Can LSU hang onto DC Dave Aranda?

Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert
Wednesday, January 3rd

Bobby & Deke talk with The Advocate's Ross Dellenger about whether Texas A&M will make LSU DC Dave Aranda an offer he can't refuse, then talk all things Saints and NFL with the NFL Network's Charley Casserly.


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And good evening and welcome to sports south and abbreviated edition a lot to get to not handing in the world of sports coming up tonight. From the Bluegrass State to Kentucky Wildcats. At BP may have a descendant tonight a beat early test. For the LSU fighting tigers coming up on them more impressive. Wins. And the last few years winning on the road. At Memphis team that cannot allow us a wealth of BO street come myth as is always a competitive program. And that was a big into LSU now. Early in the year opening up conference play with two teams in the top ten to Kentucky Wildcats and an over the weekend. The Texas and a and yankees that's come up at 7 o'clock pride events we are going to have QB QB a conversation with Drew Brees is at 640. And the great Deuce McAllister will be witnessed the visit coming up at five. WW dot com. Sit LSU do everything in their power to keep defense to Kwon it is Dave a ring and cast your vote online at WW dot com Dave Iran the second has paid assistant coach in all of college football. 01 point five million dollars was given a bump last year I was the top ought to. Of business the coach or draw at the heat. That is in on tape removed and became the official full time anecdotes and he got Coetzer ended today deal and the goal and allowed to Glaus. Paying him that high salary. To make it to where. Other programs are gonna mourn his services case in point right now but long before. Make it competitive the way it's not every year movement a movement up who would know little from that point than a year later. Texas a and and the word is pretty badly they've made no bones about it they want Iran and they want him may have and you hit anywhere between the two and a hand me in to it may be. Three million dollars offer per season to date a ring. And and to go to a and M. And that's good assistant coach and assistant coach while coordinator assistant ivy wanna describe it the mine is standing. That. You know I think is that one and one may approve it. Who in the gonna Timothy McVeigh might have been one Indy ran there was one nasal you continue. The process we today. In this day and age you and everybody like share the wealth and all that I'm a capitalist. I'm like whatever the market bears saw say more power to Dave Miranda. But you might say when is it truly get out of control. But again. It is the market is what it is. If you look at me in them and and the power that they have what the talking about it and and Dow and no money be willing to spend c'mon. Being gay are all in right now. Why global mobile when they basically page Jim Walters seventy million guaranteed a cool one big. They've taken the approach jumble Fisher has to work out right so it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. This is what we're doing and we know who would have to three million whatever so that it. Yeah and that they look admitted about it whereas some would be and I understand you saying what when is enough enough but they're thinking OK if we've gone this far. We not Boston where all they need bread well no we don't wanna be like okay we committed ten years. We committed ten years for everything we Natalie many anything out there it's going to be that way as if we don't get to a wanna get to let's say emote the ball club the national championships. It's not going to be because. We didn't do everything we could from an administration right fiscal standpoint. To give are who we chose to lead us symbol fis and everything he said he needed. Do have the best shot to win its ads. That you look at the pressure and what Jim wolf Fisher did a Florida State come on you replacing what a legendary coach college bound. And and you look at obviously that's the date expectation of their to have a winning program and to compete the national chairmanship they are once you do that. The all of us when you got that on your resume and debut is very capable. Well that's what a and M views symbol Fisher. Is that hate. They truly believe all that money they paid him that he's the bring a national championship to take saying no doubt this is way above coach Ole. In his hand and anything like cocaine can mean I'd talk. To Dave Iran that the state Ellis who don't ask don't let yourself. And neighbor ran the shoes at EE you know I got to get it why you hot yet so to speak so I think. When you join a break it down and gave Miranda big it seems like a great individual I don't know long personally right. But you look was the best viewing your family going forward and when you getting this kind of money and you look at the guarantees and all. How can you not and detained. Any type offer. That's why when I look at I don't blame gave Iran the in my Salem College he wasn't soliciting names you might say college football's getting out of hand and when is enough enough. I take this same approach today NFL the market the market is of the market is. User Lou here that could amongst the pal move was now. They'll fall programs again we talked about discern that it in the black. Basically consistently well all the college athletic program Tom I'm not just football baseball every program on campus. That's all athletic programs women in mean. They're full screws and a consistently in the black not indicative of the University of Texas. Universe of Florida the Ohio state university. And Texas a and M university in and those programs and Bob UC and now to where is that there's no cap. There's no rules take it they try to get right to make it off when they wanted but what's interesting and you you can go would this. Every year Wall Street Journal and USA today put a list out now some are not all created somewhat of private. They'll put a list out of all of the division one pick coaches and his sound structured base that he called it in the combined total. Other 126. I wanna say right now about me. Unless they hand the morning hands more and enhance. Cannot also Dave Miranda. What in him is offering him as an assistant to become the head coach. He's he's Rambo he's making yes my back on I don't know I'm name maybe I don't know any NFL assistant diminished three Meehan. Out of the bottom digging you know a lot of coach might say well one opportunities to what I can do an NFL. You'd have NFL our coordinators and about the visit could cement. I would stating college football right because what was best for me in my family men were mob mob and it was about a woods these bird McCain in the million dollar these ads are chlorinated that was such issued GM deal and you come out and possible three million dollar. Coordinator in college football. Well did begin now right now you know why put Ellis unit pickle to me. It is like okay we really like love Dave Iran the whatever and Egan a bidding war whatever comes about molten. Who wanted they can afford I think to pay Dave Miranda and will think of that you know you talk about as backers whenever that this that corneas may give Mort in The Hague coach. It has been so again it's it's kind of one of those things where as you you can do everything and I think from a standpoint of coach or random. Well being happy you Mozilla issue he's talked about and so much. It is gonna come down to a situation and continue legitimately sit there and like Bobby says and when is enough enough I don't know it's in the eyes of each individual. But can he afford to turn down almost double. What he's Macon now. He's Bobby Hebert indeed television Alicia do everything within their power. Retain these antiquated Dave around this is sports so Drew Brees at 640 here on WW. Tell us LA issue on a daily basis all the athletic programs very busy right now. LSU basketball vs Kentucky SEC play opening up. And of course revving up. The LSU football season and moving forward Ross Dillinger of the advocate and advocate dot com at Ross Dillinger onto it and that is DT LL EE NG ER Ross. Thank you so much for the time. Dave Iran that we know how hot he has become we know how successful everything. The national panel is local players he would talk about him. Where it all adds in Rawls. It looks like the situation here underwear is that this is gonna come Nash strictly to. Coach Iran though because Timmy can LA issued new any think they're retain him. They're trying BA. You know debris and it is that significant part of that program and staff. You know would an Edwards took a job. Apparently. It is priority one. That favorite stay in particular in that he'll be contract extension called act. So he would priority inmate. Mehdi. I don't know anybody Portland. Stats in the program. That is more important. Just the way it talks about favorite there are high in the latest update. Is. Just say it was you admit. With neighbor and partner at talked with him. In communication all day in. You know he's not the way yeah. Significant contract it and probably. You know on an accurate from what it every kind technology. Now Ross. You probably a capitalist I don't know I'm just speculating you live in America and we look at great opportunities still just speculation yet. So Enola all water read this takes you could have things ass backwards you know we need to Wear your priorities you know education ending coaching in sports and all that. This is from 4710 since. I need tells me I get that you believe the market is what the market is but these are public universities. And I know most of these salaries are paid by boosters but. Justify paying a coach millions when you're talking about cutting education. Is backwards I Greenwood that. But then I dig approach you have the haves and the have nots. And in him you have a bearing down whatever they are I have. A lonely University of Texas you know because some of Florida Ohio State so I don't know when denounce it now. But a look at gave Iran the situation that he's in. It's like the football lottery and it's all about leverage yet again why you can't when he hot. Side and I blame Dave Iran I don't know I'd blame pegged a same damn if it's all within the rules it is what it is. In an am has those kind of resource considering. What big guaranteeing a jumble Fisher that hey we gotta win now and know what it's gonna take to get the top of the visit coordinator. I think we maybe had talked renowned. You know we talking about. Options. Like coach Pruitt. Could be one of those options the jumbled finish it would be Google's on to be to head coach. At Tennessee and he got one a one day in and neighbor and a study went after him. Right yet each. He would. He was the guy you know in Egypt guy. You know you won't eager. And we're on talk about. Anybody. I've never heard. In the same way he talked about it and they're incredible now. Respect hey reliant. All on Dave in that honestly gotten he's I think you get put it. Bet but somebody that I have to keep coming in I think that no act that they they donate tactic you. Tapering that you and I think they're using that. Just reported not edit anything. Or real surprising using every resource I think they're gonna ye. Every available resources. It they keep in which tells me they gonna match. Patent and whatever they can't. Withdrawals division of the advocate and advocate dot com again LSU defense Conan and Dave are Randy given a big raise last year with the LA issue of course set to make a look. One point five this year is supposedly a Indian reportedly is pastor Dave Durand off running the somewhere at some packets between. The twos mid two of the three million dollars per season to be the a and M defensive coordinator. We are all mad hander Ross desist seems like I'm not there panning out the details with his financial package would be. And so forth but. I think if we follow this and we go back and look. It's kind of one of those things the way you look at the hack in and you know we're not gonna have a guy meaning to coach O. And bashing I mean you are praising men and talk about me and I believe that Alan onset LHU always running all cult. What Mac candor was what they sit when they first tired and now you go back and look at how he moved around and in that and since this season and so forth. There was something other than x.s and pose. Then we'll call the risks and that's the what's leading to what's it looks to be some kind of dysfunctional separation or divorce here. Yeah I think it probably accurate to call area. I dependable you know it came we'd been acting and got a call that got. To cut the bird it like now. It kind of like he irreconcilable. Differences. You know only because will be on image it. Eckerd goes I don't think that necessarily the big. That. You know from the that seemed to be. Well Ross we got to go to see this is that I would you hang on if you can. Abnormal or an important question I'm just tell you in my observation we could and we were we withdrawals didn't have come as LSU athletics talking about again mechanical issue. Now put together everything and at palace both that is what did doing to retain. Defense according to Dave or candidates being hotly pursued by Texas a and M university and of course will become of offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Nobody gave Randy bella via a much more sports talk forthcoming. And bottoming out on news that donning the first up here is a ECB is a bit. Austin Lindsay what is again in case you're. Not a dispute loyalists youth football tagged as a duke lose to Notre Dame aren't we Tony won the seventeen in the citrus bowl of course going in the net the story was about the authentic wanted to met cannons what how long would he be around. How long it's going to be before and something concrete comes out when he stays of those that still about the same. Big story now as a close following day veranda where Texas a and M is making a huge push. To lure him away from LAQ and make him. And astronomical. Financial somewhere between 22 and a half to three million dollars per season draws diligent and attitude is helping us get the latest by the. Now Ross I don't know we've ever seen as all the football that eyewitness playing. And being in all those meetings with coaches and and just observing. You know full ball from a distance. That I'm and I innocent curse word that. I look at codes Canada. Talk about being a little you know wide and all of us Simon. Maybe things aren't going your way. The only goal line today AD. Come on the head coach has to have priority and well what I mean that I can you imagine. I mean I need to bring in coach Saban just say hey coach in general kind of the military. Chain of command how they head coach of the assistance. And all of a sell you is coming on board. And then he is gonna Google like I don't know crybaby is a right where we just an angle line today AD did to me. Codes can and he's he's like he's high maintenance. Well you know I think army lieutenant. That candidate pat that would be the cadet track. Anybody yeah. They're saying it. You can win two. Past you know you know I mean he stayed at second year. Guy you'd contract extension in about it. India. Thirty years apart and that that. Part pack. So when he was on the staff with robbery or. Read it but Britney. It was on it was and a gay and you won one year. It and during. No Milwaukee journal sentinel. Candidate. Be kind of an internal power struggle about the often as in Iraq in Canada. In the story that you know you put. Couple. So this kind of happened to vote for all year to date after that incident deal that it would Arkansas did not take MacKey and with. Are so look. Every every deal is shifted blame to go I can you know I'm not. And certainly the case. Arrows found every thank you so much that you extra time. December does today I know it's that's our look like asking you to pick who's gonna win these games this weekend. Ended a day Rawls and it's all send on where it is Dave Randall in the first week in this sentiment they treat. Yeah. You know they're better off our they're certainly innovative. They they almost good way to keep writing. They they think it's it dine in and you know like I did I don't have that sealant I don't have a feeling at all. The lost Dylan's Atmos Dillinger DE a LTE and GE all owned Toyota Ross always a pleasure thank you so much attack. All right drugs Donald Ross onto it and that's when the file because as soon as the Sunday goes down he when though not promising he will though. You know take we want to hear from you want to know what you think about this operating mas opinion potion Ellis you do everything in their power. To keep the physical and added Dave our random. Texas a and M is making a hog to its meaning a whole lot who has come home ball avenue area here in new head coach has got a ten year deal you got security. And we're gonna give you some extra finance and security in the form of basically doubling your current salary which you would. The com we'll we shoot the current has paid assistant in college football. They Iran is number two he would exceed that by leaps and bounds to Mac to all your calls this is what's up. He's coming up at 640 tonight and deuce at five here on WW. All right two. To the capital city of bad news the jets Jeff Zgonina thank you for calling WW up. A job. We've got all think you're great and split. I'm man art commercial high on the premise that you have been outscored. Rob off in the program surely the time. That pay the bill and coordinators. But Belichick but Michael. Pro stock and allude. To go on the government. He goes to court strictly anecdotal. Well now you know I don't want signal is that it. The candidates saying you know dat dat files on the one number alone but didn't. Biden and I know hey hey I'm out on that image that I gave you jazz give me a chance. I'm breaking this down for. Now. That is one thing when he comes to Miranda. Do get in on the do what he. He handle what you gonna do you eat it goes on sale in three million dollars. You don't need to make it available everyday and you don't debut. You don't have to be a Rhodes got you don't have to be a Rhodes scholar Oxford to understand. Did this man has no say so how much they can pay the coordinate Jeb depression it would Dave Durand is Angela leave. And I met all the. I'm losing. A lot. The way you want could harm or what did cause a lot of good on the Amex. OK there are a lot of people on the bandwagon vocal German probably need good Texas I mean he might eventually women I mean how. What would it takes when seven I don't. I had bought it yet or is out the beat back the blocks with which you care coordinator army I don't know I made an. OK and that is Joseph called I a lot of recruiting is is your calls about. Keep the tornadoes or shall call about you don't like our culture that I. Am I lacked any there's no doubt about it coming off from the bay coming off the ban laws. But one of them is mulling his control being mean Canada but I render at the moment has not as controller. Back caricature you doctor Arnie and I would hate you rewrite it. I agree with you I'll bring it on net but you can't bastions are and to do all. You know that needs jawed and pumps are you gotta be labeled a hate. Because that's a category you're going you're not calling this thing you've got to college fan and if you don't wanna call it fair move on down the line. Charley casserly that Charley casserly on Twitter NFL network. Knows a thing to do about the National Football League well other than that also Tony is a part of the TVP award recognizing the player whose on field performance. Most exceeds the value. Of their contract isn't a big big deal last year and is given to be more and more talking about price production and so thought who better to get a part of this. In a gentleman knows about this in Tony Tesla now fans can vote. Online isn't it time did you want. And you go to video dot com slash TVP from now. Until about and the next week January 14 may issue is when Aaron was from a LSU star Spencer ware. John thank you so much for joining us and as a dad and knows a lot about this. Scouts GM's player personnel people. Yeah you gotta be humble but there's something about when you get picked guide it's a a league minimum big as a base salary and he performs like he's at three or four million dollar got. All I that that was static as well. You know you're trying to go out there are fine players and is only 11 round pick. Which you've got more expedited it six more rounds so. You know the challenges that fine plays in the later rounds by them as culturally and whenever you use those app. And that upon our scouting enable would see those guys that aren't complete. The projected into being complete players and then they come through. Now Charlie this big and have a complete player what's your take get our respect. There's all the football you witness. Running teams and now being on the NFL network. When you look at Drew Brees. I mean have made is sometime is very good season over achiever. We are right now he is column hall of Famer and what he does year in year out. Was it is in this year you know people are also saints fans but it does say they do in the future is in the future is now. It is through reason you'll get eleven game is a passer rating over a hundred. Dallas the Molson NFL. Many throws a 72%. He breaks same reverence record. But he holds three of the before completion percentage morgues in NFL history is double one career averages 67%. The eulogies generating have been yardage record. And you look at Peyton Manning and Brett Favre. They respectively rank what fifth and 25 as far as accuracy. Timmy. I know saints fans you don't really I guess truly appreciate someone until they're not there. But good Drew Brees he's not Superman but let's I think you'd agree it's unbelievable what he's accomplished here in your route and answering the bell game inning game well. No question and you make assays underrated. Because. He obviously is an adorable thing but. You know we've heard about Brady you heard about Peyton Manning we haven't heard as much about Drew Brees and his only domain name you can put out there right at each. When you put out when he somehow it doesn't work you put out to it works but. You know you could say five years ago while Drew Brees about it the end of his career lowly blue route that. Obviously has looked like these at the end of his career right now about what he's done it this well. And you know hopefully this year in the states got a club that's got the ability goal and maybe it's not right. Now Charlie look at at the NFC I mean have you ever seen it where. Truly it seems as wide open I think is a Carson wins in three. And you look at soon global playoff experience in BP that we Cam Newton Drew Brees and and Matt Ryan on the backhand. And and you look at the top three quarterbacks for their respective teams. When you look at foals. Bubble when you look at mobile but when you got Naples and then you have Jerry golf. In any guide. Case you don't and he all right with the rams and in has successfully Jeff Fisher. So I almost take the approach why not to say so why not almost any NFC team truly has a chance. I agree it it is wide open as a true car. You could run it this year no one learn that you come back runner and other. Have another winner it you had this report times wrote you know. It's that close going to be. Pull cooler plays. Play played there. And I think any of these teams could win it the saints have as much chance to win it as anybody. Obviously they've got the quarterback. We know when the saints running game and that they're best running game. Defensively obviously Lattimore has made a huge difference other defense. But all these teams it has some areas where they can better can run on the saints. That's number one. Number two I think he can throw on the saints in they are secondary. And and the linebackers. But the legal matters those teams have weaknesses to choke. No I think is wide open. Now I Charlie looking at what is saints are an obvious you mentioned the running game fifth in the NFL rushing yards a game right about a 130. You know person NFL in yards per carry almost five yards four point seven. When you look at all the football you win this individual players. I think Mark Ingram a lot of times in these pars to get enough respect as he plays Alabama not Ellis you've put. The highs a winner now saints fans are really embrace of him. When you look at how would come Aaron marking of becoming the first running back duo. In FL history to surpass 15100 yards from scrimmage not golden rule changes and all then you look NFL history. But what did you take an Allen Camaro morning it's things like by far they got the best dual running backs and NFL. Well let let's say you've individualistic the other rookie DeMar. This guy has. Tremendous ability in the passing game but he one guy can't come on back to kick it's actually a great on the he's got any tips speedy outside. Last week when I did them NFL network I haven't checked that this week. You know highest average per game on outside runs in the NFL that's pretty impressive statistics so. That's what he has but he can also run side to keep ya she's not a great inside Robbie eat beyond what excites you about you know it was inside a tackle guy. So you know that I've got a good 12 punch it but you know the guy every time you mentioned them you got to mention Max under the center. Meg yes that guy act guys say they'll player he's CPU of the running. Okay Andre has Pete at left guard he's played really well formed to say so that offensive line has really come together played well labeled and and you got the two backs. At any thought of Charlie would you say in and we told saints fans now think they win this and it. That all we training Jimmy Graham will what are you doing. I think Jimmy Graham had a big year to Seahawks but overall the saves got a Bennett the vetted that deal because the reliability of Max Unger at the center position. Then they got it in also. The saints used Graham. In a way. Feature him. The same as rats have ever done that. So they've never got the production out of him. That the saints would have gotten out of domestic cap of sorts in a pristine had been in my situation what happened which are right. The saints are one up on this deal because the world there's senator with the right past. It's upon you get a chance of being enacting the TVP Awad. Vizio top value performer all war this is one it's rare reckon I was gain a lot of steam over Alaska w.s or recognize the player whose on field performance now. Most exceeds the value of their contracts mean that seemed like who. They gonna had to get a guy arrange you can vote on line is made sound as you like go to Vizio dot com slash TVP from now to January 14. This is one of Bowman LSU star Spencer ware Charley casserly as Charley casserly. The guys NFL network Johnny thank you so much for the time. We appreciate it and enjoy the postseason. They met real quick is like tell you that nominees this year that ought they Adams Alex talons. Jordan Howard. Alvin temerity to guy used we can't say it's always a pleasure and body iris and you know how I work out new college. Yes yeah if you were down the early eighties knew they wanted to most famous general manage in National Football League Charley casserly knowledge and respect you. Because you pay attention to detail. And I remember that work out but I guess we get a little Alves long Hosea young at heart so. Right right over there and all right our giant thank you so much. Are. All right are you operating mas opinion posted Ellis you do everything in their power to keep the physical on the and it gave a random. AN am reporting offering golf between two and a half to three million dollars as basically doubling his current salary in LA issue. And you know can LSU do it. Candy do will they do you tell us 2601878. Or text the city seventy eights and.