Can The Pels Steal Game 2 On The Road?

The Pels took Game 1 vs the Portland Trail Blazers on Saturday. We discuss the game and preview Game 2 tomorrow night in Portland.


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Bought some euros what's up across the gulf south's. To what's up to you listening. More ever your rat tonight on WWL dot com more than WWL radio app. Or are new radio dot com Africa you can download the radio dot com. Apps go favorite WW Olin you can stream all of your favorite shows including this one right here. And he can connect with the WWL dot com FaceBook and Twitter pages. Again radio dot com after you don't have it. Go get it right now one of the easiest ways to listen to our show we have absolutely packed show for you so I have been. Stoked. To get back with you tonight it's for a variety of reasons but obviously reason number one pelicans. 10. Series lead. Over the Portland's trail blazers a two point win. Last Saturday night we gotta talk about it at all and our one we're gonna votes in that I'm talking luxury holidays coming out party. That think he's having right now I think he's deemed most underrated player. In the NBA. Right now I'm gonna tell you why we'll do that just moments ands. It's something that kind a little bit counterintuitive. You'd think now that the pelicans went on the road. And they have a 10 series lead that they would historically red be a favorite on anti into the Vegas odds and talk about historically a team goes up on the road wins games one Ian thank. That. Those teams would be the favorite right now. Not true partly why here just a couple of minutes and JD John to Shays is gonna join us live from the great Pacific northwest. To talk about that great we want to win and previewing game two that happens tomorrow night up there at the motive center. Our two little saints' draft stock also the State's schedule release coming on Thursday we'll preview that. And LSU baseball they had an unbelievable comeback win yesterday and down by four in the ninth inning. Broussard hits a two run home run two way and it's. To me was that three run homer and sorry about that to win its last night and it was pulmonary sport team hundredth win. Way to get that number 14100 for the skipper last night we'll talk to hot caller about that wild went. And then the cherry on top that tonight I am so looking forward to this where you're behind enemy alliance. To wanna be great play by play voices of our time Kevin to lab wrote television play by play voice. For the Portland trailblazers. And Asian join us in the cycle I carry 1020. Timmy boy NBA jam back in the day like the original NBA jam. The voice of that boom Shaka locker he's eating up he's on fire all that yet that's Kevin collaborate oh. Back when he was doing in the Seattle SuperSonics what's longtime voice they're actually grew up a lot of you know in Seattle long time ago. I was listening to Kevin collateral call those sonics games he's actually one of the reasons why I'm sitting behind the Mike tonight one of the reasons that they got into this business. Was watching Kevin collapse broke on TV called those scandalous and him on the radio. Can't wait 10 o'clock hour we'll talk to Kevin. About this pelicans blazers series are pretty Mazda opinion poll tonight should the pelicans you favorites now in Vegas. To win this playoff series. By the way they are not in Vegas favorites at the right now even after that week one way and yes or no log onto WW dot com. To cast your vote phone lines are open all our warrior when we're talk pelicans blazers NBA playoffs Bible for 260. 187. WW. Eight yeah. You know we kinda last year can't worry. About the board on all. You may regret about maybe he'd eat Bogut combat navy are they were Adams in a minute he's proven me wrong. Is it true your honor I didn't realize out. Radiate that and that now. You know eight I got that man cop body get cash or any bid on it but man I really really well. And you know I think we can win this series it's going to be IP is gonna go to damning meter course. And the door on it covered the port be picked these days gave courier or. Thursday it back my ticket so I really hope we needed acted did you like not all important now it immediately chaired. Edie got it didn't bode. Well it out a couple of big cheers. Yeah personal and a six years radiant first playoff went for the pelicans period in seven years Jimmy. Yes that tree mediated doubt anything big opted back and get her out on day old you know are now. Sure you know it's been a decree are great but a little bit outdated or go by any. Bogeys out I don't know it was him oddly it more toward you kind of you know been in the media yeah. And outlook you have a week wouldn't Erie. So we don't go to the Euro. And the eight days into world are a lot coming days or. Even packer out. It is going to be vital indeed. At least in theory we got we're gonna do it. I what did Jimmy I'm with you Greg call they're Jimmy from redneck you can join in 2504 to six so. 187 the and I do think the pelicans got about the Balkans were a coin flip and I thought they were slight favorites at picked him and seven even before the series started. Now they wanna game one not change an epic obviously I'm so gonna say the pelicans and seven gal that means going up there again the most senate. And winning. In round one but as Jimmy in game seven but on the road India the playoff clincher one of the reasons why I've dot. All along the delicate work favorites in this series is not because AD we knew AD was gonna do his thing. Bright was gonna dominate like he does on both sides of the corn and he did. In that first round 35 points a double double. But it's drew holiday it's becoming increasingly clear to me that no player in the entire NBA. There's more underrated currently than pelicans guard Jrue Holiday. And I just penned an article and WWL dot com you can find this. That the nation right now is finding out just how impact full. Drew can be on both sides of the court. And this is coming into the series rightfully so are dominated by ED and Damian Willard true of probably the top 67 vote getters. In the NBA MVP vote. But just holiday. I think is gonna play the most critical role in the series and he certainly did I think. In game one and here's what happened was drew a lot of you know listen to pelicans and reviewed and watched regular recap here. He missed his first three shot attempts in the opening minutes as you would go tennis seventeen. The rest of the way 21 points seven rebounds. Three assists in that one but it's not I'm that into the for. Right they keep. Proves his incredible value. Like he does all the time. He was tasked with guarding. The opposing team's biggest scoring threat from a guard position anyways and that of course would Portland is Damian Miller and throughout this season. When those two teams of play and it's been a holiday. On Willard and just like what Bullard. And everybody also holiday guards it seems. Holiday routinely shuts these guys down or at least takes them while out of their comfort zone but they're used to now that's exactly what happened on Saturday. Willard shot an abysmal just six of 23 from the floor for just eighteen points and that's not a fluke deal. Willard this season the first three games these two teams played. Shot just 43 of 63. Against the pelicans 36%. From three it was even more seven of thirty from three point range was low at the first three games of the year 23%. Now the struggles mitigate a little bit obviously blazers we were heard about the slots gone Zander talked about it the final game between those two teams load goes off for twenty points in the some really key senator in the final frame. Yet if there's a fluke here with holiday that's it not the other way around a fluke he Mitt Willard went off. Against Jrue Holiday in that final game the standard has been a holiday turning Willard in the kind of an also ran and he does this a lot. With all star all NBA type players. The events analytic say the event till it's already have holiday as a top dozen player in the NBA defensively regardless of position. And I'm here to tell you right now with a wild orders hurts only played nine games this year. So I'm taking him out of the mix right now right now. There's an ode to bet a better defensive guards in the NBA. The injury holiday period full stop. He's that good. He's that good and it's also haven't his best season of his career offensively. Nineteen points a game that's a career high issued a career high 49 point 4% from the field. Career high four point five rebounds per game. This is one of the best two way players in the entire league and and certainly from a guard position. Member last offseason. Drew holiday. Sign that five beer 126 million dollar contract. And we were on this program. And I know it's a little bit retroactive here to point of angry people ideas at play along. You know you're out they're doing this. We got so many calls texts tweets on this program year. Saying how foolish this was a disorganization of Dell Demps to give holiday Tony five plus million dollars a year. What a bargain. The Elkins looked like they got now. There is no doubt. If drew were up for a new deal this offseason level so last off season. She would BA Max. Contract type player. Period you what they pelicans save nearly ten million dollars a year because they signed him last year. Yeah Max contract no doubt Elkins bargain deal which drew right now. I'm telling you what the X-Factor for this series you want the X-Factor. For the pelicans. The entire playoffs. It's a trolley yes Anthony Davis is the best player on the court. Gonna be that way in every series he place. This season eighties impacts can't really be measured a is that important is that good. But this team we know him that lady right. This team the pelicans are going to go as far as Jrue Holiday takes him and if he plays. Like he did in game one against the pelicans. I'm telling you right now this is a scary team in the Western Conference. And volley instead they could give Golden State some problems in the second round. That's and then when that series don't take my words out of context. But I certainly think Golden State especially without step curry. The team they wouldn't wanna play they gotta when the series bill first will the pelicans do that historically. Actually the team that wins on the road in game one you'd think they'd be a favor I attempt. They go up there on round one not so I'll tell you why would you be the stats next set down my. Double coverage WW. That is Sean Kelly and John DeShea user courtesy of the pelicans radio network. Yet how do you like Anthony Davis in that first. Game up there in great northwest important that the modus sooner. 35 points for AD. That's what I said last segment as we know we're gonna get that ADO we've seen at the last three months he's gonna give you thirty plus he's gonna give you ten plus rebounds. To be that unstoppable force. Them both sides of the court. But I think this team has got to go as far as Jrue Holiday takes I think he's he's that critical. And I'll I'll maintain that right now in the NBA he's the most underrated player in the entire NBA period. Great two way player he should be first team all NBA defensive player. And then get that award period that's a snub there's no other way. To put that as a snub if you don't see Jrue Holiday on the NBA all defensive first team. And I think is their their most important player not their best player who don't confuse it but I think he's the most important player in the playoffs because. Of the job he'll have defensively on some of these great guards in the post season. You'll see obviously will learn to seal against clay stuff a little bit next time stuff comes back assuming it's Hardin at that matchup happens hopefully. Can wish right. And weighs down there that be in the conference finals. This three boys down the road. To vote and get that first round win our first game when 9795. Their biggest future rods. Our studio producer Tim's errors but there's someone from 801. When the entire thing when the NBA championship to 621. Big jump there blaze is now 55 to once a stone and Vegas is minds. The blazers favorites. In this series then went from 331. To 55 to one that would bit have the pelicans and actually the history would back them up here oddly. So. In NBA history Rel lots of the round ones preliminary rounds. This becomes just the 33 time in NBA history that's a road team has won game one. Of the NBA playoffs in the opening rounds. You would think that that would give the team that wins again on the road puts them in an advantage in the series. They would have historically. Win the series more than they would lose and actually that's not true. So in the 32 times this has happened before. When the road team has won the opening game. They've gone on to win the series just fifteen times. They've lost the series seventeen times. So two games under 500 there are few keeping track. Now here's where I think this is different. This isn't as you pointed this out read this this isn't. Somebody gonna be LeBron. In game one how many game ones is LeBron Lawson his career. He doesn't care about game want to seems like it on to win series probably added that stat a little bit. So like that. This and I've said from the outset and I maintain as I am not the pelicans colored glasses homers here on this program you guys know that somebody you've gone after me a little bit because of that. But I maintained from an objective standpoint the pelicans. Were slight favorites in this series from the outset. The team without home court advantage in the series and now that they win game one up there. It was huge. That was huge. Did you lose big if the pelicans got there and win game two of the series is over period. Now. That's only happened six times in the history of the NBA before. Six in 26 is the record of road team to win game one in game two of the series just six times. A road team has won game one and game two of an NBA opening round series. That's going to be tough. That Mota senate we'll talk to Kevin collateral little bit later about this voice of the trailblazers. Just how tough of a place that is to play you saw this on TV rights in that place was rocket. Howls everybody in unison allow the abuses talk some of the players is the atmosphere up there they took. That crowd out of the second and third quarters they had building a nineteen point we almost given up. I'm a melt down and talk about here a second but. Can be tough. It's going to be tough pelicans were a favorite. Before that her opening game when their favorite now in my mind however that history would tell you. That is to happen quite often as you would think in in just fifteen and seventeen is the record of these teams who won game one. So cupboards welcomed accessed on lap with fuel. Phone lines open. 504260187. He is the number 5042601878. The text line is 87870. Stalking about drew earlier drew holiday earlier this hour and how I think he's the most underrated player in the NBA. I wrote an article on that you can find it right now front page of WWL. Dot com. Jameer tell me something during the break their tens of Mercer new producer what's up. Game one and two. Or the only time is OK act. And that was last year in game two I the year before it would he had yet a year before I believe it was one and one. Golden State would win games three and affordable 31 lead in the LeBron everybody knows when the final three games and has a block this is where member drew that block at the end of the game. Was so reminiscent of that LeBron James block in game seven of the 2016 NBA finals against Golden State. If you didn't see the block Irish and a lot of our audience. You might even do this other stuff. I don't know why you what are your sports mania but I understand if you were. If you NCA I'm Tony it's worth it just go on Twitter. Type in drew block you plan on YouTube I'm sure as well and just watch that play it was sensational and you can see. Just how fired up drew was. After that play. There is a couple of NBA playoff games tonight in action right now. The 76 Italy 10 series lead over the Miami Heat but they're getting beat up a little bit at halftime Dwyane Wade with 21 points off the bench for the heat. And Miami with 85642. Lead over Philadelphia Philadelphia with a seventeen. Game win streak right now. I'm real with 76ers. I was they can maybe they're the favorites in the Eastern Conference with the way their plan I think maybe co favorites with Toronto right now I think Cleveland's in deep deep trouble. May see it LeBron was finals for the first time in. Eight years. Little bit later tonight's. Golden State has a chance for the hammered out on San Antonio member. The warriors crushed San Antonio in game one by eighteen points. They played 930 local time tonight 9:30 central Golden State at San Antonio. Over there in Oakland. If you saw me on Twitter at halftime lap. Earlier this week. Estelle last weekend when I was watching the game. Out of seven a little meltdown in my own when that fourth quarter of the pelicans game. But they are up nineteen and a point in the third quarter there by twelve at one point in the fourth quarter of that game. And then the wheels just eloped you can see the playoff inexperience. With that team in that fourth quarter. He had at least at least six to lessons that I can and dynamited in seven. Where they did not even get a shot exe was seven possessions that a shot and he was six turnovers seven possessions without a shot. For that team in the fourth quarter you just can't do that in the playoffs. Seven possessions without even shocked. At the basket. They couldn't grab defensive rebound we said that might be a problem. In this series for the pelicans they make out rebounded this year and the blazers one of the better rebounding teams in the entirely what that front court. And the cherry on top of the smell down from me. When I see how I got you opt what are mental meltdown myself. Is a win over about two minutes left you saw this samurai and they if Ian Clark. Any great he had a fantastic night actually only missed one shot nobody was pretty key off the bench they're so I'm not picking on Ian Clark you're necessarily. But they ran back to the back. I still possessions iso plays. Four or Ian Clark with two minutes left in the fourth quarter and hanging onto a slim lead. Don't want the war in joining me and then give us a look at the huge drew look here no mere tip or door and Ian Clark. The biggest possessions of the entire year. I can't happen again. It was definitely nerves we saw that I'm a doctor John decision here just a couple of minutes about this BC nurse in the opening minutes of the game for this young pelicans team. Inexperienced. Playoff flies outside rivers on Rondo. Did at Darren could certainly see in the fourth quarter. And Anthony Davis do again Davis fantastic. Did what he needed to do best player on the court both sides. Specially offensively 35 point speed could see it down the stretch right he didn't look that get fluid normal AD who steps. Not beginning touches which is his ball up big when he did get touches wasn't aggressive. There was one possession I think right before those two Ian Clark place when he jacked up at three that was contested you never wanna see that commodity. But they escaped that's what they may escape with a win. Could be a series changer there portable that deal boy. Eighty still without a playoff winning his career all the talking is zero same old Els. They escaped. Weight off their shoulders Anthony Davis talked about a monkey off of his back. The way he phrased it. Aptly so can't wait for game 2 tomorrow night 8 o'clock tips and against him a tip off. Assuming that's a 9932. Tomorrow at 8 o'clock on Thursday 930 tip tomorrow. About midway through our show slept much the entire first half of movement in the second half here for a reply breakdowns on double coverage. Really take a break when we come back we'll talk to John to Shea user. Color analyst there's nobody I like listening to more here with pelican games. And John DeShea user. Color analyst on the pelicans radio network you can tell how excited he is on the radio network when he has the call. Apps at a smile on my face most of the most of the night. When I was tuning into the radio network and talked to JD next sunset the last civil covered under it and it'll.