where turnout tends to being faintly low. Armed in in terms of the things that are likely to swing at. And election the the them mid term elections coming up. Mom is there one issue is that the economy is employment and do is suggest. The way that the president is perceived by some they carry himself Sunday and then on very crazy about that dollars in Medicaid is it to Medicare expansion well. Help me out obamacare genie or is it. Tax reform as somebody tweeted today and so on he said. I GOP. Majority had one year left to make it happen or make it work. So what what could they do to maintain a majority in what could they do lose. Yet I think Republicans. It it could be their inexperience allotment that history is any guide. Carty is injured quite an experience tremendous lot. And when he picked Tony and Tony fourteen if that carried out. Republicans will experience block that. I art practice imagined they would lose out because they by an overwhelming majority but the and it is obviously very very close. And though there at the chance that that could swing even though and now court and paper Republicans this year. That that I agree with it that we that you're mentioning Republican happened had they been legislative win and they took office in January. And so and now that they control everything they own account and they really do have to get hat on except with the tax plan because they. Even her Republican voters putting it I democratic voter. It prevented go capital in. If that in November 20 teens and think that they Republican in charge and they couldn't even get tax reform passed. I think that not then you Anna and Il is that it has followed that very easily so I think Republicans have to get past the fat actor or. And bit the problem is the calendar works against them. We are now that you you know shockingly is that you you know we certainly Kirk thanks inning and then obviously Christmas holiday. And then you hear me in all markets that aren't mid term elections that are we are being done next year. And it's been hard if your that there really you know under pressure here to pull it real. And I will tell you appear for instance we have Republicans like Peter King gore saying they absolutely. Support that they'll get and what. We know about the mountain some aspects habit so we're pub and happy really decided croc is a lot of weight even something at. You know that most of us agree need to be done to tax overhaul. Greta very quickly teenie oh Texans is it comes in and says is it true than an exit polls too big is issues where. Health care and guns. Yet built that the two biggest issues also I'll also I would act that are the economy job and accept it is it is OK. In theory very true promote voter. We were finding jobs the economy and taxes are still reading on the number one and yet the treatment at. Got at any parried on that well and I think given what we've seen an Iraqi we let last year. That's not a big surprise that ability to continue to resonate with voters and tired of Washington to address but it'll. And that's where I think Republicans in Democrat. But particularly Republican majority really have to be able to get them when I'm out. Thank you genie will Korean Fox News. Good a partner agree at UT thank you nineteen easing in a professor of political science and Iona College professor campaign management and then my use.